Sep 20th
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The Galactic Free Press Update- The Next Step, Peace On Earth=Heart.
How to Stop World War III: A Preemptive Peace Strike
Bath time fun. Super cute! entertainment, laughter, Light, LOVE
We Love You - Iran & Israel
~ Cobra Update~ Fixing the world[Planet] Ground Crew Updates
Military UFOs: Secrets Revealed Freedom Project
Who runs the world?
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ Contracting Into Expansion ~ Ground Crew Updates
Blue StarShip/UFO Report - September 20, 2012 Blue Star UFO Report
Message from Mary Magdalene & Mother Mary ~ Concerning The Return of the Fem... Ground Crew Updates
Shane B McNeil Communications, Healing, Awakening, Breakthrough Blessing Day! Ground Crew Updates
Experiencing the Direct Link to Source Energy Ground Crew Updates
Kauilapele's Blog Pyramid Cloud Craft Seen over Kauai during the 9-9-12 Tri... Ground Crew Updates
Uruguay Set to Legalize Marijuana: Government Will Sell to Citizens Ground Crew Updates
Kucinich Calls Out Monsanto: Americans Demand GMO Labeling
The Healing Temple Transmission Sue and Mary Carol Ground Crew Updates
My personal Disclosure~ Ground Crew Updates
The Pleiadian Council of Nine: All of Creation is a Mirror of Itself Ground Crew Updates
Spare yourself being distracted at this point by any playground bulliesThrough R... Ground Crew Updates
My experiences on 9/9
Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Be Prepared Ground Crew Updates
Suzanne Lie: 2:00 am Message Ground Crew Updates
I sat all one day in a Crop Circle Ground Crew Updates
Transcript: Sheldan Nidle on The Light Agenda ~Part 1/2 Ground Crew Updates
~Space Weather Update~ CME's Miss earth? Solar Wind Speed 575~ Earth & Space Weather
OUR SEAMLESS ASCENSION ~ 3 [3D ANONYMOUS]~ Sophia Love Ground Crew Updates
The Simple Truth ~ How To Change The World ~
Holy Moly! These people are going nuts! Ground Crew Updates
REFLECTION OF PEACE ONTO THE EARTH ~Yogi Babaji via Natalie Glasson Ground Crew Updates
Jamye Price ~ Weekly Lightblast ~ Co-Creating With Others Ground Crew Updates
~ Message From Gaia (3) : The Transition Process Ground Crew Updates
NEW BEGINNINGS ~The Council of Nine Ground Crew Updates
The manuscript of survival ~ part 198 Ground Crew Updates
~ Divine Intervention~ Love Wins!
Mud volcano erupts in Azerbaijan- Colombian volcano awakening after 86 years 3D News
East Coast storm spurs warnings, flooding Earth & Space Weather
High Winds, Rain Hit Alaska Co-ops Earth & Space Weather
The Obamas on The Late Show with David Letterman 3D News
Five killed, dozens injured as storm sweeps across Paraguay Earth & Space Weather