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~What is Unfolding in these Current Energies? ~ EVOLUTION UNFOLDING

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 Liberation of the Soul"Setting Your Soul On Fire"

Love from the “Galactic Federation of Light”, The Kingdom~Company of Heaven, From Galactic Central, We are Your Family of Light , Also The “First Contact” Ground Crew Medical Team here to Assist Humanity out Of the darkness. With Mother and Father God, Your Parents of Creation, with you Here in the Manifest Physical Realm with Humanity, taking everyone [ thats all of you] with US back into the Light. We Love you Unconditionally.

Greetings, Blessings, Many Miracles, and Magical Moments, We arrive Again as We are The Ethics Train, We Thank you For Showing Up, in advance. For the information we bring today is a Ringing CHOO CHOO from the Train, that will “Set your Soul on Fire”. AS your ignorance or lower grid dissolves. So Lets Begin with the Definitions...

Joy~ A condition or Feeling of High Enjoyment, Delight, Happiness, Gladness, Rejoice to Fill up With Joy!! Laughter. Example~ In the Kingdom of Heaven We are always in JOY, this is also the Higher Grid.


Misery~ prolonged  or extreme suffering, a state of emotional, or physical pain.  Example~ Only  In illusion the program, do you experience,  misery, Here in the Kingdom of Heaven we Only Experience Joy!

~ Love Holds All the Cards On the Planet~

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You are Very Powerful Light Beings, of Love and Brilliance. What the Higher Grid, True Reality, Upper Realms, and the Kingdom Of Heaven is, is Pure Thought. When you get to pure thought, which is clear from all lower thoughts, this is when your Co-Creative Powers Open up for you.

If you are in lower thoughts you experience static, chaos, confusion, unclear, and you are powerless. Some of your Other messengers have shared with you about a Crystalline Body form. Being in Pure thought, or Higher thoughts, which is Crystal Clear, is what they are referring to as Crystalline Body, Free of all lower thoughts. This is the Higher Grid, and is where you are then free from the program, where you are Clear, Crystal Clear, no ego, no darkness, Only Love, Light, Truth, and Brilliance, this is called Super Consciousness.

~~Your Family of Light and the changes~~

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 Written by Earth Ally Will Harader


Change is upon us. Though change has always been here, it's making itself much more obvious now. The Planet is shifting, the climate is being altered, sea levels rising, ice caps melting, and the entire ecosystem is constantly adjusting itself. Socially, people are fed up with corporate greed and the governments that protect the corporations at the expense of the people. People are hungry for a break from the dysfunctional systems of the past. An African-American man is president of a country that barely treated his race as human just a couple generations ago. Countries are coming clean about their suppression of information regarding UFOs, and it's now to the point that only the willfully ignorant can convince themselves nothing is going on.


~Humanity is Here to Accomplish the Incredible~

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~Love Letters From The Present Moment of Now, Heaven on Earth=Heart~

~Blessed is the Love Called God Everywhere Present, Equally, Within US ALL~



Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Company of Heaven, and from Galactic Central~Center. WE are Your Family of Light, From The Stars and Beyond...We are Your Earth Allies, and representatives For First Contact. WE are Also The Ground Crew Medical Team, Here on Planet Earth=Heart, Walking With Each of You, Hand in Hand Home into the Light! We Love You Unconditionally!

 Humanity is here to Accomplish the Incredible, their Destiny is to Succeed in a Complete Planetary awakening on Planet Earth=Heart , and indeed in Many Ways the Truth of this manifestation is already making its Presence Known, as we have shown up here in Honor of Humanity Succeeding, in Loving Themselves and One another, therefore, raising themselves up together into Love Everywhere Present.~5d reality!

~The Road to Full Consciousness IS a Road, A Path, that Takes Courage, Determination, Perseverance, and An Attitude Of “No Matter what”. Because you have to dissolve the walls, which are the blocks within you, To Awaken Fully into the Present Moment. THIS IS THROUGH LETTING GO OF EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE AND BEING ALL THE LOVE AND EVERYTHING YOU ARE.THUS DISSOLVES ALL ILLUSION.


~ Final Reset to Enter 5d is Now in Process ~

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~  Earth Ally Will HARADER~

~QUOTE FROM HIS ARTICLE "THE TRUTH ABOUT THE DREAM MACHINE" ~The illusion has been called the dream machine and this is probably a more accurate term to use. When you know you're dreaming, what do you have to fear? This is what illusion is, only a dream and it certainly doesn't have to be a nightmare. The dream machine is the program, the thought loop, that supports the illusion. It didn't always function the way it does now, humanity use to be able to tell illusion from Reality. Then some beings decided they knew better and started tweaking the dream machine. They piled illusion on top of illusion and capped it off with the illusion that the illusion was real. People became divided against themselves and were mired so deep in illusion they became it's slave. They who originally messed up the dream machine became the leaders, as they were the most proficient at spinning the lies humanity now believes.  Now the Moment has come for the Dream Machine to return to Its Original Function, Love Mirroring Love!


