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Daily Message ~ Wednesday June 19, 2019

Becoming the wise and loving guide to yourself is the first step in embodying your role of guide on earth. This is yet another reason why it is time, right now, to commit to treating yourself with the love, compassion, acceptance, encouragement, and guidance you need and deserve. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 18, 2019

Curiosity is a gateway to exploration and expansion, which is what your soul is always naturally seeking. So many of you lose your curiosity once you move beyond childhood. Reawaken your curiosity, presence, and wonder for they are the beautiful strengths you had as a child that allow you to see and embrace the magic all around you as you grow and evolve. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday June 17, 2019

As you continue to evolve and want to expand your life to reflect your highest expression of self, your manifestation techniques must also evolve. This requires shifting from 3D manifestation (imagining what you want to create and holding that vision/feeling very specifically until you draw it to you through the law of attraction) to co-creation (allowing the universe to bring into your awareness new possibilities you couldn’t imagine).

While there is nothing wrong with either method, 3D manifestation can be limiting as it only creates through what you think is possible rather than what is actually possible that you aren’t aware of from your vantage point. It keeps you playing within the pool of potentials that are already known. It is manifestation through the mind vs manifestation through the heart.

Dear Ones, you are pioneers and expanders. These roles require trust – trust in a universe that adores you, trust in your highest self, trust in your guides and helpers, and trust in your human self’s ability to navigate your life expression through the knowingness of your heart and the beckoning of your soul.

The big, beautiful life expressions that are waiting for you to discover cannot be found within what you have already experienced. If they could you would be living them already. They require stepping forward bravely into the unknown and being willing to embrace the magic, power, and wonder of co-creation. It is allowing the universe to show you how precious, loved, valued, and guided you are as a beloved part of the whole.

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Daily Message ~ Sunday June 16, 2019

As you continue to move forward on your enlightenment journey, not only will your own freedom be paramount to you, so will the freedom of all other living beings. This shift reflects moving into your role of guide on earth, which naturally comes with the deep respect and honour of the free will of all.

Freedom supports the expansion of your soul and the souls of others. Many of you will make shifts that reflect the need for that freedom, creating lives that allow you to move with the flow rather than following set schedules, which for many of you, will start to feel more and more restrictive.

You will be creating employment for yourselves that gives you more flexibility to honour your need to move with the energies and express yourself in ways that bring you joy and allow you to be of your highest service while honouring your needs and beingness. For many of you this is essential for finding balance through your embodiment process.

You will also practice much more acceptance and allowing towards others, seeing each person as being divinely capable and well guided in their choices and experiences. This respect and honour for the sacred path and freedom of all living beings will allow much healing to occur and greater peace to naturally follow. This will ripple out to include deep respect and care for animals and all aspects of your planet, as well.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday June 15, 2019

Dear Ones, in changing energies where you aligned one day may not be where you align the next. This is nothing to be concerned about! Just as the sun may be behind a cloud or in a different position every time you look up at the sky but can always be found again, you can rest assured your state of alignment is still shining for you wherever its latest location may be. You rediscover it through your intention and willingness to move into connection with it at its current point.

This is yet another way surrender and flow guides and assists you – it allows you to accept and move with the energies, whatever they may be doing on any given day, with the knowingness that you are always part of it all and never outside of the love and support of the universe. You can always, always find your way back to where the light shines brightest for you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday June 13, 2019

What is your favourite tool to move yourself out of resistance? It is very important to develop your go-to strategies to help shift you out of resistance because it is resistance that keeps you out of embracing the flow, the unfoldment, and receiving the love and support of the universe. Any time you are avoiding your own expansion you will experience discomfort.

So what are some ways to help you get back into the flow? You might try an affirmation that is soothing and supports forward movement, such as “God (or whatever being that resonates with you) is guiding me now” or “My forward movement is guided and supported”. “It is safe for me trust in the flow”.

You might simply decide to sit and love the part of you that is resistant until it is feeling better and ready to move. You might deepen your trust and faith through prayer or meditation. You might think back to other times when embracing the flow led you to wonderful results.

You might deliberately practice gratitude because you cannot be grateful and resistant at the same time. You might seek the beauty of nature or spending time in an activity that brings you joy. Dance! Sing! Move your body in ways that feel good. You might find an energetic cleansing helpful, such as immersing yourself in salt water or another healing modality you enjoy. There are so many methods to help you embrace getting back into the flow!

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday June 12, 2019

The moment you start looking to define something is the moment you start to constrain its flow. There is a human tendency to want to know where something is going.  We see this with your relationships, with your desired manifestations, with your careers, with your lives in general. If you don’t have assurances, you don’t allow yourselves to fully commit energetically.

We understand that you do this because you want to be safe or feel a sense of control, but it is an incredibly limiting approach to life because it is playing within the very small pool of what you have already experienced. The moment you try to put something in a container you limit its growth. By allowing yourself to stay present and your manifestation to take on its own unfoldment, you step out of your limited viewpoint of what is possible into the greatest manifestations you can’t imagine.

Dear Ones, be open. Let the things that matter to you take on their own form and expansion. Resist the need to label and micromanage. The key to creating your grandest life expressions moving forward is getting comfortable with the unfoldment and letting the most important aspects of your life get as big and beautiful as they want to.

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 11, 2019

Dear Ones, you are always, always being provided with exactly what you need for your expansion and evolution. If there is something you need to experience and someone else is not ready or willing to have that experience with you, another will come in to serve your growth.

You can rest assured if another is resistant to evolution it will never stall your own enlightenment journey. Their free will is always respected and supported, as is yours, and the universe will shift to provide you new circumstances that allow you to continue your own growth and expansion.

Do you see? Everyone is honoured in whatever choices they make, in a beautiful flow of love and support that is always shifting to meet everyone’s needs. Your desire for your own evolution is always heard and supported and can never be derailed by another’s lack of participation.

Sometimes souls will decide to break apart for a time to learn individually and then reconnect in the future.  In fact, there are times when that is the only way the next phase of growth can occur for one or both of the people. Again, this is part of the beautiful dance of the universe – souls lovingly moving together and moving apart, all depending on what is for the highest good of everyone involved. From this perspective you can see that love and expansion is at the heart of it all. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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