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The Patient Parent

You have seen it many times; a parent attempting to direct their young child away from something that has captured their attention. In one instance, the parent imposes their will and the child is taken from the object of his/her brief affection kicking and screaming until something else equally fascinating appears. In the second instance; they talk gently to the child, offering choices and waiting patiently while the child processes the information.

The Universe has been (and will always be) the patient, gentle parent to you. You’ve been gifted free will, the opportunity to choose your path and you will never be denied this experience. ~ Creator

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You may not be able to move the world, but you can move yourself.

You may not be able to change other’s attitudes, but you can lead by example.

You may not be able to show everyone the benefits of being responsible for their own thoughts/feelings, but you can ask they receive whatever they need to see.

The Universe has place you where you are now, doing what you are doing to be magic and will support you always. ~ Creator

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Infinitely Powerful

The reality of the situation is; you are an infinitely powerful being capable of anything encased in a rather fragile shell. It may seem odd, this supposed imbalance, but there is always a purpose to everything The Universe does. Treat both well because the learning cannot continue for one without the other. ~ Creator

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Perfect Changes

I know you are tired, my love…and sometimes you may become disheartened with your Earth Plane existence.  Please remember you are never alone.  The Universe has an almost imperceptible way of moving that will bring about the perfect changes at the perfect time.  It may be challenging for you to understand and even more so to accept but know you are always lovingly cradled in the arms of The Universe, and all will be well. ~ Creator

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A Wonderful Thing

Whether you are aware of it or not; you have been given a great gift from The Universe.  There is an intrinsic beauty that belongs to you…no one else on your Earth plane has it.  When you spend time focusing on your perceived faults, physical or otherwise, you are ignoring this gift!  Take time, every day, to find something good and beautiful about you.  When you start embracing these things, a wonderful thing happens…those faults you thought you had disappear. ~ Creator

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Your Thoughts & Words

Why be a kind and compassionate person?  The ripple effect of your thoughts and words continues long after you have left your Earth plane.  Think of an amazing (or trying) moment in your life and ask The Universe to show you how far it has traveled and what was created by it.  You will be astounded!  Remember, kindness and compassion cost nothing but, the benefits will continue to give. ~ Creator

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Release It With Love

Finishing the energy of any given thing is challenging only when you make it that way. Even if the other party does not wish it, if it is in your highest and best, it will be done. Breathe, know that you have done what is best for you within your experience and release it with love. ~ Creator


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