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An Expression of the Divine: The Gift of Giving Birth


“Many of our problems in US maternity care stem from the fact that we leave no room for recognizing when nature is smarter than we are.” ~ Ina May Gaskin, Birth Matters: A Midwife’s Manifesta

After the long turn of the clock and the seasons that have passed while we meditated on the enduring art of pregnancy, the process of giving birth can be nothing but a shock to the system.

Transforming this surge of energy and sometimes violent act of creation can become a rebellious spiritual act that can result in anything from utter chaos, to an expression of the divine. Many women even experience an ongoing orgasm and the ability to transmute the pain of birth into something resembling heaven.

With all the fear that surrounds the birth process however, the experience is often anything but. Modern medicine’s distrust of the unknown combined with interfering patriarchy of the self-assured doctor has brought women further and further away from connecting with their bodies at the crucial moment...

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7 Signs You May be a Rainbow Warrior

Sinking_of_the_Rainbow_Warrior_by_ahermin“Upon suffering beyond suffering, the Red Nation shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for a sick world. I see a time of Seven Generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again.” –Crazy Horse

Your skin may be white, black, brown, red, yellow, or whatever other stereotypical color you wish to marginalize skin color with, but your heart is red. It bleeds red no matter your race, nationality, or creed. We are all united in red, and the red nation has the potential to rise again and be a blessing for a sick world, but only if we can get over our pseudo power and false pride.

The heart is greater than money; but it is also greater than patriotism, nationalism, and dogma combined. The human heart is greater than any perceived color. It is all colors and none...

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Work With Your Body Instead of Against it

“The body and mind are inextricably connected; and the former is a physical manifestation of the latter-what we feel, what we repetitively think of and believe about ourselves-what we deserve: health, life and ease or struggle and a slow death.”- Amy Jalapeno


Our bodies are so good to us yet we often fail to recognize this. Our legs and arms help us to move, our hearts pump blood, and our lungs breathe in oxygen, without even the slightest conscious thought that they are doing so, and we so often take these things for granted. In fact, if anything, instead of appreciating our body for the amazing machine that it is, we talk negatively towards it.

We critique, judge, and compare our bodies against this version of the “perfect body” we have concocted based on what society has told us we “should” look like...

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When Cultures Clash: Dissolving Fear of the Other


The human ailment of not being able to accept the ‘other’ spans countries and ideologies alike. To categorize differences under labels such as religion and culture with the assumption that we will all leave each other well alone only seems to exacerbate them, for we will always come up against those who deeply uproot, even threaten our beliefs and attachments to them.

So surely a more healing way then, is to focus on ways to deal with other’s fear and ultimately begin to work on the fear within ourselves. As every traveler will know, these differences inevitably come up when arriving and spending time in a foreign country, and expose just how deep those roots really delve, particularly when those differences are worlds away from our own perceptions. This applies to every country, and can often be called nationalism, or prejudice, but the one thing we can always rely on is that one will always come across it and probably be the target of a fair few assumptions and harmful stereotypes that the people throw our way.

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Making Your Darkness “Conscious”

“Darkness has no existence of its own, it is only the absence of light. When the light is present, how can its absence also be there?”- Osho

No amount of darkness can survive in a room full of light. However, you can take the light from a single candle and light a room full of darkness. It is this analogy that we can see that light need not be “afraid” of darkness. All the light needs to do is be present and darkness goes fleeing. But what does all this mean for us?

All it takes is a click on to the nightly news to see that there are people who endure terrible things in this world. Wars are being fought, murders are happening, there are people living in poverty and people getting sick with disease. It is no wonder that some people become angered and offended when you suggest to them that only love exists, that darkness and evil are not real and technically everything is God.

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Animal Spirit Guide: The Transmutation of Poisons & The Death of the Ego

“All space is sacred space. Every inch of Mother Earth holds a specially energized connection to some living creature, and is therefore to be honored.” ~ Jamie Sans

animal spirit guide snake

The more widely recognized chthonic, or ‘earthbound’, and therefore evil symbol of the serpent has given snake a mixed reputation for centuries. The Greeks recognized this as the three Gorgon sisters; Medusa being one of them, Christianity and Islam as the serpent who tempted Eve, and the ‘evil’ of the snake translated itself as bad luck for the city of Thebes which was said to have its foundations built on a giant serpent.

