Mar 07th
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Bill Ballard ~ Volcanic Plumes Over Southern USA glr_Andrea Ground Crew Updates
A very large cluster of UFOs around the Sun - Review of UFO activity for March 5... glr_Andrea
BREAKING NEWS - Galactic Earth Daily Truth Report 03-06-2012 glr_Andrea Weekly Updates
Lee Harris – Energy Forcast March 2012 – Lead, Nurture, Love …….. – 7 March 2012 glr_Andrea Ground Crew Updates
You Are Here To Bring Light To The World – Your Next Big Leap In 2012 – Understa... glr_Andrea Ground Crew Updates
X5.4 Class Flare (Largest Yet!) May Hit Earth March 8-9! glr_Andrea
Emergence Turns Resistance into Revolutions glr_Andrea Ground Crew Updates
Energy IS Conscoiusness - by Jani King glr_Andrea Ground Crew Updates
Mar 06th
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~ Hello Humanity, Love is Coming IN.... at an unstoppable rate of Energy~ Lia
~Love has come~ These Moments are Upon Humanity!~ Lia
~ Loving Humanity During these Change's!~ Truly~! Lia
~ Did we say Love came With Surprise's? We Were Not kidden~ Lia
~Incoming Sun Energy X Flare's~ Starships~ Let's Fly Now~ Lia
X5.4 Solar Flare Update~Quake Watch! Lia
!Shasta Energy and Free event Lia Ground Crew Updates
~YeeHaw~ X~5 Class Solar Flare Earth Directed~ Stay Tuned for More Detatils~ Lia
~The Galactic Free Press Daily Update~ 3~6~12 The Big Energy Push Forward at The... Lia Ground Crew Updates
EARTH ALLIES 6.3.12... V for Victory and see Boo Walker shines like a true star.... AnaShyNa Earth Allies Report
~Update by Sheldan Nidle~ New governance continues to move forward. Lia Ground Crew Updates
Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 3~6~12 Lia Ground Crew Updates
Galactic Earth Daily Truth Report 03-06-2012... glr_Andrea Ground Crew Updates
Archangel Michael through Ron Head: Your Limits will be the Boundaries of your I... Lia Ground Crew Updates
~Power Path Full Moon Update March 8, 2012 with Pat Liles~ Lia Ground Crew Updates
The Transformational Series~March 2012 by Jill Mara & Simion 7D Lia Ground Crew Updates
Dare you to WATCH & SHARE this video! MUST SEE! Uprising Revolution 2012 aga... AnaShyNa
Dark Effects: The Cabal’s Attempts to Control the World by Steve Beckow AnaShyNa Ground Crew Updates
John Ward – BREAKING….As Bondholder Acceptance Revealed To Be A Miserable 20%, G... AnaShyNa Ground Crew Updates
Message from God on Planetary Ascension - Laura - glr_Andrea Ground Crew Updates
Scott Mowry: Major Planetary Transformations Shift Into High Gear glr_Andrea Ground Crew Updates
The Planetary Grid Transmissions Full Moon - Thursday, March 8 glr_Andrea Ground Crew Updates
V For Vendetta Speech AnaShyNa
Solar Activity Increasing 3-6-2012 glr_Andrea
Blue Ray transmissions - by Shekina Rose glr_Andrea Ground Crew Updates
We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Lives For A Life Changing Newsflash! AnaShyNa Galactic Free Press Files
What energy and experiences can we expect in March 2012? ~ Jen Eramith MA AnaShyNa Ground Crew Updates
Nancy Tate ~ Wake Up Call ~ Horus And Adama ~ 6 March 2012 Lia Ground Crew Updates
~ The Path of Consciousness ~ by Jennifer Hoffman glr_Andrea Ground Crew Updates
Kryon ~ Reawakening Yourselves AnaShyNa Ground Crew Updates
Bill Ballard ~ Volcanic Plumes Over Southern USA (5 March 2012) ~ 6 March 2012 Lia Ground Crew Updates
Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Life Purpose Lia Ground Crew Updates