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Daily Message ~ Thursday July 25, 2019

So many of you want assurances. You want to know that your relationship will last, that your manifestation will take form, that your friendships are forever. Due to your deep attachment to outcome, you start to constrain the energy, to worry, to micro-manage, to control, and to be on high alert for what might be wrong.

By doing so, you are practicing negative focus which only keeps you energetically connected to what is unwanted.  Through your focus on externals you are turning your power away from the only thing that you do have control over, which is yourself.  Further, by being restrained you are never fully committing to anything, which is sabotaging your creations before they ever get started.

By attempting to control your outcomes, you are allowing fear to lead the way. Now you are navigating by the mind rather than the heart. This is a great disservice to both you and your creation for you are stunting it long before it has ever has a chance to become all it can be. You are denying it the true sustenance it requires which is love.

We understand it can be confusing when you receive advice to be clear about what you want and then hear not to be too controlling.  What we want you to understand is that having a broad intention of what you would like to experience and then surrendering into and trusting that flow of unfoldment is how you love and grow every single desire into its highest expression.

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 24, 2019

We would like to offer you an analogy that will help you understand the difference between creating within what you already know vs expanding into manifesting from the vaster realm of potential and possibility that are not yet known to you.

Creating within the field of what you already know is much like doing all of your shopping from your corner store. While it offers a service to you, there is a limited selection of options. You can get by with what is at the corner store, if you are willing to settle for what is in stock there.

Creating through the broader realm of potentiality is like deciding to shop on the internet. By doing so you have opened yourself up to a much wider selection of options, many of which you may not have even realized existed! You expand into a far vaster field that can serve you and your specific needs, effortlessly exploring options until you discover what is the best match for you. Searching with your broad intention and being willing to explore what else is possible is what opens you to allowing the unknown matches to show up.

Please understand both the corner store and online shopping are options that seek to meet your needs, and allows others to be of service to you. Both have purpose in your lives. Our point is exploring the unknown does not have to be a scary venture, but rather a pleasurable one you can embrace, discovering options you never realized existed, and what can best support your unique needs and self expression. It is a skill you already have. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 23, 2019

Dear Ones, your bodies can give you wonderful feedback when it comes to your creations. Think of something you’d like to experience. As you think about it, check in with your body. Do you feel tension in your body, particularly in your abdominal area? If you do, it is letting you know you have some kind of resistance or belief system that is not in alignment with the creation of your desire from the energetic space you are in.

Consider what that might be. Ask your inner tender human self what it might be afraid of and why it thinks that dream is unattainable. Reassure it and allow any resistant energy to be acknowledged and released. If all the reasons why you think it can’t happen persist, realize you are trying to create from the energy of separation and the realm of limitation, which cannot bring in new potentials to you.

Consciously intend to shift into the energies of Source. Find an alignment that makes you feel like you are part of the greater whole and the universe that contains all that is. Now check in with your body. From that space of connection, you will feel more flow and comfort in your body and heart expansion.

This is the space you want to manifest from, for it contains all the possibilities and potentials that exist for you. You have placed yourself in a space of acceptance to willingly receive from the greater whole, which is where the magic begins. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday July 22, 2019

Co-creation is contributing with your intention and taking inspired action whenever it is supported, while trusting and allowing your team of universal experts to take care of whatever is beyond your awareness. You are the director of a team working both sides of the veil to move you into your highest potentials and possibilities. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday July 21, 2019

Every single time a person finds their way back to their own truth and divine nature through the veil of forgetfulness, the universe expands just a little bit more and you anchor what is energetically possible. So many of you worry if you are doing enough. Please know this is the core of your sacred mission.

Your growth is your service and your purpose, for it energetically supports the shift and opens up ever higher potentials and new ways of being. You are holding the space for others to join you by being marvellous teachers by example, all the while experiencing the joy of rediscovering who you have been all along. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday July 20, 2019

Your positive and thankful focus, also known as gratitude, is what you are giving your conscious blessing of continuation to. It is one of the most powerful tools you have for it is your feedback to the universe and the steering wheel to your flow. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday July 18, 2019

Many of you have a fear of surrender and flow. You see it as careening about with no direction, or you are concerned you will get it wrong. Let us put those fears to rest!

The act of surrender is what gives your entire team, including your highest self, permission to guide and assist you beyond where you might perceive yourself as being stuck, into the potentials and possibilities you simply cannot see from your side of the veil.

It is impossible to surrender into a flow that goes in the wrong direction. Even if you did, your team would immediately sweep in and redirect you with ease, because when you are in surrender you are non-resistant and willing to be moved.

You always have a say in your unfoldment! You express your preferences with your broad intention and gratitude. Your intention is like setting sail in a certain direction. Your gratitude is feedback on what you enjoy and what you would you are consciously using your focus to give your blessing of continuation to.

Do you see?  It is a wonderful and effective method of living that can only take you to your highest results, with you the creative director, and us your willing servants. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 16, 2019

You are in a process of beautiful unfoldment. You are shifting profoundly and then discovering what is possible due to your new energetic states. You are releasing, receiving, and integrating, spiralling upwards into higher vibrational states in the most wondrous ways. By instinctively moving with it all you are experiencing yourself as part of the divine flow. What a glorious experience for you to have and for us to see! Savour and explore all of it, Dear Ones, for it is a sacred, profound, and beautiful expression of your soul’s greatest desire and highest purpose. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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