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Finding The Root

Each pain you experience in your life has a root cause, a seed that was planted a long time ago.  They manifest in repeating negative patterns, self-destructive behavior or self-sabotage.  Dearest one, you cannot avoid it any longer.  It is beyond time to begin releasing.  The Universe has been preparing you for this work for quite some time now and it must be done.

Over the next few weeks, you will be guided to and supported through finding the cause of those behaviors so you may release them if safe and comfortable ways.  You get to decide how easy or challenging it will be.  Allow yourself the space and time to accomplish what you need to do.  If you need help, it will be supplied in whatever form you choose and, in releasing pain, you will be opening yourself up to the gifts of peace, happiness and joy.  You are being asked to do this now so, when the time comes, you will be able to provide a voice of experience to those around you.  Do not be afraid, dear one, The Universe is with you every step of the way. ~ Creator

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Tearing Down To Build

My darling child, when you begin changing on the inside, the outside will begin to change as well.  It may feel as if the world is coming down around your ears, that you are losing every ‘touchstone’ that ever mattered to you and you may want to blame everything and everyone.  What is really going on?  The Universe is assisting you in creating something amazing, new and splendid!  Yes, there will be bumps in the road and it may not be an easy process but, once you begin the path becomes easier to walk and it will become lighter and brighter.  Allow yourself to be shown the end result and know that things are changing for the better. ~ Creator

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Giving To Self

What does it take to become a whole person?  The Universe has an infinite number of answers and each of them depends on what you feel you are, what you need and who you want to become.  In your current society, you have been taught that becoming whole means reaching out to another to receive what you feel is missing.  In fact, it is the exact opposite.

My dearest child, rather than looking outside yourself, you must go within.  Those complexities are known only to you!  Asking others to fill something for you is like being a contestant on a game show.  They will always be venturing a guess.  Yes, they may get it right on occasion but, they will never have all the answers.  Giving to yourself may be perceived as selfish when, in fact, it is the greatest act of self-care in which you will ever indulge.  Working on and moving toward becoming whole is your responsibility and a gift that is one of the most important things you will ever accomplish. ~ Creator

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Take A Bow…

Can The Universe let you in on a little secret?  You are doing a great job! (Smiling) There have been many changes, challenging energies and internal muck to wade through…and you have done it with strength, fortitude and grace.  If you do just one thing today, give yourself some credit and know it is okay to feel a little more than proud of what you have accomplished.  Yes, there is more in the future, but now you know you can handle whatever comes your way. ~ Creator

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This Is It!

Some of you may have noticed a deep fluttering of energy moving through The Universe.  As it moves through your physical world, you are being guided to look within, to feel into your body and soul and explore the possibilities existing there.  This type of energy is the catalyst for manifestations and great change…and it is just the beginning! (Smiling) You have reached a critical point in your evolution, dearest one.  Now is the time to act on your deepest desires and most treasured dreams.  If ever you were waiting for a signal or sign…this is it! ~ Creator

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You Create…

It may be challenging to see beauty on a planet where it seems so many horrible things are happening.  It may be challenging to see fairness in a society that appears to be imbalanced.  It may be challenging to see love in a world that seems to spend most of its time on the defensive.  But, my darling child, all these things do exist.  If you open your heart and allow The Universe to help, you and others can (and are) creating what your Earth needs in this moment.  Amazing things often start with the smallest thoughts and acts of kindness.  What do you choose to manifest today? ~ Creator

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Be Prepared

Just a little more quiet time, a touch more tranquility before the heavy work begins.  Yes, it is again time to tie down anything you do not want to lose and don your safety gear. (Smiling) The next round is coming and will be much different from the last few waves that have come through.  The vibrations of your world are rising exponentially, and you will be receiving the tools and knowledge to put this new vibration into play.

The primary goal of the next few days is to help you become as comfortable as possible with the upcoming work.  The Universe will never leave you unprepared.  Just focus and breathe…all will be well. ~ Creator

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The Stillness

You may be experiencing a little peace, a little quiet and a whole lot of growth right now.  Use the time to enjoy the softness of the day, the tranquil pace and the abundant Unconditional Love flowing around and through you.  There will be time enough for the hurried pace of quantum leaping later, my darling child.  Today, give yourself the gift of reveling in the stillness. ~ Creator

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What Is In Your Heart

One of the unfortunate things that has developed on your Earth plane; there are ploys that have been specifically designed to play on your insecurities.  You are being told you need to be faster, stronger, more beautiful/handsome, thinner, drive a better car, get a better job, live in a bigger house…as if what you are born with and who you are will never be good enough.

The Universe is here to tell you; once you free yourself from the bonds of what others think and feel, you will begin feeling your own self.  For some, this may be a challenging thing to experience.  But when you have a conscious realization that you are good enough and what and who you are does matter, the bonds that have been insidiously wrapped around you will begin to crumble and break away.  The only standard you will hold yourself to is what is in your heart. (Smiling) You have the capability and (quite frankly) you have already begun this process.  Be true to who you truly are, the rest will take care of itself. ~ Creator


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