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A Journey Through Space, Time, & Far Out Dimensions – The Life-Changing Impact Of Past Life Regression

It was 1968 when the late Dolores Cannon’s life would take an unimaginable turn.

At the time, 37-year-old Dolores was living out of a Texas naval base with her husband and three children, leading the typical navy wife life. But her ordinary days would soon shift when a resident doctor asked Dolores and her husband if they could assist him in implementing a cutting-edge therapy on one of his patients, to which they curiously agreed.

The female patient suffered from Nervous Eating Disorder and kidney problems, and the doctor thought hypnosis would be an effective method in helping her relax. But something strange happened midway through the session, the woman began describing a past life in which she was a flapper dancer, living out of Chicago during the roaring 1920’s. Remarkably, Dolores watched as the woman transformed into someone else – voice, mannerisms and all. This would be her first taste of past life regression, a field of therapy completely uncharted at the time.

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10 Presidents & Politicians Who Told Us That A “Secret Government” Controls The World & What They Said

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic societyThose who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.” – Edward Bernays (“the father of public relations”), Propaganda, 1928 (note that Bernays’ book, Propaganda, begins with the above quote).

If you told somebody 10 years ago that there existed some sort of secret group or “secret government” pulling the strings behind the scenes of government policy, international law, various global rules/regulations, and more, they would have called you a “conspiracy theorist.” Today things have changed, largely as a result of information leaked by Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and various other whistleblowers and activists in recent years. Their bravery has shed light on the world of secrecy that’s been blinding the masses since its inception.

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How An “Impossible List” Will Change Your Life

Ever thought something was impossible?

Yeah, so did I, and sometimes I find myself in that awful mindset.

Sure things might be improbable, but impossible? That’s not a word I like to keep in my day to day vocabulary – in fact it’s one I decided to ban one day a few years back when I began to achieve my impossible.

If you are looking to make the impossible things happen in your life, know that I have a tool for you at the end of this article!

Let me tell you a quick story…

May 2010 was an interesting time for me (Marc Angelo Coppola for some more context). I had only one semester left in university and I had just sold my first real business (an indoor skatepark), which I had been running for 3 years – and with it I had lost my identity.

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Big News: Cancer Cells Were Recently Programmed Back To Normal Healthy Ones

Scientists at the Mayo Clinic in Florida in the Department for Cancer Biology have successfully reprogrammed lung, breast, and bladder cancer cells back into normal, healthy cells by bringing back the function that prevents them from multiplying in excess.

While the tests have only been conducted on human cells in the lab (rather than human trial), their work has tremendous implications for the future of cancer treatment. Researchers are hopeful that the technique could one day be used to target tumours, so that the cancer will be “switched off” without the need for chemotherapy, surgery, or other drugs.

This important study solves a long-standing biological mystery, but we mustn’t get ahead of ourselves. There’s a long way to go before we know whether these findings, in cells grown in a laboratory, will help treat people with cancer. But it’s a significant step forward in understanding how certain cells in our body know when to grow, and when to stop. Understanding these key concepts is crucial to help continue the encouraging progress against cancer we’ve seen in recent years. – Henry Scowcroft, Cancer Research UK’s senior science information manager (source)

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One Of The Most Powerful Art Pieces At Burning Man This Year

Burning Man is an annual festival that takes places in Black Rock City, located in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. The event brings together a number of people from across the nation who are influenced by community, art, radical self expression, self-reliance, sharing, and decommodification.

One of the sculptures there is called “Love.” Created by Alexandr Milov from Odessa, Ukraine, the sculpture demonstrates a conflict between a man and a woman and, ultimately, an inner expression of human nature.

The figures of the protagonists are made in the form of big metal cages, with their inner selves trapped within in the form of children, who are holding out their hands through the grating.

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Scientists Create The First Magnetic “Wormhole” That Connects Two Regions Of Space

Wormholes are fascinating (but theoretical) cosmological objects that can connect two distant regions of the universe. They would allow one to create “shortcuts” through space in order to travel vast distances in a shorter period of time. They are predicted by the general Theory of Relativity, and are what Einstein referred to as “bridges” through space-time. Wormholes are mathematically predicted, if not proven, and a new study illustrates how scientists have taken these theoretical anomalies – which many physicists believe to be real – and created one for themselves.

