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Message from All Higher Self's~Destiny Up Ahead~ ~Heaven is Within~

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Now the Truth is Revealing itself....
     A Heart Melting in the Glow of Grace 
Brilliant Repost to for current events
~Heaven is Within~
Heaven an awakened dream manifesting before your eyes...Just a Fantasy most believed by the old controllers of the game... Now is Real and is

coming in.... as the New Stage of creation.... A Garden of Eden Now all may play....and re~member each as Divinity and Magical Celestial


The Truth of Real Love will burst forth this treasury...this Love gift for all of Humanity.... Eternity becomes the new Name of the
game and death will no longer exist as it now is in the duality....Heaven is a state of HEART in which you see...pleasure and
perfection inside of ones being...True freedom and Living Life spiritually. ..

~ Message from the Earth Allies~ Get Ready for Unification

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The Truth is Found and Discovered through the Heart of the inner being that lay awaiting your Conscious awareness. Truth is Alive Within You, and only through Being a Conscious Being you can then UNDERSTAND Who you Truly are...Then You Recognize.. YOU are YOU, TRULY ALIVE AND are MADE UP OF ATOMS THAT ARE ONLY LOVE. Once You Reach this understanding, you are Alive and Conscious=Spirit~  Your Remember you are Unlimited thought and unlimited thought produces unlimited possibilities. Heaven on Earth is the Destiny of the Planet and within each Brilliant being here, walking on the Planet aware or unaware...the Destiny is being fulfilled.For we all go together as ONE, into the New Earth.



~ D Day Has Been Successful!!! Love Has WON!~

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  • Galactic Love Reporter and Earth Ally Rain

During the meditation on Sunday evening, I went outside and sat on my steps at the appointed time. I closed my eyes and went right to Source, it was no effort at all and I didn’t have to center myself or anything. I could feel all the Beings in the cloud ships around my house with me, lifting me up.

Almost immediately, I got a vision of all of us Royal Angels grabbing hands – holding hands – and flying up into the air, circling Mother Earth and lifting up her and all of Humanity. We were One, forming a beautiful flying chain of Light and Love. It was exhilarating and I had Tears of Joy. All of you were there! We were so happy to be together that way.

After only about two minutes of meditation, it came to me – that’s it. Done. We won. I thanked Everybody around me and came back inside. I was calm and confident because I Knew we did what we had planned to do but it was a very long time before I really came back to Earth.

You Can Now Join us Live Every Sunday Evening beginnning at 5pm Pacific for the Weekly Meditation Declaring Peace On Earth=Heart at this Link. Our Last Meditation over 120 people joined us!!! WOW, Lets Gather all of Humanity and Reclaim Our Planet together we are victorious!

We Want YOU to Declare Peace on Earth!

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Dratzo, Love BEings! If you've been keeping up, then you know that part of the Ascension Process is achieving Peace on Earth. So we've decided to make that happen, starting now.

We're not waiting for our so-called "leaders" to declare Peace, we're doing it ourselves.


We are sponsoring a series of videos on our new YouTube Channel: GFPEarthStarNetwork. We want you to make a videos like this one:





Inelia Benz ~ New Human Operating System Followup

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Firstly, I would like to thank you for participating, and forwarding, the information on last Saturday’s Call to Action:

The response was extraordinary. The page itself has already been shared on FB over 3000 times. And people from just about every country in the planet joined in to partake in the download, and translations to many languages have been received and published.

This is huge!


We, as human beings, act as ONE. Even though it is sometimes hard to imagine, everything that happens on the planet, has been decided by our human collective.  The nature of our experience is colored by our “programs”.  These “programs” come from our own species, they come from the wishes of the collective, Gaia, and the Planetary Council, as well as from our culture, religion, society, education, family and our own and our body’s “karmic” leftovers.


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