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Earth Allie: I see only the past.

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Earth Allie: I see only the past.  


To truly live in the Present Moment of Now it is essential to let go of the past, all belief systems based on an unconscious way of looking at things, people, situations... Letting go the past does not mean letting go who One Is, it actually means the opposite, BEcomeing again the true Self, for the past keeps all the illusion alive; and feelings, beliefs, situations, realtionships and values are given using past -unreal- experieces. In the Present Moment of Now all is eternally New and re-created as it's the only Moment that exists. And in the Moment Love, Miracles and Joy can freely express as there's nothing left that says "it cannot happen". Only by living based on the past, be it last year or last hour, Miracles and Joy cannot happen, as you cannot create Now if you live then

I hope this part of the "Course in Miracles" may help understand more deeply this most important concept.

~A Message from The Earth Allies~ The Invocation for the Incoming Energies

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~A Message from The Earth Allies~


~The Invocation For Our Full Moon and Partial Eclipse Event Followed by the Venus Transit~


The Following words are actually encoded into your DNA as Activation points for Manifestation. As you read or state outloud you are bringing forth these creative energies.~



AS Above So Below




As above so within, with the deepest Gratitude, Highest, and Purest intent for the GRANDEST AND HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL.


On this day Love, we release everything that no longer serves Us for the Greater Good of the ALL, So the Grandest~Highest Outcome for the Betterment of All Humanity May Manifest.


~ A Message from The Earth Allies~ I am Making a Commitment Today right Now!

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Photo By Earth Ally Will Harader~ Double Rainbow of Joy Appearing Over US Last Night, Igniting the Energies which Serve ALL for the Greater Good Of All


....We wish to share a moment of peaceful prayer to the current illusionary belief systems and send them loving energies for their complete dissolvement. They have played their roles and are no longer needed in the New paradigm.


The People are the Real Government, as decreed and Now this is in complete manifestation. All of Humanity Are to Be Free In Love Through Divine Birthright and Now will each, begin to live true spiritual lives of Peace and Unconditional Love....The current societal belief systems are corrupt and do not support Life. All that does not support Life is dissolving, For the Highest Good of All...


We ask each of you at this time to take a moment and say the following words with US ~~~


Message from the Earth Allies: THE LIGHT IS YOU ~ What are you still looking for?

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THE LIGHT IS YOU~What are you still looking for?



What else do  you need to know?

You're the LightHouse.

The House of Light is In You.


For how much others shine, you can only reflect their Light.

For how much others shine you can only brighten your path with their Light.

But to shine, you have to switch on Your Light.

The House of Light=Love is In You.



And to lighten the path for others, your Light shall be On, or you'll let them into darkness. 

Do not deceive yourself, do not deceive others.

Be the Light You Are.

A Message from the Earth Allies~ All Eyes are On Planet Earth=Heart

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~ A Message from the Earth Allies~



ALL the Eyes are on Planet Earth=Heart To watch Creation Occur, in a way that has never occurred before. A Love Story, Where Everyone Awakens as ONE, where The Circuit has Been Completed, and an Even Grander Creation begins. This requires the Whole Planet's Participation, and is why Everyone must Awaken this year of 2012.


Truth, Love and Creation are just like a Symphony and this Unfoldment on Planet Earth is So Unique and is The Grandest Event that that has occurred in all of Creation. The Event of a Humanity of GOD, that traveled to the depths of illusion and then to rise up, to Play their Part, within the Symphony of Creation. Each Atom carries a Note and each Instrument must Play. Each of Humanity as a Unique God Spark, have a Note within Creation to Play, just as each Atom that makes everything up. ALL parts Make the Whole, and Complete the Circuit. This Moment has arrived~


~A Message from the Earth Allies~ ~Humanity as Stargate Love~

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~A Message from the Earth Allies~





~Love is the First Stargate, Doorway, and the Only Stargate. This stargate is located Within all of Humanity and is the Being Called the Soul, connected to ALL Love IS. The Soul is actually the Real Dream Machine and is Like an Energy Translator. The Soul is actually the Screen of the Sub~Consciousness, Source. But, if it goes through a filter or unconsciousness, it gets distorted, which is what happened that brought humanity into illusion.


So, for 13,000 years for Humanity it has been like a sleepy dream, fantasy land, or as we refer to as as never never land, because it cannot go anywhere. Since Humanity is Source, the process everyone is in is in burning through the unconsciousness, Unifying your Soul to your Being, Reconnection to Source=Creation= ALL Love is=ONE=INEVITABLITY.




~ A Message from the Earth Allies~ The Road to Full Consciousness

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Right Now all of Humanity is in the Process of Becoming Full Consciousness. Some May leave the Planet in Numbers as we Proceed into Complete 5D Reality, WHICH IS LOVE EVERYWHERE PRESENT~


  The reason for many leaving is the Intense Energy Increase that is Now Penetrating to the very core of Mother Earth=Heart which is Connected to All Human Beings On Planet Earth=Heart. This Divine Energy seeded here By Us, Mother and Father God,is Pure Love Energy to Awaken Each Being on This Planet. This Was Set in The Divine Plan as this Moment of Now for the Release of this  Energy.



This Energy is Putting Intense Pressure on the program ego mind, which is what is termed darkness. What this is accomplishing is the dissolving of the program mind, and then The Real Being Emerges from this Experience.

Although all On Planet Earth=Heart at this time Contracted for this, not all will be able to release the ego. So, then they must transform through a physical death. All Are going Home Into 5d Reality In the No Matter what, by Divine Decree.



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Earth Ally Will Harader


Darkness is only self-ignorance. Darkness has nothing on the Light, it's not even real, it's an illusion that people still foolishly spread amongst each other. The "evilest" things are always done under the guise of fighting "evil", which should tell people a lot about the nature of good/evil darkness/light dualities.


Science tried to find nothing, so they looked in a vacuum to see what was there. When they looked really really close at what should have been empty space, they found energy. Every inch of this Universe is made of energy, also known as light. Darkness is only a concept within the mind, this Universe is made up of Light in an endless range of Multi-Dimensional frequencies.


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