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~ Problem on Planet Earth=Heart~ Why the Delays have Occured

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Commentary from the Galactic Free Press~ Yesterday, we had a Brilliant Interview with Cobra which will be released shortly! One of the things he said several times was about why we had delays. He shared that we have key Lightworkers who became spiritual egos instead of following their mission for Unity. This is a little discouraging and at the same moment empowering. So the hunt is on now.... all egos and all spiritual egos are toast on this Planet! No more delays lets get er done! Thank You for Playing Your part and mission in UNITY!

Love The Earth Allies


Earth Ally Will Harader speaks about the spiritual ego...


Eventually a person has a moment of clarity. In this moment, they see the inherent emptiness of all the things they thought were so important. This causes a person to reevaluate their whole existence and look for a deeper meaning in Life.


What can I do to help?

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We have had some Family Members offering to help us and asking what they can do to help.


We do need help. We also need for you to tell us what you can do to help - not the other way around!


What I mean by that is that YOU are the best judge of what YOU are here to do. For example, we could ask you to report news stories of UFOs but that might not be what you are here to do. You might not find any Joy in it.


It’s time for you to step into your Divine Role. You define your Divine Role by looking at your unique gifts and talents and determining what activities bring you Joy. Maybe you enjoy making music videos or taking photos or talking to people or looking up the latest archaeological discoveries online.


Chat Sessions Hosted By Eric - Today

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Crystal Clarity Consciousness

Galactic Council Member Eric has started regular chat sessions called Crystal Clarity Consciousness.

These chat sessions are an outlet for people to share how and what they are experiencing and for those just awakening to help guide them with some of what they may be going through. ALL are welcome.


Crystal Clarity Consciousness is every Tuesday and Thursday in our regular chat room (CLICK HERE FOR CHAT ROOM) from 9:30 - 11:30 am eastern time. This is 6:30 - 8:30 am pacific time.


My Journey On The Road To Shambhala - New Video!

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After completing the video I made with the statements you all submitted, I started working on another video. I wanted to do something with my own photos and the song Shambala by Three Dog Night so I decided to document my journey of the past five months. It turned into a big project that I worked on for thirteen days.


The project affected me deeply and was very therapuetic for me. It provided me with a lot of opportunities to release... stuff. And now watching it is providing me with more opportunities to release and to rejoice! Ultimately, this is about my breaking through some barriers on the path to full consciousness. It's a celebration of the Joy I now experience.


I hope you all enjoy the video as much as I have. Please share!


Important Message from The Earth Allies~ Ignorance are the minions and they have lost the game

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~The Score was Tied Between Love and ignorance[ the illusion]~ Love is Up to BAT~





It's the bottom of the ninth, bases are loaded, score's tied between Love and illusion, and Love steps up to bat. Ilusion looks around the field, the bases are loaded. Illusion throws a ball and Love just stands there. The umpire says ball one. After 3 more balls, since illusion can't find the plate and the bases were loaded, it's now 3-2. Love is Everywhere Present, so Love steps up to the bat again. Ignorance[ the illusion] says, "Ah... Love has two outs, we'll just take Love down now". Of course ignorance is getting a little excited because Love has already won the game. First one is low outside, ball one says the umpire. The catcher says, "Hey come on guys, the bases are loaded".



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~Through Stating Out Loud You Are Commanding Your Higherself to Activate into this Physical Realm~


~By Serving the Love I Am, I am Serving the One, Equal The All, Equal All of US. By Serving the Love I AM, I am Trusting Love in ALL Moments of My Experience. When I Am Trusting Love, Love Serves Me. There is nothing for me to do and Everything to BE in All Moments.

As I Serve Love and Love Serves Me, the More Joy, Happiness, and Wholeness of Being, I Feel and Experience in All My Present Moments of NOW.

The True Reality of Who I Really Am, Love, is Now Being Born from My Being in Every Present Moment of Now. I Am Becoming The Unique God I Am Incarnate on Planet Earth=Heart. As this Occurs, My Soul Begins Expanding and I Marry with Creation and Love. Stepping into the Unknowable, I Become a Bright New Star of Brilliance. And So It is On Earth, as it Is in Heaven. EARTH=HEAVEN. I AM Love, and I Am God~


Re-Hearter ~We Want YOU to Be in Our Next Video!~ Deadline Today!

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We are making another video, featuring photos of the Family and we want YOU to be in it.

Here is all you have to do.

1. Select a photo of yourself (as large as possible).

2. Write a statement and add your name the way you want it to appear in the video. Your statement and your name should be less than 20 words total.

For example, in my statement and name below, the total number of words is 15.

You are surrounded by LOVE.
All you have to do is let it in.
~ Rain

3. Email us your photo and statement at

 If you are having trouble reaching us, leave a comment here and we will contact you.

4. We need your photo and statement by the end of Friday, October 12.

Thank you for participating! It's going to be a wonderful video!

In case you haven't seen our last video, here it is. Please share!



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