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The Beginning…

Now comes the uptick, the upswing, the gear up, the uphill climb.  Are you ready for it?  Many, many things will be shifting within and without you, just like those sliding square puzzles you had as a child.  Keep your head on straight and your thoughts positive.  During this part of the shift, others will be coming to you for assistance.  The boundaries you have set in place will be of great help.  It is completely up to you to decide whether self-care or care of others is the order of your day.  You will know the brothers and sisters truly in need of help.  Listen to your heart…it will always guide you in the right direction. ~ Creator

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When you open yourself to, hear and understand another person’s truth, it may be hurtful.  Triggers exist everywhere.  Some will begin a less than positive reaction, others will not.  However, when you open yourself to hear that truth, regardless of whether you agree with it or not, you open yourself to love unconditionally.  If you can hear what is being said without responding negatively this is 90% of ‘the battle’.  You can listen, but you most certainly do not have to agree.  What a wonderful gift! ~ Creator

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Are You Ready To Grow?

My dearest one, today you are being invited to take a deep look into yourself.  Spring (and this particular day in general) is a symbol of rebirth and growth.  It is also an opportunity for you to stop dodging the heavy, challenging, gut-wrenching stuff.  If you choose to procrastinate, it will eventually come back and surprise you in unexpected ways. Then where will you be?

As the energy for the next step of the shift begins to increase, it is time to listen and truly understand what you need for your own personal growth.  Remember, you are not voiceless…The Universe is always listening and waiting to assist whenever you are ready to release! ~ Creator

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Time To Move Forward

A reminder; you decide how you feel, think, act, learn and grow!  It can be very easy to blame others for your feelings, to say they were not created within…but by some force outside yourself.  One of the most important lessons you will learn on your Earth plane is to take responsibility for them.

Yes, there may have been challenging situations in your past that may have generated those feelings for self-protection, however, during this great time of change a shift in perception is desperately needed by all.  Wearing a “victim badge” that no longer serves you will hinder your growth.

The rest periods between great leaps of consciousness are given to you for a reason; to recognize, honor and release the things you no longer need.  It is imperative that you do this!  My beautiful child, it is time to move forward!  Are you coming?! ~ Creator

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A Road Never Traveled

Many of you have expressed concern about the new wave approaching…that it will be stronger, more uncomfortable or more challenging.  Although the next phase of this shift may be challenging, it will have a different feel to it.  Each piece of this ‘upgrade’ is designed to bring you more knowledge and information.  So, rather than anticipating a worst-case scenario, know that you will be receiving what is in your highest and best for the highest and best.  You are on a road that has never been traveled before…this amazing time in human history is yours!  Instead of viewing it with trepidation, see it as a beautiful reminder of how far you have come and how much further you will grow! ~ Creator

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Love, Compassion & Understanding

Upon your arrival, you were given many gifts and tools.  Some you knew how to use from the very start and others required some practice.  Three at the top of the list are love, compassion and understanding.  Even without prior knowledge on how they worked, they have been there to guide you through your most trying human moments.  Yes, they may have been misuse by others, but that didn’t stop you from continuing to display them in your every day life.  During your resting time, please remember to give these things to yourself.  With a deeper and more profound understanding of each, you will have what you need for the ‘next wave’.  Preparation is and always will be key. ~ Creator

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Your Time

It is time to retreat and rest, dear one.  You have been working harder than you ever have before and the need for some peace and quiet is well-deserved.  Others may push you to keep going, but you know what is best and you have a right to say, ‘No, not today.”

The next wave will bring many very intense changes throughout your world and this rest period is essential for your over-all health.  Revel in it, swim in it, love yourself through it and breath it in.  It is your time! ~ Creator

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Here is a question for you; how much drama do you, personally, create in a day?  Whether it be complaining about a co-worker or friend, bringing up resentments from the past or believe your life could be different ‘if only…” ?

This is your light bulb moment for today…you create!  You can choose to which direction you go, how to be in your every-day life and how loving you can be.  Drama is created to distract you from the task at hand, to switch your focus from doing your own inner-work and moving forward.  The Universe understands that not all drama is created by you, however, there are moments when you are given the choice to participate or not.  You can choose to stray or stay on your own path.  Allow yourself the gift of choice; be who others want you to be or be who you truly are. ~ Creator

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Learning To Love You…

Be easy and gentle with yourself, my child.  Going through old feelings is not the easiest thing you will ever do, and it can be taxing on your whole system.  Do not berate yourself for them.  Instead, look at them honestly and see how they have served you for so many years.  Become friends with them.  Then, with kindness, release them to The Universe to be transformed to light and love knowing that what comes back will be safe and comfortable.  Some of you may choose to move through this quickly, some not.  Either way the choice is completely yours…in love. ~ Creator

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Which Way?

Take a moment to reflect on where you are now and where you would like to go in the future.   As you are picturing those things, what feelings are coming up, what barriers to you see, what fears present themselves?  Are you moving into your future with a sense of desperation or hope?  Are you longing to be completed or are you completing yourself?  Why?  These are some of the questions that are begging to be answered and will determine which direction you go.  This shift will be bringing exactly what you imagine and ask for!  Your free will and new-found power will be put to work in ways you never thought possible.  Think clearly and choose wisely, dearest child. ~ Creator


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