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Calm after the Storm

Look into the mirror

for fears,

so you aren’t led

down the frightful path

of others.

Soul connection is light

vibration that fills the heart

until it can no longer be contained

and spills over.

May it seek lighthouses

that shine strong during

inclement weather unleashed on

rugged shores.

May it soothe emotions that

lash out and have no bounds.

May it help  

the sleepy collective move

through the mist to find

the morning sun.

On the beach,

I pick up pieces of my soul

that weathered the storm

and like the harbor today,

 all is calm.

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Investing in the New Earth Original Living Creation and Civilization Universe

Post Eclipse, and post Full Moon of Virgo

Investing in the New Earth Original Living

Creation and Civilization Universe

The New Earth Original Living Creation and Civilization Universe is beginning to become a reality throughout the entire planetary/universal system, and its many creators are becoming unified into their ascended universal life organism to share in this unlimited reality.


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Energy Update ~ We are here to serve Gaia as Co-Creators!


Image sourced from Pixabay

I wasn’t sure whether to write this blog or not…but then one of my readers sent me such a beautiful email earlier today that helped me to regain my confidence, and my balance. Thank you Lumanthra!

Things are hotting up! To put it mildly… So hang onto your breeches!

It seems the message I received from Michael not so long ago is coming to pass. The energy is churning us all right! Churning and indeed turning us inside out, and in so doing, bringing the best of us right out into the open, out into the Light. It is helping us to release all that we have mis-created which has been acting as the Veil of Illusion separating Heaven and Earth.

It may help perhaps to change our perspective just a little by thinking of this mis-created energy as also longing to return to the Light from whence it came, which it is! This energy is our energy and that means it is Source energy which has been mis-created by us, and just like us, it is longing, yearning even, to be returned to Source, into the arms of Divine Love, just like we are. It doesn’t even matter anymore which of us created it. We are One! We are a Collective Consciousness and there is no more separation in this new energy. We are here to serve Gaia, and to clear the air [ether] of all that we have mis-created as the Human Collective upon this Great Earth.

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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

Much has been stirred up and brought to the surface since the big Solar Eclipse two weeks ago. We have been through a very intense and transformative period over the last several weeks. There is a lot happening in the world and the energies are hard to just dismiss. The Big Solar Eclipse activated the chart of the United States and the President….and we can see daily how chaos and changes/transformations are being bought to the surface for the leaders of the United States!  The big Solar Eclipse also affected each of us…some more than others and it also affected the collective and the Earth itself!  With this very watery Pisces Full Moon sitting with Neptune (which rules Pisces) there is a lot being played out emotionally and in relationships. We can also see it being played out in the weather….Hurricanes, 2 of them now, and floods!   We are experiencing Radical Change and a Cosmically Intense Turning Point….in our Evolution and the Evolution of the Planet! 

We (ourselves and the collective) plus the Earth are receiving a lot of cosmic energies coming in….consciously and unconsciously.   At times all this energy can feel a bit Chaotic and over whelming!  As it is very intense and is coming from many different areas, and with many different themes….all hitting and surrounding us within a short time period.  It can be a bit challenging.   Remember however…..that out of Chaos, comes Creativity.   It is time for us to manifest and create the future we want!  The Cosmic focus for Evolution….is intensifying!!!

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Channeling - Attaining a Link



So without Further Ado, This Material should be Noted for Beings that have surpassed (Transgressed) Partials of a Totality, Whatever this totality may be For You. It’s all about Channeling and Keeping the Flow (Inflow). So to allow us to prosper in times where our memories could be more or less to say, of a Natural Order Frequency - Assessment for Neutralizing Concords of the Assembly Modules which exists by mapping out telekinetic data (Acquisitions) from a Temporality. We justify this exemption by an algorithmic wave data module of association (Citation) of the aforementioned message for “Pre-lapses”.




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Hello Everyone! Today/Tonight I want to Write about Solutions. In particular, what we need for the betterment and with great care in how we manage “With Money” Because it is one of the Power Structures In Place, by which trade is the Norm to live and have access to all we need for our well being and Service to Others.


So with that said… I am trying to Find Solutions concerning how we will get to a Stable Place in time, with Income for food, and supplies + Being in Service to Others… All in all, able to get the right amount of Time in our WorkSpace and with Functions of Developments and so on - By Channeling or giving out Readings and Publishing Books, to say the Least.


Trading Art’s for Money - Which could go in Nicely by Adding a Reading or Message concerning whomever wants to have (A Package) to say the Least for our Rendered Service in Exchange for a Donation.


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A Dream of My Deepest Dream

A Dream of My Deepest Dream

Posted on August 30, 2017

I do not know whose work this is to credit but am offering a thank you for its beauty and the feeling it evokes.

Awoke from a dream of a sky ship coming for me. Someone I was living with came running to tell me that there was a huge ship outside waiting for me. We were living high up on a multi-storied building. I looked outside and saw it. I looked down and saw folks on the ground staring upwards in amazement at the sight of this ship.


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