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Daily Message ~ Saturday June 9, 2018

We wish to explain to you how we can say things are no longer energetically supported, yet they seem to continue in your reality.

Think of an operating system on your computer. When a new updated version is released, there are those who will excitedly embrace it. There are people who will wait until others have tried it for a while before they decide to upgrade. And there are others who will resist change and carry on with the old. This will work for the short term, but over time it will start to be fraught with difficulties and become harder and harder to use. This will lead to much frustration until they are finally ready to embrace a new way of doing things.

It is exactly the same with your enlightenment process. As you continue to evolve, there will be those who excited embrace the new, others who are content to let people blaze the trail first before they embrace the new ways of doing things, and others who will wait until they are completely uncomfortable before they move forward. But you know it doesn’t really matter when everyone gets on board, they all surely will in their own perfect timing. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday June 8, 2018

There seems to be some confusion on how specific you should be in terms of what you wish to create. We wish to clear this up for you today.

As a co-creator you absolutely get to have a say of what it is you wish to move into. That is how you honour your pioneering nature! But what can happen if you get too detail specific is you start to constrict the energies and choose less than what your highest self knows is the greatest potential for you. At this point of your enlightenment journey, you are wishing to move into your highest life expression and continue to expand continually from there.

This is why we advocate the use of broader intention. Surrender into the essence of what you wish to move into while staying as wide open to potentials as you possibly can. For example, you can surrender into being of your highest service. You can surrender into your greatest potentials. You can choose to move into the flow that brings you to your healing, or the highest vibrational love match that is available to you without being inflexible on how those things should show up or look like.

The magic of co-creation comes from allowing yourself to be led to the possibilities you simply cannot see from where you are. When you are micro-managing your creations you are restraining your potentials.

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Daily Message ~ Thursday June 7, 2018

Dear Ones, every time you try to control you end up not only restricting the potential of the Now moment, you also restrict the potential of your future. We understand that you seek control to give yourself a sense of safety and security, but the way to truly move forward in the way that best supports you is through conscious creation through broader intention, surrender, and flow.

Everything you seek comes from allowing the unfoldment of surrender and flow. Love, healing, abundance, creation, growth, enlightenment, your highest purpose – all of these elements require continued flow and freedom to become as big, beautiful, and miraculous as they can be.

Understand expansion and unfoldment are necessary for your soul to comfortably move with the universe. Trust. Flow. Start to see the unfoldment as a magical path. Be loose enough to let each Now moment expand into it’s full potential. This is a new, much more empowered way of navigating your life that will get you to your fullest expression of self, over and again, if you are willing to step into a new way of being. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday June 6, 2018

What you push against in your life is where you lose your flow. For many of you, that area is something you have struggled with, by habit or by expecting it to be a continued issue, for a very long time.

A far greater practice, rather than engaging with it, would be recognizing when you come against it and then choosing to surrender it to be resolved, and staying in that flow long enough for it to happen.

Some of you have challenges you have been grappling with for so very long. Why not allow us to help you navigate above and beyond them, once and for all, and discover the solutions that exist but you haven’t been able to find by yourself? That is what we are here for. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 5, 2018

A good way to embrace co-creating with the universe is to consider it what you might refer to as a brainstorming session. You have one idea that you start with and the universe, from its perspective, suggests how to add to it. You give feedback or add to that new idea based on the new potentials and possibilities it holds. Before you know it, you have created something beautiful and amazing, just because you stayed open to the flow of creation. You can embrace the unfoldment just like that, Dear Ones, and that is exactly how you can add much wonder, joy, and expansion to your life expressions. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday June 4, 2018

You are exactly where you are right now because you are doing a wonderful job. You have moved through so many experiences and continue to be dedicated to your growth and expansion. Celebrate yourselves today, Dear Ones, for all that you have achieved and all you will continue to do, embracing the opportunities of the unprecedented energies of today. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday June 3, 2018

You are entering a phase where many of your heartfelt manifestations are coming true. These desires have been part of your path and your energetics for a long time. They were present for so very long to help you navigate your path.

Some of you will have the same desires and experience the satisfaction of finally moving into what you, in your heart, always knew was your destiny. Others will have the opportunity to move into that old dream and decide not to because it just doesn’t match who you have evolved into, and that is perfectly fine. You get to create new dreams based on new possibilities, potentials, and preferences.

The point is that you are all starting to experience yourselves as the creators you truly are. It may be the large dreams finally coming into your awareness. You may also start to recognize how you are manifesting with greater ease more and more, with smaller things showing up for you as if by magic. This is allowing you to clearly see your ability. The lag time that occurred between desire and manifestation is diminishing due to being in much faster moving energies.

You may have a dream show up for you and have it look different than you thought it would. Please understand that it is just a starting point. You have been given a hunk of clay that you can now mold and tweak to your satisfaction.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday June 2, 2018

The universe works with essence. It responds to the energy of both what you hold and what you focus upon. Your focus is your blessing of continuation, your non-verbal feedback. This is why gratitude is such a powerful tool because it both shifts your energy and focuses on what you what more of.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be in denial of what is unwanted in your life. There will be times that things come up that you don’t want and need your attention. For example, old emotions may surface looking to be acknowledged and released. You can tend to that job and then get back to what is an energetic match to you today. It is simply a matter of energetic sifting. What you do not want to do is continually engage with what is unwanted as that further solidifies and continues your connection with it.

Do you see? If you stay in surrender and flow if something needs to be addressed it will seamlessly come up into your awareness. You can do what it required and then get back to co-creation. You can very efficiently do what needs to be done while still putting the majority of your focus on what you prefer and wish to experience, continually honing your energetics and staying in forward movement. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday June 1, 2018

In rapidly changing energies it is common to find yourself in a space where you just don’t know what to do. If you find yourself in such a place, we have a very simple suggestion – just love.

Express love to another. Love yourself. Align with Source and feel that love. Express your love by petting an animal or tending the earth. Willingly surrender into the flow of love and be the love that you are.

It is the most brilliant go-to move that fits all situations and serves both you and the whole in the most wonderful ways. Just love, Dear Ones, secure in the fact that it is always your highest choice. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

A big thank you to everyone who sent donations, beautiful notes, and well wishes for the month of May! I am honoured to be part of such a loving, caring community. I’ll be announcing and notifying the winner of the draw later on today. Good luck! :)


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