Oct 24th
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Message from All Higher Self's~Destiny Up Ahead~ ~Heaven is Within~ Messages from the Earth Allies
A Guide to Deceased Loved Ones 101 Angels, guide, Heaven, mediumship, thinning of the veil, transition, veil, vibration
AA Michael: Listen to the Music Ground Crew Updates
Ian and Brendan Declare Peace on Earth Messages from the Earth Allies
The Irish Sue the Banks Freedom Project
Debate Fact Check: How Obama, Romney Statements Hold Up In Final Showdown 3D News
End Game Sneaking Up? Ground Crew Updates
Mysteries of the Heart
As multi-dimensional beings, we can help thousands simultaneously without lessen... AA Gabrielle, ascension, Isabel Henn
Alien artifacts was discovered underneath crop circles! Ground Crew Updates
10-24-12 Bill Ballard ~ Watching the Syncs of Law of Attraction & Magnetics...
~ Join us Live for our Weekly Council Meeting~ 10:30am Pacific LOVE WINS Galactic Free Press
~The Galactic Free Press Update- Mother Earth=Heart Has Declared Planetwide Peac...
Ann Albers And The Angels ~ Die To Be Reborn ~ 24October2012 Ground Crew Updates
Steve Rother And The Group ~ Awakening the Child ~ Scripting a New Story ~ Ground Crew Updates
~ Message from the Earth Allies~ Get Ready for Unification.
Please learn to have as much faith and trust in yourselves as we do~ by Ron Head Ground Crew Updates
Teresa Declares Peace on Earth Messages from the Earth Allies
Rick Martin Cortright: A Global Outbreak of Peace Ground Crew Updates
Hurricane Sandy heads for Jamaica, gets stronger Earth & Space Weather
Australia's Antarctic Runway Melting Earth & Space Weather
~ Message from the Earth Allies~ Get Ready for Unification Messages from the Earth Allies
Volcanic activity world-wide 23-24 October 2012 3D News
Frequency Update ~ October 21st through 28th, 2012 Ground Crew Updates
What if Money Was No Object in your life? What would you do?
Message from the Blue ray ~El Morya, Archangel Michael & Jupiter ~ By Mercy Ground Crew Updates
Antarctic Melting Causes Flights To Be Stopped (24th Oct 2012)
Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Orderliness Bring Order and symmetry to your... Ground Crew Updates
Lucas – United In Oneness We Are – 24 October 2012 Lucas2012Infos
Lisa Gawlas: Are You Ready To Be Naked As The New Curtain Of Life Opens?? Lisa Gawlas
Access to the inner depths of your being are opening up John Smallman
Love is the answer to all of humanity’s problems John Smallman
Life as we know it at the brink of a breakthrough: Hello Divine Feminine! Ground Crew Updates
Visionkeeper – There is no magic pill Ground Crew Updates
Oracle Report - Wednesday, October 23 - Thursday, October 24, 2012 Ground Crew Updates
The manuscript of survival – part 213 Ground Crew Updates
Heavenletter #4352 Who Is Responsible for Your Self-Image?, October 24, 2012 Heavenletters
Morning Blessing: 10.24.12 Earth Prayer Ground Crew Updates