Feb 11th
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~The Galactic Free Press Honors In Her Spirit Released~ Whitney Houston~ Lia
~Love is calling Humanity Home~ Lia
~ The Open Door to Love~ Just Remember~ Lia
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2/11/2012 -- 4.2 magnitude earthquake in SWITZERLAND ~ Europe should prepare Lia
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2012 as the end of a cosmic cycle © By: Ernesto Ortiz glr_Andrea
Scientists confirm Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA Research findings contin... Lia
~Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Dream Big~ Lia
In Excellence maidenhair
Dave Masko – UFO Sightings Reveal More Strange Metal Boxes Along Coastal Beaches glr_Andrea
Mayan Messages ~ Ahau 8 Highest Form of Abundance ~ February 11, 2012 by Gillian AnaShyNa
TRIANGLE UFO Formation Sighted Over North Shields UK [Very Clear] glr_Andrea
Shifting Sands by Sarah-Jane Grace glr_Andrea
George Adamski: Inside a Venusian Scout Ship glr_Andrea
HEAVEN #4096 ~ THE PETALS OF YOUR HEART ~ 11.02.2012 ~ by Gloria Wendroff AnaShyNa
The Back and Forth of Expansion ~ by Jill Renee Feeler AnaShyNa
2012 - What You Make of It glr_Andrea
Letting Go Ego...The Sign Of A Great Warrior... glr_Andrea
Explaining 2012 and The Hara[Christ] Consciousness by Ellaeenah Ascension Networ... glr_Andrea
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Archangel Michael: February 2012 Energy Update~ Ascension Draws Near, The Energy... Lia
Solar Update 2-11-2012 AnaShyNa
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Receiving a Vision for the New Year 10 February 2012 ~ DL Zeta AnaShyNa
Thoughts to Ponder: We Are On Our Way Lia
Lodro Rinzler ~ A Society Based On A Open Heart ~ 11 February 2012 Lia
Chakras....By TOM....A Reiki Master.....Root Chakra......First chakra. glr_Andrea
~ The Heaven Letters February ~ 11 2012 Where Else Can Love Exist Lia
Synchronicities, Energy Healing, and Other Strangeness in the Field 2012 Februar... glr_Andrea
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Economic Collapse 2012 – February Update ~ by Georgi Stankov AnaShyNa
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STANDEYNG STRONGE Whyle CRYING Your HURT Away... Better Knowne As EMBRACEYNG LOV... glr_Andrea