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2014 the Year of Falling In Love, Miracles and the ending of the old

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The Liberation and Freedom of the Soul is your road to full consciousness. This is a quantum leap forward, a paradigm shift and a vertical learning curve all at once, from out of illusion and into True Reality.


We are those who have walked before you and are in Full Consciousness. We are living inside out in Freedom And Love, and we come to you to share some very grand understandings. So you too, may Free yourselves into Eternal Joy.


~ Its the Moment to Let GO of All Belief Systems~

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Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles, Many Magical Synchronostic Events, Joy, Peace, Abundance, Amazing Wonder, as You Are Present in the Moment of Now.


With the Highest Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Company of Heaven, and From Galactic Central~Center. We are Your Family of Light from the Stars, and Beyond...We Are the Ground Crew For First Contact, Your Earth Allies, and Representatives for the Upcoming Events! We Are Here in Service To You, ALL of Humanity, and To Mother Earth. We Love You Unconditionally.

~ Letting go of all belief systems~

The differing in experiences right now is how clear your body hologram is of conditioned belief systems, which also keeps the left brain or ego program running. This Prevents the Being from Experiencing Heaven on Earth. Clinging to belief systems prevents and will hold a being back. The more bs a being is holding onto, the more challenging experience. The More the being has let go of all bs, the More Love energy comes into the Body Hologram for Grander and Grander Experiences in Love Everywhere Present.

A New Story... By Earth Ally Chellea

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Photography by Chellea

A New Story

By Earth Ally Chellea

Wow, the word intense cannot describe the immense energies we all are experiencing. Some can feel the pulses of the waves literally running through our bodies. At times it is so extreme that you feel the vibrations and quiver uncontrollably. The meditations are now becoming deeper, and more powerful than ever before. Truly feeling the universe spiraling within. And feeling the absolute Presence of All.

Things are manifesting much quicker for us now. Many changes are taking place, changing locations, ending old or beginning new relationships, or quitting or losing jobs. With these changes, new doors are being opened. It's up to you to make the choice to walk through, and begin experiencing your own fairytale. Relax... Take a Deep Breath and Go for It! The new is exciting and wonderful. You can be assured that you are being Divinely directed.

~ Important Post December 21st Event Update~

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Love always give Love back to itself~This is Creation

Merry Christmas With All our Love, The Earth Allies and The Company of Heaven

The Lights are coming  ON~ Like a darkened stage that is NOW Lighting up and all the players being revealed on Planet Earth=Heart. We continue right now to see the last "dramas" play out that were required within the Divine Plan to expose the Truth with Grace and Forgiveness. This is a Process which is unfolding and will now be speeding Up. You can recognize these events through synchronicity.

Mother Earth, A True Living Breathing Conscious Entity, is in True Reality, Heaven on Earth. She has been called by Love to Return to the Love that Created Her, back to the ONE, and she is taking everyone and everything else with her as well. This is all of Our Home, Within the Light.

~ Earth Allies Message ~ Releasing attachments; Personal Experience

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No matter what form it takes, attachments are part of the programming, which we have to release completely cause it is not Real, this is true ascension and the Truth.

In order to Release it you have to Fully Feel it and Let go of everything that doesn’t Bring you Joy as fast as Possible, No Over-analyzing, No over-thinking. This is the Process We All have to go  through in order to Reach a Higher Level of Consciousness and Being Abundant in Joy every Moment. Isn’t it worth it ? Of Course it is, I feel. Only way out of Darkness is THROUGH IT. Bring it ON!

After a Heart-Opening Discussion at the Higher Grid 5D Sessions at this Link  about attachments, I started asking my Heart if there are any attachments I still have to the Illusion.And So I guess I found the answer cause next day I woke up with a bad,belly ache,not in the solar plexus ,but below and a bit on the left. Anyways ,every time I was taking a breathe, the pain was getting even worse. I put both my hands there and so I went “Ok, Angels, Love, what is this? please help me bring it out to the Surface so I can clear it. Thank you!”.

Initiation into Heaven~ How It Began For Everyone On The Planet~ Brilliant Repost

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Commentary from The Galactic Free Press~ On November 11th of 2007, 2 weeks before Father God and I Connected which was November 29th 2007. I had an experince where I was initiated into Heaven [ the part in this about co~ creating the new earth is underway NOW and you can put the rest of the pieces together]. This was before I remembered I was MotherGod. I did not remember this Truth until January of 2008. The Following was My Initiation Into Heaven, and Marriage with the Divine and I physically experienced each event in an etheric ceremony which I documented. Wow, it was truly an Amazing Experience which was unforgettable! Everyone will be experiencing this in their own unique way. We felt it was good to give You reference points as many will have similar experiences. Mine was unique to connect with Father God in this Realm. You can just imagine my surprise 2 weeks after this event, when Father God contacted me and said Hi, I am Your Twin Flame, it took me 24 hours to recover.

The Truth about Father/Mother God

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The Truth about Father/Mother God.

By Earth Allies David and Chellea


Through the light worker groups, The Prime Creator is very well known, and All intend to Serve. But many truly don't know, or won't except, the truth. We all know Prime Creator as, Source, The All. But something very important has been forgotten.

Everyone on this earth has a Twin Flame. One Male and One Female, which complete the One soul. Prime Creator is also Twin Flames, our Father and our Mother. The very first Twin Flames. Together they make the creator. Our parents birthed us into creation as One soul. We then chose, to experience the male/female in separate form, as The Creator did. Keeping the male and female forms, throughout our many lives, we have incarnated.

Join Us Today ~ Solstice Celebration And Meditations

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Greetings Love Beings!

Waves of Intense light this planet has ever seen are now arriving in waves!

The Solstice Energies will reach a climax today! You Could be experiencing Many different feelings right now, Let Go, Surrender and Embrace the Light and The Present Moment of Now!  This will assist You In these intense energies.

We will be celebrating the Solstice, the Portal, the Holidays, and UNITY all day on the Higher Grid.

Join us here:

ALL are welcome in 5D and Love!

First Meditation at 9:10 am pacific  ~ Opening of the portal


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