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Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 28, 2015

We have spoken about switching your focus to start acknowledging and celebrating the many aspects around you that are positive and desired. Such a habit will create deep satisfaction with your circumstances. Now we suggest you take it one step further. We suggest you take the same principles and apply them to yourselves.

Not only have you been conditioned to live life on high alert for what you do not want, you have taken that practice used it against yourselves, as well. Such a practice will ensure you will never feel good enough, and prevent you from feeling the joy and love that comes from true self expression. The amount of negative self talk we see humans direct at themselves is nothing short of complete and utter abuse.

Dear Ones, you are magnificent beings, each and every one of you! We urge you to start seeing that truth. Look at your bodies and celebrate them for being the miraculous systems they truly are. Thank your body for working so tirelessly for you, and for so beautifully and efficiently housing your soul and giving you such a vast array of ways to experience being present on your planet. Acknowledge your hands that caress with care, you hearts that swell with love, your beautiful brains that assess and learn and remember , and all of your amazing senses.

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 27, 2015

Why not have a grand experiment? Why not try starting your days with different kinds of surrender? One day you might do a general surrender to Source and enter into the flow. Another day you might surrender into the flow of love. Another day you might surrender into being of your highest purpose. Another you may choose to surrender into joy. Then perhaps try not surrendering at all.

When you treat things like an experiment, it allows you to be open to how things unfold. You can very effectively stay out of resistance and into a space of openness while testing the waters of the flow, so to speak, when you get your mind to detach by giving it the job of observer. See which types of surrender feel best to you. Which days feel most wonderful? Most magical? Most supported? Most fun?

You have nothing to lose, Dear Ones, and everything to gain, so why not have some fun exploring different options? We have a feeling you may be pleasantly surprised to see the difference surrender and flow can make to the quality of your day to day life. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday January 26, 2015

Here is a truth for you to consider. If someone needs to change in order to be a satisfactory match for you, it is telling you that they are not a match for you in this right now moment. You will save yourselves a lot of angst and heartache if you can accept people exactly as they are, and make decisions based on if they are a good energetic match to you, in your truth, as you are.

Some people say, “Well Gabriel, I am confused. They say one thing and they do another.” Dear Ones, people are always showing you who they really are by their actions, and how they make you feel. Does this person make you feel loved? Accepted? Honoured? Nurtured? Cared about? What is the overall essence of this relationship? We are not talking about how they treated you long ago. We are talking about how they treat you right now, in your present reality. If this is not a satisfying union why are you accepting so little for yourself? Do you have to step out of self love to continue on with this relationship?

Do not sacrifice your happiness, your joy, your opportunities, waiting for another to change, Dear Ones, because their souls are experiencing exactly what they need to experience at this time, and there is no telling how long they may wish or need to stay in that experience.

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Daily Message ~ Sunday January 25, 2015

So many of you are always on the lookout for what you do not want. You have been conditioned to do so, to be on high alert for any trouble. But you are evolving beyond that, Dear Ones, so why not change your perspective?

What if from this point forward, you consciously started looking for everything that was right? What if you started seeing the abundance that abounds all around you? What if you started looking at your life through the lens of love, seeing all the love that exists already in your life? What if you started celebrating your own divinity, your own beauty, your own health, and everyone else’s, too?

You see, the first approach will always make you feel like you could be victimized at any given moment, and that it is never safe to let down your guard. The second will show you the proof of the love, support and blessings that abound for you, which will allow you to feel a deep satisfaction for where you are. Both will perpetuate more of the same. Which would you prefer? ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday January 24, 2015

We will simplify the Law of Attraction one step further for you. Intend to manifest what you love. Look for things around you that you love. Send what you love, love. Feel the love that exists in you and for you.

It all really boils down to love, in the end, doesn’t it? And that is what we wish for you – that you live your life in a continual flow of love, embracing both the in breath and out breath of love, dancing and thriving and co-creating with the unconditional love of the universe. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday January 23, 2015

Resistance is a sure way to continue what you do not want. Appreciation is a sure way to continue what you do want. It really is quite simple. Do you see? Both are amplified focus, and your amplified focus is your agreement with a situation. Simply choose what you feel deserves your attention and continuation in your life, and grow it with gratitude. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday January 22, 2015

When you were a young child you would dream and create without fear. Your brain simply didn’t know how to worry or play out negative scenarios. You simply focused on the pure essence of what you wished to experience and went for it. Your operating system was one of focused intention and movement, all based on what interested you or brought you satisfaction, adventure, comfort, or joy.

The universe does not deal with negatives either. It only responds to the essence of your focus.

Do you see what this means? You have been trained to become negatively focused! This has come from well-meaning parents and caretakers who were concerned about your safety. They sought to ensure your well-being by instilling fear in you. Perhaps they experienced lack and struggle in their lives so they taught you to expect that so that you wouldn’t be disappointed. What a strange lesson! Expect the world to be a harsh place so you won’t be disappointed!

What we are trying to show you is that negative focus is not your natural state of being. It is a conditioning, and one that, if you allow yourself to connect with your purest essence, is not in line with who you are.

Being positive and focused on the essence of what you wish to experience is your natural instinct. Take a moment to consider your ideas and inspirations. More often than not, your first response is one that is positively focused and then, seconds later, the conditioning hits and all the fears and doubts start to flood in.

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 21, 2015

We ask you to stop and ponder a few ideas today. What if nothing was ever wrong? What if you let go of the idea of being broke, or alone, or sick? What if you saw each person, no matter what they were doing, as someone who was competently experiencing exactly what they needed to for their own growth and expansion? What if you truly, fully realized that the only thing you ever really have to do is BE?

As you read those ideas, do you have resistance? Feel under that resistance and try on the truth of each statement. How would that change your life? How would you live or behave differently? What would life look like for you if you stopped pushing against all the illusion and embraced your divinity?

Dear Ones, a life without resistance is a life of flow, a life of creation, a life of experience, of joy, of love, of abundance, and it is yours to surrender into whenever you wish. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 20, 2015

When you navigate your life from an unshakeable place of self love, you will find decisions become easier. You will experience less extremes. Healthy boundaries will be clearer. People will respect and honour you because you hold that respect and honour for yourself.

Self love doesn’t need to be hard to move into. If you are unsure if a situation is unfolding in a way that is appropriate for you, simply ask yourself if it would be acceptable treatment for your best friend or a beloved child. If the answer is no, it is not acceptable for you either. Many of you have been conditioned to make decisions based on externals – on what will please others. What a faulty premise, because satisfaction can only come from within. It is impossible to assume responsibility for another’s emotions. It has been disempowering and distracting, to say the least, to try to live your life expression in a satisfying and predictable way while depending on the wild card of other people’s responses.

Again, love is the most transformative, empowered element there is. It is the fuel that will help you arrive at all of the adventures your soul seeks to experience. Allow it to be your first response for yourself and you will be so whole and nurtured that it will automatically become your first response to everything and everyone else in your life, too. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday January 19, 2015

The idea that you are ever wounded in a way that is beyond repair is an absolute fallacy. You, each and every one of you, have an inner template of complete wellness, balance, and wholeness. Healing is simply a matter of allowing yourself back into that state of completeness. ~Archangel Gabriel


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