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Daily Message ~ Wednesday April 26, 2017

Dear Ones, if we could have one wish for you, it would be that you give up your tendency to immediately make yourself wrong the second things become difficult or aren’t coming together as you think they should. It amounts to kicking yourself when you are down and serves absolutely no purpose at all. In fact, it only makes you more uncomfortable and resistant to what is happening behind the scenes that will always be for your highest good.

You are part of a process – a glorious process of discovering your divinity and beauty as an individuated aspect of Source energy. Your soul knows exactly what it is doing! You are also committed to your growth and mindful of your journey. You are not going to mess things up. In fact, starting to demonstrate faith and trust in yourself is an integral part of moving forward into your mastery and creating with far greater grace and ease.

If you are uncomfortable at any given time, know that it will pass. It could very well be due to the shifting energies on your planet, which you will integrate much more efficiently if you can stay in a space of acceptance. Are you practicing self care? Are you being loving and supportive to yourself? Are you surrendered to the flow? Are you recognizing and honouring your own capability and taking the time to connect with your inner knowing? Are you remembering to ask for help from your guides and helpers?


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Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 25, 2017

As you are all individual, some of you will be drawn to public acts of service, while others will quietly enlighten behind the scenes. Please hear us when we say one is not better than the other! Just as many tiny bulbs of light can join together to flood a large area with light, so it is with the shift on your planet. There is a great collective power that comes from each individual shining their own light consistently.

So make no mistake about it, Dear Ones. Every single time you choose to love, to heal, to shift, to evolve, to allow your own authenticity, truth and divinity to lead the way, you are supporting the whole in more profound ways than you could ever imagine. Do you see? Your growth is your service. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Daily Message ~ Monday April 24, 2017

Dear Ones, many of you have been on a consistent journey of releasing for quite some time. You have let go of impressive amounts of old wounds, fears, conditioning, and templating. So why are some of the old themes coming back up yet again? Because you are ready to release the habit of having that issue.

You see, when you have been working on the healing of a specific theme, in some cases for many lifetimes, you become accustomed to having that theme as part of your energetics. You have, in many ways, identified with that core wound, much like a student identifies with a major course of study in university.

Because you are ascending, graduating if you will, from that course of study, you can now let the theme go without the fear of missing something. You can rest assured that the work is done, and trust that through surrender and flow if there is any energetic tweaking to be done it will come into your awareness. There is no longer a need to identify with anything less than your whole, healed, divine self.

Do you see? True healing means accepting that healing has been assimilated. If you broke your ankle, eventually you would allow the cast to come off and would consider the healing complete. You would detach from the story of the broken ankle.

How do you know when you have completed a theme or a healing cycle? When there is no longer a strong emotional charge around the topic. When it comes up and you think, “really, that again?” without the despair or fear of looking at it.


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Daily Message ~ Sunday April 23, 2017

Dear Ones, going with the flow does not mean abdicating your power or denying your wants and needs in order to get along or please others. That would be giving your power away, and the true meaning of flow would be moving in the ways that best match and empower you. So to be clear the expression “go with the flow” really is saying “go with your flow”.

When you honour your flow, you find others who naturally resonate with the unique interests and energies of that flow, and before you know it you are having a far more satisfying life experience than you ever thought possible.

We are not suggesting you become selfish or obstinate. We are encouraging you to honour your wants, needs, and preferences, as well as honouring the right of others to do the same. When you do things you do not want to do consistently for others, you start to resent them, which erodes your relationships.

When you connect with people over preferences, and encourage others to follow their true desires, you experience freedom and joyful connection, which far better serves your relationships with others, and with yourselves.

And more than anything else, following your flow is following the beckoning of your soul, which allows you to best serve others, as well. It is a system that honours everyone in shining in their truth and authenticity for the greatest good of all. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Daily Message ~ Saturday April 22, 2017

Dear Ones, one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is learning how energies affect you and what gives you relief. The energies flooding your planet are unprecedented and will continue to present you with previously unseen aspects moving forward. These are transformative times!

We cannot recommend enough making an energy journal for yourselves. Keep track of any days that seem to be particularly intense or uncomfortable and watch for any correlating events, such as solar flares, geomagnetic storms, earth changes, and astrological alignments.

If you find something that helps your specific symptoms during that time, jot it down. As the energies continue to shift higher in vibration it can be difficult to remember things, so we highly recommend taking the time to make notes as an act of love for your future self.

Sometimes simply knowing that how you have been feeling is directly related to the energies is all it takes for you to settle down and feel better, as humans do have a tendency to make themselves be wrong for any reactions they have. Knowing there is a reason can be very relieving.

