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From the Earth Allies~ A Parable~ The Sage and The Village People~

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There was a sage that lived near a village on a Mountain in a cave. They all Loved each other and The Sage would daily come to the village,they were all "Family" and celebrated oneness, he centered  and balanced the village by sharing Love, and they considered the sage Their Father, because when they had questions, he was always there to answer them.


One day the sage was visited by an Angel and was told that the well water was going to be poisoned the next day before the sun rise, and that if the people drank from the well they would go insane. The Angel requested that the sage store up as much of the water as he could until the well was cleared of poison.


The Sage being so dedicated to the people of the village he worked all night gathering the water from the well, until he was so exhausted he fell asleep. He awoke suddenly and ran outside of the cave and the Sun was already up. In his Love for the people he went running down the Mountain yelling and screaming, "Don't drink the water or you will go crazy."


The Knowing: Accessing Your 6th Sense

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Urantia, April 30, 2012.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Perception.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Allow the words to flow. They seem to arrive out of thin air, as you perceive them. This is what our subject is all about – perception – letting the words form in your mind. Mortals are endowed with responsiveness to the sixth sense, depending in measure on how much thought is given to the inner life, spirituality and eternity, but only to the degree one refuses to get bogged down in the outer material world with its worries and concerns.


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~As Each day Passes, we Are Moving Closer and Closer to The Destiny of This Planet, which is the Return to Full Consciousness, Your True Nature as Divine Royal Angels.


We know Many of you find it difficult to Grasp that Indeed you and all Of Humanity are Royal Angels, and that You Have Wings!! This Truth was kept far from You for A very Long time, and even though for Years, Kryon has Mentioned this Truth, many of you did not quite Understand the Magnitude of Who You Truly are. Reaching Full Consciousness, you Will Remember This Truth of Being a “Royal Angel”.


Royal Angels are of the Highest Kind, and were the Only Angels That received Souls. Each Being on this Planet Has a Soul, therefore You Are All Angels, All Masters, and You Are Our Children in Creation. We were the Ones that Gave You Souls, so that You Could Experience, Life Here on Planet Earth=Heart. When We say You Have Souls, this Also Means You Are God. We are God and So Are You Equally So!


Stepping out of the box, written by Father God

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Stepping out of the box, written by Father God

This is a Message Father God wrote To Humanity, Our Children back in February of 08. We are Reposting this one, as it was in our series about the ego. Unfortunatly the ego is still a confusing aspect for all of you. We have to Reheart you for those still confused, ego is just like edging god out, ego is isolation and seperation. It is a lie. Love is not a Lie, Love is Real, and is the Truth of who you are. We Love you, Love Mother and Father God, Your Family of Light, and the Ground Crew for First Contact.


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Unknown Light Arist



You have accepted yourself as who and what you are. 

You have humbly accepted your assignments within your journey with no strings attached. 

No what ifs and no looking to the past. You embody the living Truth with no drama, no trauma, in every moment that you are.

You embody personal integrity. This doesn’t mean how honest you are in the world, but how honest you are with yourself. 

Self-deception is one of the greatest causes of fear.

You can tell if you are in personal integrity, if how you feel on the inside matches what you experience on the outside. 

Message from All Higher Self's~Destiny Up Ahead~ ~Heaven is Within~

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Now the Truth is Revealing itself....
     A Heart Melting in the Glow of Grace 
~Heaven is Within, Happy Ascension Day~

Heaven an awakened dream manifesting before your eyes...Just a Fantasy most believed by the old controllers of the game... Now is Real and is
coming in.... as the New Stage of creation.... A Garden of Eden Now all may play....and re~member each as Divinity and Magical Celestial


The Truth of Real Love will burst forth this treasury...this Love gift for all of Humanity.... Eternity becomes the new Name of the
game and death will no longer exist as it now is in the duality....Heaven is a state of HEART in which you see...pleasure and
perfection inside of ones being...True freedom and Living Life spiritually. ..


~The Galactic Free Press~ The Truth about The Innocence of Humanity~Humanity is not ignorant Part 2~

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~The Galactic Freee Press~ Truth Transmissions~






~The Truth about The Innocence of Humanity~Humanity is not ignorant~ Part 2



~Where Can You find Peace, Unconditional Love, Joy, Balance and Harmony? Its definitely not outside, for the outside is illusion, thats just ignorance. You can Only find Peace, Unconditional Love, Joy, Balance  and Harmony from Within. Most of Humanity at this Point, is running around on The Planet unaware that they are Love. So Instead they are working as slaves, keeping appointments, trying to keep things "under control", stressed out, busy, distracted, caught in looking to the outside and for what? What is the purpose? Some of Humanity think that all this pain and suffering is life. When the Real Truth is all happening from within.


~The Galactic Free Press~ Truth Transmissions~The Soul Experience, The Reconnection to Love=Source

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~The Galactic Free Press~1 ~25~12

Truth Transmissions~The Soul Experience, The Reconnection to Love=Source~




~What We have observed is that through the 11~11 portal more are at the Level of putting all the pieces together. We feel the Truth Transmissions will assist in these missing puzzle pieces!~

~The Soul Language is the Only Language in True Reality, and The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is the Language We all Share together in One shared Love.This is the one and Only Real Language, and AS you Awaken, you Will Remember your Connection to the Soul Language, Multi~Dimensionally.~


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