Jul 09th
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OpEdNews – Dave Lefcourt – Corporations Funneling Millions To Tax Exempt Non Pro... Freedom Project
Astronaut Fashion: What Went Wrong?
Markets Look Poised for Bumpy Summer
Poof ~ Sunday, July 8th, 2012 .. Victory!! ... Ground Crew Updates
Latest crop circle, Picked Hill, Nr Wilcot, Wiltshire. Reported 9th July. Ground Crew Updates
Restoring Mother Ground Crew Updates
Guided Visualisation - "The Lost Valley Of the Elves" Ground Crew Updates
On 21 September 2012 New Release Of Technology Announcement Freedom Project
Crop Circle 2012 decoded Part 1/1. Agrogramas 2012 decodificados Parte 1/1
Omanis Protest At Slow Pace Of Reform
~ Ben Harper Delivers the Starship Codes~ Weekly Updates
Dr. Joshua David Stone: The Importance of Developing Full Consciousness and The... Ground Crew Updates
HILARION'S WEEKLY MESSAGE 2012 Ground Crew Updates
Breaking news! UFO SIGHTING on HOLLYWOOD 7/8/2012
House of Lords Reform
Spanish Borrowing Costs Rise To Dangerously High Levels
Corporate Profits Likely To Fall After Three Years Of Breaking Records Freedom Project
Bix Weir – ALERT : Deutsche Bank Under Investigation Now – 6 July 2012 Freedom Project
Jelaila Starr – Niburian Council – Weekly Message – 9 July 2012 Ground Crew Updates
The Power Struggle – The Battle Of The German Government With Court Over Europe’... Freedom Project
NaturalNews – Big Pharma Criminality No Longer A Conspiracy Theory: Bribery, Fra...
Anne Seith – A More Perfect Union – Bank Oversight Plans May Threaten ECB Indepe... Freedom Project
Oracle Report ~ Monday, July 9, 2012 Ground Crew Updates
Expand Your Focus In Order To Grow Ground Crew Updates
Mike Quinsey –SaLuSa, July 9, 2012 Mike Quinsey
Aisha North: The manuscript of survival – part 163 Ground Crew Updates
Visionkeeper – Color and character Ground Crew Updates
Lisa Gawlas: The Tree of Wisdom and the Re-Union of The Ascended Masters on Eart... Ground Crew Updates
Sivan Garr Presents – I Love You – 9 July 2012
Contactee predicts UFO behavior caught on three cameras
Colloidal silver: Natural antibiotic - Anders Sultan, Sweden
2MIN News July 9, 2012: Quakes & Spaceweather
What Will A Renaissance of Love Mean for All of Us? by Patricia Diane Cota-Roble... Ground Crew Updates
Heavenletter #4245 The Wand You Wave Heavenletters
Roswell UFO Was Not Of This Earth And There Were ET Cadavers: Ex-CIA Agent Says
Big Pharma Criminality No Longer A Conspiracy Theory: Bribery, Fraud, Price Fixi... Freedom Project
'Big Five' Bank Customers Vent Anger By Taking Their Money Elsewhere
Jul 08th
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Message from Montague Keen - July 8, 2012 Montague Keen
Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Archangel Michael Courage and Strength Ground Crew Updates


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