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Step Into Your New Reality

During this monumental time of change some hard and fast truths may come to you in a challenging way.  The Universe is no longer asking, but insisting, that you step out of your comfort zone and into your new reality.  Some things may fall by the wayside…that has always been a given.  Do your best to make it graceful and easy; disengage your ego-self and surrender to the flow knowing that you are protected regardless of what comes into your existence. ~ Creator

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Their Own Way

Sometimes, you have to stand by and watch another’s truth unfold. Your involvement in it might dilute, distort, influence, change or dis-create it for them. This does not mean you love them any less, have no desire to help or do not want to share in the experience with them. It shows that you, in all your perfection, want the other to attain theirs in their own way. ~ Creator

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They Eyes Of Time

A child will play with emotions to learn their significance. “I love you”, “I hate you”, “I am sad”, “I am angry” are often expressed with intensity and passion in the moment to be replaced by another of equal strength. As you grow older, the tempo changes to a more even rhythm. Be like a child in your emotional expressions, but temper them with the eyes of time. ~ Creator

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Creation & Manifestation

It is time to release the need to bemoan what you do not have and celebrate what is in your life.  As you joyously embrace what you do have, you create feelings of thankfulness which, in turn, opens your whole being to receive.  What exists in your world is in direct relation to your thoughts of who you are and what you think of yourself.  Being grateful creates the energy needed to co-create and manifest!  The Universe is ready and waiting for you! ~ Creator

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The Right Time

As the newest wave of energy begins to arrive, please remember to continue your forgiveness work.  It may be tempting to set it aside and come back to it later when things seem less energetically charged.  The Universe is gently reminding you that this is definitely the right time. (Smiling) Being as clear as possible will make your transition more graceful, easy and peaceful.  As always, The Universe is there to guide and support you every step of the way. ~ Creator

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Walk With It

Occasionally The Universe will present a challenging emotion, situation or experience and ask you to ‘walk with it’ to gain a deeper, more visceral understanding.  Rather than fighting those moments, embrace them and know that when they have reached their conclusion, you will have an insight very few possess.  The best part of it all, my darling child, is you can make the process as long or as short as you choose. ~ Creator

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Greater Growth

Over the next few weeks and months, The Universe is requesting you take a second look at what you have accomplished as far as taking responsibility for your own healing and what still needs to be done.  A great deal of energetic activity will be arriving to your Earth plane and it will be particularly important to approach it with a clear plan on how to implement it.  Taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions is the first step to greater growth. ~ Creator


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