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God said:

There is no finality to your life, though often you may think so. When you are going through a rough time, you may feel that this is all there is. On Earth, you weather the hard times, and good times return and flow in and out. Everything is in flux in the extant world. You are, and your life is. Just as a sunrise changes before your eyes every minute, so do you. Beautiful is the sunrise, even as it progresses swiftly. What is not changing in the outer world? And your surface changes rapidly as well.
You have what are called moods, and your moods can switch at the drop of a hat. And yet there is that seed within you that knows only of the stability of My love and the inordinate gifts I give to you. You are a miracle walking. You are simply a miracle. You are a miracle in the world, and you are a miracle in Heaven as you spread the Brightness of your Being.
You have always wanted a miracle, and now I tell you that you are your own miracle. You are what you have been waiting for. A release from bondage is what you have been waiting for. There is a deep well within you, and now that deep well is bursting forth, and the world is also extending itself to what it was made for. You first, and then the world, almost in tandem, beloveds.

Release Time Constraints - Mayan Messages

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Many of you are feeling a quickening, as though there is no time to get things done, wondering where the hours went at the close of your day. There is a shattering of time as you begin to ascend to higher frequencies of vibration.

Time is relative to your interest in an activity, as well. All of you have experienced performing a chore that you disliked and it seemed to take forever. Yet, when you spent the same amount of time involved in a task that was of high interest, you exclaimed, “Where did the time go?”

Each of you has within you the ability to warp time so it benefits you, without harming anyone else.

Many of you cannot wear watches, for they either stop or lose their ability to maintain correct time. When a person chooses to follow his intuition and allows himself to flow with what is happening around him, this belief code creates a higher frequency of love, which is the flow. What happens is that clocks and watches are jangled by this frequency and will not work properly. Have you noticed how those who live this way always seem to show up at places at the perfect time?

Off-Stage - Heavenletters

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God said:

Know this: An answer will always come. An answer, a solution, is always waiting in the wings. You do not need to know an answer ahead of time. Life is easier for you when you do grasp that an answer will always come to you, dawn on you, or arrive even when you are not looking.
Does a response have to be the one you desire? Of course not. Yet, if you could see all the unweaving, you would stop fussing, for goodness and mercy do follow you all the days of your lives, even when you are sure you have been knocked about.
Winning isn’t always winning. Losing isn’t always losing. You must have a clue to this by now.  The fact is that you are always on the winning team. There is only winning. You don’t always know this because you have your heart set on a certain outcome, and you cannot quite see beyond your disappointment. You do have to dis-appoint yourself from foregone conclusions you make. You may have thought you were to climb Mount Everest, and life tells you that you are to climb Mount Killimanjaro or sail a boat on the Indian Ocean. Life is like that, yes? Life is unpredictable, yet you predict it with a finality. You are so sure about what is supposed to be. Your very surety is a sure sign that you don’t know. 

Turn towards the Light which will never reject you - John Smallman

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All are One. You all know that, you accept it as a basic fact or concept, and then you dismiss it from your minds as you go about your daily affairs. But you need to make it a part of yourselves, an aspect of yourselves that you carry in your conscious awareness at all times, otherwise it remains as meaningless to you as any field of study of which you have only vague knowledge and that holds no interest for you; an idea that is unimportant and is therefore readily dismissed and forgotten.

The fact that all are One is an aspect of Reality that you cannot afford to dismiss off-handedly, and as of no interest, while you go about your daily routines. Awareness of it needs to be an important and distinctive characteristic of your personal field of sentient consciousness. If you shut it out of your awareness then you are putting yourselves on auto-pilot, allowing your egos to rule your attitudes and behaviors, as the real You, the eternal part that is One with Source takes a nap. Then later, maybe, it becomes apparent that something strange has happened and you find yourself struggling with issues and conflicts that are quite disturbing, and wondering what could have caused them.

Then ego suggests to you that nothing untoward has happened that it cannot cope with on your behalf, so you bury the cares that disturbed you in your unconscious, that vast dump where so much junk, gathered and disposed of over the years, festers and grows rancid. But eventually that junk dump is going to make its presence felt, and you will have to deal with it. In fact for many of you now, all that buried and denied garbage is blasting its way into your awareness causing you considerable discomfort.

Rose Blossoming in Fullness - Heavenletters

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God said:

No matter how far along in life you may think you are, you are a beginner. You are a beginner in that you are always growing. There is no end to you, beloveds. You are always beginning. You cannot take a breath and relax thinking that you have become all you are to become. You can take a breath and relax knowing that you will continue to learn and grow and continue to express all that is within you to express.
You can lose tenseness. Tenseness is not required. Learning and growing are. Learning and growing are a natural process and progress. You don’t have to always be thinking of what is natural. What is natural is not a process that you must activate. It is inevitable. You do not need to keep a scorecard. You do not need to rate yourself.
A rose does not ask itself: “How am I growing today? What nutrient am I missing? Am I ahead of all the roses, or am I behind?”
Roses know how to blossom. Roses don’t have to think about it. Roses do not ask themselves: “Have I arrived?” They simply arrive, arrive, meaning in full bloom. Every moment leads to their blossoming in fullness.

