Feb 11th
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Chakras....By TOM....A Reiki Master.....Root Chakra......First chakra. glr_Andrea
~ The Heaven Letters February ~ 11 2012 Where Else Can Love Exist Lia
Synchronicities, Energy Healing, and Other Strangeness in the Field 2012 Februar... glr_Andrea
~Thoughts to Ponder: Trust the Plan~ Darkness cannot overtake the Light~ BRILLIA... Lia
What is Your Purpose? ~Galactic Love Reporter Lisa Gawlas~ Lia
Economic Collapse 2012 – February Update ~ by Georgi Stankov AnaShyNa
The Time is Now ~ Age Of Aquarius ~ 2012 Peace Lia
~Space Weather Update~ Sun Activity Harbors M Class Solar Flares~ Lia
STANDEYNG STRONGE Whyle CRYING Your HURT Away... Better Knowne As EMBRACEYNG LOV... glr_Andrea
Feb 10th
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STANDEYNG STRONGE Whyle CRYING Your HURT Away... Better Knowne As EMBRACEYNG LOV... Sephora FyreByrd
El Morya: The Law of One by Galactic Love Reporter Marie Mohler glr_Andrea
~Pillars of Light~ Lia
Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 2~10~12 ~We promised you arrests a... Lia
Letter to the Workers of Light ~ Allendale Brilliant Repost~ Lia
UFO sightings compilation glr_Andrea
Jill Renee Feeler ~ Rooting Into Our Love For Humanity glr_Andrea
ET/UFO Disclosure | President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov tells about his "First Con... Lia
~WOW~ More Updates Fast Growing Sunspot~ Lia
~ A Lightworker Asks The Galactic Free Press For Some Guidance~ ~Am I Really Con... Lia
~Bill Wood with Lisa Harrison ~ Interview~ The Looking Glass~ Lia
~Sounds of Ascension~ Alignment Lia
~Galactic Love Reporter Terri Newlon “Multiverse” Update~ Lia
DL Zeta~ ~Lightworkers and Ascension Timelines~ Lia
A Lesson in Seeing Inter~Dimensionally with God & AA Gabriel ~ By Suzanne Sp... Lia
Lucas ~ Time For Unity And Oneness As Timeline 1 Progresses ~ Make It All Happen... Lia
~More Updates from The Sun's Activity, WE are Heating Up Now~ Lia
Jack Armstrong ~ Miracles Lia
~The Message is the Focus, not The Messenger~ Lia
Enlightened Beings ~ The Magical Heart of Light Meditation glr_Andrea
… and Listen with Your Heart Lia
Ashtar: The Waters of Truth Are Breaking the Dam! Lia
David Wilcock ~ More Information On The Final Update Of Financial Tyranny ~ 10 F... Lia
The Process – by Kryon [! FYI: Kryon is the only known channel that Drunvalo sup... glr_Andrea
~Keep Your Eye's on the Sun~ Solar Update~Growing Sunspot Emits Flare.~ Lia
~The Galactic Free Press~Truth Transmissions~ You=Hu, The Deep Cleansing, The Be... Lia
Releasing the Human Ego glr_Andrea
A Message from Mother Gaia ~ 2012 ~ The Bridge to Infinity 10 February 2012 glr_Andrea
We're Entering [WE Have Entered] The Photon Belt ~ Barbara Hand Clow Lia
Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Purpose Lia