If you are having difficulty with forgiveness ask for help and for clarity. - John Smallman

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To leave the illusion behind is humanity’s divine destiny because humanity’s destiny is divine. It has ensnared, enslaved, and entranced you all for far too long and your unwillingness to release yourselves from it is all that holds you within it. You have the power and the capability to do so because you are divine beings, and, because it is your will and God’s, you will release yourselves.

Nevertheless, you are conflicted within yourselves by the intriguing but fanciful opportunities with which it tempts you, and by your desire to find the real meaning in life, a meaning that overwhelms and shatters the unreal dreams that seem to be your constant companions – wealth, security, a lover, and a beautiful environment in which to enjoy them. But the dreams seem so real! This is because you are very powerful beings, and you have made them seem very real, so real that they hid and continue to hide Reality from you, as was your original intent. Hence this intense inner conflict and your endless confusion.

However, your divine Father knew that your infatuation with your unreal environment would not last, and that it would bring you untold pain and suffering, so He, at the moment that you built it by imagining it within your brilliant mind, instantly provided everything you need to release yourselves from it and return Home. What He provided was the inextinguishable inner flame of His Love that calls to you constantly to awaken.

Decrease Fear, Increase Love - Mayan Messages

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DECREASE FEAR, INCREASE LOVE   In order to conquer your fears, you must face them. Just as a bully often backs off when his target steps up to him, your fears will dwindle and back off when you boldly confront them. Changing the behaviors that kept the fears intact also requires effort and courage, for this is your public statement that you are changing something inside yourself that no longer serves you. You may be encouraged by some and ridiculed by others, but stand fast to your truth and press forward.

Your love will exponentially increase with each fear you release, for you cannot hold on to both at the same time. If you are having an issue with a loved one and harboring anger, hate or frustration, you will block the flow of love. Although some love may filter through, when your time together is going well, the flow is still constricted due to the lower frequencies still targeted towards that person.

Like Godwriting, Love - Heavenletters

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God said:

There is only one thing that you can know, really know, and that is love. Love is the only thing you can really know because it is the only real. Love is the binder of the Universe. Love upholds everything. There would not be gravity on Earth without love. Not one flower would bloom without love. The sun would not shine. Even through what are called hard times on Earth, flowers bloom and sun shines. The tide keeps its tempo. The Earth lifts its head and proclaims love. Love does not stay to itself. Love is the nourisher of Life on Earth. Love is IT. What else is?
You can try to make other frequencies seem true, yet you can’t fool yourself or anyone forever. Despite what you may see as less than love, love is the mirror you shine in and look at yourself in. Love reflects, and love outshines everything else. Of course, it does. There is nothing to equal love. There is nothing that comes near it.
What do you carry in your heart? Love. What is it that lasts forever and is never undone? Love. Despite what anyone may say, love is all you want. Love is all you can have. Love is your environment. Love is what pulls you. Love is your evolution. It is your path. There is no other.
Love is a magnet, a powerful magnet. Nothing equals the magnet of love. You were born to love. You were born for love.

An Artist of Life - Heavenletters

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God said:

No one likes to be wrong, and no one likes to admit he is wrong. Substitute the word mistaken. Mistaken is a little easier to swallow. Being mistaken is part of life, and so you grow. In this way, you can be glad you made a mistake, for through such errors, you grow. Do you like making mistakes? Not at all. And yet you grow, and so you climb another rung in the ladder of life.
A time will come when you are much less mistaken and come from understanding more.
It is a form of greatness to admit you learned something you needed to learn. This form of greatness is called humility. Yes, life humbles you. You noticed I said humbles you, not humiliates you. When you feel humiliated, even embarrassed, ashamed, when you deeply regret and feel emotion in regard to it, it is ego that makes you blush and humiliates you, and, by now, you know it’s time to get over ego, get past it. It is with yourself that you must let bygones be bygones. You take an action, yet you do not assail yourself about it. You know, dear ones, that ego pulls out theatrics. You don’t do theatrics any longer. Remove your coat of mail, your bullet-proof vest, your carrying of arms. No longer stomp on yourself. It is the same as your having spilled coffee. You simply wipe it up, and be done with it.
Be done with regrets. No one said you were perfect anyway. You told yourself you had to be perfect, and you made too big a deal of it. A mistake is a mistake. It is not unforgivable. You must forgive yourself, and let it go. Making a mistake does not demean you. Be happy you found out your mistake. Don’t compound it. Sack cloths and ashes went out of style a long time ago.

Life Teaches - Heavenletters

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God said:

You wonder how you can read so many Heavenletters and grow to understand so much and profit from it, and, then, boom, once again, you find yourself angry or upset, with someone, even with yourself. You understand peace. You grasp it. You grasp everything I say, and you believe it, and you want to live it always. You knew progress wouldn’t be overnight, and, yet, you made great progress, and, then, all of a sudden, it seems like your progress goes poof.
When you are upset, where is your progress then?
Know this, that every minute, life is showing you something. What is anger but a kind of self-centeredness? Ultimately, beloveds, life is not so much about you. You are a hub, that is certain. The hub of you is to create peace and harmony in the world. The hub is not altogether made to serve you. Nor is the hub of you meant solely to serve others. Yes, you do accommodate others, and, yet, that is not altogether your purpose. Your purpose is immediately to serve Me. When you fall into a pit of anger, there is something you are missing.

