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Trust Yourself!

Dear one, there has been much wringing of hands, anxious thoughts and a bit of trepidation at what The Universe will present next.  Some will wait with bated breath for the next hint, sign or signal to move forward.  The searching and gleaning of information in every little thing written or spoken, looking for something, anything, that will give you permission to make the next step.  The one thing you seem to have forgotten, darling child, is that you have been receiving the necessary and needed information the whole time! (Smiling)  The issue lies not in what you receive but, how you have gotten so used to trusting others words more than your own.  The time for second-guessing is over!  It is time to begin trusting yourself as much as The Universe trusts you! ~ Creator

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Creating With Your Power

Now that the new shift energy is finally coming in, it is time to get down to the creation of your new year and world.  Have you been striving for ‘quiet time’?  Manifesting new opportunities, financial well-being or connections with others?  Now is the time to begin the process!  Keep in mind, there is no ‘wrong’ way to create…the only rule is to keep it positive!  Saying to The Universe, “Please don’t send me more of that” will, of course, create more of that. (Smiling)

You have forgotten how immense your power truly is, dearest child!  If the source is pure, it can never be corrupted or changed or used against you.  Release your attachments to the negatives in your life and let The Universe use that pure power to help you create the beauty you have always desired.  It is possible, and you can do it! ~ Creator

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Today, The Universe wants you to know that you are not alone, never have been, never will be. No matter what.  Let this be enough for the moment. Having faith and trust has never meant surrendering who you are to anyone or anything. It is knowing that you are taken care of regardless of what happens.  Without exception and without reservation of any kind, allow yourself to push your heart to the limit. And, in embracing all of your heart, know you are truly living regardless of the circumstances.  You are beautiful and beloved! ~ Creator

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What To Do?

During this shift, there are going to be times when staying quiet is the best option.  You may see others ‘playing the game’ of bully/victim and it may be very disturbing to you.  Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to say something but, the hint may or may not be taken.  You have your boundaries, they have theirs and they may not coincide.  They will continue to play regardless because it is safe for them.  What are you to do then?  Be there for them!  Show them you support them as a person, express your desire for them to be whole and happy and be an ear, within reason.  Until they are ready to step out and away from the emotional dynamic there is not much you can do.  The Universe is being very clear when it says this is not condoning the behavior…it does want you to be the light they look to when they are ready and in a time of need.  Everyone must walk their own path and, when they choose to change direction, they will. ~ Creator

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Big Changes Ahead…

As the incoming energy arrives and increases, you could feel a bit overwhelmed.  This, being the biggest of the shifts so far, may bring up things you were not expecting.  It is suggested that you do your best to stay in as calm a state as possible, remember to ground yourself and know that huge amounts of knowledge are arriving every moment.  There is no need for you to do anything ‘special’…just being yourself will do.

It is also important to keep in mind that as you learn and grow, certain things you have become comfortable and familiar with may fade from your life, changes you were not expecting will happen and communication with your fellow humans may be a bit more challenging.  Have patience, dear child; all will be well! ~ Creator

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Will You Be There?

When you strip away everything; the clothing, cars, belonging, the extraneous trappings, the political and religious beliefs, what do you have?

Some will say, “Nothing”.

Others will say, “There is a person standing there!”

As you take your first steps into the new shift, look very closely at your fellow humans.  Each has their own set of experiences, thoughts, feelings and beliefs but, they are still human!  This is your chance to practice your compassion, empathy and the sending of Unconditional Love.  Huge changes are on the horizon; you will need each other, and The Universe needs you!  Will you truly be there and present? ~ Creator

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The Road Ahead…

As things begin to ramp up, please remember this; the battles and wars fought within are the very things The Universe has been pointing out to you for change. (Smiling) Take a few moments to notice where they began then ask for assistance in releasing.  Moving forward, it is very important for you to be as clear as you possibly can.  Allowing this seemingly small bit of self-care will make the road ahead much smoother and easier to navigate.  Stay as grounded as possible, focus on the task at hand and know you are, and have always been, lovingly supported by The Universe! ~ Creator

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Wading Through…

It is time, dear one!  As the next shift approaches, it is time to put those chest waders on. (Smiling) Each human will react differently, and you may need to wade through some not so pleasant things to get to where you need to go.  There are a few of ways to approach this:

  1. Wade on by, mention they can come with you if they choose. Not very compassionate, but effective for some.
  2. Reach out and grab as many as you feel you can handle. Very compassionate, but the extra weight might be a bit much.

3.  Stop for a moment, talk to those who signal for assistance and offer to walk with them. Share ideas with a loving heart, do what you can to help and maintain your boundaries…remembering, all the while, that you can aid but not walk their path for them. ~ Creator

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Super You!

Irreverent, unconventional, odd, weird, bizarre; in the past, these words may have been used to generate feelings of guilt or shame, a way for others to ‘put you in your place’ or to project what they were feeling.  This, my love, no longer needs to apply.  The further along your Earth plane moves in the shift, the less important these words become.  This is The Universe’s way of letting you know that, regardless of how others have looked at you or you have looked at yourself, it is time to embrace them!  It is time to view them with a sense of pride and, yes, even accomplishment.  Because of you, and the way you are, is one of the reasons your world has come as far as it has in such a short amount of time!  Be unique and know that you are loved and supported just as you are. ~ Creator

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As the new shift begins…remember that compassion is not limited to those you feel ‘deserve it’.  It is for everyone!  The Universe does not pick and choose who gets Unconditional Love and support; even those ‘throwing large stones’, sending ripples that will spread far longer than you will be alive and affect the mass consciousness.  It is imperative to stay centered in your heart and know positive change always follows what most believe to be distasteful situations.  This is the work you came to accomplish, this is the time to begin using all you have learned, this this the now you have been waiting for! (Smiling) ~ Creator


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