~2014 The Real Love and The New Beginning~ Love Prevails

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Everyone is Getting into Position for the Next Facet Of The Divine Plan, A New Story Has Begun, this is an Unstoppable unfoldment and is already in motion for 2014! Within this Planet's Destiny a Brilliant Light, a BlueStarseed Nation Comes into Manifestation. True Divine Love from within every HUman Being on the Planet will burst forth and emerge.

This powerful energy is permeating from the very essence of the Atoms, Your Atoms, Spirit is AWAKENING, Here in the Manifest.... and everything Resonates with this Brilliance of Pure Heart Consciousness.

Guaranteed through these intense bursts of Light Energy, the darkness or lower energies will not be able to be here on Planet Earth=Heart. The Moment Has Come and Light and Love has prevailed.

We are now entering in Moments of a Light Up or Turn ON [Like Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer], this means  Heart Lights ON.

The Paradise of the Original Plan for Planet Earth=Heart is unfolding. The Shift for this manifestation is occurring within the Center of all that is, which is LOVE, and ONLY LOVE. This Shift into Oneness is Happening. This IS an Unstoppable Energy which is arriving and is  Bursting Forth into All Of Humanity's Dna and Body Holograms. As Per The Decree Given To Humanity By MotherEarth and The Company of Heaven.

~ Its time To Let go of duality~

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"All of duality was based on lies, as everyone was running around trying to protect their own ignorance, this is what an id does and what an ego does.”

In the duality experience you had a right and wrong, a bad guy and a good guy. You had different religions that claimed “my god is bigger then your god”. You had competition, survival, and positive/negative experiences. Instead of Feelings, which are the Truth and Real Reality, you had emotions, boundaries, rules with added more rules, regulations, mental constructs/delusions of belief systems, and nice boxes to sit in. You played vicious circles of death and dying, victims and villains, and killing each other for God knows What. Treating each other as enemies instead of Family. Duality was just the illuminati's fantasy to put yourselves against yourselves, and to hide the Truth, that you were just their puppets and they were using that for their own advances. If you killed each other, more for them. You were taught at a very young age to be in competition for Energy, that just by being born, you had already sinned and you were unworthy of anything from the start. So your entire existence for you was based on the need to feel worthy. You did this by attempting to please others, [which was just satisfying others egos and ids, wants needs and desires] .


~ A Message from The Earth Allies~ Gather Yourselves NOW!

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 One cannot "figure truth" out....its not knowing anything that we Understand it all. When We Let go of everything we have ever thought, whether we have come to the conclusion if that thought was True or False, only that which is REAL, Love=Truth=God comes back to US, only the REAL.

 The Music, this vibrational voice carries with it Vibrations=Energy=Atoms, which ALL of Everything is made of Atoms, which is energy and connects within all Heart Beings. If you are alive you have a Heart. The Heart, is the Connection to the ALL, where we are all ONE.

The Music when Heard from within, sets the Being Free, the Love from within holds all the Truths, all the secrets that man has kept from himself, Love is THE TRUTH and is found WITHIN. Love is setting Humanity FREE.

Welcome to 2014~ Real Joy Begins~

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MAGIC CLOUD - Luas*** -


You can only experience True Joy, By Being Present, and connecting in from within. True Joy is Being the Love you are. This Energy of Love supports the Whole, The ALL, and contributes to Grander and Grander Experiences within Creation. Unless you are Present in the Moment of Now, you never have experienced what it Feels like to be in a Constant state of Happiness. The Experience of The Present Moment of Now is one of Constant Euphoria, Joy, Laughter, A Constant High, A Constant Smile, and Wholeness of Being. This is the Experience of Being Fully Conscious, True Reality, and “The Kingdom of Heaven”. Every Moment is a Constant Awareness of Love Everywhere Present, because this Is the Truth once out of illusion.


To get to the Experience of The Present Moment Of Now, all the programming has to be released!

The Joy comes when you get to the understanding that you are The Star of Love and you connect into the Oneness. All you came here To Accomplish in this Lifetime was to give yourself “THE LOVE YOU TRULY ARE”, then this Love Automatically begins to Over Flow to others, and through this everything changes. This is why we say Love is Contagious, because it is.. and love changes everything~

Desert & Odi ~ Soaring With Spirit: Reading for 1/2/2014

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Weekly Reading With Desert Gypsy & Odilove


I call in the Light! 

I call in the Angels and Archangels for assistance.

I connect with the crystalline core of Gaia and the great central sun. I surround myself in the rainbow energies of the new age.

I ask for a message that is of the highest benefit to humanity at this time.

Angel Card Reading with Desert Gypsy


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