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Into A New Reality

For some of you, the shifts occurring now may feel as if you are starting over from scratch.  Everything are familiar with may be changing/leaving at an accelerated rate and it is challenging!  The best part about it… get to start over.  This may sound odd to you, however, there is a purpose to it.  Your thoughts and attitude during these moments will make all the difference in your Earth plane existence.  Do your best to keep it light, positive and as peaceful as possible.  Once you have moved through this time, you will be able to set forth into a new reality created just for you! ~ Creator

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Weekend Special

Do you need some assistance navigating the alignment energy?  Have the new shifts stirred up old emotions you thought were gone?  Do you need some help in your relationships, career, every day interactions or just a bit of clarity/direction during a challenging time in your life?  If so, you’re invited to participate in my weekend special! One 1 hour session: $60 One 1/2 hour session:  $30 Purchase one 1 hour session at my regular price of $90 and receive the second 1 hour session for $45. Pricing with be good through Sunday, May 1st at midnight. Space always fills up fast so, please contact me at to schedule your session today!

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When All Else Fails

Before we begin there are a few important things for you to remember.  These are necessary to keep in the forefront of your consciousness as you undergo your ‘upgrade’.
You are loved….even in your most unlovable moments.
You are always supported by The Universe.
You came for a specific purpose. You may not remember our conversation, but all was planned before you arrived.
You knew parts of your Earth plane existence were going to be challenging, however, you chose to come in spite of it.
Play! Your life is not meant to be all seriousness.  Enjoy your happy times when you can.
Know that whatever changes you are and will be going through are truly worth it.
Whenever you feel as if things are becoming too much, breathe! I would say ‘count to ten’, but I know that does not always work. (wink)
Lastly; if it feels as if all else fails, go back to One. ~ Creator

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Just Ask

During the next few weeks, your body, mind and spirit will undergo great changes.  It is important to remain as grounded and as centered as possible.  These shifts are necessary and needed for the next phase of your Earth plane existence.  Some will be barely noticeable and others may be uncomfortable, but help is always available.  Just ask!  I will be there, guiding and assisting you in the highest and best way. ~ Creator

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Always With You

Sometimes the pressures and business of everyday life will seem as if it has taken your connection to The Universe.  As you plod along looking for signs that you are doing what you should be doing, none appear. 
Never fear, my beautiful one!  Your connection is not gone.  On the contrary, it is stronger than it’s ever been.  Today, you are invited to take a moment, close your eyes, breathe and remember….I have always been and will always be with you. ~ Creator


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