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The Missing Piece

When you are moving through your Earth plane existence and manifesting with every thought in your heart, it may feel as if something is still missing.  You ponder, you wonder and you attempt to figure out what it is.  All the while, the magic is still eluding you!  OH….what could it be?!
I will tell you a small but significant secret, my darling child.  The missing piece of the whole thing is you!  Remember, a magician does not stand in one place while magic happens around him/her, magic is created in movement!  Yes, manifesting is a beautiful thing, however, without movement, nothing has a chance to come to fruition. ~ Creator

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Take Off The Mask

Each of you, at some point or another, has hidden parts of yourself in fear of being judged.  They may have been parts that you like very much, but felt others would not understand them.  In the end, all the hiding deeply affected how you relate to your world, a mask you wore to protect and shelter yourself.  That time is over, dearest child!  It may be challenging, but it is time to begin showing your true self.  It does not matter what others think or feel about you…..what matters is how you feel about yourself!  Embrace and grow! ~ Creator


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