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Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 30, 2015

Surrender and flow, with faith and trust, activates your team of highest advisors to, in the most direct way possible, lead you to your highest experiences. By getting out of your own way, out of the agonizing and trying, worrying and overthinking, you are immediately able to enter into empowered, co-creative movement.

If you have a blockage, surrender and flow may bring you right to it. This is a good thing! If you don’t panic, you will be able to resolve that issue once and for all, and finally flow beyond it. In fact, we would say surrender and flow is the most efficient way to find the resolution you seek.

Most of you are willing to surrender into the flow but resist the second you bump up against an old issue. Dear Ones, it is your faith and trust that will allow you to resolve it once and for all, and get to the sweet spot your soul has been trying to lead you to all along. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday June 29, 2015

Think of young children stood in front of an easel, given paints, brushes and a blank paper to create on. They immediately think what they wish to create, grab the brush and start to paint with abandon. They do not worry about getting it wrong. They simply enter into the flow of what they would like to express, and go with it. They also know that if they do not like what they have created, they can simply get a new paper and create again. There is no hesitation, no agonizing about getting it wrong, just pure expression, and every person who looks at their creation praises what they have done and accepts it.

You could learn much from your children! Joyfully create with abandon! Know that whatever you have made, if it is displeasing to you in any way, can be discarded and you can create again. Embrace experience and self expression. Give yourself permission to be the creative genius of your life and know that whatever you decide to do with it is perfect for you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday June 28, 2015

It is your deep faith and trust in your highest self, in your guides and helpers, and in Source, that will allow you to find peace and acceptance on every step of your ascension journey. It is also the lubricant that keeps you moving forward in surrender and flow, willingly embracing the unfoldment of your life expression. Faith and trust keep you out of resistance, which creates greater comfort and satisfaction in your life, which leads to appreciation. Appreciation and gratitude pave the way for your even greater tomorrows. Do you see? Faith and trust are the foundation for it all. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday June 27, 2015

What is love? Love is flow, openness, acceptance, inclusion. It is what energizes, expands, encourages and uplifts. It is the essence of your beingness, your highest expression of truth and self. It is your innate goodness and God-ness, gloriously expressed. ~Archangel Gabriel

Shelley’s note: I usually spend some time checking emails and fb before I write the daily message. Today’s insisted on being written as I was in the middle of doing that. I can’t help but feel that it is special response to the Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage in the United States yesterday. Love IS leading the way!

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Daily Message ~ Friday June 26, 2015

If you are feeling uncomfortable, you are out of the flow. The flow is simply another word for love. So if you are uncomfortable, how are you not allowing love? Are you holding yourself back from loving another? Are you holding yourself back from being loving to yourself? Love is what feels wonderful, Dear Ones, and it is where your soul will always try to lead you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday June 25, 2015

So many of you, due to your conditioning, are still on high alert for what you do not want. While a great many of you have discovered the importance of positive focus and are beginning to apply it in your lives, one area in particular seems to be lagging and that is the one we would like to address today. The area we see people continuing to be on the lookout for is discomfort.

Discomfort, by itself, when it naturally occurs, is a wonderful gift. It is a feedback tool which allows a person to know that they have stepped out of their highest alignment and flow. It is an indicator that they have stepped into resistance and that it is time to re-surrender in order to move back into a more comfortable place. It is meant to be a re-directional.

Due to the plethora of ascension symptoms that people have begun experiencing, as well as very diligent humans seeking to eradicate anything lower vibrating in their bodies, we have seen discomfort leap to the forefront of many people’s focus. If you understand that your focus is a great multiplier, you can see how this may be making things far more difficult than necessary.

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 23, 2015

How can you add more flow to your day? By making choices that are in line with what you find enjoyable and are a good match to you energetically.

Let us explain. If you are continuing with a job you detest, every morning when you wake up you will be in resistance and find it very difficult to flow. You will be feeling discomfort from the moment you open your eyes, right until the end of your work day.

Many humans have trained themselves to ignore their discomfort which is doing yourself a great disservice! Discomfort allows you to discern whether something is an energetic match to you or not. Simply ignoring that information is largely responsible for the great numbers of people on your planet who are suffering both emotionally and physically. Hear us when we say there are no special awards handed out for struggle and angst. Discomfort exists to get your attention and to encourage you to redirect into a path that is more aligned with who you really are. It is feedback from your soul.

When you start navigating your path by what feels good, you are stepping into self love. You start to honour yourself, your comfort, your wellness. You will always find it so much easier to surrender and willingly flow into what feels good, Dear Ones, and hear us when we say we wish nothing more for you than to have a life that satisfies you, and allows you to step into what you are really on the planet to experience.

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Daily Message ~ Monday June 22, 2015

A great many of you have reached a state where you can be in a place of mastery, peace and balance when you are on your own, and that is a wonderful foundation you have created for yourselves! As you are always growing and evolving, you may find yourself being presented with opportunities to express that mastery in new areas now. Perhaps you will find yourself in a new relationship, new surroundings, or new circumstances beyond your old comfort zone to begin to practice that same mastery and balance in new, expanded ways.

You might consider this being challenged, but really, it is simply an opportunity for you to take what you know and apply it in much grander ways. It is a way for you to express your truth, to apply what you know, to walk your talk, to see how far you have come and to teach by your wonderful example! We understand that you may consider yourself being tested, but nothing could be further from the truth. You are simply expanding your circle and moving back out into the world to get to experience how far you’ve come, and to express love, acceptance, compassion and unity in a more tangible way.

Almost all seekers end up moving from a period of solitude to reconnecting with others again. It is the next natural phase of your mastery, and a testimony to the work you have done. ~ Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday June 21, 2015

A reminder that equinoxes and solstices serve to anchor your energetic progress. Do you see what that means? It means for every bit of growth, every shift, every integration of light, your progress is saved. Allow this to sink into your knowingness. This means there is never, ever a turning back!

Many of you are so diligent about your journeys that you worry needlessly about whether you are doing enough, whether your growth is solid. Your path is self-correcting, Dear Ones! Moving backwards or in the wrong direction is not ever going to happen. You do not lose your growth. If you started trying to move in a way that was contrary to your level of attainment, you would simply become far too uncomfortable to continue in that direction in record time. Then you would naturally re-direct back into energies that match your truth and beingness.

This is an opportunity to celebrate! This is the solidifying of the work you have done! Enjoy! You have worked hard and it shows, so allow this day to be one where you not only embrace the endless supports that exist for you, but you also take a moment to own how remarkable and what an important part of this process you truly are. ~Archangel Gabriel


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