Jun 13th
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When You Open the Windows of Your Heart… Heavenletters
Neuroscience Shows the Brain Literally Eats Itself Due to Lack of Sleep Health & Wellbeing
The Role Of Yoga In Healing Trauma Collective Evolution
Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 13, 2017 Trinity Esoterics
You are all creative beings because God, who created you, is creative. John Smallman
The Key The Creator Writings
Jun 12th
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Whose Thoughts are Yours Anyway? Heavenletters
The Meaning of Life According to Terence McKenna - Waking Times Waking Times
New Study Reveals Cannabis May Make Chemotherapy More Effective - TruthTheory TruthTheory
5 Facts About Climate Change Shared By An Actual Climate Scientist Collective Evolution
Wildlife Center Helps Turtle Walk Again By Using Electro-Acupuncture True Activist
Has the 40-Year Plan to Stop the Leakage at Fukushima Already Failed? - Waking T... Waking Times
Daily Message ~ Monday June 12, 2017 Trinity Esoterics
One… The Creator Writings
Jun 11th
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We Ride together in an Unseen Chariot across the Horizon Heavenletters
This Turmeric Lemonade Treats Depression Better Than Prozac True Activist
Get Moving The Creator Writings
Daily Message ~ Sunday June 11, 2017 Trinity Esoterics
Jun 10th
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Hurray for Life! Heavenletters
Veteran Green Beret and Special Ops Soldiers Admit U.S. Trains Our Enemies in Sy... Waking Times
Daily Message ~ Saturday June 10, 2017 Trinity Esoterics
REST! The Creator Writings
Jun 09th
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As You Are, So Goes the World Heavenletters
Inspired by a Near-Death Experience, This Man is Cloning the World's Talles... Waking Times
Daily Message ~ Friday June 9, 2017 Trinity Esoterics
The Hemp Deception and the Stolen Future of the American People Waking Times
JUNE 9th 2017 – FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology, Full Moon, FULL MOON in SAGITTARIUS - JUNE 9 2017
The Power To Change The Creator Writings
Jun 08th
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Friends in the World Heavenletters
18 Health Benefits of Fish Oil, According to Science Health & Wellbeing
New Studies Confirm the Effectiveness of Ibogaine in Stopping Opioid Addiction -... Waking Times
Daily Message ~ Thursday June 8, 2017 Trinity Esoterics
Onto Better Things…. The Creator Writings
Jun 07th
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Monsanto and Big Ag Colonizing Africa, Criminalizing Traditional Seed Exchanges... Waking Times
Responsibility and Blame Have Two Different Meanings Heavenletters
Why a Spiritual Connection with Earth is Critical at this Time Inspirational
Daily Message ~ Wednesday June 7, 2017 Trinity Esoterics
Ten Fold The Creator Writings
Jun 06th
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Part Truth Isn’t the Whole Truth Heavenletters
Corporations Are Capitalizing On Spirituality & We’re Buying Into It Collective Evolution