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Earth Chakras and Vortices

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Earth Chakras and Vortices | | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database





Looking at Nature all around us, we cannot help but marvel at its raw beauty and rhythm. Planet Earth is a conscious and vibrant living entity. With its own free will, it is meticulously orchestrating a symphony of equilibrium and constant evolution, communicating with all its inhabitants, the solar system and the universe.

Gaia Portal Update~ Temporal adjustments to Gaia upgrade process allow shadow-seekers to ‘catch up’

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27 Sep

gaia_energy1Temporal adjustments to Gaia upgrade process allow shadow-seekers to ‘catch up’, as some would call it.

This period of ‘Gaia Grace’ comes with the caveat that those unwilling to continue energetic upgrades in the Ascension path will be transferred to alternate 3D environments, away from the Gaia Earth, to continue their development.

Local conditions vary from Gaia location to Gaia location.

Each hu-being as well as Hue-Being may follow individually arranged guidance to continue as best desired for each.

Gleaning ~ Laura Bruno

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Laura Bruno's Blog Posted September 27, 2013 by laurabruno

A group of us in Goshen got together last night for an evening of gleaning, and ohhhh, what a lovely, lovely time! Transition Goshen has a project called, “The Low Hanging Fruit Press,” which many of us crowd funded so that we could purchase a community cider press. As a side part of this project, we also began to map fruit trees in town — on private or public property — in need of harvesting.

Many people buy homes that already have fruit trees planted, and they find these trees a nuisance rather than a boon. With permission, those people who do appreciate the abundance of free fruit can save the homeowners a lot of work. In some cases, a timely harvest will even save tree limbs from breaking with the weight of unpicked fruit. A number of websites help to match up gleaners and fruit trees, and David and I found something similar when we lived in Madison. I believe Transition Goshen has decided to use, which can be used for wherever you live around the world.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: Move Foward Wearing a Badge of Courage

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image<img style=”margin: 10px;” alt=”image” src=”×267.jpg” width=”189″ height=”168″ />Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Move Foward Wearing a Badge of Courage, as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, September, 2013 at:

You are a conjunction of all of your fears, your tears and your dreams come true. You are conjunction of time and space and heaven and hell. You are the destiny of this beauteous planet that you stand so willingly upon. You hold the vibratory key that escorts many into a place of safety.  It is in this place of safety that you will lift them up so they do not stumble.

You will lift them by holding the fire light for them. You will lift them in your song, in your laughter and in your grace, because that is what you have always done. Unbuckle the humanness that keeps you so strapped in to all the roles that you play. Know at this time and this intersection of light and life you are worthy of a majesty that you have failed to become in the past.

White Cloud ~“Storm Clouds on the Horizon” via Tazjima, 27 Sept 2013

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 Commentary from the Galactic Free Press~There is A Statement In Here About many will be leaving their bodies and returning to their Home Worlds.. Everyone's Home Planet Is Planet Earth=Heart and If you Leave the Planet Now You end  up on The Starships and Miss the experience In All Of Creation. Many Have a fantasy they are from somewhere else, this is simply not true. The illusion is not your Home which is is the world, But the Living reality of The Love Called God Everywhere Present is Real Reality and is Your Home. Love The Earth Allies

Long ago, when I was embodied as a Native American, I used to love to walk along a cliff, feeling the rising air currents flowing over me. I knew when the weather was about to change; it is changing now for many people. There are storm clouds gathering on the horizon of many people’s lives; whether or not those clouds bring refreshing rains or lashing floods depends on how people can remain in neutrality during the coming months and years. Your world is about to undergo a tremendous period of transition.

The year 2013 has been challenging for many; the next two or three years will be even more so, especially for those individuals, institutions and governments who are unwilling or unable to adapt, to change and to be flexible. Now is the time to be like a willow and bend in the winds of change, not the brittle oak whose great branches fall to the ground with a mighty crash.

