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Daily Message ~ Tuesday October 6, 2015

How much time do you spend in tender self care? So many of you are beautifully loving and caring towards others and leave yourselves last.

Listening to your body is self love. Eating food your body is asking for when it needs it is self love. Giving yourself rest is self love. Meditation is self love. Exercise is self love. Taking part in activities that bring you joy is an act of self love. Making choices that support your comfort and wellness rather than sacrifice is an act of self love.

Can you see how none of the above are selfish? You are all so mindful, you fear that to love yourselves will make you selfish or take away from others. We are not asking you to give to yourselves as an act of exclusion to others. Far from it!

We are simply encouraging you to make yourselves equally important as everyone else. We are asking you to include yourselves in the unconditional love and unity consciousness you are here to anchor, support, and experience. We are asking you to love all, fairly and indiscriminately, and that, Dear Ones, begins within. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday October 5, 2015

Dear Ones, resistance cannot get you where you wish to be. You cannot resist your way into healing. You cannot resist your way into growth. You cannot resist your way into joy. You cannot resist your way into unity. You certainly cannot resist your way into love. You might consider resistance as the operation system of fear.

Flow is supported and empowered movement. Healing is a flow. Growth is a flow. Unity is a flow of connection. Flow is the operation system of love, which brings all of those things.

It is the tug of war within yourselves between resistance and flow that is causing so much stress for so many. Isn’t it time? Isn’t it time to surrender to love? From there all things are possible. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday October 4, 2015

The greatest amount of discomfort humans experience stems from their belief that something is wrong. The second they perceive something to be somehow wrong, is the moment they move into complete resistance to the flow. Resistance to the flow then creates even greater discomfort, often resulting in a deep dissatisfaction with life, fatigue, despair and depression.

It is surrender and faith that moves you beyond such uncomfortable states. When you are able to surrender into the flow, even when it is taking you to unknown territories, you are allowing your highest self, your guides and helpers, and the universe to lead you. You begin to work with the system that is always there to love and support with you, rather than denying the very things you seek.

When you are able to move back into that faith in action, you are able to settle into a deep, abiding, acceptance of the unfoldment of life which will automatically activate the energy of peace within you. You will have deactivated fear, doubt and worry, and will find yourself with the ability to be more fully present than ever before.

From that place, you will experience a deep gratitude which will become the place you powerfully create from. Do you see? It is a complete system that beautifully supports you, and it is available to you whenever you choose. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday October 3, 2015

Many of you have grown up with the concepts of heaven and hell being a large part of your religious teachings. From our perspective, hell is, simply put, the denial of your own divinity, and heaven is the reunion with the divinity that you are, and have always been. Moving into that truth while still in the body could then be considered experiencing heaven on earth, which is exactly what is anchoring and driving the grand shift on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday October 2, 2015

Using other people’s successes or abundance to amplify your feelings of lack amounts to holding your breath because you can see other people breathing. There is more than enough for everyone, Dear Ones, and if success is around you it is because it is aligning with you, too. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday October 1, 2015

Dear Ones, every day you get to choose what you will place your focus upon. What are you looking for evidence of today? Is it lack and what is unwanted? Or is it love and the abundance of things that are wonderful that exist all around you? Your focus is your magnifier, your agreement, your blessing. A mindful human being honours the sacred power of their attention and is wisely selective of what they gift their focus to, because through that act is a choice of continuation. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 30, 2015

We encourage you to start to play with the concept of joyful creation. So many of your manifestation efforts are being attempted from a place of fear, lack, and disappointment. How can you create from such restrictive energies? Creation is meant to be fun, expansive and magical.

So we urge you to start over again. Ask the universe to bring you something that will make you laugh. Approach the world with the eyes of a child, and allow yourself to be delighted. As you start to see the magic that is all around you, you will embrace that expansive, co-creational flow and naturally stay in energies that can create profound change.

If you need extra support, why not invite your friends to join you in seeing the world with new eyes? Why not start a group to share The Magic That Happened To Me Today and before you know it you will all be focused on the richness, rather than lack, that exists all around you. Magic is always far more fun when shared, Dear Ones. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 29, 2015

Dear Ones, so many of you have become so serious! Serious about your energetics, serious about ascension, serious about relationships, serious about manifestation. We love your lovely, mindful natures, but where is the fun? We urge you to infuse joy and love into all your creations, for it is the high vibrational energy of joy and love that will transform everything far faster than seriousness ever can.

We understand that you are simply honouring your service contracts to the best of your abilities, and many of you have attempted great shifts before and had them not work out. But that is not be the case this time! You have already long ago passed the tipping point. Now it is time to enjoy the ride. Savour your creations! Have fun! Delight in the fact that you are present to experience these amazing and unprecedented times. It is time to shrug off the perceived heavy burden of ascension and put the light back in enlightenment. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday September 28, 2015

When you have an attachment to things looking a certain way, you are already planning for anything else to be wrong. You are infusing a situation with a pre-planned lack of acceptance, a rigidity, that is quite contrary to the flow of creation. When you lack acceptance for anything other than a certain result, you make it difficult for the universe to serve you your highest outcome, which is almost always far beyond anything you could ever imagine for yourself.

So, yes, Dear Ones, get clear about what you would like to create, but also allow it to be malleable, to be open and flowing, to be the start of a masterpiece that universe can tweak and improve upon, in ways that will best serve the whole and surprise and amaze you. Hand it off to the universe for the greatest good, with room to be even better than your wildest dreams, and you will be utilizing the the power of co-creation.

So often when things aren’t happening for you in terms of manifestation, it is because you are not making room for even better to occur, and that is what would be your true energetic match. Metaphorically, are you asking for glass when the universe is trying to bring you diamonds, because diamonds best reflect the true beauty of your soul? Allow room for you and the universe to joyfully participate in the sacred act of creation together, and you will be delighted with what is possible. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday September 27, 2015

Dear Ones, we encourage you to think of yourselves within these shifting times as being part of an orchestra. There are so many different notes and vibrations coming together to create the vibrational masterpiece that is the ascension of you and your beloved planet. Just like you could not say one instrument makes the orchestra, there is no one energy that is responsible for the amazing times you are experiencing, rather, the delightful melding of the energetic whole.

You are all pivotal and adding immeasurably to the beauty of the shift, and the entire universe is responding with loving support. It is a model of unity consciousness far beyond what you can imagine, but hear us when we say that you have already been playing in those energies far longer than you have realized. It is all happening because of you – the fearless wayshowers, the tender, mindful and courageous human beings, who dare to dream and allow their divine truth and beauty to lead the way. ~Archangel Gabriel


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