In more enlightened circles, the snake is a symbol of medicine and health. The Bowl of Hygieia, Caduceus and Rod of Asclepius denote pharmacy and healing, whilst in India snakes have been worshiped as Gods with the cobra wrapping its way around the necks of Vishnu and Shiva, and women to this day still pouring milk on snake pits as a gesture of reverence. Nagraj is the King of the Snakes, and many believe the snake to also be a symbol of fertility.

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6 Signs Your Crown Chakra May be Godding

“Up there, godding the whole blue world, and shrieking at a snip of land.” –Anne Sexton, Birds

No, the title of this article is not a typo. Yes, god can be a verb. No, it isn’t religious. Yes, it is extremely spiritual. “Godding” means a sacred flourishing of the human condition, a divine blossoming into self-actualization. When the crown chakra is godding it is an all-out embracing of self as cosmos and cosmos as self. It is an overwhelming, agape, in-love-with-the-moment breath of fresh air at experiencing the cosmos as an interdependent whole.

The crown is the accumulation of all the energies of the chakras, a blending of all the unique lessons learned from meditating on the other chakras. It is the merging of our personal consciousness with cosmic consciousness to bring forth all the knowledge that is available to us...

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Changing Perspectives: Choose to View Life Through a Different Lens

“Your opinion is your opinion, your perception is your perception–do not confuse them with ‘facts’ or ‘truth.’ Wars have been fought and millions have been killed because of the inability of men to understand the idea that everybody has a different viewpoint.” -John Moore

There is only one thing we truly own while we are here on Earth. One thing that can never be taken from us and that we carry with us every single place we go every day of our lives. This thing is our perception. Our perception is completely unique to us. No one ever, anywhere, will ever have the exact same perception of reality as we do because there is no two people whose lives have been exactly the same.

The way we were raised, the culture we grew up in, the relationship we had with our parents and siblings and the types of music, books and movies we have been exposed to, all play a part in forming our perception. Our perception changes naturally over time. The perspective we had on life at 10 years old is completely different than the one we have at 25 years old. If we are lucky, at a certain point in our conscious evolution comes a shocking discovery… our perception does NOT equal truth.

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The Key to Feeling Fulfilled Now

Feel-Alive and fulfilled

“By letting go of our insatiable desire to fix and change everyone and everything around us, we give ourselves the space to focus our attention on the true source of our own happiness, success and fulfillment… Ourselves!” – Mike Robbins – Nothing Changes Until You Do.

At any given moment, we have but one task, one “goal” per se that should be achieved. That task is to be and feel fulfilled. In this life of ours, it is really the only thing we can and should strive for. Now for most, the idea of a perfectly fulfilled existence probably looks nothing like the life they are living right now. Maybe they do not have the job they truly want, they don’t have their dream car or are not in that fairy tale relationship they always hoped for. So they struggle. They struggle, and try this tactic and they try that tactic in order to reach this alleged “finish line” of fulfillment.

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Being “Awake” Means Nothing; Acting Towards Positive Change Means Everything

More and more people are claiming to have awakened spiritually and sociologically, accepting the idea that there is more to life than our physical existence, and realizing that our monetary system and public institutions are subject to significant corruption.

These are evidently realizations which require considerable thought and an open mind. Realizing that our world is screwed up and spiritually void is one thing. Acting to make positive change is another.

action quote Bissell

Part of acting to make positive change is to embrace humility. Moving in a humble manner through time includes realizing that everyone has had different life experiences, has come from a different sociological background, and has been genetically dispositioned to favor certain tendencies of thinking. Not everyone, in his or her current mindset, is capable of perceiving our world’s state of affairs and our state of existence like you, or has the same intuitive abilities and critical thinking skills as you.


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