Aug 14th
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August 15, 2012, 6:30 am EDT: Mars conjunct Saturn in Libra Ground Crew Updates
8-14-12 ~ Bill Ballard ~ Multiple Realities of 3D 4D and 5D All Here & Being...
Follow-Up: UFO at Olympics Closing Ceremony?
Cobra - White Nobility Ground Crew Updates
Best Evidence - Top 10 UFO Cases - Feature Film 2012, August, Blue Star UFO Report, documentary, ufo
Where The Heck Did All These Doors Come From?? Lisa Gawlas
These Clouds Have a Message… KP Message Ground Crew Updates
Somewhere over the rainbow... Light, LOVE, peace, reflection, somewhere over the rainbow
~ A Message from The Earth Allies~ The Incoming Activating Energies Messages from the Earth Allies
~Star Family Meditation~ Galactic Light Show~ Ground Crew Updates
Antipsychotic Prescriptions in Children Have Skyrocketed: Study
Corporations Sneak Synthetic Preservatives into Organic Food Freedom Project
Science for Global Peace and Happiness.mp4
Thoth The Atlantean by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan Ground Crew Updates
GMO tomatoes: good-looking poison 2012, August, GMO, health, news, tomato, tomatoes
Guardians Of The Last Hope
Recent History of the Warrior Tribes Freedom Project
9 Common Indian Spices that Prevent Cancer 2012, August, cancer, Healing, health, prevention, spices
Here's My List!!!
BEING CONSCIOUS OF NEEDINESS ~ By Premlatha Rajkumar Ground Crew Updates
The Universal Laws: The Law of Co-Creation Ground Crew Updates
L.O.H. Light, LOVE, Sophia
This Ascension Will See the Whole Universe Lifted Up Steve Beckow
The Great surrendering
Standard Chartered CEO in NY to fight charges
Standard Chartered shares value drops by $12.5 billion; bank defiant against all...
Barclays Cheaper Than Peers Fuels Breakup Talk: Real M&A
Banks can expect more pain, warns City's top enforcer Tracey McDermott
U.S. Goldman Disclosure a Rare Break in Secrecy Freedom Project
Five Amazing Healing Honey Facts Ground Crew Updates
Record heat, drought point to longer-term climate issues
Melchizedek ~ Allow the innovative to communicate ~ 14/08/2012 by Méline Lafont. Ground Crew Updates
NSA contaminates channelled messages Ground Crew Updates
Oracle Report - Tuesday, August 14, 2012 Ground Crew Updates
Visionkeeper – Be the observer Ground Crew Updates
Statin Drugs Found To Accelerate Arterial Calcification
Why Does Monsanto Always Win? Freedom Project
3MIN News August 14, 2012: 7.7 Earthquake
Hundreds of Thousands of Dead Shad Earth & Space Weather
8/14/2012 -- 7.7 magnitude earthquake north of Japan -- Sea of Okhotsk Russia


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