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~ Exciting and Uncomfortable Moments in the Ascension Process~

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Greetings Love Beings,

Humanity is In Some Very Exiting and for some, Uncomfortable Moments of the Ascension Process , as we are in the final Process's, of Releasing all density within the Body Holograms and this includes Mother Earth, to prepare for Unity Consciousness. This event is Multi~ Dimensional, as this will also result in all the so called dark ones, non~ existence.

These releasing events, are now Occurring through the Chakra System, associated with Your Entire Gland system. As this occurs, it is also activating some Chakras that have been dormant up until Now and Are Just Now Opening. The Total will be 13 major Chakras opened, so that the Body Hologram can embrace the Entire Love~High Frequencies that are coming in to achieve Balanced Harmonics.

 Memories and emotions are dense thoughts, which act on the being as dead weight such as an anchor tying down a boat.These emotions and memories must be released within all of the Chakras. This will also adjust Mother Earth's Chakras as Well, as She Feel's Better, So Will Humanity!~

~ Very Important To Assist In Current Energies~

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The Following are recommendations as the release of all the old programming is coming up to the surface for many. Make sure you breathe, Be Patient with yourself and with others and stay focused in the Present Moment. This is going to be uncomfortable for Some as this clearing takes place. Let us Love Each Other and Support One Another




With Great UNDERSTANDING=OVERFLOWING= Grander Responsibility

IN THE FIELD OF NOW =FOREVER  WE will meet you there


You will not take things personally, You will be gentle not only with Yourselves each other as well, You will not feed into fears, doubt, worry, resentment or negativity, You will ask for help, You will reinvent Yourselves daily to adjust into complete alignment with Your purpose for the Highest Good at all moments, You will discuss Your feelings instead of "Events" and when required will ask these 3 questions 1.What are you doing? 2.Is it working for you 3.If not what is the new plan......


“There is a Lot Happening Now” Prepare for Change

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Kp Message… “There is a Lot Happening… Now”

Quoted from Cobra, Prepare for Change!!!!


[ Red DragonFly came to Give Us a Message that Grand Events are Unfolding, and the Fairy and Elemental Kingdoms were Cheering!!! PS~ He Posed for the Picture and would not leave until  this was taken, LOL]



~Humanity's Choice is Now Clear~ Universal Love is Free~ BREATHE

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Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles and Magical Synchronostic Events. Synchronostic Events, only Occur in True Reality and is Your Indicator of "Being Present in the Moment of Now! Its a New Day..... Live it in Love, Live this Enjoy, and Know that Great Transformations, Great Changes are Underway for the Betterment of all of Human Kind. Humanity's Choice is Now clear. They are done with duality...and we are Here to Answer this Prayer in True Equality and Love for ALL. We are not here to save Humanity, for Humanity is now choosing to Save Themselves. Its Now up to all of us Standing in the Light to Guide the Way into the Truth. Out with the old in with the NEW! 
Grand Energies began Pouring in through the 111 and now a Series of Events, have already been set in motion to manifest and are in process.








~ 111 Day~Activating Incredible Energies For The New Earth=Heart ~

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 Greetings Love Beings, Through this 111 Day, We have ignited Some Incredible Energies which are Currently pouring in to assist us with The New Earth Manifestation and True Unity this Year. These Energies have A Firm Foundation of Unconditional Love, the Only Law that Exists, can exist, Will exist, and has Ever Existed. The Highest Vibrational Thought of Love Everywhere Present is the Perfect Balanced Harmonic Chord Within Creation. Each and Every Being on this Planet has within them, their own Unique Note. Currently, This Note is Being Sounded Within all of Humanity's DNA Structures as we work diligently to raise the Entire Planet UP into Higher and Higher Frequencies.

The Experience From this Moment On for those that have let go into Love Is, Joy, Laughter, Peace, Cooperation, Synchronostic Magical Events, Love, Oneness, Community, Family, and Eternity.

~WE Are Here to Give HUMANITY Everything.~

~ Today's Divine Inspiration~ Even if you have a minority of One, the Truth is still the Truth~

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~Sums ‘it’ all up beautifully~Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony ~ Gandhi


~We are the Bird Tribes, we the winged one who have not lost connection to the whole. We are the gardeners of this field of stars wherein there grow the flowers of consciousness. … We are the people of the Truth, of Peace. We are the Bird Tribes, listen for our Songs in field and forest, mountain and sea shore and you…… will hear us calling you back home~ (from “The Return of the Bird Tribes” Ken Carey)


~Even if you have a minority of One, the Truth is still the Truth~ .:. Ghandi

LOVE REPORTER SRI GAWN TUFAR ~ It’s amazing what we can do with love and even more amazing what love can do with us~

~We’re all connected. We just don’t see it. There isn’t an “out there” and an “in here.” Everything in the Universe is connected. It is just one energy field~ John Assaraf

Important Message~Love Yourself By Earth Ally Will Harader

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Yes, love yourself. Stop looking for acceptance from outside. This hasn't worked for the thousands of years people have been on this planet, isn't currently working and wont work in the future. Love can't be found outside of yourself because what appears to be external is only an illusion. Love lies deep within, are you willing to look inside yourself? Most people aren't, looking inside offends the ego. Self-awareness and the ego are not compatible. In awareness we realize we are neither the body nor the ego/mind.

Our search for love from other people is what spoils most relationships. We look to our partner for happiness and when they fall we fall with them. This isn't love, but co-dependency. In a truly loving relationship when one person falls the other is there to pick them back up. Both partners are pillars of strength, together yet individual, helping each other along this path we all walk.


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