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Daily Message ~ Saturday March 30, 2019

Just as there was absolutely no knowledge required by you in order to grow within the womb and be born, so it is with your ascension process. There is an innate intelligence that leads the way that is beyond your conscious mind.

Knowledge is a wonderful thing and we encourage you to continue to question and learn and expand your beautiful minds if it brings you joy to do so. But please know the most helpful thing you can do for your own comfort through the ascension journey is to stay in surrender and flow with complete faith and trust in the natural unfoldment of the process because ultimately it is something that is navigated through instinct and the guidance of your soul. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday March 29, 2019

The act of finding things to be grateful for, even when times are difficult, is what creates and anchors that much of a vibrational improvement, which makes way for you to make an energetic leap onto a higher vibrational layer.  It is like a springboard for your vibrational state which opens the door for higher and greater energetic matches to come forth. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday March 28, 2019

You are ever expanding beings who are in transformative times. The key to working with these energies is to be open. Surrender. Flow. Embody your faith and trust, in your guides, in the universe, and in yourself. Be willing to manifest the endless possibilities and potentials that exist in the great beyond, for that is where your greatest experiences will be discovered.  ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday March 27, 2019

Resistance is what recycles the experience of old emotions. They will continue to come up until you deal with them and let them leave. This is why we advocate the process of acknowledging (identifying and feeling) and then thanking what comes up for release for you cannot have acceptance and gratitude and stay in resistance at the same time.  In fact, the act of acknowledging and thanking is all that is required for the release to occur of its own accord.  You could consider thanking your old emotions as being the final step in cutting the cords that connect you to the expired energies of the past. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 26, 2019

As you continue along your enlightenment journey, release will be a constant as you integrate higher and higher vibrating energies. We understand for many of you releasing can feel like an arduous process.

Identifying the emotion you would like to let go of is an essential part of the process, for it is the act of giving it your permission to go. To take your process to the next level, we highly recommend that you then thank the emotion as you release it.

The act of thanking an emotion allows you to take the gifts of any experience and then allow the rest to leave, knowing it no longer has anything to offer you.  By fully understanding that the emotion had served you once lets you shift into a greater acceptance of why it was there, and why you can now let it go. It removes you from resistance into seeing the purpose of it all, which is the full assimilation of the experience.

Your emotions all serve you, even if you consider them to be lower vibrating. Anger can indicate that something did not honour you or others and can facilitate change. Fear allowed you to keep yourself safe and to keep your energetic sensitivities high. Sadness can show how much you cared. Shame indicates that you have learned and would handle something differently now.

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Daily Message ~ Monday March 25, 2019

Dear Ones, faith and trust when fully utilized leads to acceptance and allowing. Acceptance and allowing anchors the energy of peace. So if peace is something you crave deeply, you must build the foundation that supports that experience by concentrating on the development of faith and trust first, and as that grows all the other elements you seek will naturally fall into place. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday March 23, 2019

A great many human beings are in the process of exploring healthy boundaries. Many of you have been raised in situations where boundaries were not honoured and in your desire to correct that have gone to the extreme in the other direction, where your boundaries have become quite rigid.

Your boundaries do not need to be on either end of the spectrum, Dear Ones!  The vast majority of situations find balance somewhere between the extremes, where you can use your wisdom and competency to make decisions based on the reality of each now moment.

From a space of balance and inclusion, look for solutions in the middle, that can honour the needs of everyone involved. When you truly embrace your energetic sovereignty, you will see that no one can invade your space without your express permission, and from there you will feel much safer to move into a flow of connection that is empowering for everyone involved. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday March 22, 2019

We often talk of the importance of meditation in helping you stay balanced and to assist you with moving with the energies with the greatest amount of grace and ease possible. We would like to speak about some of the most common reasons people avoid meditation and how to address them.

The first reason people don’t meditate is because they think they don’t have enough time.  Dear Ones, even ten minutes is more than enough to add great benefit to your daily life. Your meditation process doesn’t have to be fancy or lengthy.  Simply sitting and stilling yourself with an intention to connect is really all that is required.

Some people give up their meditation practice because they feel nothing is happening. Even if it seems that nothing is occurring, it is a completely restorative practice. Your energy is adjusting. You are moving into greater and greater connection with your guides and inner wisdom. You are recharging your batteries. And you are putting action to your intentions, which is always powerful, indeed.

Many people, because they are exhausted, fall asleep while meditating. If this is a problem for you, we urge you to try to meditate earlier in the day and to do so sitting up.  This will immediately solve that problem. You could easily meditate during your lunch break at work, or even when you are taking a bathroom break. Any intended connection is hugely beneficial to you.  Incorporate it into what you already do in order to create space for it.

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Daily Message ~ Thursday March 21, 2019

Many of you have old conditioning that believes that easy is not good and that efforting is noble and somehow makes you more worthy.  Why that kind of thinking makes it much more difficult to get where you wish to be, is because it is encouraging you to take a path that is not energetically supported. More often than not it is not making good use of your energy and time which leads to unnecessary frustration and exhaustion.

The path of grace and ease is not about being lazy, Dear Ones, it is about using your wisdom to move with what the universe is supporting for you, and that is the very essence of co-creation. It is recognizing that your worthiness is your birthright and there is nothing you need to do to earn it. It is learning to flow with a universe that adores you and allowing your highest self to take the lead. It is finally, finally, accepting that you are a beloved and equal partner in the dance of creation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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