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Opening The Door

Brace yourself, dear one, it is time!  It is time for all the good you have been manifesting, dream of and thinking about to come your way.  Your New Year is opening a door to infinity that has never been opened before.  It is of the utmost importance that you keep your thoughts positive and uplifting during the next few weeks because this will affect exactly what The Universe is sending your way.  Be prepared and be happy! ~ Creator

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Just Relax!

Many times you have looked to other humans for answers.  You have asked for advice, attempted to divine the future and thought your way into more confusion than resolution.  This is a small reminder, my child, to just relax.  Breathe into the moment.  Love the space you are in because, without it, you would not be who you are now.  If you are in a challenging time, rest assured that it will change soon enough, just calm yourself and allow it. ~ Creator

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The Rebuild

As your new year approaches, please be aware that you are in the process of being rebuilt.  All that went before in your previous year; the tearing down, the releasing, the ‘deconstruction’ of what you have known is preparing you for the new and amazing to arrive.  Use the space between now and then to rest, take care of your human vessel and align yourself for what is to come.  Your beginning is on its way! ~ Creator

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My darling one, I know that awakening or being fully awake in a world of ‘sleepers’ can be a challenging experience.  Your unique understanding and explanations of your Earth plane seem to fall on deaf ears.  You may, indeed, feel as if you are being viewed as a body with three heads.  Never fear, my love!  Changes, however slow they feel to you, are coming.  Embrace your beautiful gifts and know you are very needed during this process! ~ Creator

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On The Way

My dearest; this past year may not have been the best in your existence.  It has been challenging and there may have been times when you wanted to give up and not take one more step.  Let it be known that your tenacity, your growth and willingness to take leaps of faith have been duly noted.  As your new year begins, please remember that rewards for your previous works are coming to you!  They may not arrive with a theme song and fireworks, but they are on their way…..and you are worthy and deserving of receiving.  Open yourself to the infinite possibilities! ~ Creator


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