Oct 01st
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Wes Annac ~ The Ascended Collective: Our Multi-Faceted Energies ~ 1October2012 Ground Crew Updates
AMA: I was a paid Internet troll Ground Crew Updates
~ Space Weather Update~ SUBSIDING STORM: Earth & Space Weather
SaLuSa, October 1, 2012 Mike Quinsey
SophiaLove - Make Your Stand Ground Crew Updates
Aisha North ~The manuscript of survival ~ part 203 Ground Crew Updates
Don’t Be The Next Commodity in The Assembly Line – What Has Normal Turned Us Int...
I Was a Paid Internet Shill Ground Crew Updates
Creating Across the Timelines Into Our New Reality – Our New Dimension of Life!... Ground Crew Updates
Jennifer Hoffman: The Energies of October Ground Crew Updates
Keshe Foundation: Geoffrey West’s Interview with M.T. Keshe Continues Tonight on... Ground Crew Updates
If you really want change, you must be willing to experience new things. – by Lo... Ground Crew Updates
Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Shedding the Old It is time for a new dawn Ground Crew Updates
Hemp Seeds and Health Ground Crew Updates
Activists launch campaign against UK secret courts Freedom Project
A Media Guide to Volcanoes 3D News
Keep a reminder….Short thoughts Ground Crew Updates
Oracle Report - Monday, October 1, 2012 Ground Crew Updates
The manuscript of survival – part 203 Ground Crew Updates
Living A Life Of Joy Ground Crew Updates
Government defends secrecy over 'high-risk' immigration blacklist Freedom Project
2MIN News October 1, 2012: 7.4 Quake & Strong(G3) Magnetic Storm
Senators seek information on St. Louis chemical spraying Freedom Project
Monsanto's Failure in Agriculture 2012, agriculture, Freedom Project, Monsanto, news, October
50 Countries Label Genetically Engineered Foods – When Will Americans have the R... Freedom Project
Powerful 7.3 earthquake strikes along the coast of Colombia: the fifth 7.0 magni... 3D News
Sinkhole grows, hits Assumption business and home values 3D News
Curiosity Finds Evidence of An Ancient Streambed on Mars 3D News
Three Earthquakes Shake North Texas
Big Pharma Medicaid Fraud Penalties at Record High 3D News
Only a Dream? Full moon, grounding, JOY, Native American Animal Totems
The Hidden History of the Human Race
Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – You Are The Apple Of God’s Eye Heavenletters
Sep 30th
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ASCENSION TOUR 2012 2012, area 51, ascension, galactic, hollow earth, ufo
~ Surprise Love Party~ Going On Live NOW~ All Are Welcome Galactic Free Press
UFOs Are Real, Says Retired Col. Robert Friend 2012, Col. Friend, news, september, starships, The Young Turks, TYT, UFOs
Poofness Update for September 30, 2012 Ground Crew Updates
THAT STUCK FEELING (and what to do with it)~ Indian IN the Machine Ground Crew Updates
Lucas – Love The Greatest Gift Of All – Energy Of Oneness Lucas2012Infos