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Daily Message ~ Sunday February 18, 2018

Dear Ones, if the moment the spark of a new dream or potential came into your awareness, you immediately started nurturing it by thinking about all things that could support it rather than all the reasons it couldn’t happen, you’d feed its continual expansion and be astounded at what is really possible. It has never been that you couldn’t have more. The most limiting habit human beings have is cutting off their dreams before they have a chance to come to fruition. Are you feeding or starving your dreams? Those inspirations are nudges from your soul. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday February 17, 2018

As the earth and her inhabitants continue to make great progress in both their individual and connected ascension journeys, you may find yourself in different geographical locations than you could have imagined. Some people may, after a long period of feeling stuck in one place, finally experience movement and find themselves relocating to a different city, area, or country. Others may be drawn to certain areas to visit, or may even suddenly end up in a place they never could have imagined going to. There are several reasons for this.

Some enlightening human beings had been staying put in one place as assistance to the planet. They were anchoring light in one specific area as part of a service contract. For some of you, that contract is now complete, opening the door for you to go elsewhere.

Others may suddenly be drawn to an area to begin new service contracts in specific areas, bringing in new services that raise the vibration of the area, or simply using their own energetics to support the planetary grids. Or the new area could offer you the exact energetics required for you to shift into the growth and expansion of the next phase of your own enlightenment journey.

Some of you have been drawn to places, also to be of service to reactivate crystals that you yourself had placed on the planet for safekeeping in previous lifetimes. This is a particularly profound aspect that is happening on your planet. You had so much faith in humanity that you planned to return as a future self to activate the crystals when the time was right.

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Daily Message ~ Friday February 16, 2018

Dear Ones, it is very difficult for you to remember and apply what you know from a place that is out of balance and out of alignment. Much like you can’t hear a radio station if you aren’t tuned into the channel properly, you can’t hear your own wisdom, inner knowingness, and guidance systems through the static of being out of your highest energetic alignment.

So we urge you to understand that you can’t create solutions or peace for yourselves if you aren’t in a place that supports it. What we are saying is if you are faced with any challenge, get yourself into whatever puts you into your alignment that allows you to see things in a clearer, more empowered way before you start making decisions or taking action.

It may be driving in the car, taking a bath or being near a body of water (water is always a great amplifier of energy), walking in nature, meditation, simply sitting with yourself with an intention to connect, moving your body in a way that feels good to you, asking your guides to lead you, doing an activity you love, or simply practicing gratitude.

Experiment! Find what helps you consistently get into a place of greater stillness and peace. It doesn’t matter what the activity itself is, just that it helps you get into a better feeling energetic alignment.

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Daily Message ~ Thursday February 15, 2018

Do you keep yourselves from thriving due to some feeling of guilt, shame, or regret? We love you for your tender hearts and for the fact that you have discovered that something was not your true energetic match. But keeping yourselves tethered to such old energy cannot help you do what you really wish to do, which is to move forward in a more authentic and empowered way.

If you have made what you consider to be a mistake, the fact that you have already discovered it was not your highest choice is enough to ensure that you will not do it again. You now have clarity and a greater sense of direction moving forward.

The greatest way to move beyond your regrets is not to continue to punish yourself, which would be consciously choosing to stay in energies that do not allow growth or expansion, it is to use it as motivation to expand into a more conscious and empowered version of you.

And that, Dear Ones, is making a positive out of what you consider a negative, by not only guiding yourself with newfound wisdom but also being a wonderful example of the best way to make amends – by fully understanding a situation and allowing it to guide you into the person you truly wish to be. By doing so, you can find the gift and the purpose in every one of your experiences. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 14, 2018

On this day where the focus is on love, you may feel celebration for the love that you have, you may feel a heightened awareness of what you perceive as the absence of love in your life, or you may be sitting in a space of judgment waiting to see if someone will show you what you consider to be an appropriate display of love for you. What if you treated Valentine’s Day much the same way you do Thanksgiving? What if the basis of the day could be simply gratitude with no expectation?

“But Gabriel”, you may say. “I don’t have love in my life right now. How can I practice gratitude for what I don’t have?” Please understand that every single symbol of love you see, whether it is in a store, on television, or online, is clear evidence from the universe that love is not only making its way to you, love is responding to your essence! You would not see any of it if it were not so.

For every rose, every heart, every lover’s kiss you may see, it is showing you that you are a vibrational match to love and how close it is drawing to you. Be open to the energy of love that surrounds you, grateful for the signs that it is all around you, and through that gratitude you will be open to both the giving and receiving of love. You will be celebrating its presence rather than absence. You will use the day to move into even greater vibrational alignment with it.

