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Today’s Encouragement…

You see yourself as where you live, to whom you are ‘attached’, who your friends are, where you have been, what you have experienced in the past and what you are experiencing now.  There are very few ‘absolutes’ in your world, however, this is one of them; The Universe sees you as you really are…a beautiful being of light.  Whole, complete and perfect. ~ Creator

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Sit Back And Relax…

During the newest incoming phase of this shift, you may feel inundated with thoughts, feelings, messages to pass along and information for yourself.  Rather than being overwhelming, there is a certain peace and quiet to it.  The frenetic energy of past phases does not seem to apply here and that is a good thing! (Smiling)

The Universe is offering you a different way to process and collect all you need to know for the coming phases in a way that is softer, more gentle and easier on your human body.  All the ‘heavy lifting’ of the past has definitely paid off!  Give yourself a pat on the back, sit back and relax, dearest one…this one is on me. (Winking) ~ Creator

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Check In…

Today, you are invited to take a few moments and check in on exactly where your energy signature lies.  As you move through your every-day existence, there will be many distractions that may pull you away from your center.  The shift may be so slow and subtle, you may not even realize that you have been pulled into the “noise” of lower vibration.  This is not good or bad, it…just…is. (Smiling)

If, upon introspection, you find yourself in the swirling commotion, take some time and find out why!  Once you have located the source or reason, ask for it to be changed.  It is that easy!  The Universe is always ready and willing to gift you exactly what you need.  All you have to do is ask! ~ Creator

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The Intrepid Traveler

Some of you may have felt a bit uncomfortable when stepping out/up into your purpose and mission was mentioned.  The Universe knows and understands this!  It may have been dangerous for you ‘before’.  Whether it was your ancestors, previous generations with their radical ideas or memories from another time; you may have been wounded, persecuted or died for your beliefs.  Rest assured, my powerful one, there is no need to fear this anymore!  Pathways have been opened, blocks have been removed and your personal roads are clear for you to move forward.  Take that first step forward, intrepid traveler!  The world is waiting for you! ~ Creator

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Withdraw Or Advance?

One of the things that you forget as human is how easy everything can be.  In preparation for this next ‘uphill climb’, you may find yourself creating your safe spaces, meditation areas or planning on retreating into your own homes or nature.  The Universe is here to tell you that, although this can be comforting and safe, it is not really necessary.  Everything you need is combined into one nice, neat little package called…you! (Smiling)

Yes, withdrawing is safe and easy, however, how many other will you be able to assist?  It is time to ‘put yourself out there’, to make contact, to exchange love and compassion with each other.  This may very well be one of the few ways you can change the course of your Earth plane existence.  Do not be afraid, dear one, you are more powerful than you will ever know! ~ Creator

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Dearest Infinite Being…

Self-discovery is one of the most beautiful things you can do for yourself.  Learning your ins and outs, your rough edges and your smooth surfaces can be a tremendous relief and an interesting challenge.  As this shift continues, use the knowledge of Self you have gained and will continue to learn help yourself and others along the way.  Search for and establish your boundaries.  They will be meaningful in the coming weeks and months.  Know that you are an infinite being capable of endless growth within.  In other words…you are stunning and The Universe loves you! ~ Creator

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Your Life…

Lest you forget darling one; your life is beautiful and so are you.  Your life is amazing and so are you!  The world is a wonderful place and you are as well.  You may not see these things all the time but, The Universe does and reminds you every day.  It is just a matter of listening.  Are you listening? ~ Creator

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Quiet…For Now

The peace and quiet you have been longing for has arrived…for the time being.  As the next stage of the shift is being set up to be put into action, take some time to ponder which direction you will choose.  Will you get involved or stand by watching until you feel the time is right to jump in?  Remember, there is no right/wrong way to move through the coming time.  Whatever you choose will be best for you.  Follow your heart, dear one, The Universe is always there to guide and support you on your journey. ~ Creator

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Now that the energy rush of the past few days has lessened a bit, it is time to begin practicing with your new ‘wings’. (Smiling) It is not important how you do this…just that it be done.  Sight, sound, color, touch and smell have all be enhanced for a purpose.  For those of you already sensitive to these things; there will be depth rather than more intensity.  Your entire world is remembering the gifts they possessed eons ago and it is a beautiful thing.  The Universe loves to see you grow! ~ Creator

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You Are…

With all this light and love, why are you not using it?!  Your human existence and the reason you chose to be here for this auspicious event may still be somewhat unknown to you, however, the light and love at your command is there to help you through.  You are enough, you always have been.  It is time for you to begin feeling it! ~ Creator


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