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What Will It Take?

Take a few moments today and separate your expectations from your reality, both old and new.  Expectations from the past take up a lot of brain space and, while you are waiting for those expectations to come to fruition, a great deal of life is passing you by.  Look around at your reality; what is going on now, how has the past kept you stationary/static instead of moving forward in a timely fashion?  How many times does that program have to loop before you gain a conscious realization that you, a great and powerful force in The Universe, can step out and make something new for yourself?  This wave is introducing you to gift you may never have had before…freedom!  What will it take for you to finally embrace it? ~ Creator

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Time To Be…

Time to start breathing again.  As your world moves into the upwards swing of the arriving wave, it is important to make sure you know exactly where you are.  I can hear you saying to yourself, “Wait…what?  I’m here!”  But, are you really?

Due to circumstances you may or may not be aware of, more than a few of you have opted to remain ‘out of body’.  For all intents and purposes; the body is small, confining, it does strange things and it may not feel safe.  The Universe wants you to know that you have learned enough and can protect yourself when you are in body.  The vehicle you chose when you arrived on your Earth plane is how you relate to others and dispel preconceived perceptions of how a person ‘should’ be.  You are all beginning to see things differently and that, my dearest one, is an amazing thing! ~ Creator

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Dearest one, you already have all you need!  Just take a moment and allow that statement to sink in. (Smiling) Now is the time to stand in your power, to understand that some work needs to be done and know you can do it.  There is a deep, indescribable beauty in a human searching for (and finding) parts of themselves they have forgotten.  Like a dot-to-dot picture, it may not seem like much in the beginning but, when you get to the end…oh! What a glorious sight! ~ Creator

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For Your Information…

Here it is, dear one; a bit of a lull in activity so you can catch your breath. (Smiling) As preparation for the next wave, practice your grounding and carve out peaceful time for yourself.  Depending on your preference, find some solitude or spend a few moments with others you feel safe with.  Connect with your animal and plant friends…they are experiencing the same energetic changes as humans.  Find a bit of joy and share it if you feel so inclined.  Feed your body good food and really enjoy it.  Allow yourself to connect with The Universe and ask as many questions about the incoming energy as you choose.  The more information you have, the more you will understand exactly what these waves and shifts mean to you and your world.  Take care and, most importantly, have some fun! ~ Creator

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Infinite Choices

Over the next few days the deep purging of emotions may become very intense.  When it is happening, remind yourself to breath and consciously recognize those moments are transitory.  Decisions for immense change are being presented as well.  If you are used to making ‘snap decisions’, The Universe strongly suggests taking time, thinking them through and really understanding the implications.  This is not meant to be an all or nothing scenario…just a nudge to let you inform you of the infinite choices available.  As always, you have the loving support and Unconditional Love of The Universe to help you along. ~ Creator

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You Know You…

The Universe is aware that you have been doing some deep releasing over the past few days and, with more on the way, it may feel as if you are running a marathon. (Smiling) One thing to keep in mind; you control the pace!  If you want things to move slower, ask.  If you would like it to speed up, okay.  The choice is yours but, keep this in mind; it may be tempting to release things as quickly as possible to ‘get it over with’ but, check in and see if it is really the best thing in this moment.  You know you better than anyone else, know exactly what you can take and how your inner self accepts change.  Listen to your body and soul and all will be well. ~ Creator

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Your Time Has Come…

Remember when you may have been labeled weird, odd or a loner?  You bore the slings and arrows of those who did not understand your thoughts or feelings.  You may have hated it, silently wishing you were ‘normal’ or overcompensating to fit in.  Some of you moved as quietly as possible to avoid the ever-present misunderstanding or bullying.  Little did you know you were preparing for now! 

Today, The Universe would like you to know that your time has come.  What you experienced earlier in your life prepared you for this chance, this moment to help and inform those just awakening to the infinite possibilities of your world.  The waiting and enduring brought you to where you are…congratulations, dearest child, you made it! ~ Creator

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Self Care, Safety and Comfort

As you move into your new world, there will be things from the old that will beg you to stay.  Thoughts, recurring programs from the past and yes, even people.  One of things you need to ask yourself is, “Will keeping this help or hinder my growth and learning?”  If the answer is no, then release it.  It may be painful and there may be some grief involved but, settling into your new world is about self-care, safety and comfort.  You have been working so hard and for so long, you owe yourself these things!  The Universe is behind you 100% of the way! ~ Creator

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Ready To Go?!

Now that you are well into the shift, how are you feeling?  It may still be a little rough, things may still feel ‘topsy-turvy’ and a little out of control.  But The Universe believes these are things you can handle.  The heaviness you have been experiencing will fade and a new feeling will begin to take its place…excitement!  Imagine what it was like when you were young, and your teacher said it was time to line up for a field trip.  Sure, there was a little chaos at the beginning when everyone was jostling to find their place but, soon after, all was neat, orderly and you were ready to go! (Smiling) Dear one, it is time to step into your new experience…are you ready? ~ Creator

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Move Forward In Love

What happens when you do not fit into ‘their’ world anymore?  The changes going on now have many of you asking this very question.  As you walk your path, it may seem as if your world is falling down around you.  Dearest one, it is time to change your perspective. (Smiling) What may appear as destruction to you is actually a re-construction of what you know.  It may be tense and unsettling but know, as you move forward in love, you are creating your new world as you go.  Keep moving, you can do this! ~ Creator


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