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You Can!

There will always be something….
to be afraid of, to worry about, to hurt your feelings or make you feel less than.  What is the difference between how you react as opposed to how others react?  You know these are transitory moments, you know your security lies within and you most certainly know that no one can truly hurt you emotionally without your permission.
So, take a deep breath my beloved and soldier on!  You can do this! ~ Creator

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My dearest child; there will be days when you come face to face with your ‘triggers’.  As unpleasant as they can be it is important for you to remain in the moment, to identify and understand them.  Whether it be the way someone speaks to you, a sight or smell, they have been placed there (and you draw them to you) to practice self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others.  Rather than responding immediately, take a breath and a moment to see it for what it truly is….a beautiful moment of growth. ~ Creator

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The Feels

Most of you think that your feelings are generated from the outside and reflect inward.  On the contrary, my love, they are generated from the inside and reflect out.  A beautiful and enlightened soul once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  This statement is truer than you believe.  Only you can make you feel unloved, disrespected or left out.  It is up to you, and you alone, to change the way you feel. ~ Creator

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Be Human

Give yourself permission to be human.  Whether that be moments to sit and “contemplate your belly button” or to have emotions/reactions you do not normally have, give that gift to yourself.  Those that truly love and understand you will accept these brief times for what they are…. being human. ~ Creator

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Sometimes, my love, your emotions will get the better of you.  They will run rampant and feel as if they will have no end.  One wave will slam you, then another and another…. feeling as if you have no time to take a breath between.  As challenging as it is in the moment, give yourself time to step back and look at the situation from the outside.  Your calm will return and with it a better understanding of what you need to change to become a better person. ~ Creator


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