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Send Love

There will be times as you journey on your path that others may attempt to hurt your feelings, mock, judge you or make you feel uncomfortable. Take a deep breath and see it for what it really is. Do not let another’s feelings of inadequacy get in the way of your growth. Send them love and be on your way. ~ Creator

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The Universe Has Been Waiting

You have been walking your path for some time now, dear one.
You know how The Universe feels/sounds when it is speaking to you.
You know you are being supported and guided on your journey.
You know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you are loved completely and unconditionally.

You know anything you choose to co-create with The Universe is in your highest and best.
Step into your best life, move toward what you have been manifesting, embrace the joy of living.
Now is the time to release second-guessing yourself. The Universe has been waiting for you to begin! ~ Creator

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Free Will

Dearest child…there have been a great many changes to your Earth plane over the past few months and you have handled them admirably!  But you may have also noticed there are some that have not dealt with them at all and that is okay. (Smiling) Even though you may want to, you cannot force, cajole or persuade them into seeing what you see.  You can ask that they receive unconditional love, guidance and the ability to change when they are ready.  That is the gift of free will. ~ Creator

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A Time Of Change

It has been said before and bears repeating…

So much on your Earth-plane is changing so quickly that you may feel it is difficult to keep up. What was once comfortable, familiar and made you feel safe no longer exists. Why continue in your ‘old ways’, they will very soon be obsolete. This is the time of the new reality, this is your time, this is the time of change. ~ Creator

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Moments Like These

Gather and take stock of your skills…both newly learned and old favorites.  Over the next few days and weeks, it will be extremely beneficial to release any negatives to which you have been clinging.  The incoming wave of energy may shake things up a bit.  Being as clear possible will facilitate a smooth transition.  Remember, there is nothing to fear…you were created for moments like these! ~ Creator

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What Will You Have Left?

There is going to be a time, very soon, when you will have to start seeing yourself as others see you.  Take away the pretense, the societal programming and the false sense of security that ego often provides.  What will you have left?  A You, totally transparent, that is infinitely more interesting than anything you could have imagined or wanted for yourself. ~ Creator

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Hold Your Head High

For those of you experiencing the wild swinging of the emotional pendulum…just keep breathing, dear one. (Smiling) The Universe knows that linear time and challenges being presented to you now are tiring but, just like every other experience, you will come out the other side better than you were before.  Allow yourself to let go of what needs to be released and hold your head high knowing you are prepared for the next energetic wave coming your way. ~ Creator


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