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~Important Message~ Preparing for Contact For Those Choosing Love

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AS More and More Awaken Each Day, the Closer We are To The Event of First Contact. This is a Real Event, and a Multi~Dimensional One that has Been a facet of the Divine Plan For this Planet~ The Stage has been set, and the curtain will be rising. Love Is Moving Forward And Bringing ALL Love IS With US.

Greetings and Love from The Galactic Federation of Light,  The Company of Heaven, and From Galactic Central~Center. We Are Your Family of Light from the Stars and Beyond. WE Are Also Your Earth Allies and Representatives for First Contact. WE are The Ground Crew Medical Team, from the Flag Ship ~Eye of Ra, Heart of Light~. Many of You Here are also From this Flag Ship 500,000 of You, and From this 500,000 there are 5,000 of Our Personal Staff for the Transitional Universal Government who at this Moment Have Been Called To Full Active Duty.


There are 24 Ships that Sent Ground Crew Here to Planet Earth, For a Total of 12 Million on the Ground at this Moment to assist in the Transition of Planet Earth into A Star Seed Nation. We Are Here in Service to Humanity, To Mother Earth, and it's our responsibility, along with The Crystal Children, to Provide and BE the Examples of the Highest Truths on the Planet. Humanity cannot get away, because they have Only One Place to Go, Called Home! DING!



By Earth Ally Will Harader ~ Real Meditation

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I'm going to tell you something that runs counter to most ideas of what spiritual means. You've been given these images of “spiritual people” who meditate most of the day, and spend their time with eyes half-opened, completely sedated. They have renounced the world, and don't really participate in Life anymore. They speak softly and slowly, and don't really have much passion for anything. This image people are given is one of only numbness, not True Spirituality, which is Passion for Everything.


What's the point of meditation? To calm oneself down enough for self-contemplation? It's useful to a point, but eventually a person is going to have to directly confront what's stressing them out in the first place. Meditation just numbs the mind to the point a little bit of intelligence sometimes pops out, yet it's mostly an avoidance mechanism. It's like what most channelers do, they set their ego aside for a moment, and then pick it up again when done. It's something to numb the pain of their ego/mind, without having to do any real work on themselves. You can't go through you emotional attachments without feeling the emotions. The sense of peace people get from meditation is often an illusion to mask the emotional turmoil beneath the surface.

~Important Memo~ from the Press

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Greetings Love Beings,  Do You Value The Galactic Free Press? Has The Galactic Free Press Assisted you In Love, Truth and Joy? We offer Everything here in Unconditional Love and Complete Service, but we still have to utilize funds to keep us here with You! We are still about 600$ from This Months Goal with one day remaining! If You Have not made a Donation this Month and You can Share, Thanks for caring, honoring  sharing and Keeping us in 24 Hour Service to You and All of Humanity!

You can Make a Donation Here, and we will provide our address by request!



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Greetings Dear Ones!

We come to you today with a message centered around the idea of surrender. So often in your world you have been taught that surrender is equal to weakness. We speak not of surrender as it relates to competition or the wars that spring from the ego. We speak of surrender to the flow of unconditional love and compassion that is yours in each and every moment. We speak of surrender to knowing that all that you desire is but the tip of the iceberg! If you could truly see the spectacular things that await you in your lives then you would not resist for one single second more!

A Special Message and An Excerpt from The Return of the Bird Tribes

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WE are The Bird Tribe, and Humanity's Awakening is Truly inevitable. Father God= Great GrandFather is "Great Spirit", The Creator, and I, Mother God, am "White Buffalo Woman"=Great GrandMother or spiderwoman from the Hopi Prophecy, The Mother of Creation. We Are Here Present with you on Planet Earth=Heart~


Planet Earth=Heart is Immersed in Pure Light and Love!! Enraptured in the Wings of White Buffalo Woman[Mother God] and Connected Directly to The Sun[Father God].


An Excerpt of "The Return of The Bird Tribes" By Ken Carey


From The Chapter "White Buffalo Calf Woman"



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