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Which Way To Move…

There is absolutely nothing in the ‘soul handbook’ that says you must remain connected to the mass consciousness and whatever it is presenting to you in this moment.  Rather than allowing yourself to be buffeted by overwhelming emotions and feelings, take a moment and ground yourself in your heart.  Allow yourself to connect to The Universe and feel the Unconditional Love that constantly flows around and through you.  You always have a choice to decide which way to move through your world. ~ Creator

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Remember When…

With the recent changes and new developments, you may feel a bit out of balance and looking to establish a ‘new normal’.  One of the most important things to remember is to release the need to panic!  Think of all the things you have been through, the challenges you have overcome.  This is just a minuscule moment in time. (Smiling) You will come out the other side with a bit more knowledge and eventually, become one of the wise elders that say, “I remember when…” ~ Creator

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Time To Begin!

Take a look at what is going on around you.  Does it look/feel familiar?  The Universe has been preparing those who have already awakened for a large-scale event…and this is it! (Smiling) Take a bit of time to remember your own personal awakening process before you really understood what was happening.  Now multiply it.  This is the time to take all you have practiced and put it to good use.  Ask The Universe to show you the truth of the situation and adjust accordingly.  You know how to bring Unconditional Love and Light to any situation.  Is it time to begin! ~ Creator

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The Universe is gently reminding you to step back at look at the infinite picture.  Perspective is and will be very important in the coming weeks/months.  Even though you may not fully understand its implications, it affects every part of your life.  Coming from a place of fear generates a world where everything is dangerous, scary and out of control.  Coming from a place of love will generate peace, joy and a natural order.  You have always been given a choice to shape your world as you see fit, darling one.  What are you choosing today? ~ Creator

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A Harmonious Balance

For months, the Universe has been expressing that change was on its way and now it has arrived! (Smiling) It is important to remember that fear consumes a great deal of physical, emotional and mental energy.  Joy, peace and love create and replenishes that energy.  It may be challenging to strike a harmonious balance but, it can be done.  You are living in and through something that has only happened a handful of times in the course of human history.  Do your best to conduct yourself in a way that remains in harmony with your path and, if you need an additional reminder, all will be well! ~ Creator

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A Quieter World

Today, The Universe is inviting you to look beyond the veil of fear that has recently been draped over your world.  What do you see?  What do you feel?  This is an opportunity for you to experience a quieter world without the hustle/bustle of everyday activities.  If you allow yourself to glimpse past what is being offered you will see that, regardless of what you are being told, all will be well.  You have a choice to act or react.  Now, my dearest child, how will you respond? ~ Creator


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