Ready For Something New - Wes Annac

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Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Reading other people’s articles makes it clear that I’m not the only one responding to this drive to step up our work in changing the planet, and it’s interesting and synchronistic to see how many others are also compelled to expand.

I’m ready for something bigger; something greater. I’m ready to take this work to a whole new level, and instead of simply discussing the channeled material we’ve been given from other sources, I’m ready to use my own channeling and writing ‘abilities’ to produce more and purer work than I ever have before.

I’ve enjoyed discussing other sources’ channeled material, but at the same time, I recognize that there are flaws in some of them. There will inevitably be flaws in any channeled message, including mine, and it’s been said that no message is one hundred percent pure.

In discussing material from certain messages, I’ve advocated concepts that I don’t really ‘feel’. I feel like I’ve grown to associate myself with other people’s material in a way that isn’t very comfortable, and instead of building my articles around that material, I’d like to start speaking from my higher mind; my heart.

I have a wealth of articles I wrote as far back as March that I still haven’t published (some of them are pretty long) but honestly, posting them doesn’t excite me. I don’t feel that sense of wholeness that’s supposed to come with doing something one really enjoys, and since I understand this, I’d like to change my work up a little bit and start talking about things that are close to my heart.

True Realization - Heavenletters

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God said:

What is the difference between love and Truth? This is a very wise question I ask. I go so far as to say that love is the only Truth. All the rest that life in the world occupies is a matter of fiction, not fact even as it seems to be fact. The whole uproar on Earth is play. It is Make-Believe. It is Let’s Pretend.
And how very well My children pretend. They may pretend love away, and think that life is futile. Futile and illusion are not quite the same. One reason life seems futile to you is that it is ongoing. Even in distress, you have an idea of the continuity of life.
Because there is no end to life doesn’t mean it is futile. Life is purposeful. Even when life does not seem purposeful, it is purposed. Life is like a proposal. It is proposed in the Vastness of Eternity. The proposed is displayed on Earth. There is no end to the story. It is popularly believed that the story ends with death, and, yet, that is the farthest from the Truth.
Indeed, there are times when life does feel very unreal to you. How close you are to True Realization then.

Love Rising in Your Heart - Heavenletters

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God said:

When love arises in your heart, you are giving love. There is no trick to it. When you feel love in your heart, the love is conveyed. You do not need a special action to convey the love. You may wish to underline the love you feel with some kind of giving.  Follow your heart. When you have the impulse to give, then give. It is also true that it is the feeling that counts.
Imitation of love is not love. It may be the best you can do in a particular moment. I do not knock it, even an effort at love. At the same time, effort is not love. Effort to love may well be the intention to love, when you want to give and not use it to gain. At these times, from intention, love will seem more apparent to you, and so your awareness of love grows. 
Now, realize, when love wells up in your heart of itself, not contrived but naturally, you are not imitating My heart. You are My heart. You are not imitating Me. At these times, you and I are actually literally divinely One. That’s how it is.

When you surrender to Love, peace envelops you. - John Smallman

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Playing in the New World - Anna Lena Cilmi - ©

To awaken is to release your firm grip on the illusion and just watch it float away, as it most definitely will. You know that it is unreal, and yet it continues to captivate you. Most of you will not agree that it captivates you, but if it does not, then why do you continue to cling to it? I would suggest that you do so because it is familiar and therefore appears less threatening than the change that releasing it seems to demand of you. And yet, every day the illusion is becoming less and less real to you. You are going to let it go, and there is only the now moment in which to do so, so let go and jump! Only it is not a jump into a fearful void that awaits you, just a gentle surrender into the loving arms of Reality. It is far easier than you can possibly imagine, only your fear, your anxiety, and your doubts are holding you back, and of course those too are utterly unreal!

Here in the spiritual realms we are constantly showering you with courage, healing, and, of course, Love to assist you in making your final move into wakefulness, a move that you desperately want to make and which cannot be avoided. You know that you are going to make it, but many of you are procrastinating by telling yourselves that until your numerous anxieties, worries, and fears – about whether your pets, family members, and friends will also awaken and join you in the divine bliss that God has promised you – have been resolved you cannot release your hold on the illusion as you believe that you need to stabilize it until you are sure that they will all be taken care of. But you are sure, because you have been told over and over that no one gets left behind, that there will be no disappointments. Nevertheless, your doubts and fears remain, much encouraged by the fact that you spend so much time focused on them instead of on the Love that enfolds you in every moment; and indeed the illusion, by its very nature, offers very fertile ground in which those fears and doubts can proliferate.

Your Light Is Shining - Heavenletters

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God said:

What is the value of anything without love? Love is the value of everything.
In the world, there are different interpretations of love. In Truth, there is One Love, and it is indefinable. How do you compare love when love is Oneness? What can you compare it to? Yet, in the world, there is a love that encompasses taste. You love chocolate. You may love both chocolate and coffee, and someone else doesn’t love coffee. Yet love means much more than favoring or not favoring one thing or another.

