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Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 26, 2016

Many of you are in the process of big change – change in your service, change in your location, change in your love life, change in your relationship to self. The reason for this is because the energies are now to the point where they can open new potentials, that will allow you to discover possibilities you have not been aware of. On a soul level, many of you are agreeing to new service contracts, as well, that will take you in new exciting directions and expressions of self.

Dear Ones, we understand it can be disconcerting to feel deep, profound change and not have any idea of where you are going just yet. That is where your trust and faith come in. You are well prepared for this! You have learned how to surrender and flow, and how to move with the universe in a far more empowered way.

Be open. Remember that the universe can bring to you results far beyond what you could imagine for yourself. Continue to explore yourself, your truth, and what brings you joy. Use your gifts and the endless supports that are available to you. Embrace the magic of the unfoldment that you have both co-created and earned, as you continue to so beautifully drive the shift on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday April 25, 2016

We love that you are all so caring, so diligent, as you continue to move forward on your paths. You are so mindful! We understand that some energetic shifts can seem difficult to integrate and navigate, but please do not allow that to make your journey unnecessarily heavy or arduous by focusing on the challenges and forgetting about the many blessings that have come from your efforts. Your gratitude and attention to the magic that abounds and the wonderful progress that has been made is exactly what will put the “light” back in enlightenment. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday April 24, 2016

If you have trouble loving yourself, you are still in the illusion of seeing yourself as separate from Source. Dear Ones, you are individuated aspects of Source energy, with a unique energy that is adding immeasurably to the whole. To not love yourself is to deny your truth, your birthright, your divine lineage. Do you really think the universe created perfection all around you, but managed to mess it up when it came to you?

Do you see? You are perfect exactly as you are, and the sooner you can come to accept and celebrate that fact, the faster you will start allowing yourself to shine and truly start living the life expression you wish to experience and absolutely deserve. Keeping yourself small serves no one. Loving and accepting yourself serves the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday April 22, 2016

Imagine that you have entered an event and your goal is to reach the finish line (your intended creation) in record time. You are tethered to several other energies and as you look at them you can identify them as excitement, creation, focus, fear, doubt and resistance.

The starter’s pistol is fired and you are off! You, excitement and creation take off in the direction of the finish line but find you can barely move. You turn to see what is going on and you see that focus is facing the finish line but not moving because resistance has dug his heels in and wants everything to stay the same. Doubt doesn’t move either because he is looking all around and can’t make up his mind which way to go. Fear was so startled by the sound of the starter’s pistol that he has turned around and is running with all his might in the other direction!

Do you see? In order to truly move forward with the most efficiency and success, you must give yourself permission to release the things that hold you back. If you embrace energies that support each other and match your intentions, you will be crossing the finish line into the land of new creations with more ease and enjoyment than ever before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday April 21, 2016

Dear Ones, there is a place of peace that exists in you, always. It is found in your own divine spark, which you access through going within and finding your alignment with Source. The amount of peace you experience at any given time is dependant upon whether you are in alignment with that divinity or not.

What are ways to find that place within self? Through meditation. Through prayer. Through stillness. Through anything that creates flow in your life. Through becoming fully aware of the right now moment. Through gratitude. Through creation or any activity that brings you joy.

When you are overly busy or over stimulated it becomes very difficult to find that place of inner calm, and yet that is when you need it the most. Love yourselves enough to stop and experience your truth, and the loving connection that is accessible to you at all times, and you will find that the peace you have been missing has been within you all along. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday April 20, 2016

We invite you to think of someone you have cared for who you have loved deeply. It may be a child, a senior, a dear friend, a partner, or even an animal. Your greatest concern, when you demonstrate love through care taking is creating a space of safety where your beloved has everything they need to thrive.

We would say to you that this is the foundation you seek for yourself as you start to explore moving into self love. Having a safe environment is paramount. You simply cannot thrive and be traumatized at the same time. You first must make sacred space where you can be wide open without fear. Second, you must give yourself everything you need to be able to move into your greatest expression of self. This means supporting yourself in freedom, expansion, joy, creativity, experience, growth and self expression.

We ask you to take a moment and explore whether you offer those basic necessities for yourself. If not, what can you do today to start to offer yourself the same tender, loving care you so freely give those you love? It is time, Dear Ones, to share the delight of your love with yourselves. It is far too special for you to miss out on. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 19, 2016

Dear Ones, what if your sacred mission was to get to know yourself again? So many of you get lost along the way, trying to please others, bogged down by responsibility and all the things you should do that you have lost your joy. The last time, for many of you, that you were in truly in touch with what you enjoyed was during your teenage years, before you were convinced that fun was frivolous.

What matches who you are today? What things would you secretly love to try that others dissuaded you from because it didn’t match their dreams for you? We urge you to understand that rediscovering your joy is one of the greatest gifts of the human experience. It is a soul requirement and your divine mission, to find your way back to joy. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday April 18, 2016

Dear Ones, some of you may notice recurring themes in your life. This does not mean that you are missing a message, are bad or stupid, or are being tested. It merely means you have chosen this theme as an area you would like to experience and gain some mastery of during this life expression.

A theme will often loop back around periodically in your life. Think of it as the universe saying, “What do you think about this now?” It is for you to decide your approach based on where you are now on your path. Many of you have grown so much that you can see the theme with brand new eyes. It can be a marvellous indicator of growth to experience it in a brand new way, that matches who you have grown into.

A certain theme will also loop around to ensure you have many, many opportunities to master it, as there is no guarantee you will do that first time around. It is not there to continue to torture you, rather to ensure that you have plenty of access to it whenever you may feel you would like to gain the growth and the experience. You often plan things in your life in such a way, taking into account the wild card of free will.

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Daily Message ~ Sunday April 17, 2016

Dear Ones, it is the easiest thing in the world for the universe to create intersections for non-resistant human beings. What that means is that when you are surrendered to the flow – when you follow the subtle bumps and nudges of your soul – it allows us to create the right time/right place events that match what your soul desires. Magical alignments are the natural outcome of true surrender and flow. ~Archangel Gabriel


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