TheOne-DreamDreamer ~ Power of Truth ~ 27 September 2013

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But what is LOVE? What is it if not being your full and complete Heart? Your full and complete Being? How can LOVE be expressed and Be if not by sharing and giving it all away? So much is said about LOVE. So much has been written about it. So many words and still so much to Be…

LOVE is not a good you buy. It Is. You have it. You ARE IT. And it can only Be by giving it. There is no other way. Give it. Give it all away and you will find yourself so full of it that you shall scream of JOY. GOD did not fragment itself out of loneliness, IT was not seeking company. IT was simply LOVE and Became even more LOVE. And the LOVE IT became was shared through all that is and became even more LOVE.

And even in the deepness of forgetfulness man Feels alive when it touches LOVE, even when it only gets to touch the human love it still changes its life. For it is the eternal breath of life itself. And those who pretend or believe they have reached the deepness of LOVE and struggle when a brother or sister is in need, those that cannot see though the pain of those who seek the TRUTH of the meaning of LOVE… they need even more LOVE than others. For they are lost into their own suffering and use an illusion to mask their wounds. Hoping in something that they have come to believe to be true. As all those that are lost have done.

SaLuSa 27.09.2013 by MADAD The Intense Purification

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 SaLuSa (1)


This purification of All that is occurring now within you and Mother Earth is leading you straight into your higher reality of experiencing. Do feel the change that is happening to you at this moment, as it is the one that opens the door, which were previously not visible to you. At this point some of you might be “taken” to certain moments in your many lives only to see the reason for your clearing of an issue or more issues that you thought were already cleared. It is allowing you to see them as they are, without lower vibrations present, including judging yourselves, and you can now let them go and free yourselves completely. Do accept this deeper, or shall we say deepest clearing and understand that it is happening because all unconscious is becoming conscious and nothing can stay hidden, as in higher reality you are aware of all aspects of yourself, and it gives you that amazing Freedom to choose the perfect experience for you. Your dreams might change now, and it is a sign for you to know that your personal clearing is at the end. We cannot tell you how your dreams should change, as it is upon you to find out because all of you are experiencing different dream realities, but you will surely know.


Gaia Portal Update~Step-ups in Frequencies of Gaia Ascension Protocols Occurs in this Moment-to-Moment

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27 Sep

gaia_energy1Step-ups in frequencies of Gaia ascension protocols occurs in this moment-to-moment as humanity (small ‘h’) releases grasp on outdated “paradigms of sleep”.

All Gaia ascension protocols are up-stepped. Without exception.

Process toward finalization of Gaia Ascension readiness continues and all of hu-manity, as well as Hue-manity, approach full consciousness.

Seeking of lower D solutions ceases as all Gaia inhabitants assert from “fullness of consciousness” states of Being.

“Return to good old times” paradigms is recognized as “not an option”.

hu-manity and Hue-manity understands.

~ AA Gabriel´s Daily Message ~ Thursday September 26, 2013 ~

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It is so very important when you are creating for yourselves to be true to what is best for you and your life expression. Don’t let people talk you out of your dreams, Dear Ones! Your desires are yours alone, unique to you and your soul path, and sacred and delicious in the way they match you completely. Hold the energy of their perfection, feeling how they wrap you up and lovingly reflect who you are, and you will be finding them to be part of your reality before you know it.

Archangel Gabriel,
Art: Daydreamer Believer by Josephine Wall.



Djwhal Khul ~ Transparent Thinking

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Terri Newlon  September 26 2013

Alright. Well we have, we have a lot going on. So I’m going to say there is, sort of, challenges coming up to the surface. There is a little bit of difficulty between masculine and feminine energies within yourself, as well as maybe externally, in family units or work relationships or world powers even.

Then we have, well, quite a lot going on really with the opportunity to heal some things but I think that this week I want to talk about “transparent thinking”.

Basically all of Creation is telepathic or can communicate non-verbally and rather instantly. The human race on the planet is finally getting a bit closer to the same abilities that the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms have to understand instant communication and wavelength, different frequencies, and what not. So that translates to humans becoming more psychic I guess you could say, in nature or more intuitive. And we certainly worked with a lot of Third Eye exercises over the time to help sharpen those skills, many of which are here in the Spirituality Articles.


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