The True State of Love - Heavenletters

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God said:

When anything weighs heavily on your heart, you may think the weight is about love. A loved one ditched you, in life or by death, and your heart is heavy. Yes, of course, you miss the loved one, and, yet, basically, your question is:
“How could you leave me?” Or, “How could God allow this to happen?”  
No matter how much you loved your loved one, it is not love that asks these questions. It is not love that feels bereft. Love doesn’t get thrown for a loop when a loved one leaves. There is more going on here.
Attachment, of course, sense of loss, a sense of helplessness are going on. Feelings of attachment, loss, helplessness are not love. You feel lost. You feel that love has been lost, by will or by chance or for any reason or no reason all, and you are put out.
The physical presence may be gone, yet love is not lost. Whether you are the object of the other’s love or not, love had its day in the sunshine. I do not make little of your heartache, yet you make too much of it, as though a crime has been done, a wrongful act, a grievous error, an impossibility. Well, it is impossible for love to go away. If you had a love, you have the love still. Where have you put it?

Believe in Love - Heavenletters

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God said:
When you are a treasure in My heart for all time, what can happen to you but love? Yet love is not a happening, do you understand Me? Love is a Our Very Being. Love doesn’t just come out now and again. Love IS. Love surrounds. Love emanates. Love is more than any attribute. In Truth, Love cannot be singled out. Love doesn’t fall here and not there. Love knows not imagined time and space. Love is not forgetful. Love cannot be hastened or slowed. You are housed in love. You are forever love.

Anything that is not love is not true. This sounds arbitrary to you, yet Love is, and it never is not. Love is to life as blood is to your body. Love exists, and love exists strongly. In the world, love seems to be ever-changing, going up and down, right and left, here and there, yet Love is a constant. There is no shaking love.

However, you do not always observe this on Earth. In fact, dear ones, love is far beyond observable. You can observe a rose. Love emanates from a rose the way the sun shines in the sky. Love shines all over, yet love cannot be pieced. Love is whole. If We want to call love your aura, it is an aura that extends around the Universe and back again. Love is never skinny or rare. All of existence is love whether you are aware of it or not. Too often you are not aware. Keep a look-out for signs of  love, for love is never missing. That you exist is proof of love, even as love cannot be proved. It is the same for Me. I cannot be proved. I simply AM.

Fine Tuning - Mayan Messages

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FINE TUNING As the frequency of the Earth rises, it affects every living and inanimate object on the surface and within. If these things do not match her frequency, they will lose their connection.

In order to keep your connection on Earth during this time of transition, you will need to raise your vibrational frequency. Many of you are raising your frequencies, yet are still not equal to mother Earth. The quickest, easiest and most effective way to raise your energetic level is through a deep experience of love.

As long as you hold on to lower vibrational feelings such as fear, anger, desire and frustration, you will suffer the consequences of being out of tune with the Earth and her inhabitants.

We encourage you each day to take time to release emotions that lower your frequency. When a person refuses to allow himself to accept new ideas, he closes the door to a whole realm of possibilities. Once you open the door, whole avenues of possibilities arise.

You must begin this process by going within and taking care of your own business. You will need to make changes in your outer world to match the changes you make in your inner world. You can begin today; we encourage you to do so.    Selamet! Men 11

Read this Message in its entirety by scrolling to Day 115 at:      Please include this web address when you share with others. Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

Creativity Is Its Own Path - Heavenletters

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God said:

Maybe nothing is as it seems, and nothing has to be what you think or have been taught or what the world says how life ought to be. No one can really speak for you, beloveds. You have to speak for yourself.
Although it is that you can only do one thing at a time, who is to say that you must be focused on only one thing at a time! You are a creative human being to whom ideas come. Ideas come when they come. Who says you are to set aside a certain schedule for ideas? Who says that your ideas are not to come randomly? Perhaps it’s okay for your ideas to come when they come even when you are already in the midst of creating another idea? Who says that you can’t work on two or three or five or more creative endeavors all at once? It could be that this is the loveliest way for you to produce. Efficiency is not always efficient. Anyway, what does efficiency have to do with creativity? Creativity is its own path.
What is good for the goose may not be good for the gander. What may be good for a CPA may not be good for an artist or a writer. Playing hop-scotch may not be right for one adult, yet it may be right for another.

The Truest Dream of All - Heavenletters

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God said:

A land of peace exists. You have an inkling of it even as turmoil stirs within you. There are moments when you are acquainted with peace. More and more of these moments, and the innocent world will conform to this peace. Of course, this is so. Enough people having peace within can only result in a land of peace.
Everyone feels what is going on in the environment. When there is an argument, a house absorbs the effects. When there is calm, a house absorbs calm as well. And laughter! A house can only do what it can do. A house does not originate action. It is a reactor. What an important role you play in the world.
Enough children of Mine in the world living peace, and peace will be. Peace will take over the world. This is not a new idea.
You know that you are on the verge of this. It is also possible, perhaps likely, that when this Heavenletter comes out, peace will have already taken over. In any case, peace is imminent.
Please note that peace is not dull. Peace doesn’t mean perfect harmony. There will be disagreement yet disagreement without divisive anger. There will be more of reaching a solution rather than a fight to the finish about who is right or who has the most power. There will be a desire for give and take, not static, but real and alive. Good feeling can come from disagreement. Two parties can be happy rather than one or the other or neither.


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