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Teleportation:Communion of Worlds

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Sandra Walter- 2/12/14


Teleportation is the transfer of physical matter without the delay of timespace. Because we are taking on a more photonic (light) state, it is becoming possible to transmit the particles of our physical beingness to another location.

We prepare ourselves for a new experience by transmuting the density out of our bodies and energy fields, pulling in more light by activating and exercising our crystalline heart intelligence, and connecting with the Source-point of our true self. Our vibration is rises, the platform for our experience (4D Gaia) amplifies, and all is aligned to take the next step.

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~The Graduation Home into the Light~

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The Graduation Home into the Light”


     “Love letters From The Present Moment of Now, Heaven on Earth”

“Blessed is the Love Called God Everywhere Present EQUALLY Within US ALL”

“Love does not Require a leader or followers. Real Love is Everyone Equally Being the Love They Truly are, as Co-Creators. It's All of Us, Standing Up Together as ONE Family, Holding Hands, Co-operating, and Functioning as One in Cooperation.”

Love from The Galactic Federation of Light, The Company of Heaven, and from Galactic Central~Center. WE are Your Family of Light from the Stars, The Celestial. We are Also Your Representatives For First Contact, and Your Earth Allies. We are Your Connection to the Divine, and The Divine Has Arrived Here on Planet Earth=Heart.  Happy Days are Here Again! WE are Your Ground Crew Team, Here In Service to You and All of Humanity. Each of You, Aware or Unaware, are Participating in the Changes. Each of You hold a Facet of The Divine Plan, and Now is the Moment You Awaken, if You have not Already, into Your Unique Part to Play.

Carolyn Baker: On what happens when you “sign up for the journey from which there is no return”

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 Ann Kreilkamp

Unknown-1Carolyn Baker is without peer in addressing the range of  what we are now calling "near-term extinction" scenarios in a way that demonstrates how contemplation on these churning, globally devastating and clearly out-of-my-personal-control freight train matters  — singularly, and especially all together — not only invites, but ignites a deep plunge through "death" into the vastness of being. Grateful.

So then, the question for me becomes, what happens when enough of us dare to plunge into this heightened contemplative field? What happens to the field? Does the field transform? And if so, does this transformation increase the range of possible futures beyond our capacity to understand or predict? 

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: Tap Into Your Natural Abundance

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HJ: Success is not random.  Success follows established laws and anyone who becomes successful is following them either consciously or unconsciously, purposefully or accidentally.  Not only do these laws allow/help you to tap into your natural abundance (which IS your birthright by the way...), but they help you bring ALL areas of your life into alignment.  When you live in alignment with the spiritual laws which govern our universe 'behind the scenes', you can't help but be successful... and happy... and content... and feeling complete fulfillment from life.

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?  That's because living this way is our natural state, we have just collectively forgotten that life can be like this because of the difficulty of existing in the modern world.

As you read through the seven spiritual laws of success below, you will begin to understand how out of balance our society has become both spiritually and financially.  But even more importantly, you will learn how to correct this imbalance in your life -- permanently.  Just because everyone else chooses to live with a different set of values does not mean that you should not live in alignment with these spiritual laws.  Because when you do, your success is guaranteed -- without fail, every time.  And furthermore, you create a shinning example for others to follow and do your part towards creating massive, societal and cultural change.

Soulight Chakra by Soluntra King

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 Posted by Dr. Sohiniben Shukla on February 11, 2014 at 2:20pm in Light of Soluntra King
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Extract from the book "Light Code Activations" by Soluntra King

A new chakra situated between the Heart and Solar Plexus.

The colour is PEACH, the element is FIRE.


    The Soulight Chakra has been gifted to us for this time of union and transformation, as we spiritualise matter through our body, our Body of Light. The Chakra links us to the Inner Earth Sun as we unify and open up to other dimensions and worlds within and without, not just in the Universe but the Inner Earth. As we go deeper within ourself, into the stillness and love, the same happens in all worlds. The sixth dimensional Inner Earth and third dimensional outer Earth unified at the March 2006 Equinox. Then with the Eclipses and June Solstice the Light Codes and new template has been anchored through all the Earth and us. The Light Codes are now activated within the Matrix of Light, the Living Library of Light we are, from the Source within and the eternal love of the doorway of our heart. The deepening connection with the Inner Earth is our communion with our inner self, there is no separation as the worlds and dimensions merge.


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The Following are recommendations as the release of all the old programming is coming up to the surface for many. Make sure you breathe, Be Patient with yourself and with others and stay focused in the Present Moment. This is going to be uncomfortable for Some as this clearing takes place. Let us Love Each Other and Support One Another




With Great UNDERSTANDING=OVERFLOWING= Grander Responsibility

IN THE FIELD OF NOW =FOREVER  WE will meet you there


You will not take things personally, You will be gentle not only with Yourselves each other as well, You will not feed into fears, doubt, worry, resentment or negativity, You will ask for help, You will reinvent Yourselves daily to adjust into complete alignment with Your purpose for the Highest Good at all moments, You will discuss Your feelings instead of "Events" and when required will ask these 3 questions 1.What are you doing? 2.Is it working for you 3.If not what is the new plan......


~The New Grid and The Real Evolution~

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Greetings Love Beings, 2014~ FINALLY! This Is the Year Truth Becomes Apparent.

The Whole of Humanity has been ignited in these New Earth Energies which we began receiving December 21st, 2012 and increased all throughout 2013 and now is spiking intensely this year of 2014. All Must Now if they have not already get onto the path Home Into the Light. There are no more choices left now except Home into the Light. Mother Earth=Heart is Now Existing In 5d Frequencies and so will All on her. The New Earth Truly Has Been Born.

As a result A Natural Part of Evolution is Unfolding On this Planet and we cannot go back. Creation is in Motion in a Big way. Humanity is Now On The Path from fear to LOVE as the old paradigm of fear is crumbling below them. How they experience this event unfolding depends on them. However, this is Inevitable On this Planet . The lower vibrations are dissolving below the Powerful Grid of Light which has been activated On this Planet and is increasing in Light now every Moment. Those who are Already In Full Consciousness are On this Grid holding the Space until Everyone Is Connected to it On this Planet.

~How to Identify a Spiritual ego~

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~Spiritual egos have dressed up so many fantasies as real, they "believed" them, and any "belief" is the old paradigm. The new paradigm has no beliefs, only Love and Truth.~

~ Spiritual egos approach life with their intellect, which is the left side of the brain, instead of the Heart, which is the Wholistic Brain, [Right and left side together], which is the Divine connection~

~Spiritual egos look at Love and Truth as a threat, because the Real Truth challenges their fantasies, and without their fantasies, they have to Face the Truth about the lies they told themselves~

Spiritual Ego's are the most dangerous cause they will lead you down the incorrect path.
~A Spiritual ego is just the old paradigm of power over, dressed up to look new.~

~Spiritual egos would rather be right, than be Happy, to be Truly Happy and in Joy, the ego has to be dissolved.~


~Spiritual egos cannot see the forest for the trees. The reason is because they have a whole lot of fantasies about the trees. They want to be in control of Creation, all the while Creation cannot be controlled.~


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