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Top 8 foods and herbs for healing cancer

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With 44% of men and 39% of women now being diagnosed with cancer, it has become more important than ever to understand the foods that will not only nourish your body, but also detoxify it of any cancer causing agents. Here are some of the most potent cancer destroying foods and herbs.

Sea Vegetables

Kelp, kombu, and nori are three of the more common sea vegetables with remarkable effects on cancer. They are one of the richest and most bioavailable sources of iodine, a substance lacking in the average diet that is implicated in many patients with breast and ovarian cancer.

They are also rich in calcium and potassium, as well as all minerals, which assist in promoting a very alkaline environment, which makes it very difficult for existing cancer to survive.


Chlorella and spirulina are two of the most potent algae and are proven cancer fighters.

Due to their incredible detoxification action (including binding to and eliminating heavy metals) and immune boosting properties (by promoting production of healthy gut flora and fighting candida overgrowth), they are a must have when healing cancer.

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Psychedelic Mushroom Compound Found to Grow and Repair Brain Cells

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You may know them as “shrooms”, “Magic mushrooms”, psilocybic mushrooms, or you may not know them at all. They are a natural plant that, like marijuana, is banned by the U.S. Government. But like marijuana, these mushrooms may not be without medical properties. Like marijuana, they could deserve a place on natural medicine shelves for their ability to treat depression, eradicate mental illness, and improve cognition – not in police evidence rooms.

According to research from the University of South Florida, psilocybin, the active component within psychedelic mushrooms, is able to grow new brain cells—potentially offering treatment for mental illness and improving cognition.

Study says vegetables play role in positive and negative thinking

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(NaturalNews) Plenty of thoughts exist as to what a person's favorite color or music choice says about them, and now one study says that whether or not we serve vegetables with meals carries significant emotional meaning.

Researchers set out to determine if the addition, or lack of, a vegetable with a meal altered the eater's attitude towards the meal as well as about the person who made the food. Turns out, there's a lot to be said about serving vegetables beyond providing a range of health benefits.

The link between vegetables and perception

The two-phased study involved interviews in addition to a national survey involving 500 American mothers with more than two children age 18 or younger. Study participants were asked to describe their feelings about both the meal and the food preparer based on whether or not a vegetable accompanied the meal. Descriptors such as "loving" and "selfish" were among the list to choose from.

The Tropical Fruit that can Detox Toxic Fluoride

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Tamarind, or Tamarindus indica L., is a sub tropical and tropical fruit-producing tree indigenous to tropical Africa. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for gastric distress as well as to boost cardiovascular health, but the fruit’s medicinal values extend beyond those benefits. Tamarind health benefits should be known by all.

The tamarind fruit is a long, bean-shaped fruit that encloses a stringy pulp within its casing. It can be eaten or made into a healing paste or salve in order to receive its multiple benefits. In Eastern Asia, fruit of the tamarind has been used as a poultice applied to foreheads of those with fevers.

“Tamarindus indica has broad spectrum antibacterial activity and a potential source of new classes of antibiotics that could be useful for infectious disease chemotherapy and control.”

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9 Natural Alternatives To Ibuprofen and NSAIDs With No Side Effects

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How many people do you know that turn to ibuprofen to relieve inflammation and pain? This nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), available both over the counter and by prescription, is commonly used a number of painful conditions such as arthritis, menstrual symptoms, headaches, and various inflammatory conditions. However it is also linked to anemia, DNA damage, hearing loss, hypertension, miscarriage and even influenza mortality. So why not use natural alternatives that have no side effects and are just as effective?


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DEAR FRIENDS- In this period of history- where there is still an much pain being unintentionally passed from generation to generation and a serious blindness to the emotional needs of developing children- countless millions of us grew up in dysfunctional/emotionally damaging families.

To fully grasp what I refer to as "the generational cycle of pain" and the revolution of love and awareness that can heal it, please read my essay "Revolution of Love: Understanding Children's Rights". It is available in the Notes section of my Timeline.

The self-liberating and self-loving challenge for people who grew up in dysfunctional, abusive and/or invalidating families is twofold.

First we need to stop looking for love and validation from people who are too unconscious and closed-off to give it to us.

Secondly we need to focus all of our energy, passion and devotion on giving OURSELVES the love we need and deserve- from within!

Pineal Gland Part 3 – What’s going Wrong and How to Fix It. ~ Dr. Terry Willard

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pineal woman 300x168 Pineal Gland Part 3 – What’s going Wrong and How to Fix It.In our last two blogs on the Pineal Gland, we looked at some of the many con­nec­tions for this small gland and spir­i­tual devel­op­ment. From being called the ‘prin­ci­ple seat of the soul’ to the ‘Third Eye’, we saw how many mys­tery schools, reli­gions, cults, philoso­pher and even politi­cians have viewed this hid­den gland with rev­er­ence and even ah. Some have gone as far as call­ing it a star gate to other dimensions.

It appears that coher­ence of the crys­tals and water inside the pineal gland, as well as other places in the body, plays a large role in it func­tion as a por­tal sys­tem to lucid dream­ing, psy­chic events, vision and pos­si­ble spir­i­tual evolution.

This bring up a few questions

  1. What, if any­thing is hold­ing us back from this coherence?
  2. How can we acti­vate this coherence?

Hold­ing us Back

There are many things that might keep us from Pineal Gland coher­ence. Here are three.

  1. Gen­eral over all poor health.
  2. Lack of (or too much) focus in ones life.
  3. Cal­ci­fi­ca­tion of the pineal Gland.

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8 Sleeping Positions & Their Effects On Health

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In what position do you sleep most often? It turns out this is a very important question. Getting enough sleep is the most important thing – but did you know that how you sleep can also impact your health?

Sleeping on your back with your arms at your side is generally considered to be the best sleeping position for spine health and it’s good for your neck too, as long as you don’t use too many pillows.

That said, back sleepers tend to snore more than those in any other position and sleep apnea is strongly associated with sleeping on the back.

8 Sleeping Positions & Their Effects On Health

Let’s take a look at eight common sleeping positions and what they do to your body.

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Studies show that acai berries can fight cancer, boost immunity and more

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(NaturalNews) Acai berries are the fruits of the acai palm, a species of palm tree native to Central and South America. These berries, which are characterized by their grape-like appearance and bitter taste, have been cherished by the Amazonian natives for centuries due to their incredible medicinal properties. These properties, which are slowly being validated by ongoing studies, are the reason why acai berries - along with other Amazonian foods such as cacao, maca and camu camu - have become synonymous with the "superfood" label.

Americans agree: Sugar, alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than pot

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(NaturalNews) If politicians and law enforcement are so eager to protect Americans from themselves, then they should break in and raid people's homes, taking their boxes of sugar cookies, sugar cereals and sugar jars instead, because, frankly, sugar is way more dangerous and addictive than pot. The American majority now agrees with this simple fact and is beginning to see right through the facade claiming that marijuana is a "dangerous gateway drug."

Poll shows that Americans now agree that sugar, alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than pot

If you believe pot should be illegal, then soda, tobacco, alcohol and fast food should also be illegal and be classified as dangerous as heroin and LSD


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