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Daily Message ~ Saturday September 22, 2018

If you have found yourself in profound resistance, rather than pushing against that resistance, we suggest you simply choose something that feels lighter to you. When you are in such a state, it can be difficult to know what you need in order to allow yourself to move forward with greater ease. While your brain may not know what you need, your body and spirit can easily identify what would feel lighter. So simply ask yourself, “What can I do that would feel lighter than I’m feeling right now?”

Resistance is heavy. Lightness is just that – light. Identifying what feels heavy or light is a skill set that every single human being on the planet has, so there is no special training, understanding of energetics, or enhanced sensitivity required. You can embrace that innate ability because it is impossible to get it wrong since the answer is always unique to you. It is something you will always know without doubt.

As you choose anything lighter you choose to disengage from resistance, which will naturally induce more flow, relief, and forward movement. This will allow you to incrementally move out of your discomfort, without pressuring yourself into any specific practice, since what feels lighter could be a myriad of things. Further, it is an empowering exercise that helps you gain confidence in your self awareness and ability to self direct from whatever energetic state you may find yourself in.

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Daily Message ~ Friday September 21, 2018

Being easy with yourself when things come up for healing allows you to shift with far greater ease with the assistance of your own love and nurturing. Every single time something comes into your awareness for healing or release, it is indicating that you are becoming lighter, more authentic, more aligned, more shifted. It is a wonderful thing to celebrate, that it is no longer a match for you to carry that old fear or wound and that you have worked and evolved to the point where it can now be let go. It is proof positive of your own evolution. Isn’t it time to be a loving guide and support to yourself through these moments of transformation that can often make you feel temporarily vulnerable by creating a space of safety with your own care and understanding until you reach a place of comfort with your new level of beingness? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 20, 2018

As you continue to step into the new energies that mark the next phase of your incarnation, many of you will be drawn to different locales.  This always serves a purpose, both in support of you, and of the area you feel guided to.

One very common theme is that many enlightening human beings are being drawn to be closer to water. As water is a great magnifier of energy, this allows their energy to be magnified and support a greater area of the planet, as well as to enhance their own gifts and sensitivities. You can trust that your soul is always guiding you to the places where you can best serve and be served. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 19, 2018

As you continue to grow and expand into living your biggest, most beautiful life expression, old belief systems that stand in the way of where your soul wishes to go will come up for release. The one we would like to discuss today is, “Enjoy yourself while you are still young”.

While it may initially seem like good advice, it is filled with undercurrents that are extremely limiting. It plants and feeds the idea that you can only have fun or live an exciting life at one stage of your life, that enjoyment is fleeting and will slip away from you as you mature. We see so many of you reach adulthood and immediately relegate joy to the bottom of your list of priorities in order to step into what you think is the acceptable model of maturity.

Dear Ones, who ever said you couldn’t be responsible and diligent and still have a life expression filled with joy?  You can absolutely find employment you enjoy and embrace new experiences and adventures at any stage of life. In fact, that is what your soul is always calling you to do for it adds to your expansion.

We invite you to examine your beliefs about adulthood and fun. What haven’t you tried that you have always wanted to? How do you deny yourself to honour an old system that in no way supports you having your highest life experience? What can you do to acknowledge and bring forward the part of you that has been so desperately missing fun and allow it to shimmer and shine again, knowing it’s a vital aspect for you and your self expression? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 18, 2018

What would happen if you replaced the need for battling against anything with simply embracing self expression?  What if you gave up struggle for flow?  Doing for being? Martyred service for joyful service? Feel into it. If you pay close attention when you feel into battle and then feel into self expression, you will sense they exist on very different energetic lines of potential. You will feel yourself shift sideways onto different timelines. This is because there are new possibilities that come from every change of focus you make. The same will be with the energetic difference between struggle and flowing, doing and being, sacrificial service vs supported service. Notice how each feels in your body and which ones feel aligned with you and where you wish to go.  What choices allow you to anchor the energy of peace?

So we will answer what will happen if you make these shifts.  You will start to move forward from the strongest power centre you have – your own authentic power and innate wisdom. You will embrace your divine ability to co-create that comes from expressing your own energetics and choosing the highest energetic matches to who you are and what you wish to experience.  You will begin to navigate your life expression based on your own truth, preferences, and what the higher dimensional energies are supporting, which is exactly what will further honour and expand your profound role as a participant in the great shift of humanity. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday September 16, 2018

Asking for guidance and then choosing to stay in a state of resistance is much like intending to go somewhere, getting in your vehicle, setting your GPS, and then refusing to put the car in drive. Or perhaps you are attempting movement while still in resistance which would amount to trying to drive with the parking brake on. Either way you won’t be getting very far!

Dear Ones, you must be willing to enter into a flow to start to make your way to your destination, and the greater your surrender, the easier it is to get you where you wish to go. You simply cannot effectively guide something that is not willing to commit to motion. Surrendering into the flow and trusting the unfoldment will not only move you forward with the most grace and ease possible, it will also allow you to enjoy the scenery and progress as you go. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday September 15, 2018

Dear Ones, you have spent much time focusing on connecting to your soul and your true divine essence. Now it is time to reclaim your body as the sacred vehicle it is. You would not be able to have the experience you are having without your body.

It has served you incredibly well from the moment you took your first breath and is working constantly to accommodate the higher and higher energies on the planet as well as those you are in the process of embodying through your own growth. Take time to thank it, to nurture it, to appreciate it, and to wonder at all that it does as it continuously serves you in the most miraculous ways.

You have seen your soul and your body as very separate things. Many of you have seen your body as less than and something to get away from. Now is the time to integrate the two, to embody your beingness, to celebrate your spirituality and your humanity, to acknowledge and honour both as equally essential and sacred in this incredible and unprecedented time on your planet.  Doing so will open the door for greater healing and presence than ever before. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday September 14, 2018

There is a tendency in enlightening human beings to consider themselves failures if they struggle. Dear Ones, it is ok to feel sad, to not know where you are going, to be human.  You are on the planet to have the full experience. Do not allow your momentary struggles to be an opportunity to step into self abuse. Accept that things come up to be felt, examined, and released. Know that as empaths you will sometimes have feelings that aren’t even yours, but that you can still assist with by identifying them and transmuting them.  Love yourself through the full spectrum of experiences, knowing that it all serves a purpose. It is not perfection you are seeking, but rather being authentic and holding the space of unconditional love and acceptance for yourself through your highs, lows, and everything in between. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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