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The First Step

As a human you may view your Earth plane existence through the filter of the past.  If you have previously experienced a negative reaction, your default emotions may put the same face on a current situation.  If you have a conscious realization this is occurring, it is best to stop…breathe…and bring yourself back to the present.  The Universe knows it may be challenging to be who you are in this extraordinary time but, knowing you can change is the first step in growth.  Release the past and move forward, dear one! ~ Creator

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Your Divine Spark

Take a moment and think of all the times you have said, “I’m nothing special.” Now, ask The Universe to show you who/what/how you really are. For every ‘nothing special’ moment you have ever had, there are a hundred moments that you have been something very special to someone or something. Whether near or far, there are people that recognized your Divine Spark and celebrated you for simply being the human being you are. Even when you do not feel it you are, always have been and always will be something special! ~ Creator (r)

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Let It Roll

It is okay to be tired and to be tired of being tired. (Smiling) The Universe knows there is a lot on your plate right now and wants you to know how wonderfully you are handling your own personal paradigm.  Changes and emotions will happen.  Integrate what resonates with you and let those emotions roll.  These are very human qualities and you are unique to this space and time.  When things become overwhelming, just take a deep breath and ask for assistance.  It will always be there when you need it. ~ Creator

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Before you speak, ask yourself if what you intend to say is something you genuinely want to create in your life.
Think…is it negative or positive?
Think…will it help or hinder your growth?
Think…is what you are going to say motivated by something other than love?
Every day, you are offered choices to make your Earth plane existence a better place.  It is all up to you…you are co-creator. ~ Creator

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Give Yourself Time…

The Universe would like to remind you…again (Smiling)…that before things settle into a steady and peaceful pattern, there may be wild undulations from one side to the other.  Your Earth plane is in one of those phases now.  Rather than responding strongly to any of it, take a step back and think!  Give yourself the time to sort through the copious amount of information coming in and how it fits into your current belief system.  Will deciding now lock you into one way of thinking or will there be room for change later?  Have you observed all sides of any given situation to make an informed decision for yourself?  There has been and will be much to consider before things settle into a regular rhythm.  Take your time, dear one, there is always plenty of it. ~ Creator

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Racing To A Future…

A change of seasons has always been an energetic doorway to shifts; a time of creation, manifestation and release.  In this moment, it is stronger than you have ever experienced before.  Over the next few weeks, take some time to look at your core beliefs.  Are they still congruent with your world and life as you see it?  Do you find yourself avoiding change because it is simply too uncomfortable?  My dearest child, it is time to challenge yourself!  The world is no longer bending to the needs of the individual.  The fear and hate that has divided you is slowly fading.  You are now racing to future where each human works toward and will achieve wholeness in relation to what surrounds them.  Take one step outside your comfort zone and begin growing! ~ Creator

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A Few Thoughts…

Be considerate – take care of yourself, but be aware of and think about your actions/reactions and how they affect others.

Be slow to judge – every person has a paradigm they exist in and you most likely do not see the whole picture. Remember, those you judge may be clamoring to be first in line to judge you.

Be quick to release negative emotion – negatively flows around and follows you like a dark cloud. Other are less willing to connect with a person that exudes negativity. Release, knowing you are being gentle with your body in the process.

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Teachable Moments

If it escaped notice, your Earth plane has been dragged, kicking and screaming, into change. (Smiling) What does this mean for people like you who have been doing the work for a long time? It means there will be many teachable moments, bold acts of kindness and compassion, breaths of Unconditional Love and a glimpse (or two) of what a more peaceful world will look like. Even if you choose to sit on the sidelines watching it all unfold, your good thoughts and feelings are becoming an integral contribution to the collective consciousness. Embrace these moments, they are what you have been waiting for! ~ Creator

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Your Beautiful Light

If you believe a war is going on or that a separateness exists between yourself and other humans, then that is what will be created especially for you. However, if you can see joy, peace and Unconditional Love growing around and encompassing your entire world then it will become your reality. Remember dear one, darkness thrives and lives on division, anger and fear. Keep shining your beautiful light and acknowledging the Divine Spark in those around you. You have the abilities, knowledge and wisdom, use it! ~ Creator


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