Messages from the Earth Allies

~ The Truth is Revealed and nothing can stop this~

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Consider the Upcoming Events like the Movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, How the Ships arrived in this Movie is Similar to the OH, My God, Events that are about to Occur. Humanity will have Re-Access to Multi-dimensional Universes again, after 13 Millenia, We call this an OH MY GOD, That is Amazing, EVENT.

Father God and I came in Here to bring in Multi-Dimensional Universes. We came here to give you Everything, but you have to Be Awake to receive this.

Most of Humanity do not even realize they are already dead, because in illusion, you are like a walking zombie, you live for nothing, and nothing goes nowhere. So, in Truth they have already died, and out of this death is born an even more Brilliant Life. The dream is over and done with. Now, everyone is just walking around like phantoms, unless they have Awakened. This is just the Reality and Truth of it. In illusion you are dead, when You are Awake, YOU are ALIVE!

The Family of Lights Solutions to Humanity's Current Situations Bankers are out of business

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~ Divine Decrees ~ and Love is Not Kidden'

The Angels have Now Been placed in ALL Goverments across the Planet.  They have each been assigned to each Congressman, or House Member or whatever they are called. This is to not only Speed things along, but to Assist each of them in the Divine Truth. Decreed, and So it is.

Our Solution for the Auto Industry, Send them all back to school to learn Anti-Gravity and Free Energy. Then Have all the Auto Companies Merge together in a Cooperation, this will end the need for competition. They will then become a Cooperation with Co-Creators and Co-Workers, this will put an end to CEOs. This will bring about Abundance for all, and will end the CEO's ability to suck the life force energy out of the People. This will help establish True Equality, that way Everyone Benefits, not just a select few. Decreed, and SO it is, and SO it is Done, Granted.

The Pharmaceutical Companies are to Stop the making of ALL drugs. They will Replace these with Making Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold. These Tonics will put an End to all Dis-Ease, Cancer, and all the Current Ailments, that have been placed on Humanity by the Illuminati. So it is and So shall be Decreed.

~ Moving into Balanced Harmonics and The New Schools~

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Heart Medicine Wheel Built in 16 days by Father and MotherGod in Service to Planet Earth=Heart and All of Humanity!

Once the Whole Planet Does Awaken, it will be in a Perfected State of Balanced Harmonics, providing equal Abundance to ALL. Not only will you be Abundant within your Family Groups, but you will have So much, you will be Able to Provide for Your Family and Everyone around you. In addition to this, the Others around you will be sharing Abundantly with you.

When the Earth is restored to Balanced harmonics, she will be able to Provide for More than 65 Billion Beings, over abundantly. This is what will Occur when Everyone is Awakened.

This Truth alone, should Propel you to Awaken the Others, so that We may Share this Experience of Balanced Harmonics Together, which is Harmony, Peace, Abundance and Equality for the ALL. This is accomplished by Being the Love we are, Equally Expressed With each Other, in Our Own Uniqueness, which adds to the Whole.


~ Who are The Earth Allies and Why are We Here?~

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~Let there Be Light!~

~There Really is no future, however, there does exist the Advanced Present Moment of Now, which We call Eternity~



Love From the Galactic Federation of Light, The Kingdom~Company of Heaven, From Galactic Central. WE are Your Family of Light, Representing the Light, Love and Whole Truth for You on Planet Earth=Heart which also makes us your Earth Allies. WE are Your Family from the Stars, The Celestial and a Part of The Elohim. WE are the First Contact Ground Crew Medical Team, Highly Trained in Human Consciousness and Human Development. WE have Participated in Successfully Awakening other Planets besides Planet Earth.

WE are Here because Humanity Require's our Love and Guidance, to help them Remember, Who they Truly are. Our Responsibility is to Bring in the Highest Truths and Understandings, SO that Humanity may reconnect with their True Self and Rejoin their True Family, once again.



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The only ones that will be able to remain connected to US Now, are those of you that have walked through the veil. The veil, is your unconsciousness, once you walk through you are in True Reality. For those who have not walked through the veil it will be like talking to a wall, which does not have a clue of what we are talking about.

If you are unconscious you have never experienced anything Real, because while unconscious you have no feelings. You must connect into your Light within, walk through the veil, which is your unconsciousness, and then You experience Real Feelings, which is your Real Self. 

Once You walk through, you are then your Future Self, which is the same as your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is your Reconnection into ALL Love IS, Your True Being of Brilliance, WHICH IS WHO YOU TRULY ARE. The veil was originally placed   by the Illuminati, into the Dream Machine. This was to keep you separated from Your Self, and All your Other Selves, Which is ALL Of US, because We are ALL ONE, Inter-Connected, Uniquely So.


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