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Hurricane Sandy Is Coming. What Should We Do?

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Fear is a Lie


So Hurricane Sandy is coming to the U.S. Everybody is saying it could be a destructive storm. What should we do?

Simple. If you are in path of this storm, prepare. If you are not in the path of this storm, observe events but don't worry about it.

This storm appears to be part of Mother Earth's cleansing process. More labor pains. They will pass.

The distant Passion of God's Love

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The distant Passion of God's Love
From Greek: Tele=far away; Pathos=Passion, Feeling
Was thinking about the meaning of the word telepathy, as the term did not resonate with all that I'm Feeling and experiencing, that tele part sounded too much like a tv term... then I looked it up and I under-stood.
Like a child that opens his eyes on Reality for the first time (who knows how many first times)... a Feeling, an Experience of Self, all of that was hidden inside the Self, without words, without thoughts, only Feelings. They com-prehend All. They All say as they All Know.

Humanity... get off your knees and Get Love on Fire

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Hmmm... thinks start getting hot on Planet Earth. As they were supposed to. As it has been foreseen, told and shared by every prophecy, spiritual Being, Human Being, tale, Message. EveryOne has been prepared for this Moment of Now. Though Now it seems few are truly Ready for the Moment. 



All have shared that when the Real Truth would come to the surface... it would be a BIG surprise for everyOne, now that the surprises start being delivered, humanity is surprised. Amazing...!
Though what did you expect? To suddenly get to the supermarket and buy a can of the New Planet? "Please, an ounce of 5d for me"? That's not the way Reality works, and it's not the way we co-Create. Co-Creation implies that all get together and envision, feel and transform. How can it be done alone? And how can it be done by not looking at what HAS to be transformed in the first place? 
What does it mean to Be Love? Does it equal to be stupid? Or dumb? Does it mean playing a game of "I pretend?" Or does Love equal Truth? For if you're afraid of looking at things as they are then you're not looking at them in Love but simply going on with the old paradigm of illusion where you choose not to acknowledge what is going on and put your head in the sand. No difference from what has happened on this Plant for long enough to establish a vibrational system all claim they want to get rid of: an illusion. 
Love has no fears, and Love knows that Truth has to be spoken and that Truth has to Be in order for Love to BE. And here, there's no but, and no if!
Love calls a spade a spade, always! 
You cannot pretend to Love anyOne if you're not able to tell them the Truth. Being an old paradigm "nice" person in order to not upset anyone is the reason why this Planet is where it is. Love does not need to be nice, Love Is and Loves no matter what, Love sees behind the masks and goes deep into the Being. And Love... calls the mask out! If it does not... it's not Love.


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