Self Love - Mayan Messages

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SELF LOVE   Choose acts of kindness, not of servitude, for that places you in a position of insubordination or “less than.” Seek ways to enlighten yourself by overcoming fears and obstacles that keep you from moving upward. Focus your attention on ways you can move forward, leaving behind those persons, places and events that keep you bogged in the mire.

Many of you are afraid to release loved ones, fearing they will be condemned to hell or stuck in their addictions. Know that each person ultimately will return to Source. We also have the desire that all move upward and onward, yet know that many will remain in their present circumstances or worse. When you spend your time “saving” others to the detriment of moving yourself forward, you will become another part of the problem, not the solution.

There will be times when what you do for yourself will be looked upon by you and others as acts of selfishness. At those times, keep your focus and make the choices that lead you to a fulfilling life of peace and joy. When you release the burden of saving others, your life will become such that you can eventually be a role model for those you are concerned about. Until then, you are enabling them, creating in them a sense of helplessness and unworthiness. We hope these words bring comfort to you and that you will have the courage to move forward and make a positive impact on the Earth and her inhabitants for the short time you are here.   Selamet! Chicchan 8

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 125 at: Please include this website when you post and share with others. Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

The World Is a Field in Which You Move - Heavenletters

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God said:

When your heart craves upliftment, uplift yourself. When you require a hand up, give yourself a hand-up. When you feel blue, use a different crayon. You are not a leaf dependent upon the wind to move it. The wind may blow, yet you are your own mover.
You may have responsibility for others yet only to a degree. For yourself, consider that all the responsibility is yours. Certainly, life takes patience. You can’t just stamp your foot, and the world obey. On the other hand, you are the hand that wields your life. You are a power in your life. You are not a pawn. Your life is not meant to be entirely a waiting game. Get up and move yourself.
You may believe that you are at the mercy of life. There is much that is not under your direct control. Still, the same, you have say in your life. If life seems to be beating you down, get up. It is for you to arise. You are the maestro of your own life. If you have a box of crackerjacks, you open the box. You don’t have to wait around for someone else to open the box for you. You are the centrifugal force of your own life.
I gave you breath, yet, now, for the time being, you breathe on your own, so to speak. In any case, you are to make your own moves. When you are disturbed, undisturb yourself. When you are confused, unconfuse yourself. It is good advice to lie beside the still waters. If the still waters are not where you are, before you can lie down beside the still waters, find the still waters. They are located within you.


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Once you remember who you are, material possessions and kudos from others loses its importance. Once you have fully gained peace and inner balance, you will begin to enjoy every moment of your life. You will feel equally balanced whether someone is yelling in your face or giving you a heart-felt hug. You will know who you are and can appreciate the opportunity of each experience on Earth.

Whenever you have an experience that leaves you feeling anything less than peaceful, take time to look at the event and uncover the reason why you are off balance. Your emotions are an excellent barometer to awaken you consciously to areas in your life that need to be addressed.

You are on a Path of ascension. If you resist words such as ascension, interject the words “be a kinder person” and say the same thing. You are on a Path to become a kinder person.

Open yourself to the possibility of the truth others speak, not shutting them out because they are of a different religion or speak words that are different from what your group uses. Find the commonalities between you and have the courage to openly question each other’s beliefs. In so doing, you may find you will have a deeper understanding of each other and some of your own belief codes.   Selamet! Akbal 6

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 123 at:

Remove Your Masks - Mayan Messages

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REMOVE YOUR MASKS   Many of you seem to be happy, yet inside are crying deep tears of sorrow. Many of you are confused, yet go out of your way to pretend to be fully understanding of issues you know nothing about. Why is this?

One reason is that you are afraid that it will be known that you are not perfect. Sadness is considered to be weak; lack of knowledge is considered to be a sign of ignorance, so you put on costumes and masks to hide what is going on inside. You have become so engrained with these thoughtforms, that over time, you believe the scenarios you have created.

There is an adage, “What you believe, you will become.” There is much truth in this, for when your emotions are aligned with the scenarios you are role-playing, it becomes your reality.

In order to break through your belief codes, they must be addressed. You will need to go within and to find what you are aligning your truth with. Look for habits you have that make no sense to you. When you consciously become aware of what you think, say and do, you will begin to notice these discrepancies. Once you find one, take a closer look and decide how you wish to react in future similar situations.

On Your Way - Heavenletters

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God said:

Everything in life is for your good. You are gaining from life. What you call trouble as well as good fortune is furthering you. When you experience upheaval, consider it like living in your house while it is being remodeled. It’s not easy, yet it’s worth it when it’s done.
You have a great Designer. A great Interior Designer. Naturally, you would like to be in on the design more. You would like to be consulted with. You want to know that you are noticed and heard and that your thoughts are taken to heart. I take you to heart, beloveds, more than I take your thoughts to heart. Do you see the difference? I definitely consider you.
This does not mean I cater to you, beloveds. I must consider more than your preferences. It has to be this way. Really, you do understand that you cannot take the reins of the Universe entirely even when it comes to your own development. For one thing, you would most likely keep changing your mind or, on the other hand, you might not budge. This is an entire house remodel We are talking about, not only choosing a paint color, yet, even that, could be a big decision for you to make. As sure as you may be that you want a room a certain color, when it is up you might not like it.
If We are going to get the job done and done right, We cannot consult on every decision. You do understand that you are focused on a close-up of Infinity, a short span of Infinity, as it were, while My vision goes beyond borders and covers a far range that outdistances you.


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