10 Tips to Reduce Festive Frazzle & bring Serenity to the Season

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T’is the season to be jolly…but what if you’re feeling anything but?

The season of goodwill is generally characterised by merriment and cheer, seen as a time to celebrate with those we hold dear. But for many people Christmas can be a tremendously challenging and stressful time, compounded by the social expectations to be ‘happy’ and live up to the idealised image of the ‘perfect family’ presented to us in films and on TV.

Whilst I am truly blessed to spend Christmas with a loving caring family with whom I share many a fond festive memory, I realise it’s not like that for everyone. I spare a thought for those coping with adversity, bravely battling behind the facade of an outward smile, silently crying on the inside. I’ve been there, and know all too well how the festive season tends to exasperate and highlight our challenges, driving many people over the edge. It’s common knowledge that suicide rates peak at Christmas and New Year as stress levels, emotions and mounting debt reach boiling point. The consumerist pressure to purchase hits us like a ton of bricks, and often leaves a crippling effect upon our bank balance and anxiety levels.

How to See the Positive in a Situation

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If you define a situation as positive, no matter what the circumstances, it can then morph into that experience with the expectation you have. It is easy to know this yet hard to do it unless you get deliberate and intentional in how you experience the world. This is a call to change your perception to not defining something as bad, and to be open to how it could play out if you don't define it at all or if you are able to see any situation as potentially positive for your path. We are conditioned to judge situations as being bad or good for us, and it is hard to expect something good to come out of what has happened to you that is causing unhappiness when we think about it. That being said, we have to feel the emotions authentically first in order to move to a place of seeing the potential good. Maybe it involves stepping back and observing ourselves to do this. Reframing any situation toward the positive completely changes what is possible, though.

How do we see the good in a situation that at first seems bad?

What if you have a story playing out in your head about something, causing distress? It is often about another person. Let me share my personal situation in which feeling emotionally upset. In dealing with this, wanting to shift my perspective, upon asking for solutions, my higher self, while in meditation, gave some answers. In meditation, I receive pictures that have meanings which I can then interpret the meanings.

Want a Miracle?

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spiritual_practiceWe spend way too much time in spiritual practices trying to leave our bodies. We try to go to the Other World instead of consciously bringing more of our soul into our physical bodies. When we integrate matter and spirit – real miracles happen.

We have heard the old worn out line, “We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.” This is true and the rest of the truth is that our life purpose is not to become more spiritual. We can’t do that anyway. We are already as spiritual as we can possibly be. Our life purpose is to recognize that we are spirit in matter and to become fully human, using our individual Divine gifts to the utmost. That’s the real purpose of being on Earth.

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Heart Voice or Ego Voice…How Do We Know Which One is Speaking?

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the-voice-of-the-heartHow does one recognize the voice of the heart from the voice of the ego? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Sometimes the ego is so clever, trained, and educated that it pretends to be the Heart Voice. Yet, there is one key element that points to whether it’s the ego or heart voice. If what you are told is good for you and All Life, then it is being transmitted through the heart from the soul. If it is only and exclusively good for you, it is coming through the mind and is of the ego. It’s that simple.

So the imperative question we must continuously ask ourselves, “Is this good for All Life and me, or is this just good for me?”

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Look for my new book, Sophia Speaks: Encounters with Wisdom, out this fall!


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PEACE.  It’s on a lot of minds these days.  I have put off writing this because I know it will be controversial, but as Oprah has her ‘What I Know For Sure’ page in her magazine, this is what I know for sure.

I know that the only way we will have peace in the world is by love and acceptance.  Simple, yet the hardest thing on the planet to accomplish.  Yes, it’s easy if you are loving babies, children, the sick and old people.  Not so easy if you must love the ISIS fiend who is beheading innocent people.  Give that a run around your brain.  What did she just say?  I should love that m………. f………. that is cutting off heads? Yes.  And there’s the rub.

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Requesting or Knowing…Which is the Most Powerful Way to Pray?

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Prayer is an efficient and powerful tool. It is essential for each one of us to pray and/or meditate. Requesting blessings and giving thanks is of ultimate benefit – it is also a magnanimous way we can help others and our planet. Joining others in prayer bolsters the energy behind the manifestation and expedites it.

I now better understand that there is another level of prayer that does not include just making requests. Instead, it is completely about being inside the realm of gratitude and knowingness…sending out blessings, healing, loving and abundance to anyone, everyone and everything. (Yes, in case you were wondering, you do have the power within to send out gifts to others.)

When we are connected to our souls, knowingness and gratitude amplifies the way prayer manifests in the world. Knowingness is not the same as hope or faith. Knowingness is a much higher frequency. It is simply a more powerful way of bringing forth abundance to everyone’s life including ourselves.

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Ever Been Hit with the Cosmic 2x4?

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Every time I think I am becoming more aware, the Universe seems to send a message to help me take another step toward living in more wholeness and balance.

When we do not get things, see our own issues the first time around…or the second…or the third…we are forcing the ante to be raised again and again, until we leave the Universe with no choice but to come at us with the Cosmic 2×4. That “OUCH” seems to get our attention! Wouldn’t it be grand if we could gain understanding the first time around?

Looking back on my life, I seem to have been a slow learner, and have a few bumps on my noggin to prove it. Lately, I have been listening very closely.

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Look for my new book, Sophia Speaks: Encounters with Wisdom, out this fall!

What's a Living Prayer?

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I discovered that when expressing and living my awareness in the “everyday,” my life becomes a living prayer or meditation.

Sitting for hours is not the only way to bring Wisdom into our lives. As I have developed and expanded my awareness, I have begun to see confirmation that everything is part of our spiritual practice and path.

I see Wisdom manifest when I cook dinner, make the bed, wash the car, fold the laundry, kiss a child, comfort the sick, cut the grass, post on Facebook, plant a garden, drive to work, or do any of our life pursuits.

I have learned that blending prayer, meditation, service, and study is the path to more awareness. Once we are aware, we realize this work enables us to see with the inner-eye and hear with the inner-ear.

All the years of our spiritual practice culminate in the realization that our entire life is, and has always been, a spiritual practice.

We are Spirit – practicing life!

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Look for my new book, Sophia Speaks: Encounters with Wisdom, out this fall!

What is Spiritual (Inner) Marriage

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spiritual_marriageThe spiritual inner-marriage is about the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies within oneself so there is harmony and alignment with the soul. Recognition and union with one’s soul is the true marriage, or Divine Union, rather than the commonly held belief of finding another person as a “soul mate.”

Each individual has masculine and feminine energies within, and seeks balance between them to create wholeness. This balance of energy reflects in one’s outer-marriage/partnership. The more balanced the masculine and feminine energies are in a person, the smoother the outer life.

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What Does It Mean to Walk on the Beauty Path?

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Beauty PathIt is when we choose Wisdom, step by step, taking the highest possible path, a path without friction. On the Beauty Path™, we live a life of neutrality and walk in harmony and balance. This happens when we let go of fear and commit to our liberation from the Seven Disempowering Habits: blame, shame, question (“why me?”), guilt, judge, compare and compete.

Neutrality – To live on the Beauty Path one must be neutral to people, events, circumstances, etc. This requires one to be non-judgmental and see with the inner eye. One has to keep his or her mind on Truth, not worldly illusions, and this takes a spiritual practice. This does not mean one cannot take a “stand.” Taking a stand and judging are disparate vibrations with differing motives. To live in “neutrality” requires living without a “charge.” (Charge meaning emotional energy running through one’s body, as in “being hot about something”.) When we do not live in neutrality we then walk on the Path of Struggle.

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