Other things that can be helpful can be grounding, earthing, surrendering, asking ascension guides for assistance, allowing some sun on your bare skin and intending to receive its healing gifts, meditation, and immersing yourself in salt water. You may find other things that help immensely, and that is where your journal will serve you well in the future if you think to take note of what eased you and brought you comfort.


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Daily Message ~ Friday April 21, 2017

Dear Ones, many of you find it difficult to connect with others, particularly loved ones, who are residing in a different energetic space. As you have grown along your ascension journey, perhaps you have found an energetic divide between you and them that is difficult to bridge.

The first thing we want you to understand is that this is completely normal. In most partnerships there is a soul agreement that you will go first, so to speak, clearing the way for them to follow, if and when the timing is right for them to do so.

So it is common for one to take a big step forward energetically, shift into comfort in that new energy, and then the other to move along with those energies however that presents for themselves. Please remember you are anchoring that energy for them to utilize for their own forward movement, whenever that may be appropriate for them and their own soul agenda.

Most couples will stay within a certain vibrational range, where one will step forward, and the other will follow in their own time. So it is very common when there has been an influx of energy to feel a momentary disconnect. It is a cycle that you can be aware of, and start to see as normal and predictable and simply the way the energies work within your own partnership.

Does that mean there is nothing you can do to connect with others in the meantime? Absolutely not. It is not that you can’t connect, it is that you must find a new energetic middle ground to do it from.


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Daily Message ~ Thursday April 20, 2017

Dear Ones, have you ever noticed that the second someone tries to control you, you resist? That is because you are beings of freedom, on the planet to expand and express yourselves through a vast array of experiences.

So if you rail against someone constraining you, why do you attempt to do the same to others? Why do you do the same to yourselves?

Your soul is free. You are free. You expand your soul and the universe through your glorious expressions of freedom. As your world evolves you will cherish and honour both your own freedom, and the freedom of others to experience and self express with far greater acceptance than ever before.

The many ways you attempt to control both yourselves and others will drop away into a greater honouring of your individual divine expressions, which will open the door for great discoveries both personally and on your planet. That is, after all, exactly what pioneers do moving forward in a cycle of creation. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Daily Message ~ Wednesday April 19, 2017

Many of you have swung wildly from selflessness (which excludes the self) to the other end of the spectrum to a self love practice which also involves separation. It is good to experience both extremes, for you are gathering all of the information required to find balance and inclusion with your love practice.

Dear Ones, the true expression of love is never separating. It is always inclusive, supportive, safe, healthy, and nurturing. Self love is simply making yourself equally deserving of the love and care you so beautifully give others. Healthy boundaries, acceptance, and balance keep the flow open and constant, in ways that empower both yourselves and others.

Love is not a commodity, but rather the constant that you seek. It is a state of alignment and actuation that is ever expanding and the embodiment of your divine beingness. It is truly what anchors the energy of heaven on earth. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 18, 2017

Yesterday we spoke of being aware of everything that follows the word “but” being an indicator of a self imposed limitation. We would like to expand on that today.

When you speak a sentence that contains the word “but” the beginning part of that statement is spoken by your inner creator – the part of you that wishes to grow and expand. It is the part of the sentence that contains your dreams, your desires, your preferences, and what your soul sees as potential. It is spoken by your highest self, the part of you that flows, and seeks to move, unimpeded, into your next great creation and expression of self.

The “but” is the indicator of the impending shift into the lower self. The energy of the word “but” is intentionally stalling. It immediately stops the flow. Everything that follows is the work of the lower self, the part of you that seeks to keep you small and wishes for everything to stay the same. It is the part of you that is not interested in expansion or enlightenment, and will try to control your experience through fear and doubt.

So the first part of any sentence that contains the word “but” is always the creative, expansive, soul driven part of you, the “but” pushes the pause button, and what follows is the formation of road blocks between you and your dream. Another way to look at it is the first part is heart-centred expansion, the “but” is the indicator of a change of leadership, and the end is mind-centered contraction.


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Daily Message ~ Monday April 17, 2017

Dear Ones, are all of your parts supporting what you wish to create? Are you congruent? Do your actions match your words? Do you do all the things you can to move you forward?

We would like you to examine a desire you have and ask yourself, do you do all of the things you can to support the creation of that dream? Or do you immediately think of reasons why that dream cannot be?

Watch for the word “but”. Everything that follows it is an indication of a self imposed limitation. If there is an aspect you cannot think of how to move beyond, we advise you surrender it to your team of guides and helpers to resolve, and then stop letting it be part of your narrative.

So many of you are so close to everything breaking through for you, all that is required is to gather up and release the last bit of resistance – those final limiting beliefs – that are slowing your movement, and truly enter into the forward flow of co-creation. It is safe, it is possible, and you are ready. ~Archangel Gabriel



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