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Is Your Perfume Toxic?

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September 26, 2013

Perfumes and fragrances make up the largest portion of cosmetic and personal care products, representing half of all money that is spent on beauty goods. Exposure to toxic ingredients in such items is predominantly through the skin – yet many of us smear these chemicals onto our body every day. 

Many people are sensitive to perfumes, finding it difficult just to walk through department stores. Even if you don’t have a particular sensitivity to them, their toxic effects can be overwhelming. 

With more than 500 potential chemicals that may be used under the word “fragrance,” found on all types of products in addition to perfumes and colognes, it can be difficult to avoid them. 

Fragrance might be found in room air fresheners, cosmetics, fabric softeners, laundry detergents, candles and a host of other products. Since they aren’t meant to be ingested, manufacturers don’t have to list their ingredients on the label. They aren’t required to reveal specific ingredients in anything that might qualify as fragrance because these are protected as a trade secret. 


Wes Annac ~Embrace Your Power To Create Change

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As we expose and uproot the forces of tyranny from their self-made thrones, so is it crucial that we help inform the collective about the existence of the spiritual realms and our very real ability to Create widespread change in the interests of every person.

It’s important for the ever-awakening public to understand that our reality is nothing like we’ve been led to believe, and it’s been said that learning about the cabal’s actions will help initiate that understanding for everybody.

In the face of our continual efforts to expose the cabal and build our future, helping the public understand their ability to access and work with states of consciousness beyond our current understanding will see us all able to embrace our strength.

The most important revelation for every person to grasp, in my opinion, is the revelation that we possess infinite power within.

Some have given their power away to religious entities and deities they were taught to believe are holier than us or are able to gain a greater grace with Source than we are, but the reality is that we possess the power the Angels and Archangels so discussed in the Bible and various other holy doctrine possess.

Enough of suffering~ through Ron Head

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I speak with you today in the joy of connecting once more with a friend and the joy of the opportunity of speaking with each of you.


You are now reading or listening to my words, transcribed upon this page by this one, and that is as needed for you at this time.  However, please know that the time is here for some of you, and quickly approaches for many others, in which you will not need to read or listen to anyone other than your own hearts.


It is not that I do not speak to you directly now.  It is not that you are unable to hear me when I do so.  Truly now, ask yourself if you think that you are able to hear me.  Do you believe that you deserve to hear me?  Have you ceased judging yourself and forgiven yourself for all that you did commit or may have committed in the past?


Joy and Mocha (and Mahalo, Dr. Penny) (and Explosions!!), from Columbus…

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After arriving in Columbus yesterday. I was blessed with a visit to Dr. Penny’s dental office. She took care of a couple mouth/teeth challenges I was having. So very grateful for her service, and her “contribution” to this journey.

Okay so my dentals are not really perfect (yet)… but she honored me with her work… (and I do not let just anyonestick their hands in my mouth). So at least for a few more now moments, I’m able to continue this mission.

And what a house of Light she has! I’m grateful for her two Galactic cats that have honored me with their ‘acceptance’. And letting me throw their cat toys and comb their fur.

Maarten Horst: ET-First Contact Radio with Jose Bazan

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Tune in today for an amazing show with Jose Bazan on ET-First Contact Radio! The show that brings you the latest Galactic News! Tune in at 1 PM Pacific, 4 PM Eastern, 9 PM GMT and 22:00 Central European Time via:

Jose lives in Central Island New York and since he was a child he saw things. He is a very kind and positive person and shares very fascinating information about his encounters with ET's and UFO's and other higher dimensional beings

Karen Doonan: Andromedan Message to the Peoples of Planet Earth

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Greetings beloved ones, we are the Andromedans and we come to support and to guide at a time where ALL are now beginning to remember why they have incarnated upon this planet. The Andromedan Council now connect at deeper and expanded levels with all who have incarnated from our planetary system. The LIGHT codings needed by our children in human form are being sent out aross the dimensional timelines allowing for more knowledge to be downloaded into the human vehicle.

This process will see many more of our children begin to “wake” to their prime directive at this time. We stand ready to support and to guide further at both public and very personal level. We ask for ALL our children to BREATHE and to BE and to allow the dissolving of the old earth frequencies in TRUTH, for ALL that remains is TRUTH and TRUTH is why you have incarnated into human form upon this planet in this dimensional reality.

We place the dragons mouth before you and ask that you see beyond the teeth and the jaws and remember this ancient symbol from our culture. We place the chinese symbol of the yin/yang and ask for all to understand the balance of ALL at this time. We ask for our children to understand the need to find balance within the human vehicle at a time where they are shifting akin to the sands of time both within their human vehicles and also at SOUL level, for as the human race now begin their ascension process in TRUTH, ALL begin to ascend once more for ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS.

Twin Flames and The Alchemical Marriage

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A PERSPECTIVE ABOUT THE TWIN FLAME METAPHOR (the experiences of which are very real for some of us). I do question how we can know the nature of the origination of the couple (the 1 or 2 soul argument), but when they meet and go through this process, the phenomenological experiences that emanate from the Alchemical Reunion ARE REAL EXPERIENCES. I like the Quest for the Golden Chalice/Holy Grail metaphor. If more people would hold out for a more divine love, marriages would be far more successful. And there are many ways to interpret the metaphor in relation to twin flames. It may possibly be, that people go through this process without realizing it's a twin flame reunion, for example, with their divine counterpart resides in another dimension (it has been predicted that these forms of unions will be increasing in numbers). There may be other interpretations for spiritual unions. I like to stay open to many possibilities, while not denying the reality of my own personal experiences and the way I choose to interpret them.

Sharing for educational purposes:

Twin Flames and The Alchemical Marriage


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