Oct 20th
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Tornadoes Swat Southeast; Seven Injured Earth & Space Weather
Large Portions Of MN Under Extreme Drought 3D News
Latest Volcanic Activity - October 20, 2012 3D News
Latest Earthquake Activity - October 20, 2012 3D News
5.3 earthquake shakes Alexandria early Friday 3D News
U.S. officials turn attention to the possibility of volcanic eruptions in southw... 3D News
Peru landslide kills 11 in jungle village 3D News
Heavenletter #4348 The Grand Inquisition II, October 20, 2012 Heavenletters
Oct 19th
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Fear Ground Crew Updates
~Galactic Free Press Update- We Have entered the 3 days of Intense Energies of L...
Linda Robinson – Message From The Hathors – The Enduring Power Of Love – 19 Octo... Ground Crew Updates
Esther Hicks – Beyond 2012 – 19 October 2012
~ We are Falling In Love~
Gaia Portal Update:Grids and Portal Points Have Aligned Revelations Come at Quic... Ground Crew Updates
Stocks Log Worst Day Since June 3D News
Magnificent Obsession by Mark Borax Ground Crew Updates
~The Galactic Free Press Update: We Have entered the 3 days of Intense Energies... Weekly Updates
Going Without? Try Going Within Spiutual
Malians stage demo against possible military intervention Freedom Project
~ Friday Rock Love Party With Chucke, Missy, and SS~ Ground Crew Updates
Millions of workers to strike across UK Freedom Project
The progress of humanities evolution can be measured by how you treat the animal... Ground Crew Updates
Spining heart vortex and the power of the diamond (Experienced Vision) Ground Crew Updates
Petrol bombs vs teargas: Thousands across Greece protest austerity measures (PHO... Freedom Project
Ships of Light and Alien Contact – The Carlos Diaz Story Ground Crew Updates
My Movie – Join Us All On The World Focus On 21 October 2012 To Unite
Follow the Instinct of your BLISS. Rediscover Who You Are Ground Crew Updates
Sandi Dolinar – Are We Ready Fo The New Age? – 19 October 2012 Ground Crew Updates
~ The Truth Wins~
~ What Happened On Planet Earth?~ Why did they forget they were Love?
~Love's Simple Truth=Miracles~
~ A Powerful Love Transmission! Enjoy!
Ester Hicks Beyond 2012
2MIN News October 19, 2012: F1 Layer at it Again
Magic is coming!
~Love's Simple Truth=Miracles~ Messages from the Earth Allies
Sandi Dolinar ~ Are We Ready Fo The New Age? ~ 19 October 2012 Ground Crew Updates
October and November 2012 at a glance


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