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Daily Message ~ Monday June 1, 2015

In every moment of your life, you have the opportunity to express yourself as who you really are, or as you think people expect you to. One is the always the perfect response for you, in your truth and authenticity. The other is looking for approval from externals, which is never going to be consistently satisfying. Dear Ones, you can always, always find the highest path for yourself by feeling into your heart, into your beingness, and proceeding from there. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday May 30, 2015

Dear Ones, what if your repetitive themes were energies coming up for release? What if simply observing them leave was all that was required? What if you perpetuate your patterns and cycles through resistance and your belief you are unhealed or broken?

Choose wellness. Choose authentic power. Choose to thrive. If you simply embrace your infinite ability to claim your beingness, you will be able to merrily wave goodbye to whatever is leaving, and revel in your new improved energetic state that is far more in line with what you wish to experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday May 29, 2015

Dear Ones, you are all in a time of acceleration right now. Some of you are already navigating tangible change in your lives. Others may feel like not much is happening at all, but let us assure you there is much activity that has not yet broken into your conscious awareness. You simply cannot go through the energies you are in right now without massive change and transformation happening.

Trust. If you are in a period of action, trust that everything that is unfolding for you has a great purpose in your life and that the universe is always conspiring to help you. If you are in a waiting period, trust that great progress is being made and will become apparent to you when the timing is perfect, and that the universe is always conspiring to help you.

Do you see? There is never, ever a time when you are not being loved and assisted. Your ability to trust, stay surrendered, and apply what you know, will have everything to do with how comfortably you will navigate the movement such acceleration always brings. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday May 28, 2015

When you yearn for the energies of Home, what you are really yearning for is the energy of complete and total acceptance, exactly as you are. You can create this to a great extent for yourself, by loving yourself unconditionally and embracing your unique energy and offerings. Spend time in the activities that bring you joy. Give yourself permission to be you. Shine in your truth, and you will be able to draw to you the others who recognize and appreciate you just as you are. But most of all, give yourself acceptance and unconditional love first, and you will be anchoring the energies of heaven on earth, and embodying the very things you most wish to experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 27, 2015

The faster you can stop looking for ways to make yourself or others wrong, the faster the energy of complete acceptance will take hold and allow people to finally focus on what is gloriously right in each and every person on the planet. Acceptance supports freedom, which is the sweet nectar that allows every soul to self express in a way that is perfect for them. It is through that freedom that people will finally find their purpose and live the satisfying life expressions they were always meant to live. Don’t you want that for yourself and for others? It all starts with your complete and total acceptance for yourselves and each other, and everything will shift and shine from that point forward. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday May 25, 2015

It is your own pervasive worthiness issues that cause you to accept so much less than what your true potentials are. These self esteem issues are rooted in old belief systems that were never valid, but designed to control the masses and keep you small and disempowered. You also shy away from claiming your worth because you still buy into the idea that to do so somehow involves taking away from another. Dear Ones, it is time to let these old, tremendously limiting ideas go, once and for all!

There is plenty of room on this planet for you to shine brightly in your most glorious expression of self, not to the detriment of others, but rather for the greatest good of all! Living to your full potential simply means expanding into your highest expression of self in a way that serves the whole (which, of course, includes yourself). It is about moving into fairness, truth, balance, and your own glorious self expression, which honours your soul, your purpose, humanity, and your beloved planet. Doesn’t that feel like exactly what you’ve been seeking all along? ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday May 24, 2015

Many human beings would love to enter into their own communication with the angels, masters, or their guides, but hesitate because they are afraid. They wonder, why would an angel talk to me? Aren’t they busy? How do I know the guidance I receive is from a positive source? Because so many of you are unsure and fear making a mistake, you are avoiding stepping into your own partnership with spirit.

Allow us to put your fears to rest. You are all worthy, and beloved, and precious to us, and we love working with you! In fact, it is our greatest joy to do so! All you must do is ask, and we are delighted to assist. You are all worthy, and you are never a bother.

Angelic communication is telepathic. Your own thoughts will come from inside your own head. Communication from your guides, masters, or angels will come in, like a stream or an inspiration, from outside of yourself.

Any guidance from a higher being will be encouraging, positive, uplifting and empowering. We do not work from the energy of fear or negativity. All information will be presented with love, acceptance and positivity. We honour your free will and will never tell you what you must do. We gently guide, never order.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday May 23, 2015

There is a phenomenon that occurs in humans where they idolize others. The person they feel so drawn to is someone who excels in their field, usually an artist or performer of some sort. Let us explain to you why this happens.

It is not necessarily the person you are so drawn to, but rather their complete and perfect alignment with their purpose! Your fascination with this person is actually your own desire to express your own beautiful alignment and your own highest expression of self.

That is the true gift that those of fame offer. Not only do they play out their own problems in a public way in order to allow you to learn and grow from their experiences, they also remind you of the glory of living your highest life expression, by honouring your true purpose and unique contribution to the planet. ~Archangel Gabriel


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