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Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 22, 2018

We wish to reiterate the importance of having fun as part of your enlightenment process moving forward. Getting in touch with what brings you joy is essential as you begin to navigate in the new, higher vibrational energies. Sadly, so many of you have been so serious for so long you don’t even know what that is any more.

Think back to when you were a child. What did you love to do? What were your interests and passions? Your childhood can hold many clues because as children you are least resistant to your soul preferences. What types of things did you like to do? What were you naturally good at? Where did you focus most of your free time? What elements of those activities can you bring forward now to match who you have grown into?

Do you think having fun is frivolous? Or do you think you have to forfeit fun in order to watch over everyone else? We are shifting from the old paradigm of martyred service into joyful service. What if following your joy was the way to your highest service? We can tell you that it is. Joy and presence are indicators of alignment and embodying higher vibrating energies, which only serves the whole. Honouring the importance of fun is also healing for you, as it allows your inner child to come back to the forefront and have their needs met.

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 21, 2018

Many of you are still integrating energetically from the recent powerful shifts you have moved through. The sun is assisting you in that process. The best way to ground in new energies is by putting your focus on your body. Eat the foods it is asking for. Allow it to move in whatever way it wishes to in your own intuitive dance. Spend time outdoors and feel your feet connect with the earth. Lie on the ground and let the earth energy wrap you up with its grounding support. Commune with the plants and animals. These are just a few things you can do.

There is no greater expert than your body on what it needs to integrate any energetic shift. Allow it to take the lead. Support it in whatever it is asking for. Know that there is a natural intelligence within that knows exactly what to do. Trust your intuition. What works for one person may not be what another requires. Experiment. This is how you will bring forth your own ancient knowledge, and step into being the empowered master of your own vehicle. What wonderful times you are in that are allowing you to make these discoveries of your own amazing abilities! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday August 20, 2018

On your enlightenment journey, there may be times when pain will be a precursor to expansion. Think of a chick that has outgrown the egg. The discomfort from being in a space too small is what gets it to break through the shell and emerge as a new version of self.

So what if your pain was simply an indicator that you are ready for a bigger, more expanded expression of you? What if the pain was so that you simply couldn’t stay the same and settle for for something smaller than what is your greatest potential? What if it was a wonderful sign that you are ready to birth the newest, most expanded version of you?

When you stop resisting and start to accept where your soul is trying to lead you, you move through those changes as quickly and efficiently as possible and break through to the other side where the wonder and discovery of new potentials awaits. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday August 19, 2018

A very simple way to adjust your energy if you find yourself in a state of discomfort is to just still yourself and breathe. Breathe in acceptance and breathe out resistance. Breathe in love and breathe out separation. Breathe in faith and breathe out doubt.

You see, everything exists as an option for you and you can choose to infuse yourself with the energy you desire by intending to breathe it in. So breathe in what you want and breathe out what you feel is blocking the experience of it. Try different combinations until you find what works best for you in that moment.

This is effective because you are identifying what you are wishing to receive, and release, from an empowered space of willingness, awareness, presence, and flow. You can very quickly shift into a much better feeling space using this easy and accessible technique, and the beautiful thing is breathing is a skill you already have. All you have to do is add intention. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday August 18, 2018

The energies you have been moving through, while they may seem daunting at times, are completely transformative and what you have been wanting to experience. All the work you have done has been preparing you for the times you are in right now.

We have spoken of having two distinct phases of your incarnation, the first phase, which is wrapping up for you, and the next phase which focuses on your emerging sovereignty – stepping into your authentic power and assuming the role of pioneer and empowered co-creator.

What you have been experiencing over the past several weeks has been assisting you in the review process of the first phase, so you can truly assess the growth you have attained and the discoveries you have made. The intensity of the energies is so you can leave no stone unturned, so you can heal, release, and complete the themes you had placed at the forefront of that first phase. All of this has given you great clarity on what you would like to leave behind, and what you might like to experience more of as you move forward into the next phase of your incarnation.

What we are trying to get across here is that you are all exactly where you are meant to be. You are being assisted in all of it, right from your cells all the way through to the planets and guides and helpers of the universe. Your timing is impeccable and your ability to handle the energies is becoming more masterful every day.

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17 Aug Daily Message ~ Friday August 17, 2018

Human beings have a tendency to immediately think, “What is wrong with me?” if they have an emotion come up out of the blue, a wound surface, or experience a struggle of any sort. The moment you start to ask such a question, you create division and resistance within yourself. What if instead you asked, “What is coming up that is ready to be healed?” “What is feeling safe enough or brave enough to come up and ask for my love and attention?”

Do you see? Looking at it as an opportunity shifts you beyond the knee jerk reaction of rejection, judgement, and self abuse. It allows you to explore it from a space of calm support and willingness to heal. It is you stepping up as your own loving parent and guide as required from a space of inclusion and acceptance. It is you assuming the role of your own shepherd lovingly gathering up all the pieces of yourself as honoured and important pieces of the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday August 16, 2018

What if you decided to treat yourself with the same love and consideration you would give a beloved child? What if you consciously filled every act of self care, such as brushing your teeth, bathing, or any other form of tending to your with love? What if you made decisions as lovingly as you would for a child when it came to your diet, your health, your wellness? What if you nurtured yourself as automatically as you would that child in all ways.

What would happen is you would begin to thrive under your own care. You would put yourself first, not as a means of separation from others, but because you are equally important as everyone else. Your inner child would feel safety and heal because its needs were being met. From that space you would support yourself with love, compassion, and acceptance, being your own encourager and understanding guardian, and that would create profound change in all areas of your life.

Try it. You might be surprised to realize that it’s been your own love and acceptance you’ve been yearning for for so very long, and how whole and satisfied you feel when you finally include yourself in your own tender care. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 15, 2018

Dear Ones, when you truly accept that you are a beloved individuated aspect of Source energy, you will finally come to terms with your innate goodness. This will automatically start to release the energies of shame and any worthiness issues you may have.

You are good and you are all in the process of discovering the divine essence of goodness that has always been there at your core. Trust in your own goodness. Let it shine and lead the way. Your transformation doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 14, 2018

The more you embrace being the co-creator of your own life expression, the more you will come to realize that expansion is your friend. If you desire something it is because it is not already part of your experience and the only way you can bring it in is through expansion. Unfoldment is incremental expansion. It creates the space for everything you want to become part of your reality. If we had one wish for you today it would be that you start to understand that expansion is necessary for creation and begin to embrace it with excitement and joy. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday August 13, 2018

With each profound shift you go through, there is a releasing of density, a purification, if you will, accompanied with an integration of higher vibrational energy. Because you have lost a layer of density that can act as a buffer between you and other energies, the result can be feeling raw, naked, vulnerable, exposed, uncomfortable, and with heightened sensitivities. If you are already an empath you will feel this quite strongly. If you have not felt energies before, you may suddenly start. This is all proof positive of the transformation you are all going through.

It can take several days to get used to your new normal after a shift. Be kind and gentle with yourself through this process. Let your body take the lead and give it what it is asking for. The most effective way to make this process more comfortable is through the use of love. Think of being deeply in love with someone and remember how deliciously love can wrap you up like a warm, supportive blanket. You can give this to yourself by simply intending to surround yourself with your own love, and to ask for your favourite guides, helpers, angels, or masters to cocoon and soothe you with their love. Love is the most wonderful energy to use for such a purpose for it comforts and calms with inclusion and acceptance, supporting you in all ways possible. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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