OCTOBER 19TH 2017 – NEW MOON IN LIBRA at 2:12pm CD

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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This Libra Full Moon is a powerful one… it opposes Uranus.  Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love and Uranus is the great Awakener, the revolutionary, and all about Change!   This New Moon cycle is focused on relationships!  Relationships of all kinds…your personnel one’s with lovers, friends, work relationships etc.  Expect some changes to happen in some of these areas!  The changes could be in many arenas and can happen as quickly as a lightning bolt….. or as an awakening when you realize that you are no longer vibrating where this “person/person’s”  are vibrating and you find that you must move on….gently….but you must move!  I have spoken mainly about personnel relationships here so far….but relationships with CEO’s, Presidents and Congress, other countries and other countries leaders etc. etc. also fall into these changes.   This also includes boss’s or owners of companies that exploit people (mostly sexually), for their own advantages.  As Jupiter and Mercury are also sitting with this New Libra Moon and they are in Scorpio and Scorpio rules Sex!   It is interesting as Jupiter (one meaning is expansion) entered Scorpio…… the Harvey Weinstein (American film producer) scandal broke out!   We are in a time of radical change assisting our Evolution…and as above (the planets energies), so below (the Earth)…..we can see it being played out almost daily!

The Raven Collective ~ Mother Raven Speaks...

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Dear Light Bearers,

A couple days ago I connected with the Raven energy and I was greeted by what they said was a Collective energy for the Raven species. A gentle and loving feminine energy came through – what I later identified as ‘Mother Raven’ – and welcomed my communication with them and she said she was delighted that so many humans are able and willing to connect to the different species and life forms on the Planet now in a conscious way. They said that this is where we are now at – the space in which we are in – which allows us a deeper connection with all of Life here on Earth.

We are at last coming into a frequency which is bringing us into deeper alignment with the Collective Gaia consciousness of the Planet Earth, and all her life forms.  Mother Raven said that those of us who are able to connect at this level now are deeply appreciated for the work that we are doing in order to raise the light quotient on Earth. She also said that it is imperative that we as Light Bearers plug ourselves into the 5D Crystalline Energy Matrix and Grid several times daily, in order to be supported more fully within our rising levels of consciousness and awareness.

She showed me that the Crystalline Grid acts as a kind of sieve between the 3rd dimension and the higher dimensions which prevents those who anchor into its energy from falling through, back down into the lower frequencies, and helps us to keep our energy stable in the higher frequencies so that we less drawn into the unfolding drama of the 3rd dimension.

Have Recreated Compartitions * Telekinetic Map Drive

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Pictorial Amassity



O.k Going on about to Better Explanations, of what we conclude in here by the effects of Ships (Ufo’s) Or other Sustainments Utilized these days to “Explicit” Bring on about Localizations for the energies to Gather within as accensus (Compartmentalized Knowledge - From Compartmentalization Yess, Congruent to your Manifestations) - Interior Visions (Visual Interpretations and The advances made through Molecular Based Modules {Cellular Grid Tracks} For Accountability) - Reputability and by other means (Exo-Quantum and Political Accesses, or Excess Made beyond Temporo Spheres).

Adjacent to formulations of this Knowledge, we have found about a Great Disposition Within the Technological Grids (By Amplifications) Causally Interpreted by Beings (Remote Viewers) In some Cases (This Case) Being * The structural Code (Implementation of Knowledge) Through Advances Made beyond the Molecular (Sub-Based) Prospected Notion of an Intergalactic Race of Beings, who Works with technologies on this Earth, from their Place in the Future. Yess, Future Settings (From there) we work Here * In this Moment.

Contemporal Managements (What you Make of These-Messages) - GFP

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The internal Accords of Convoluted Prospections (Retrospection Analysis)

Portended changes in this fabrication is made throughout contournal Means - Interpretations (Advances which are Made) Throughout a Modular Extraction Point - For Ameliorations and the Contact Prerequisites (Adjustments) MADE for your CONTINUITY - “Understatements” and by allowing yourselves to find a Duplicated Cord of the Energetic Attachments (Overlaid) Beyond this Specific (The Pacific Ocean). The energetic cords Or Modules in this case, can be causally interpreted by choices in which we make through congruent formulations of thoughts which adapts truthfully to your exemptions in the “CONTOURNAL EXPANSIONS” - Expositional Fields for Advance Contacts (Connectivity) Continuity and By Preamplified Means the Co-Active Study Groups, Exchanges made beyond core structural Compounds (Energetic Engravings).


