HEAVEN #4058 ~ In the Fullness of Love ~ January 4, 2012

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Heaven #4058 

By Love Reporter  Gloria Wendroff


In the Fullness of Love

Heavenletter #4058 Published on: January 4, 2012



God said:

You are so innocent that you think you are sophisticated. You think you are wise to the ways of the world. That is not such a wise thing. It is not a great accomplishment. Better to be wise in the ways of innocence, beloveds. Be open to all that I offer you and that stands before you. What is superficial upon Earth is superficial. There is more to life than superficiality.

HEAVEN #4057 ~ Within Silence, Come Closer ~ January 3, 2012

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Heaven #4057 

By Love Reporter  Gloria Wendroff

Within Silence, Come Closer



Heavenletter #4057 

Published on: January 3, 2012



God said:

Let Us speak without words. Within silence, I speak to you. Within silence, We come closer. That is the whole purpose, isn't it? That We come closer? We come closer in the silence of Our love.

We come so close that We are One on every layer of existence. We become One indissoluble Self. Let the fun begin.

HEAVEN #4056 ~The Magnificence and Beauty of You ~ January 2, 2012

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Heaven #4056 

By Love Reporter  Gloria Wendroff

The Magnificence and Beauty of You



Heavenletter #4056 Published on: January 2, 2012

God said:

You want All of Me, don't you? You don't want just some of God, a little bit here and a little bit there. The fact is that you do have All of Me. You have All of Me right now. You do not miss even one particle of Me. Of course, there are no particles of Me, so how could you miss them? And yet you feel longing. It is yourself you desire to know. It is yourself you are seeking. Not this propped-up picture of yourself, the one who struggles, who fails, who succeeds. You know you are something more than how you present yourself as you twirl around on Earth.

HEAVEN #4053 ~ IF GOD COULD WEEP ~ December 30, 2011

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Heaven #4053

If God Could Weep

By Love Reporter Gloria Wendroff



Heavenletter #4053 Published on: December 30, 2011

God said:

In terms of the relative world, there are varieties of people, and there are varieties of languages, and, yet, they are all One. You are all One.

Languages grew from the land they arose in, and, yet, all languages are also One, one common denominator, from one common sound.

Languages are not bedlam. Languages grew from the Earth. Certain flowers grow in Alaska, and other flowers grow in Florida, and this is as it is meant to be.


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