Heavenletter #4218 Looking into the Mirror of a Fairy Tale

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Heavenletter #4218 Looking into the Mirror of a Fairy Tale, June 12, 2012 


God said: 


When your heart is sagging, you are lagging in that you are not keeping up with your heart. You are putting it down. You are depressing it.

Your heart is always raring to go. Unleash it. Stop

pressing it down.


You have been afraid to let your heart take off. You keep gauging the food given to your heart, and you find it is not enough. Let your heart forage for itself. Instead of telling your heart, "Giddyap," what it wants to hear, you have been telling your heart: "Better to hold back. Better to pace yourself. You never want to give out more love than you are given. Never. Hold on to what you have. Be sparing with it."

Heavenletter #4217 How You Love Being Dazzled

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Heavenletter #4217 How You Love Being Dazzled , June 11, 2012 

God said: 


Let the fires in your heart settle down. Let the embers cool. Be at peace. Fires have to burn out. Peace and love stay cool. Peace and love witness themselves quietly. Peace and love do not work up a storm. It is something else besides peace and love that work up a storm.

If you saw peace as better than conflagration, you would have peace. You don't have to be fired up. When you do not feel a need to be fired up, then you would know peace. Peace would become a cooling stream for you. You would no longer be hot under the collar. You would sit on a lounge chair in front of a cooling stream. Peace would wipe your brow. Love would stir you and cool you down

Heavenletter #4216 This Is the Way of Flowers

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Heavenletter #4216 This Is the Way of Flowers, June 10, 2012 

God said: 


There is a flower out there that we could say represents you. This flower grows in a field of unsurpassed beauty, perhaps a field of daisies, or it may grow in a woodlands all by itself, a surprise of color popping out behind a tree, or it may grow in a pot outside someone's kitchen window, or it may grow in a pot inside the house. It may be watered daily, or it may be neglected. In any case, the flower that could represent you, no matter what, in sunlight or in shadow, grows. You are growing, and, like all flowers, you are growing toward the sun. It is inevitable. This is the way of flowers.

Heavenletter #4215 Clinging to the Past

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Heavenletter #4215 Clinging to the Past, June 9, 2012 

God said: 


What is it that leads to your clinging to the past? What leads you to cry for someone who was once alive and dear to you and is still dear to you? It would make more sense to celebrate the one you love than to water your great love with tears.

It is time you are mourning for. Once upon a time, there was someone you loved dearly. Almost half your life, the loved one has vacated Earth, and still you weep. What is it you weep for, beloved, but a time in your life when you were someone else and your loved one was true to you? Your loved one is true to you now. He is truer than ever.

Heavenletter #4214 God's Love for You

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Heavenletter #4214 God's Love for You, June 8, 2012 

God said: 


You cannot dictate what others must do or ought to do. That is not your province. It is for you to dictate only what you will do.

Your values are for you to uphold. Uphold your values, and allow others to live their lives as they see fit. Your values are not to be foisted on others. No one has to come up to your standards. Half the time you don't even come up to your own standards. Half the time you don't really know what your standards are, yet it is easy for you to pick at what someone else does or doesn't do. When you do, beloveds, it is like you are gossiping. And so you become involved in small matters that are not really your business. Because you see a failing in another does not mean that your value is heightened. Not at all.

Watch out for being self-righteous, self-pleased, self-

Heavenletter #4212 When the World Assails Your Heart

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Heavenletter #4212 When the World Assails Your Heart , June 6, 2012 

God said: 


What is the flavor in your heart today? May it be delicious, the flavor in your heart. May it be as sweet like the morning dew. May it have no tinges of anxiety or anything but the sweetness of love, love untainted by hurt or resistance or any of the other many things that have assailed your heart.

If something from the world assails your heart, let it pass through quickly and be done with. Never again keep anything in your heart that does not nourish it. No matter how right you are, change your thinking and let tension go.

Heavenletter #4211 Eternal Connection

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Heavenletter #4211 Eternal Connection, June 5, 2012 

God said: 


It is as if We are extensions of each other. We are an Eternal Connection. In one sense, We are wireless. In another sense, We are mainframe, and there is only One in the whole Universe. We are definitely something, aren't We now?

Tap, tap, tap go Our messages. Constant revelation. Constant reception of ingoing and outgoing messages although they are instant, ingoing and outgoing have no meaning. There is reception, and there are messages that echo through Us. It is as if One speaks, and it is the Same One who hears, so close is the connection.

In the depth of Our connection, Our Oneness connection, there is nothing to say. We are telepathic. Whose thoughts are they?

Heavenletter #4210 The Face of God

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Heavenletter #4210 The Face of God , June 4, 2012 

God said: 


If only you would regard yourself as beautiful, you would revolve in the world differently, and you would give tribute to the world. And the world will revolve differently because of you. The rhythm of the world will change. The world will transform itself according to how you see yourself and, therefore, how you see the world.

When I speak of you as beautiful, I speak of the beauty of you that is the heart of you.

Science has shown that how you look at a molecule affects the molecule. Well, how do you think how you look at yourself affects you?

Heavenletter #4209 Return to Silence

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Heavenletter #4209 Return to Silence, June 3, 2012 

God said: 


My heart does flip-flops when I think of you, and I think of you all the time. At the same time (I speak of the myth of time), you arrest My heart. My heart stops beating as I look into your beautiful eyes. You, beloveds, in all your beauty and innocence, are a heart-stopper.

When all see as I do, when all love as I do, We will not be frozen statues, yet We will be still. We will live in the depth of Our hearts, and, in the depths, there is silence. We could say that in the depths, We have pulled on the arrow. And there We are, poised in life before the movie We are in starts, before the movie We are in becomes animated, before the Director says: "Lights! Camera. Action!"

Heavenletter #4208 Come to the Greatness within You

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Heavenletter #4208 Come to the Greatness within You, June 2, 2012 

God said: 


To let go of the past means to let go of regret, remorse, self-recrimination, disappointment, distress, judgment and attachment to any of them.

To let go of the future means to let go of demands, insistence, attachment, requirements, having to have, control. It means tipping your hat to life. It means blessing it. It means having happiness in mind and not requiring how it is to be funneled.

To live in the present is not holding on to it. To live in the present is to witness it. To live in the present is a perfect state of non-attachment.

Past, present, future, there is no holding onto. There is freedom. Free yourself from attachment. Attachment is like getting caught in a glue jar. Attachment is digging yourself in deeper.


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