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Daily Message ~ Sunday June 17, 2018

We have a new feature on the Trinity Esoterics facebook page called “Ask Gabriel”. This is where you can request Gabriel’s wisdom on certain topics. (We can’t comment on your personal situations in this format, but are happy to speak on any theme you would like a greater understanding of. For Gabriel’s input on your personal issues, a private session is best.) Every Sunday we will be answering one of the questions submitted to the page. Feel free to head on over and submit your question! The very first Ask Gabriel question we will answer is:

Q: What is the best way to bring oneself into alignment with what is desirable and release self-limiting patterns of thoughts and behaviours?

A: The best way, by far, to bring yourself into alignment with what is desirable and release self-limiting patterns of thoughts and behaviours is to surrender into the flow with faith and trust with broad intention. We will explain why this is such a powerful act.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday June 16, 2018

Self love is not an act of exclusion. It is an act of inclusion. It is finally treating yourself with the same love, care, and consideration you have been so mindfully giving everyone else. It is simply shifting into fairness and balance, which serves the wellness of everyone involved. If you have been feeling like there is a missing piece you must find in order to move into wholeness, it is entirely likely that what you have been looking for all along is your own love and attention. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday June 15, 2018

Many of you seek perfect relationships and wish to move into unconditional love. Our question is, if your partner is perfect how will you ever know your love is unconditional? The true beauty of unconditional love is the acceptance and safety it creates which supports everyone in their unique expression of self exactly as they are. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday June 14, 2018

What if you considered your life expression a Grand Unfoldment? How would that shift how you perceive it? Would that help you embrace growth and experience? Would that allow you to accept your glorious beingness? Because that is exactly what it is, opening and expanding like the most beautiful flower in bloom. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday June 13, 2018

It can seem daunting when you are experiencing energetic shift after energetic shift. We wish for you to understand that it is a great indicator of your success on your enlightenment journey.

You are now able to navigate rapidly shifting energies better than ever before. There are several reasons for this. You have gained skill both in the areas of release and of integration. You are accepting of the fact that good self care is required and are learning to listen to your body and allow it to take the lead. Your trust is much better developed in the process which is allowing you to stay in a space of acceptance which makes shifting with far greater grace, ease, and comfort possible.

The activation of your lightbody and the embodiment of more and more of your highest self is a complex process that is intricate and intelligent. Your body and your soul know exactly what they are doing. If you are feeling overwhelmed energetically, ask for assistance. We are here to help! Also understand that there may be times where you need to isolate yourself temporarily to allow your energetic processes to occur. These times will not last one second longer than necessary and will lead you to deeper connection in the long run.

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 12, 2018

Dear Ones, just as you must exercise faith and trust during an energetic lull, you must also use your faith and trust during a period of acceleration in order to fully ride the wave of forward movement. This is all part of willingly moving with the ebbs and flows of the universe. If you surrender into each phase you will be harnessing the immense gifts that are inherently part of both.

So let the universe serve you behind the scenes and also allow yourself to have the full experience of tangible accelerated movement, knowing you are completely guided and supported as you do. The more you can trust the process whatever phase you find yourself in, the more you will find the joy and wonder in it all. Not resisting or restraining either allows your life to get as big and beautiful as it is intended to be. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Shelley’s note: There was no daily message yesterday because I got married! My love and I decided to make it official in a simple ceremony on the canal. It was short and sweet, yet beautiful and moving and perfect in every way. Don’t ever give up on love! A few short years ago this all would have seemed impossible and a million miles away. If you yearn for love, know that it exists for you and that love will always find a way.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday June 9, 2018

We wish to explain to you how we can say things are no longer energetically supported, yet they seem to continue in your reality.

Think of an operating system on your computer. When a new updated version is released, there are those who will excitedly embrace it. There are people who will wait until others have tried it for a while before they decide to upgrade. And there are others who will resist change and carry on with the old. This will work for the short term, but over time it will start to be fraught with difficulties and become harder and harder to use. This will lead to much frustration until they are finally ready to embrace a new way of doing things.

It is exactly the same with your enlightenment process. As you continue to evolve, there will be those who excited embrace the new, others who are content to let people blaze the trail first before they embrace the new ways of doing things, and others who will wait until they are completely uncomfortable before they move forward. But you know it doesn’t really matter when everyone gets on board, they all surely will in their own perfect timing. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday June 8, 2018

There seems to be some confusion on how specific you should be in terms of what you wish to create. We wish to clear this up for you today.

As a co-creator you absolutely get to have a say of what it is you wish to move into. That is how you honour your pioneering nature! But what can happen if you get too detail specific is you start to constrict the energies and choose less than what your highest self knows is the greatest potential for you. At this point of your enlightenment journey, you are wishing to move into your highest life expression and continue to expand continually from there.

This is why we advocate the use of broader intention. Surrender into the essence of what you wish to move into while staying as wide open to potentials as you possibly can. For example, you can surrender into being of your highest service. You can surrender into your greatest potentials. You can choose to move into the flow that brings you to your healing, or the highest vibrational love match that is available to you without being inflexible on how those things should show up or look like.

The magic of co-creation comes from allowing yourself to be led to the possibilities you simply cannot see from where you are. When you are micro-managing your creations you are restraining your potentials.

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Daily Message ~ Thursday June 7, 2018

Dear Ones, every time you try to control you end up not only restricting the potential of the Now moment, you also restrict the potential of your future. We understand that you seek control to give yourself a sense of safety and security, but the way to truly move forward in the way that best supports you is through conscious creation through broader intention, surrender, and flow.

Everything you seek comes from allowing the unfoldment of surrender and flow. Love, healing, abundance, creation, growth, enlightenment, your highest purpose – all of these elements require continued flow and freedom to become as big, beautiful, and miraculous as they can be.

Understand expansion and unfoldment are necessary for your soul to comfortably move with the universe. Trust. Flow. Start to see the unfoldment as a magical path. Be loose enough to let each Now moment expand into it’s full potential. This is a new, much more empowered way of navigating your life that will get you to your fullest expression of self, over and again, if you are willing to step into a new way of being. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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