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Just Send Unconditional Love

When a challenging situation presents itself, take a very large step back and see it for what it really is.  There are many people in your world who have absolutely no concept of peace.  They will resort to anger, rage, resentment, sadness or anxiety to move through their lives.  Keep in mind that it has nothing to do with you! (Smiling) They are engaging in and looping programs, regardless of how destructive, that make them feel safe and secure.  It is not your responsibility to make it better for them…they must discover it on their own.  Just continue sending Unconditional Love and know they will be taken care of. ~ Creator

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Trust And Believe

The Universe is asking you to trust and believe, always trust and believe.  Some of you say the words but, neglect to apply the same principles to yourselves.  You are being given the wonderful and joyous opportunity to put theory into practice!  During this process remember…you are loved, supported, cherished, provided for and protected always. ~ Creator

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Moving Toward The Light

Asking, cajoling, demanding or manipulating others to change who they are is the ego wanting complete control.  This self-destructive pattern may play out many times before a step is taken away from denial and into truth.  Whether you are participating in the cycle of witnessing it from afar, know that each of you has the power to change!  Moving toward the light is the first step to leaving toxicity behind.  You have some very important work to do and The Universe is calling, will you choose to answer? ~ Creator

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Do What Is Best

Dearest child; boundaries are going to be a critical part of your new existence. If you participate in an experience/situation that feels uncomfortable from the beginning, it may always be that way. Yes, you are able to change your energy but others are responsible for themselves. You are in the process of creating a new reality/world for yourself. Listen to and follow your heart…do what is best for you. ~ Creator

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It may be challenging to remember you are a master in training.  Little niggles, irritations and slights may take up your time and energy but, it is crucial to remember exactly who and what you are.  You are a being of light transcending time and space, changing the vibration of everything and everyone you encounter.  Let this knowledge carry you through the trying times and know you are making a difference. ~ Creator

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Quiet Time

The quiet time has arrived, dearest child.  Use it to collect your thoughts, indulge in some self-care and assessment and manifest!  Now that the vibrational energy has shifted, many things can be accomplished with very little effort on your part.  Think, believe and create the world in which you want to live. ~ Creator

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The New Now

In a world of vibrational quantum leaps, what is obvious to you may be confusing and very hard to understand for the newly awakened.  If you become frustrated, it is best to keep in mind what it felt like when you started your journey.  Rest assured that they will come to realizations at their own pace (it is their path) and offer what you feel you can to assist and guide.  Humans has been experiencing division long enough.  It is time to come together to embrace the new now!

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Respecting The Space

Is the person sitting next to you in need of Unconditional Love, a shoulder or an ear?  You now have the skills to be of service without being drawn into their energy.  If they have chosen to share a ‘deep dark’ with you, respect the space and the individual while remembering their story is not yours to share. ~ Creator


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