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Daily Message ~ Thursday February 12, 2015

Do you doubt you can find love? Let us assure you that the universe is very adept at lining up people, especially if they are in an open state of surrender and flow. Fill yourself up with love until it is overflowing and know that will make you an irresistible beacon to love. To do so turns on your light of availability to your divine other! Know your beloved will respond to that clarion call. Make room in your life for love, embody love, and love will surely come. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 11, 2015

During this week leading up to your day that celebrates love, some people find it difficult if they are not in a relationship. If you are finding yourself feeling sad or upset, we would like to point out to you that it is likely due to the fact that you are focused on what you consider to be an absence of love.

Dear Ones, do not get tripped up over perceived lack this week! There is an abundance of love all around you. Use this week to see the endless potential the universe holds! See all the hearts, the chocolates, the roses, as a love letter to you from Source. Fill yourself up with love. See all the evidence of love as a sure sign it is making its way to you. Take a moment to commune with your future love, sending that person affection, encouragement and appreciation, and feeling the connection that already exists between your souls.

If you embrace the love that flows to you and through you from Source, if you fill yourself up with unconditional love and feel all the love you are ready to share, you can see this Valentine’s Day as wonderful preparation for the love that is sure to find you, whenever the timing is perfect for you and your future beloved. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday February 10, 2015

We have spoken about the attributes to look for in new relationships, but what if you wish to improve a relationship you are already in? We would like to discuss that today.

Many people lose their balance in their relationship by placing all of their focus on what their partner is doing. We remind you that the only thing you ever have control over is yourself. By taking your focus back, you step back into your authentic power. Then, by practicing self love and concentrating on your own growth and evolution, your world will naturally shift to reflect those changes back to you.

Dear Ones, people do not fall out of love, they fall out of appreciation. Remember how much you loved every last thing about your partner when you first met? How wonderful that felt, and how things just kept getting better and better? You were positively focused, which got you even more of what you loved! You can move back into that loving, appreciative place toward your partner whenever you like, which would be energetically supporting what you would like more of.

The final element you may wish to use to transform your existing relationship is to be fully present with your loved one. Dismissiveness can be a very hurtful energy. Honour your loved one with your attention. It is how you show another how loved, accepted and valuable they are to you. By being fully present and accepting, you become a safe person to the other, and they will naturally wish to connect more with you.

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Daily Message ~ Monday February 9, 2015

Many of you, after years of disappointment and hurt, see relationships as being hard, frustrating and exhausting. Hear us when we say that your relationships do not need to be this way.

The most valuable thing you can do to shift your relationships into something that honours and uplifts all involved, is to make self love a priority. All great changes begin within, and having an unconditionally loving, supportive and accepting relationship with yourself is the best way to shift out of the unfulfilling pattern you’ve been in.

Once you’ve shored up your self love and acceptance, look for relationships that support you in being your best, most shining you. Does this relationship give you the freedom to follow your passions and thrive? Make sure your new partner has a matching level of integrity to yours – in the long run, differing levels of integrity will make a relationship unsustainable.

Choose your new partner based on the reality of how they behave right now, not their potential. Many loving souls get drawn into relationships to be of service, to rescue another, which, of course, is not a true, mutually supportive partnership, at all. Can you really accept this person as they really are? Does this relationship foster the growth and expansion of both people? Because if growth stops in either person, the relationship will no longer serve a purpose.

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Daily Message ~ Sunday February 8, 2015

Many of you have used struggle and effort as a means of self definition and navigating life. Finally getting beyond the struggle allowed you to accept whatever rewards you felt you were worthy of, and gave you a sense of satisfaction and appreciation. The struggle/reward way of living is like a relationship that is filled with drama. At some point most humans get tired of the effort that involves and choose something that is more consistently satisfying and easier. The same applies to walking a path of struggle.

What if it doesn’t need to be that hard? How do you feel when you consider living a life of ease? Does the idea of ease bring up negative connotations for you? Do you consider ease to be laziness? Do you think it would be boring? Do you think you would stop learning and growing if your life was easier? That you would lose your drive? Do you feel you would stop deserving things or appreciating things if you lived a life of ease?

Dear Ones, you will create the exact amount of struggle you require to get your attention and facilitate growth and expansion in your life. What if you made a sacred commitment to put your learning, experiences, evolution and appreciation for each Now moment your top priority? What purpose would struggle then serve you, if you were already willingly in that flow of expansion?

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Daily Message ~ Saturday February 7, 2015

Dear Ones, as you start to fully step into your authentic power and embrace your role as co-creator, we urge you to dream big but to also stay open to even more wonderful, because the universe often desires to bring you much more than you can even imagine possible. Give us the room to serve and delight you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday February 5, 2015

Dear Ones, doubt has the potential to act as a formidable road block on your journey. Feeding the seeds of doubt in another can add considerably to the pile they may already be struggling with.

You are the experts on you. You are on the earth, in the body, to have many experiences. That is how you learn and grow! You do not need to get it perfect, because every experience leads to your expansion and self definition, which, in itself, is perfection. Encourage others to listen to their inner knowingness and to honour their own complete competency to try, and experience, and try again, as well! You can never, ever make a mistake if you acknowledge your own innate mastery, and the innate mastery of others.

You have all had enough of doubt and resistance and the discomfort they create. We love you for your mindful natures, but please know you cannot get it wrong! Live, love, experience, encourage and grow, for that is exactly what you have worked so hard to be present, on your beloved planet, to do. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 4, 2015

You are on the planet to be you, to express and experience your delightful you-ness in whatever ways feel best to you. Others are on the planet to do the very same thing. Simply being you in your purest expression of self is success. Encouraging others to be their own purest expression of self is supporting their success. If you were able to see success as just that, you would move out of the energies of right or wrong, should or shouldn’t, good or bad. You would shift out of judging, and fearing being judged, and into acceptance for others and yourself. You would finally give yourself permission to shine and thrive like never before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday February 3, 2015

Dear Ones, if you could start to view things in your world as being in resonance with you or not, rather than being right or wrong, you would save the tremendous amount of time you spend second guessing yourselves or attempting to force things to work or change. You are vibrational beings. Some vibrations will harmonize with you, others will not. As you continue to shift and evolve, what is in resonance with you may also change. You do not need to concern yourselves with what worked well with you before or what may match you in the future. You can seamlessly navigate your lives with far greater ease if you simply choose the energies that feel best to you in each Now moment. Do you see? Choosing what best resonates with you, rather than pushing against what does not, is the way to a harmonious existence. ~Archangel Gabriel


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