Researchers in Spain, from the physics department at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, have actually created a magnetic wormhole in a lab that tunnels a magnetic field through space.

Using metamaterials and metasurfaces, our wormhole transfers the magnetic field from one point in space to another through a path that is magnetically undetectable. We experimentally show that the magnetic field from a source at one end of the wormhole appears at the other end as an isolated magnetic monopolar field, creating the illusion of a magnetic field propagating through a tunnel outside the 3D space. (source)

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You’re More “Successful” Than You Realize – A Social Experiment That Will Touch Your Heart (Video)

“Success,” according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, is “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame.” This description is not far off from society’s overall accepted definition today, where unfortunately, unless you are obtaining and accumulating a fair amount of material wealth and possessions, you are considered unsuccessful in society’s eyes.

Where does this definition come from? Is it corporate driven? After all, it’s what we see on our television screen all day long. Clever marketing defines success, influencing our thoughts, wants, needs, and actions, encouraging mass consumption and the accumulation of material possessions and wealth.

Does it really matter what we do for a living? What type of ‘things’ we have or where we live? Or is a homeless person with no material possessions with a giant, loving, caring heart more ‘successful’ than someone who has all of that other stuff? What do you see as successful?

Or is success determined by the individual rather than the collective? Could it be, perhaps, that those who give their power over to this definition of success are the only ones affected by it? What about those who neither care nor pay attention to this version of success? What about those who have freed themselves from the mental prisons of societal definitions?

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Unbelievable Technology Has Been Rediscovered After Centuries Of Neglect (Sad But True)

Imagine a technology that could do all these amazing things for free:

  • Produce a wide assortment of products
  • Filter the air to remove impurities
  • Moderate the air temperature to an ambient level
  • Create microclimates and produce clouds and rain
  • Reduce energy use and act as an energy source
  • Provide health and therapeutic benefits
  • Provide an energy efficient source of building materials
  • Provide diversity and habitat for wildlife
  • Provide abundant amounts of fresh food
  • Help prevent run off and soil erosion
  • Help build soils
  • Act as a natural fertilizer while promoting microorganisms
  • House a multitude of insects, wildlife, and bacteria
  • Absorb potentially harmful gasses, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide
  • Provide beauty and colour
  • Sustain life on earth by creating oxygen


You might have guessed by now I am talking about Trees...

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Who Are We Beyond Our Brain? Science Explores The Answer To The Question

While I have never had a true near death or out of body experience, one memory that I have preserved was of a time I fainted while visiting Copenhagen in college.  One moment I was awake and watching a movie in a smoke filled hall, and the next thing I “knew” I was looking up at a friend administering smelling salts and asking me if I was ok.

The amazing thing that I remember was in the interim – I was somewhere and many places, some seemed to be ethereal and others were other worlds – and then somewhere inside me a voice remembered my parents and said it was time to go back.

But how to get there?  This is where it got interesting – I distinctly remember that my mind realized that it needed to connect to a set of “facts” – like the memory of my parents, where I lived, where I was going to college, and several other known details, and when they were all back in my memory bank, like tumblers of a lock, it all clicked and I “remembered who I was” and woke up – my eyes opened.  I was “Tom.”

And I was “back.”  I decided that I would never forget that experience because while I was “there,” these other worlds weren’t just dreams, they were “real.”

Since then I have spent a lot of time reflecting upon “who” I am.  In my 66 years I have played numerous roles, many of them job-related and others of course as a son, mate, friend, and so on.

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University Student Fed Up With Campus Rent Built His Own Tiny House & Now Lives Off The Grid

The tiny house movement continues to grow and for good reason. Whether it be couples converting their trucks into three story homes or former pro athletes taking themselves off the grid, it seems that more and more people are embracing this compact and environmentally friendly way of living.

The tiny house revolution seems to have made its way onto University campuses as well, thanks to the incredible story of Chris Cerk, a 21-year-old Michigan Junior who has ditched campus living. Fed up with the cost of renting, Chris took matters into his own hands and decided to instead spend his money on something he could take with him beyond his time at the university.

Chris has built a 170 square foot tiny house on a trailer, equipped with a shower, compostable toilet, and a number of other necessary features, parking it on a lot nearby the school. The cozy residence is powered by solar and propane, and in many ways is far more impressive than a typical student dorm. Check it out:


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