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Daily Message ~ Sunday March 27, 2016

We would like to say that your ascension symptoms could be seen merely as growing pains. Think of a child that is having a growth spurt. They have a greater need for sleep, they may be irritable, the may eat a lot, they may have aches and pains. You respond by giving them exactly what they need, reassuring them, and focusing on the positive aspect of it, growth, in a matter of fact way.

The same it is for you with your evolution. So many of you have wanted tangible proof of the Shift that is occurring on your planet. Most of you would agree that it is undeniable that something profound is happening energetically. As with all things, the Shift occurs internally before it is experienced in an external fashion. The child has the symptoms and then you can actually see the growth. The same it is with your planet.

These are wonderful and glorious times! We urge you to joyfully embrace the process with wonder and gratitude for these are the exact times your soul has contracted to experience and couldn’t wait to be a part of. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday March 26, 2016

When you hear of the old control systems no longer having power, it applies to you as well, Dear Ones. Your attempts to control others will no longer be supported, as freedom becomes paramount on your planet. This is wonderful news for through this people will finally be free to self express in the ways that best suit them. It will support the end of the old conditional love models, the manipulation of others based on how you think they should be, and support authentic self expression in all ways. This is a massive and vital part of the Shift and what will start to pave the way for far greater acceptance and satisfaction for all. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday March 24, 2016

Many of you try to constrain love, to label it, to mold it, to control it. What a huge disservice you do to yourselves when you do so! Love is a flow, an expansion. It seeks to grow and flourish, just as your soul does because your soul and love are one and the same.

When you try to label or force a relationship into looking a certain way, it is usually due to fear. You are looking for reassurances. But what if, by letting it define itself, you allow it to become far more profound, far grander than you ever could have imagined?

When two people come together in relationship, the two melding together become their own third energy. Allow your relationship to find its own flow. Understand it is the growth and expansion that will keep your relationship sustainable, while constraining it will deny it everything it needs to thrive. Once growth stalls in a relationship, the union will have lost its purpose and will start to fail.
Ironically, the thing you were hoping to avoid through your control, is the very thing that will happen.

If you can savour the perpetual unfoldment of your love, you will be allowing it to become everything it could ever possibly be, and then some, because it will be moving with the energies and continually given an opportunity evolve, and support, and honour, both people.

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday March 23, 2016

An eclipse is defined as an obscuration of light. During this month of eclipses, allow yourself to discover, and let go of, anything that is blocking your own light. The energies, as this grand shift on your planet continues, are insisting you show up authentically, allowing your beauty, your glory, your presence, to shine. It is time, Dear Ones, for the world has been awaiting your true essence with bated breath. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 22, 2016

Dear Ones, what if the love you’ve been yearning for is your own unconditional love? What if the pain of separation you’ve been trying to heal could be resolved by connecting to, honouring and nurturing yourself? What if the God you’ve been seeking could be more fully experienced by discovering your divinity within? What if everything you’ve been looking for has been yours to give yourself by becoming your own reliable love, your own guide, your own loving parent, your own hero? If you understood you truly have everything you ever could need, how would your life change? How would the way you relate to others and the world around you transform? For it is through the most glorious inside job of all time that you will discover and anchor the energies of heaven on earth. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday March 21, 2016

Dear Ones, you are the ground crew, the ones who are driving this profound Shift on your planet. You get to decide how you want things to change, and you perpetuate the change from holding that energy, both for yourself and the world.

This is profoundly powerful! You have the power to choose, and the complete freedom to anchor whatever it is you would like to experience from within. All that is required is the clarity that comes from connecting with your own wisdom and the intention to start to live according to what matches your truth.

We understand that you feel great responsibility as you embrace your innate power and freedom. You are ready for this. You are tender and mindful and have learned much from what you have experienced on your planet that was not a match to your energetics. It is now time to focus on what is wanted and to create from there.

We honour you for your sensitivity and your desire to get things perfect, but we must remind you that you get to try, and try, and try again. You are creating anew. You don’t need to seek immediate perfection, but rather a continual unfoldment that can be tweaked and adjusted along the way to be the best match to you and your beautiful intentions. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday March 20, 2016

Many of you, particularly those on the planet with service contracts, are most comfortable with giving but have a great deal of difficulty receiving. How you navigate your relationships with others and yourself is changing, as you start to focus more on balance and shifting into unconditional love and unity consciousness.

Dear Ones, it is out of balance to serve everyone and deny yourselves. It is essential that you start to dance with the flow of love, which means both giving AND receiving. It is time to step forward and accept all that you deserve and to give others the experience of the joy of loving and serving you.

The willingness to both give and receive, to serve and be served, to love and be loved, to honour and be honoured, is vital to the creation of the unconditional love templates that you are in the process of forming. These new templates will transform how relationships are experienced on your planet, and hold the space for divine partnership to occur. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday March 19, 2016

“I recognize, honour, and celebrate my innate goodness and allow it to lead the way” is wonderful affirmation you can use that supports your alignment with Source and empowered forward movement. It is an act of surrender to the divinity that always exists within you and yet another way to find your flow. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday March 18, 2016

Dear Ones, we encourage you to stop right now and quickly list ten things you love about yourselves. Can you do it?

You have been so highly critical of yourselves. This is due to the way many of you have been raised, in a conditional love model that had you fighting to prove your worthiness or risk complete rejection. This made you be on high alert for anything that could be seen as wrong about yourselves. Sadly, you have taken that conditional love model and continue to apply it, rejecting yourselves the second anything could be interpreted as less than perfect.

What are you good at? What personality traits do you have that you feel good about? How do you show your love and compassion to others? How do you shine? Feel your innate goodness. Isn’t it wonderful? You are a beloved and divinely perfect individuated aspect of Source energy. How could anything ever be wrong with that?

The time has come for you to start to love, accept, and nurture yourselves so you can bloom and thrive like never before. You know encouragement is the way to help others shine. Isn’t it time to take that same wonderful support and apply to self? Isn’t it time to become completely congruent and give yourself exactly what you give others? Isn’t it time to embrace, and allow to come to the forefront, all of the delightful energetic aspects of you that only you carry and can lend to this world? ~Archangel Gabriel


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