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Daily Message ~ Friday January 16, 2015

If you are trying to draw your divine other (the highest partner available to you at this time) in order to enjoy a new love relationship, one of the most activating things you can do is to start connecting with them with your consciousness now. Know that they exist. Start to acknowledge them on a daily basis. Say good morning to them (your inner voice is fine) when you wake up. Send them love. Imagine holding them in your arms. Whenever you think of it, send them a few words of encouragement, support or caring. Say goodnight to them at the end of the day. Feel their presence and incorporate them into your life now.

This is a powerful technique because it is creating strong bonds and nurturing your energetic connection in preparation for uniting in the physical. By feeling the other as being part of your life, they become a tangible part of your experience and then the law of attraction will automatically respond. There is no need to know exactly who they are, how they look, or how you will meet. In fact, it is better to keep it open, to be responding to their energy, their soul signature, and allowing the universe to take care of the rest. By making this change in your life, you are loudly broadcasting to the universe, and your divine other, that you are ready for them, and the universe can only respond to your clear declaration. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 13, 2015

Waiting for another to apologize before you can heal after a hurt is deciding to stay in a wounded state and giving your power away. You do not require closure in order to heal! You can give yourself closure any time you want by deciding you no longer wish to stay in the energy of the hurt and move back into your wholeness and wellness.

If a person has hurt you and has not apologized to you, it is showing you that they are not a safe person for you at this time. It is telling you that they are not able to love, honour, nurture and appreciate you for whatever reason. Does that sound like a person you should put your healing in the hands of? Repeatedly going after them looking for an apology, and explanation, trying to make them see, is only going to result in your becoming frustrated, angry and more hurt. Accept them for where they are and move on. They cannot give you what you are seeking.

The way to dissolve the ties that bind you to one who has hurt you is to see that they are not bad. People who hurt others are not operating from a whole and balanced place. Acknowledge them for being where they are, and release them from your energy with your love and healing. Then give yourself all the tender care, love, understanding and nurturing you need to find your way back into your wellness. Your healing is dependant on one thing only, Dear Ones, and that is you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday January 12, 2015

We wish for you to stop and really ponder the importance of reconnecting with your innocence. Your innocence will be quite willing to come back into your awareness as long as it is assured it will be safe. Part of the reason for the focus being on self love and healthy boundaries for so long, has been to create the environment for your innocence to wish to resurface.

Why is your innocence important? Because it is the purest essence of your human self. It is the part of you that sees itself as divine and perfect without ego. It also sees the divinity in others. Your innocence just naturally accepts your beingness as being more than enough. Your innocence trusts, and trust is a vital aspect of the Divine Combination of surrender, faith, flow and trust. It is an essential element of enlightenment.

Also, your innocence is very in touch with your imagination, and your imagination is what flows you over the bridge into the spiritual realms. Your imagination is what helps you create, to experience, to have fun. Creation always puts you in alignment with Source (Creator).

If you have had trouble finding joy on your path of late, it is a sure sign that your innocence hasn’t been connected with in a long time. Make a play date with that inner child and nurture that relationship again. You have so much to offer each other. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday January 11, 2015

Many people think their innocence can be taken from them. Dear Ones, this is simply not true, as your innocence is part of who you are. What may happen, if you have been hurt by another, is your innocent and trusting nature may retreat, deep within yourself, in its desire to stay safe.

When you assume the role of loving, nurturing parent for yourself, and through that self love create a safe environment, your innocence will be able to come to the forefront once again. Getting back in touch with your innocence is a wonderful indicator that healing has occurred!

Your innocence is the part of you that sees the wonder that exists all around you. It is your innocence that is dazzled by the magic of your existence, that plays and creates, that is fully present, that experiences joy in the most simple things. Do you see? Those are all the aspects of enlightenment! Create an environment that is safe and nurturing for yourself and allow your innocence to shine through once again, and your life will be full of the beauty and joy you’ve been missing. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday January 9, 2015

Not everyone is going to understand or support your path. That is okay, Dear Ones, because you already have all the support you require built in, in the form of your internal guidance system, your higher self, your guides and helpers, and the universe itself, that only wishes to support whatever you desire. While we understand it is nice to have the support of those who are physically present, they simply do not have the vantage point of what is right for anyone other than themselves.

What if the greatest artists of your time listened to their critics and stopped painting? What if your great explorers let fear hold them back? What if the great inventors of your time, at a low point, listened to the people who said they were wasting their time? What a different world you would live in!

You all add, each and every one of you, to the beauty and intricacy of your planet by following your own paths, your own passions, your own talents, your own purpose. Your contributions are necessary, and amazing, and offer so much more than you realize. To hold back is to deny yourself and the entire world. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday January 8, 2015

Unconditional love for self – tender, accepting, nurturing, inclusive love for all aspects of self – is the most powerful step towards the enlightenment and unity consciousness you desire. It leads to the wholeness and acceptance you are seeking, which then allows you to recognize, experience, support and celebrate the universal whole.

You are, each of you, a powerful movement of one, collectively shifting the whole. Never underestimate the impact of the love you give yourselves, Dear Ones, for as it fills you, heals you, and flows through you, it is fueling the revolution of love on your planet in the most spectacular way. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 7, 2015

When you choose to let your true self lead the way, your path then becomes a reflection of who you really are. When you make choices based on what honours, uplifts and matches you, your love relationships and friendships become much more open and joyful. When you choose employment that matches your interests and talents, your work becomes joyful. When you spend your spare time doing things that match your true passions, your spare time becomes joyful. Do you see? It doesn’t take special blessings from Source to live a life that is infused with joy in all areas. Source always wants you to be living your highest expression of self! It simply takes you being authentic and loving yourself enough not to settle for anything less. ~Archangel Gabriel


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