The Creator Writings

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Embracing The Good

Truth, honesty and integrity are becoming more important with each passing day.  The Universe knows it is challenging to live in a society that may not always value these things but, it can be done.  Today, take a moment and express gratitude to yourself and those around you who embrace these qualities.  You are gifting your world an example of what it will, in time, fully embrace. ~ Creator

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Filling Your Own Cup

In a world where you have been encouraged to do for others first, it may be challenging to step out of that role and into caring for yourself.  Sometimes, it can be such a foreign concept that you may not know where to start.  The Universe is encouraging you to begin learning how.  During these shifts, self-care is imperative for the health of your whole self.  And, once you have filled your own cup, giving to others becomes easy and graceful. ~ Creator

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Just Beneath The Surface

Can you feel it? More change is bubbling just beneath the surface, getting ready to burst forth onto your Earth plane. It is imperative that you remain in a peaceful and calm space as this newest transition comes to light. Get and stay grounded, continue practicing good self care, stand in your truth and know all will be well. ~ Creator

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Perceptions & Growth

There are as many perspectives as there are humans on your Earth plane.  It is important to keep in mind that if an opinion/thought/perception is stated, you do not need to agree or take it on as your own but, do your best to understand.  It costs nothing and it gives you an opportunity to grow in ways you may not have imagined. ~ Creator


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