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God said:

Welcome to My Heart. Yet, how can I welcome you to where you have always been? I cannot invite you, ask you to stay a while when you have never been anywhere else. Nothing can take you away from My heart. You cannot be anywhere else. Only in your unawareness can you perceive that you are anywhere but where you really are and have always been.
Isn’t this a conundrum? that you spin a whole rigamarole of otherness and believe in it wholeheartedly? At the same time, you are convinced that you are a realist. How you have departed from realism. What is real you may think of as imagination, and what is imagination you are convinced is real. You most assuredly do that. If you know suffering and fright and terrible things that go boom in the night, you have it all turned around.
Beauty and love are true. Anything else is not.


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