May 24th
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༺♥ Up-date week of May 23, 2012 ♥༻
Galactic Free Press Update~5~22~12 We've Triggered/Ignited, the Final Aspec...
News from Earth Allies... more police joins the Freedom Movement in UK
FYI, Our Mother and Father God Account On Facebook has Been Disabled Permanently Galactic Free Press
Laura ~ Message from God Your Role is to Show the Way by Example, Not a Forcefu... Ground Crew Updates
Joy and Sychronocity Ground Crew Updates
FREEDOM PROJECT: Uncle Gordy’s Mid-Week Reality Check, May 23, 2012... Freedom Project
News form Earth Allies: Police take their helmets off and march for Freedom!
Do You Believe in Magic?
There's something out there...?
FREEDOM PROJECT: Vatican Bank chief Tedeschi dismissed... Freedom Project
UFO's on the News... seen by many... for many days... by experts... Blue Star UFO Report
~THE TRUTH ABOUT THE DARK~ Messages from the Earth Allies
AFRIKAN P- Say Good-bye to duality/ Great we!
Council Meeting Experience With The Earth Allies Love and Light to US All Ground Crew Updates
Right Now I Am Feeling! Ground Crew Updates
Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – Venus Occulation Prep – 24 May 2012 Ground Crew Updates
~ Divine Council Meeting~Love Party Experience~ Magical Ground Crew Updates
~ Galactic Earth Daily Truth Report 05-24-2012 – Upgrade ongoing~ Galactic Earth Truth Report
From the Earth Allies~ A Parable~ The Sage and The Village People~ Messages from the Earth Allies
~ A Message from The Earth Allies and Ken Carey~ We are The Bird Tribe~ Galactic Free Press
A Message from the Earth Allies~Humanity's Freedom~ Galactic Free Press
EARTH ALLIES 24.5.2012... WHO IS DRAKE?... WHAT IS HIS LAST NAME?... OR DOES IT... Earth Allies Report
With pure hearts . . . ascension
~Here for the Duration~ Steve Beckow
~Space Weather Update~ CONTINUED QUIET Solar Wind Speed 506 Earth & Space Weather
That Which Was Seperate Has Been Made Whole!
Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Self-Acceptance Ground Crew Updates
The manuscript of survival – part 143 Ground Crew Updates
The Tides are Turning – Which Stream Are You Paddling In? Ground Crew Updates
The next wave approaches. – Michael by Ron Head Ground Crew Updates
The Oracle Report thursday, May 24, 2012 Ground Crew Updates
The Council Of The Venus Ray. “Keep Sheilding, Keep Clearing…” Our Jump To 5D is... Ground Crew Updates
5/24/2012 -- Hurricane Bud moving towards Southwest USA -- Texas and Midwest pos...
The Uni (one) - Verse (song)
Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library - Part 3
SPIRITUAL PHYSICS: Nassim Haramein LIVE on LIFEChanges With Filippo...
Unconditional Love training for what's to come. Can you hold your focus? Freedom Project
FREEDOM PROJECT: Vatican, CIA, World governments, Guatemala's Archbishop Ar...


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