Spiritual Guidance: You Are Free - Wes Annac

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Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

You are free, dearest seekers.

However hard the striving mind will fight to convince you otherwise, liberation is and will always be a constant factor of your existence. Why, then, do so many of you seem to feel so unfree, you ask? This is because of the mind-centered belief in limitation and finiteness, and you’re intended to see beyond it in your new era of widespread spiritual knowledge.

Embrace your freedom and the joy that comes with it, especially when the pain and fear of the physical matrix could easily bring you down, because they’ll illuminate the way and make it easier for you to see the otherwise dimly lit path ahead of you.

The light at the end of the tunnel has always been in front of you, but many of you have chosen to temporarily hide from it in favor of the idea that it’s nowhere in sight. We use this metaphor in an attempt to convey that you’re far closer with spirit than you yet realize, and in fact, your closeness with us and with Source is growing every day and in every moment.

We’ve spoken before about the fact that you’re transmitting energy thousands of times a minute, which grows increasingly pure with each time you assimilate it, and we refer to this process so much because of its importance to your evolutionary process.

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Make Joyful Noises - Mayan Messages

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Many of our lessons have brought up heavy issues and although we will be returning to delve deeper into your past wounds, today we wish to celebrate and practice making joyful noises.

Are you ready? Try to release all inhibitions and begin to sing. Make up words as you go, they need not be in a language you know; they can be just silly utterances. Build your crescendo, play with the sounds. Ohm, if you choose. Shriek with de-light.

Make silly faces and movements. Have fun and release yourself. Make body movements; get up and dance around the room or better yet, in nature. Let the playful child inside come out. Pay no attention to others who may watch you. If there are others around you, invite them to join you. Make silly faces at each other. If you feel like laughing, laugh. If you feel like crying, cry. Allow any emotions to arise. There is no need to attempt to understand why you are feeling these emotions, simply let them arise.

Continue to dance and sing for as long as you choose. Then, drink plenty of pure water and relax. Quiet yourself and go within for about fifteen minutes, expressing feelings of gratitude for all those who have been of assistance to you, both on Earth and beyond. Again, allow any emotions to arise.

Once you have finished, arise and create a splendid day for yourself! Make this a part of your routine at least once a week and enjoy the freedom of releasing parts of you that are ready to be expressed.    Selamet! Eb 2

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 132 at:

What If We Did Love? - Heavenletters

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Now I will tell you that when you feel abandoned, it is you who has abandoned yourself. You may be waiting around for Me to spur you on to ever greater. Spur yourself on. Inspire yourself. The world is waiting for you to take initiative. Do not fight life, nor take life lying down.
If you feel you are a victim, you are taking life lying down. You do not have to lie down in defeat nor do you have to get up in anger. There is a more sustainable fuel than anger. Get up because rising is always the thing to do. I said rising, not uprising. You can take life by the hand. You can proclaim life.

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Hide and Seek - Mayan Messages

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Do you want to lighten up today? Here’s a game called “Hide and Seek.”

Close your eyes and count slowly to one hundred, paying attention to each full inbreath and outbreath.

Now, open your eyes and notice how relaxed you feel.

Seek joy all throughout the day! Chuen 1

Read the Mayan Messages in their entirety at: Please include this web address when you post and share with others. Note to myself: Get out in Nature today! Theresa Crabtree

The Changing Terrain - Heavenletters

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God said:

When life seems to become too much for you, remind yourself that you are Being, you are a soul, and all that seems to matter so very much to you while you are popped inside a body is a flash in the pan. When all is said and done, what matters? Whatever may be pressing on you right now, no matter how vital it may seem to you right now, is really nothing at all. You will have forgotten it before long.
You had an idea that you had a difficulty. That’s all it can be, an idea floating down the river like a stray branch, only, at the time, you are certain that it is a dire situation that you fear you may not survive. And, so, you see life as hazardous and yourself full of toil and trouble. You are sure that life on Earth is to be nothing but a bouquet of roses and nothing but roses all your life long.
Perhaps you feel that life is meant to be Santa Claus, and, yet a Santa Claus who sometimes delivers onions and black coal to you. Oh, if onions were scarce, they might be valued more. And within the black coal may lie a diamond.
Life doesn’t sit still. Life is always roaming around the countryside or up or down a chasm. Life is a piece of cake when you roll with it and don’t protest. In life, beloveds, the cards aren’t stacked against you, yet you may be on the look-out for your life to be interfered with. Beloveds, your life is what it is as it appears before you.


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