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Daily Message ~ Friday January 2, 2015

We can’t help but notice that two very important words to you – guidance and abundance – contain the word dance. When you see these words, think of us extending our hands to you, inviting you to dance with us. We are here, always, to guide you and co-create with you, in a myriad of ways. All you have to do is accept our invitation. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday January 1, 2015

So many of you enjoy doing rituals to ensure a beautiful new year. While every day is ripe for creation, we understand this day is symbolic so we would like to suggest something to you. Why not write a love letter, to yourself, outlining all the ways you will love and cherish yourself in 2015? Love is the way you will create the life you dream of, and it all starts within, which is something so many of you struggle with. Make the sacred commitment right now to love, honour and cherish yourself all year long, in as many ways as you can think of! From that completely fulfilled place, you will then be well primed to do, give and experience everything else your heart desires. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 31, 2014

As you are poised to step into the energies of a brand new year, we encourage you to declare what you wish to experience by embodying it, rather than powerlessly wishing the new year will be good. BEing what you wish to experience more of is using your authentic power, while wishing for things to happen for you is indicative of feeling less than powerful and hoping to be rescued.

You get to set the energetic tone for all that you do! The grandest declaration you can make to the universe is to announce through your own energy who you are and what you intend to experience, so go forth, Dear Ones, fearlessly, joyously, excitedly, and create a year that reflects all that you are and all that you desire to do. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday December 30, 2014

Dear Ones, you are always growing and evolving. If you feel inspired to do or try something, listen to that inner nudging. It may not make sense at the time, but your soul is always guiding you to take the next important step that will lead you to your next grand adventure. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday December 29, 2014

Where are you experiencing resistance in your life? It is the areas of most resistance that are begging to be transformed. Non-resistance will bring you the relief you seek. Surrender will bring you the relief you seek. Love will bring you the relief you seek. Do you see? Non-resistance, surrender, and love are the flow that we so often speak of. The flow is the vehicle that will get you to the comfort and joy you are missing. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday December 28, 2014

Many of you love to give advice to others, meaning to help from your tender, loving hearts. But what if we told you that you are really only the expert of your own life expression, and that all advice you give will be given through the filter of what would be right for you?

The best way to assist another is to encourage them to connect with their inner knowing, to embrace their complete capability and ability to make decisions based on what would be best for them and their own life expression. It is a beautiful gift to show your complete faith in another’s ability to reach into and lead themselves by their own innate wisdom.

Some of you fear that if you empower others you will no longer be needed. Dear Ones, rest assured people will always value and seek out encouragement, far more than being told what to do. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday December 27, 2014

Dear Ones, as you take an inventory of your life and what you would like to change moving forward, do any of those changes seem daunting or hard? We encourage you to take anything that you still believe is stuck, stagnant, difficult to change, or feel you are stuck with, and reevaluate it. Is it really that difficult an issue? Is this truth, or an old belief system? Is it your own fear or negative focus that is bogging it down?

If you have an issue that no matter what you do you just cannot seem to budge, simply surrender it to Source with the clear intention of moving forward into the highest outcome. Allow your highest self, your guides, your helpers to lead the way, and you will find the empowered change you seek. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday December 26, 2014

Dear Ones, as your thoughts become focused on the New Year, we encourage you to become expert energetic sorters. What do you wish to bring with you into the energies of a brand new year? What honours you? What supports you? What helps you grow and expand? What allows you express yourself in your truth, transparency and integrity?

What do you wish to create and experience as you move forward? What aspects exist in your life that will help that dream become a reality? What do you wish to leave behind? What may have been an energetic match at the beginning of this year may not be a match at all anymore!

You have all shifted profoundly. With your wisdom and clarity, decide what matches all of your intentions and let the rest go. If you do, you will be entering the energies of a brand new year well prepared to create, expand and grow into your greatest self expression yet. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday December 25, 2014

If we could give you one thing for the holidays, it would be for you to see yourselves as we do. We wish you would allow yourselves to see how spectacular your beauty, your bravery, your compassion, your complete capability, your connectedness, your love, truly is. You are all divine perfection and loved wholly and completely for who you are and all you do. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 24, 2014

What does it mean to walk a path of peace and joy? It means to give yourself and others unconditional love, and to allow that love to lead the way. It means to practice acceptance and allowing, and to see the perfection in all. It means to uplift and encourage others. It means to embrace your truth, your authentic power, and to show others that they can, too. It means committing to shining your light, and being the beautiful teachers by example. It means embracing your beingness and your divinity, and knowing that all else is illusion. It means living from a flow of abundance, and sharing from that place that knows there is always more than enough for everyone. It means understanding that what happens to the one affects the all. These are the things we wish for you, today and always, as you move forward during these amazing times. ~Archangel Gabriel


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