The Structures of Internal Accountability

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The Structures of Internal Accountability


(Coming in Close Contact WITH) - Adjacent Formulas for Extraction Points throughout a Localized Super Structured Core Assembly. Inertia of Amendments (Incorporated Modules for the EXACT OPPOSITIONAL FORCE - OF ACCOUNTABILITY)... See Here, by depiction of the Core structural Energetic Implants * Coming to FIND ABOUT by EVENTUAL MEANS of a LOCALIZED SUPER STRUCTURED CORE ASSEMBLY. (It’s the Internal Components - That counts Towards our Quota - Of Existence in the HERE AND NOW have Localized Upon) - Subjectable Causes of what this Internal Assessment Creates from Undulated Waves of Attachments - Frequency Wise - Accelerations from Compositional Mappings (Composites of the EXACT FORMULAS) for our Well Being, by depiction within contournal Mappings which is adjacent to the formulas Extracted herein BEYOND DISPROPORTIONATE LINKS.

So to come INTO (UNDERSTANDINGS) - Again, to say without “Further Ado”...

Internalizing Suspects (Internal Cords of Active Modules) - Non-Localities

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External Cords* Advancing throughout Disproportionate Links (The Intelligence Modulates) FOR the EXACT CORE GROUPS - ACCESSING THESE DOCUMENTS (Writings).

Coherent Designation Points have been assimulated (Contested - Retrospected) By beings whom allocates at different Peripherals (In Time) - Exchanging Numerous Structures for a Hyper Accountable Structuralization (Enumeration) of what creates THESE* Conclusions (In Times) - By Remembering the Accentual Compartments which derives off of Cellular Modulations (Grid Tracks) - Of Oppositional Forces - FOR ACCOUNTABILITY (Greater Accountability)... Numerising / Memorising the Contextual Mappings - Acquitted for Beings of Higher Transparencies.

These Beings (Of Higher Transparencies) Are the Equivalent formulas of what we find (In on out - Throughout) These Internal Components (Grids of the Earth’s Expositional Advances) - In the Making of, and without concords to assimilations casted upon a delocalized retrospection from Internal Analysis… These Beings are working around on this Earth (The Golden Race) As has been said from on within “Wisdom Teachings” with David Wilcock.

Working around In convoluted Processional Remixing(S)

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Working on Convoluted Processes of Being - In the Here and Now, as Exposed on Galactic Free Press - Living in the Moment (Momentary Choices - To make) - Capabilities in what we conclude by Temporal Emissions. The Sub-Sonic Frequencies, which are adjusting in a “Surplex” - /Complex, Nor Less to say ABOUT. What Concludes in Dispersions of These Words (In Subatomic Particle Managements)... The Multiverses has a Structural Code (Implementation) for Higher Adaptations -> Made Towards Beings of Greater Telekinetic Map Drive (Accentuations) Upon - Delocalized Prospections (Interior Prospections). CHANGED in the Etheric Cords of the Anti-Matter Phenomenon. And with that said, we come to a conclusion, in the Etheric Cords (Formulations for Higher Octaves) - “Frequency Emissions” which is held Liable (Reliable Structures of what we IMPLEMENT - In a Ground CORE STRUCTURALIZED EMISSION) Coming in from star systems (Outer Star Systems) - In ALIGNMENTS - TOWARDS YOUR GREATER EXPOSITIONS - AS FOUND ON THIS WEB SITE.

Namaste - More to Come, If you wish to Help me sustain the Grids (In any Particular way - Or Within “Movements”) We can accomplish this by structuring Internal Codes from what is disposed as a Higher Transparency - For “Localizations” which would be the Subdued Tracks of Informational Downloads… Acquitted for Beings Within Higher Mappings (Of Higher Transparency)..


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