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Bursting The Bubbles

Very soon, the arrows of truth will begin striking the bubbles of misdirection and falsehoods.  Pop, pop, pop!  You may not be the operator behind the bow, however, you may find yourself a ‘target’ of return fire.  Do not be dismayed by this, dear child.  You, in your hearts of hearts, have always known the truth and can rest in the easy assurance of safe passage through this challenging time. ~ Creator

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The Realization

Others will say and do hurtful things.  Some of it may be directed toward you.  That is the way some humans operate…. they do not know any better.  You have heard this before, however, it is worth hearing again, “What others say about you is none of your business.’  Until they realize that, with their hurtful words, they are only hurting themselves, until they realize that lying to others is only lying to themselves, nothing will change.  Let them exist in their world, in time they will understand the implications of their actions.  Until then kindly, compassionately and with deep empathy…. send them love.  Because, in the end, love is all they truly need. ~ Creator

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Kindred Spirits

Allow this stunning awareness to wash over you now; you are all family!  Connected by your love of each other as Forever Beings, you are kindred spirits on an incredible journey you asked permission to experience and were granted as a gift from The Universe. To continue to consider yourselves separate from each other is, well, just plain silly. ~ Creator

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Take Your Places

It is time to start a riot, my lovely ones!  A riot of joy, love, excitement, forward movement… of kisses and hugs, of caring, compassion and empathy.  This is not meant to be an ‘underground’ movement, but one of open and wondrous growth for all!  Take your places, it is beginning! ~ Creator


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