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday February 13, 2018

Dear Ones, there are two elements that are great expanders – love and imagination. So if you are trying to move into grander new experiences, we highly recommend that you use both!

Love! Give love. Receive love. Allow love to flow to you and through you. Think of what you love. Imagine what else you could do with that love! What would you love to try? What would you love to experience?

Allow your imagination free rein to think of new ways you could experience being and doing what you love, and you will start to open yourselves up to the magic of creation that comes from allowing your soul to expand in all the ways only your unique energy can do.

To be clear, to do so is to anchor heaven on earth, for your love and imagination are both bridges that connect you with vast energy of Source, where all things are possible. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday February 12, 2018

So many of you are concerned with where you are experiencing blockages in your lives. We understand that if you have belief systems that are not in line with what you would like to create, it can be difficult to identify them as they often come from conditioning you have had your entire lives. They feel normal to you because they have been there for so long. We would like to suggest a technique for you today that may help you identify where you have limiting belief systems.

When you have some time to yourself, we recommend sitting down and writing out a letter outlining your frustration in your life. Write it from the heart, allowing your emotions to pour out. Don’t be concerned with the language you use or your spelling or grammar. This is an exercise of just allowing those feelings and frustrations to flow in a pure and unencumbered way. This is an act of honouring the part of you that is confused and feeling powerless.

Then we suggest that you put the letter aside and do something that gets you into a better space of alignment. You may wish to walk in nature, spend time in an activity you enjoy, meditate, pray, or whatever else helps you feel good.

There is no rush, but whenever you are in a better feeling space, revisit your letter and read it as if someone else wrote it. This is not about making your feelings or anything about your letter wrong! You are not there to judge the letter, rather to simply examine it from a different perspective.

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Daily Message ~ Sunday February 11, 2018

It is perfectly normal to feel some discomfort and anxiety when being presented with new, fast moving energies. It is much like being on skates and being propelled forward before you have established your balance.

But if you don’t panic and start testing out how to move with the energy, getting your body to relax and find where the balance points are, before you know it you will be gliding along with a level of skill and ease you couldn’t have imagined possible.

You have assimilated and shifted a tremendous amount of energy over the past several years. You are embodying energies that simply would not have been sustainable in the body a mere decade ago. You have this skill!

Trust in the fact that you have the divine intelligence within your body to evolve – your body and your lightbody know exactly what they are doing. Your job is to support them in that evolution by being non-resistant, letting them take the lead, and honouring what they ask for.

So flow, Dear Ones! Celebrate whenever you are presented with new energies because it indicates success in integration and the fact that the next level is now available to you. Have faith in your incredible competency, and know that your energetic mastery just continues to grow and hone itself, as you continue to move forward in the most remarkable ways. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday February 10, 2018

When you make yourself wrong all the time, you are practicing resistance to yourself. How on earth can you grow and thrive if you are negating yourself, your feelings, or your own wisdom?

We understand that you are mindful and empathic, so you like to be sure before you proceed in any given area. Those are wonderful traits to have, but what we wish is that you consciously start to trust and honour your feelings.

So many of you are in a pattern of feeling something energetically, and then denying it to be sure, or giving your power away by listening to someone else’s opinion, rather than allowing yourself to be assume your role of being the expert on you. No one else knows your soul agenda, what you wish to experience, or what are the perfect energetic matches for you.

So you deny what you feel because you want to be sure, or you don’t want to disappoint anyone, feeling deeper and deeper discomfort for yourself, creating a battle between your mind and your heart, until it becomes impossible to stay in that energy one moment longer and you finally have to move on what you have felt was right for you all along. You could save yourselves so much time and angst if you simply started to accept and trust yourselves.

We are not for a second recommending that you should behave recklessly. You have already shown that is not in your nature. What we are suggesting is that you feel into what is right for you with your mindful and sensitive hearts and then honour the wisdom that is within you that is always fully capable of navigating you.

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Daily Message ~ Friday February 9, 2018

The fastest way to experience your own innate worthiness is to start to play with the energies of surrender, faith, flow, and trust. There is no special preparation or initiation or level of attainment required in order to move into receiving the support and guidance of Source, just a pure, heartfelt declaration of surrender, which is the entry point of the Divine Combination.

It is through your openness to start to use those essential elements of surrender, faith, flow, and trust, that you will make the profound and moving discovery that there was nothing you ever needed to do but let yourself be led and loved. This will allow you to experience for yourself the complete unconditional love and acceptance we have for you exactly as you are. And you begin to understand your incredible power as a co-creator as you steer your flow with gratitude.

Do you see? There is not one reason for you to continue to wait or go it alone when you have an entire universe filled with beings who adore you and whose greatest joy and purpose is to serve and guide you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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