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Daily Message ~ Friday October 24, 2014

Dear Ones, you cannot be in love and in judgment at the same time. Love includes, accepts and nurtures, judgment excludes, rejects and punishes. Which would you like to receive? How would you like your partner to feel? Only love, unconditional love, will create the safe environment for your relationship to grow and evolve to its highest potential. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday October 23, 2014

If you wish to create a movement of peace in your world, you must find the peace that exists inside of you first. As you connect with your own peace, your own divinity, your own light, you become what you wish to see. And as each person connects with that inner beingness and allows it to shine, your world will be flooded with more and more light, which will illuminate your planet like never before.

You cannot push against what is unwanted. You cannot fight and overpower for peace. You can only demonstrate the energies you desire until there is a glorious collective wave of light that transforms, and enlightens, and allows the changes you seek to naturally occur. You are the ambassadors of love and peace, on the planet to usher in the energies of empowered change. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday October 22, 2014

Every single time you choose to be in your highest alignment, you are creating a beautiful bridge between heaven and earth. It does not matter whether you do it through prayer, meditation, intention, enjoying nature, simply BEing, loving, or spending time in your passions, it has profound and far-reaching energetic results.

If every human being, regardless of their faith or belief system, would make spending time in that alignment a priority, it would have a tremendously stabilizing affect on your world. Can you see why extreme busyness is so destructive to you?

You are all far more powerful in your choices than you realize. Slow down. Connect. Find your joy. Bask in energies that support you and feel good. To do so is to be of service, both to you and your beloved planet. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday October 21, 2014

Most people think following their passion is frivolous and cannot lead to a fulfilling life. Let us explain to you how nothing could be further from the truth.

When you follow your passion, you are in the path of least resistance. You are moving in a direction that you are fully wanting, fully engaged with, fully enjoying and embracing the flow of. When you are willingly surrendered in the flow, your soul can lead you to the exact experiences you wish to experience, as well as provide all the supports and assistance you could ever need.

Simply put, the greater the resistance, the greater the struggle. The greater the surrender, the greater the ability the universe has to move you, and serve you, in the most marvellous ways. Following your passion is the easiest way to enter, and stay in, that flow. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday October 20, 2014

To truly uplift another does not mean to feed their ego by pumping them up with illusions of grandeur, or to elevate them to a place that separates them from from others. It means to help them connect with their divinity, their authentic power, their truth, when they are forgetting who they really are. When you operate from the highest alignment and divine truth, inclusion, growth, expansion and authenticity are always supported. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday October 19, 2014

An amazing thing starts to happen when you choose to encourage others. Not only do you help others move beyond fear and doubt into their authentic power, but you also create a shift for yourself by focusing on the wonderful qualities you see in others, which supports your authenticity, as well. Further, by choosing to pay attention to the beautiful traits of others, you will naturally draw more of the same to your experience, and will be further amplifying those traits within yourself. Do you see? It supports the highest alignment of everyone involved, and that, Dear Ones, is upliftment. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday October 18, 2014

Our greatest advice to you would be to embrace being the fully present and joyful ambassadors of love you are on the planet to be. When you allow that beautiful and sacred mission to take the lead, you will transform all of your circumstances with the energy you hold. You will step out of the illusion and into your true beingness. You will be the shining example of joyful and loving purpose others will want to experience for themselves. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday October 17, 2014

The level of joy you experience in your life is directly proportionate to the amount of love you allow yourself to experience. Love and joy arrive together because they occur from being in your highest alignment with Source. To choose love is to choose the energies of Home. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday October 16, 2014

Frustration comes from a belief that things are wrong or unfolding (or not unfolding) in a way that is contrary to what you think they should. Yet, the universe is always conspiring to assist you and to move you into your next highest experience the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Dear Ones, the universe works with the energies of in and out, ebb and flow, action and rest. It is necessary to create balance for you and your planet. Trust! Know that a long lull will always be followed by a period of action, just as intense movement will always be followed by rest. Have faith and trust in the wisdom of the system, and know that energies will always move according to exactly what you need at any given moment.

Simply put, if you are in a rest period, you are in energetic preparation for action, and if you are in an action phase, you are accomplishing much before it is time to rest. Make peace with a lull by remembering a time when you were so busy you were exhausted and how good it felt to finally get time off to rest. Embrace an action period, not by being overwhelmed by activity, but by remembering how good it feels to move after a long period of inactivity.

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday October 15, 2014

Many of you are reluctant to love again because you’ve been hurt in previous relationships. You may feel like it would be foolish to let your guard down and love again. Dear Ones, what you experienced that was painful was not love. Love uplifts, love comforts, love accepts, love connects, love celebrates, love encourages, love unifies, love aligns, love allows you to experience yourself, in the most profound way, as a divine piece of the Source you came from. Once you get very clear about what love truly is, you will see it is not foolhardy at all to wish to experience any of those things! You are always wise for choosing love. ~Archangel Gabriel


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