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Daily Message ~ Saturday August 11, 2018

As you get more comfortable with showing up as your authentic self, you become far more consistent to people. The more consistent you are, the more safe you become to others. Everyone has a much better idea what to expect which creates a lovely flow of connection between you and others. This is why doing your own inner work is so important. It allows you to know and show up as your true self, which people can then respond to more authentically. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday August 10, 2018

Human beings tend to be very hard on themselves. We would love for you to adopt a new practice – celebrating your successes before you go to sleep at night.

Simply review, when you climb into your bed, the good you did throughout your day. The best you did perhaps was just getting out of bed in the morning and facing the day, but that is still a success and can be celebrated. It might be that you called a friend and offered encouragement to them. You might have shown love to your family. You could have simply held open a door for another, which is simple service in action. Perhaps you meditated with a focus on peace.

There are so many ways you shine your innate goodness that you don’t even recognize! Taking a moment to acknowledge those things is an act of love and gratitude for yourself, and creates a lovely energy of self acceptance to end your day from. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday August 9, 2018

Questions to ask over the next few days: What do I need to move forward with grace and ease? What is my body asking for? What blessings can I celebrate in this Now moment? How much gratitude can I feel for my personal transformation? How can I find comfort and alignment? What would bring me joy? What do I need to give myself permission to do to move forward? What mastery do I have today that I didn’t have last year at this time?

All of these questions are designed to help you navigate the energies of transformation you are now in. These are glorious times, Dear Ones! Finding the wonder in them will help you remember the wonder in you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Shelley’s note: Today is the day our Surrender Series starts on One Mind Live! I’m so excited about this collaboration with Naomi Janzen and Stephen Fearnley the incorporates EFT tapping, original music, and meditation, all designed to help you with your surrender practice. Hope you’ll join us! You can sign up here:

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 8, 2018

A reader recently asked, “What is the best way to deal with inner rage?” We would like to address that today.

When you carry rage, it is an indicator that something has happened to make you feel very afraid and powerless. Rage is a symptom of an underlying aspect that is looking for healing, so attempting to shift the rage without giving attention to what is lying underneath it will give you limited results.

We ask you to sit with the rage and ask it what it is attempting to protect. What is it reacting to? Don’t try to make the rage wrong, simply explore it. Rage is like a protective screen. It is like a persona that is so big and loud that it has a repellant effect and keeps anyone from seeing what is underneath. But it is what is underneath that is in the most pain and desperate need for attention.

Show up as a safe person for yourself and gently probe what is in need of your love and healing. From the space of authentic power you can show up for yourself as your own loving parent, guide, and protector. Gather up that hurt part of yourself and give it all the love and attention it has been yearning for for so very long. Reassure it that you will keep it safe now in ways that don’t involve it being separated. Integrate it into your own loving care.

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 7, 2018

It is a great blessing that you have access to so much information. This is allowing accelerated growth and expansion in many of you, as you have so much knowledge at your fingertips. This is contributing greatly to your enlightenment process and the awakening of the planet.

And yet, with so much information there will be many different voices, opinions, and perspectives. It can seem chaotic when there is much conflicting information being presented. While we understand it can seem overwhelming, this is also a great gift for you, for it makes it necessary for you to hone your discernment, to connect within to see what resonates, to take what fits for you and simply leave the rest behind, and to ultimately know the greatest path to follow is the one led by your own wisdom and heart.

So rest easy with the noise and find the stillness within. The many, many options that are being presented to you are allowing you to discover your own truth like never before and that, Dear Ones, is empowerment. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday August 6, 2018

A major aspect of co-creating is willingly embracing whatever the energies are supporting at any given time. It is trusting enough to rest when that is a priority which allows you to be far more efficient when the time for action comes. It is moving beyond the need for control into unfoldment. It is allowing yourself the freedom to proceed intuitively and by the heart rather than through the constrained structures of the mind. It is becoming one with the flow and actively harnessing all the benefits that exist within it. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday August 5, 2018

Dear Ones, be easy with yourselves. Know that you are loved. Do something you enjoy. Practice gratitude. Breathe. Trust. These basic principles will serve you well during times of discomfort or uncertainty until the energy shifts yet again and you have more clarity about how to proceed. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday August 4, 2018

Your encouragement and faith in another’s divine capability to navigate their own life in whatever way is perfect for them is often all that is required for someone to have the courage to step forward into expansion and the discovery of their own highest expression of self. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday August 3, 2018

Dear Ones, the elements of faith and trust, when employed together, create acceptance and allowing. Acceptance and allowing create peace and patience. So many of you have the desire to experience less resistance and more peace in your lives. We suggest you understand the foundational energies that are essential to those elements and focus on them first, which will open the door to what you seek. Simply put, deepen your faith and trust and peace and patience will naturally follow. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday August 2, 2018

Dear Ones, surrender is the entry point of the flow and an activation, if you will, of your guides and helpers and the energetic support of the universe. It is showing your intention to step into forward movement. To surrender and then not be willing to move would be much like putting a destination into your gps but never putting your car in drive.

Understand that surrender is the first step. Being willing to be guided, to follow the path that then unfolds, is the action phase you must participate in. Do not be afraid of choosing a wrong direction, for the flow will sweep you up and lead you to where your soul wishes to be. You cannot get it wrong.

The final step is committing to staying in that surrendered, supported movement with your trust long enough to experience tangible results. Understand that the most progress is occurring behind the scenes when it seems nothing is happening. Use your faith and trust to discover new potentials. Give feedback through your gratitude.

This is the higher vibrational operating system that you will all be getting familiar with as you move forward on your enlightenment journey. These are the essential tools for empowered co-creation you have been seeking and they are right there for you, just waiting for you to pick them up and discover the magic they can bring you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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