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A Dreamer’s Guide to Induce Lucid Dreaming

“I was standing in a field in an open area when my wife Pointed in the direction of the sunset. I looked at it and thought, “How odd; I’ve never seen colors like that be-fore.” Then it dawned on me: “I must be dreaming!” Never had I experienced such clarity and perception— the colors were so beautiful and the sense of freedom so exhilarating that I started racing through this beautiful golden wheat field waving my hands in the air and yelling at the top of my voice, “I’m dreaming! I’m dreaming!” ~ Excerpt from Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge

If you had a chance to control your dreams, what would you do? Imagine you are the architect of your story, as you play around with the exceptional abilities buried in unused parts of your brain, you are in total control of your dream. Lucid dreaming is about being aware that you are dreaming and accessing the deepest areas of your brain while you’re sleeping.

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Free Your Body from Trapped Emotions

trapped emoitons in hips“One thing you can’t hide – is when you’re crippled inside.” ~ John Lennon

Pelvis is shaped like a bowl and the spine just like a straw that is dipped in the bowl connecting the brain to the entire network in the body. A complex unit of muscles, bones, tendons, fascia fibres and ligaments, pelvis houses integral muscles connecting the upper and lower extremities.

Our mind often tucks away emotions, stress, pain in the confines of the hip bowl. That is why our hips are referred as the junk drawer or the store room for dodged emotions.

Hips acquire a central role in our lives. The main muscle groups of the hip flexors, iliopsoas muscles, sartorius and Rectus Femoris, are responsible for the flight, fight and freeze response in the body.

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Three Liberating Questions to Free You from the Tyranny of the Norm

live dont just exist

“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.” ~ Charles Bukowski

In a world where “the norm” is healthy, sustainable, just, and moral, there would be no reason to write this article. But alas, we do not live in that world. We live in an absurdly unhealthy world of makeshift tyrannies, stopgap superfluities, and substitute (hyper) realities.

The only way to engage with such a world is to devote ourselves to being free. Like Albert Camus said, “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” This isn’t being negative. This is being real. This is being vulnerable to actuality. This is embracing the way things are, here and now, in order to achieve a sacred space where real healthy change can begin to take place.

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The Inner Critic: Making Friends with that Little Voice in your Head


“What if your inner critic turned out not to be an evil bully needing to be conquered, but a frightened child needing your reassurance.” ~ Jo Hilder

We all know by now that the ego thrives in comparisons and judgment. It needs something to compare or contrast itself to, in order to be “something.” So there are two types of egos. The first one operates off the belief that it is better than other people.

It does this by projecting it’s own perceived “less than” qualities on to other people, in order to reinforce that it is above them. In this example, we have the judgments being placed on to other people and things outside of itself. so that it never has to look at itself as the “problem”.

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10 Things Children have to Teach Us

You don’t have to have children to be aware of the many wonderful ways they can light up your life, or generally teach you more than any yoda might be able to… despite the similarity in size. Spending more time with children and being receptive as well as guiding them is like a meditation in itself, teaching us many of the following things:

How to Let Go

The biggest ‘mistake’ that adults make in parent/adult-child situations and relationships is that the adult has all the answers. Our need to control and even have positive influence over a child directly reflects the egos need to be right. Kids will push our boundaries and push them to the limit, and as anyone who’s been around kids will know, the more you tell them not to do something, the more they will, even if it means having midnight feasts under the cover of darkness.

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10 Inspirational Quotes to Call Upon When You’re Struggling

No life is devoid of struggle. In fact, it is our struggle that makes us wiser, more grateful, and more appreciative of life. Our struggle gives us character. It gives us a story to tell.

It may be hard to see while we are in it, but if we are really aware, we realize no struggle comes without also bringing a blessing. These blessings sometimes come in the form of a “lesson learned.”

Every lesson teaches us something not just about ourselves but about life in general. True wisdom comes from the knowledge that every perceived “problem”, “challenge”, or “obstacle”, is ultimately making us a better and stronger person. Below are 10 inspirational quotes that can get you through any hardship.

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Three Ways to Live Off the Grid

living-off-the-grid-caravan “We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.” ~ Chris Hedges

Live in a Foreign Country

Living in a foreign country sounds incredibly romantic and might be something we all wish we could do during the stretch of a lifetime alongside learning another language. It gets put up there with other vague ambitions such as ‘write an autobiography’ or ‘go bungee jumping in Australia’, but how many of us actually take the next step and go from traveler to inhabitant, no matter how brief the residency ends up being.

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The Seeker Archetype: The Path of the Brave Wanderer

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~ Lao Tzu

Though the Seeker is invariably one who geographically covers a fair few kilometers, they are defined by their thirst for knowledge and smashing the mold that has been set for them by their parents and peers.

Held up at libraries, much like the Academic, Scribe or Writer Archetype who pours over ancient texts in the hope they might come across some transformative treasure or alchemic recipe to bring them closer to God. The Seeker is unstoppable in their desire to grow.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” ~ J.R. Tolkien

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Duality vs. Unity: Where’s the Evolution of Consciousness Taking Us?


“Realize that everything connects to everything else.” ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

The evolution of consciousness is being felt all over the planet. As it does, the third dimensional belief systems or “truths” are dropping away to make room for a whole new crop of “truths” that resonate with the fifth dimension consciousness.

In third dimension we experience what is known as “duality consciousness.” The mind, which is what we are identified with in third dimension, is divisive in nature. It is in this realm of consciousness that we find “me vs. them” scenarios, “right vs. wrong”, “good vs. bad”, etc… The mind lives in judgments and comparisons, therefore it must label each thing, person, situation as one or the other.

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Eye Contact as a Way to Look into One Another


“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” ~ Aristotle

As obvious as it may sound, eye contact – as the primary way living beings communicate, alongside body language and the spoken word – is more important than you might think. The difference is, unlike body language and the spoken word, that eye contact can be something we forget to do.

Let’s go one step further and hold the lack of eye contact (amongst a group of city commuters for example) as one of the biggest missing links when it comes to making a heart and soul connection… this one simple change in our habits may be the key to rediscovering our dialogue with the whole, and revisiting the days of unlimited energy and positive vibes we had as children.


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