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Deep Into Your Heart

You may have noticed that the shifting of your Earth plane is happening much more quickly than anticipated. Some are focusing intently on the old ways (all for me first) while others are choosing to shift to the new (we rather than me) way. The Universe is asking you to go deep into your heart, observe where your own personal shifts need to happen, then begin. Your co-creation abilities have increased 100-fold, use them to the best of your ability! ~ Creator

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Change Your Perspective

The Universe asks this of you; change your perspective. There are no lessons to ‘learn’, only experiences. The word lessons denote a pass or fail, a success or unsuccessful outcome. Experiences are just what they are…..experiences. Remember; there are no ‘wrong’ answers in your Earth plane existence. ~ Creator

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Moving Toward The New Way

The vibrations and energies you are feeling right now is a mass awakening.  Many of those who were teetering on the edge between being asleep and awake have gently tipped into being fully awake.  Old schoolers are doing their best to maintain the centuries old status quo while others are directing their attention toward the New Way.  Rather than arguing your point, please realize and embrace the fact that each one of you will move through this the best way you know.  And, regardless of where you are in the process or how challenging this may be, you are being loved and supported by The Universe. ~ Creator

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See The Gift

Right now it may feel as if the future of your world is uncertain.  However, there is one thing The Universe would like you to know during this trying time; every person is in the process of re-learning what your societies have forgotten.

The joys of human connection.

The importance of time with family.

The growth and learning that comes from a connection with yourself and The Universe.

The reestablishment of your connection to and with the Earth and nature.

The re-discovery of a deeper level of kindness and compassion for those around you.

Think of it as a crash course in remembering what is important.  You may not fully understand what is happening or what may be coming and that is okay.  The Universe asks you to see being present, fully engaged in this moment and alive as a gift that has yet to show all its benefits. ~ Creator

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Stop Squirming And Dig!

As you proceed with your clearing process, you may meet with some very deep reluctance within.

“I don’t need to do this, I’m fine.”

“I’ve gone deep enough, I’ll stop here.”

“What are you talking about?  I’m as clear as I need to be.”

Whether you are working with The Universe on your own or with someone else, the human mind may come up with a myriad of reasons to stop, leave things as they are or refuse the work altogether.  Now is the perfect time to put an end to your squirming! (Smiling) Get down to business and get rid of what is holding you back.  The Universe believes in and wants the best for you! ~ Creator

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You Are Blessed

My dear one, you may sink into fear on occasion.  If you do, let The Universe show you the good things you have in your life, let it be the quiet comfort and solid strength you need.  Know that The Universe knows exactly what you need and gives it without reservation.  Believe that you are one of Creator’s pure/open channels of Divinity…know you are blessed. ~ Creator

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Once And For All

The Universe would like to know how you have been spending your time; has it been used to frantically reach out to others, or have you come face to face with yourself?  You have been given an unprecedented opportunity to truly meet, dig into and release things that have been holding you back for years.  You can spend this time dodging and ignoring them, or you can work on letting them go once and for all.  The choice has always been yours, my dearest child. ~ Creator


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