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The Beauty…

Today, you are being invited to explore the inner workings of and embrace all that is within you!  Some may take the intricate and complicated design of humans for granted.  There are so many nooks and crannies, ripples and waves, chasms and bridges…it is a joyful experience to navigate through it all. And, when given a chance, a whole new level and layer of understanding unfolds before you, stunning in its beauty!  Even through the most challenging of experiences, the wondrous delicacy of your soul, and its ability to heal, change and grow, is an amazing thing! ~ Creator

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On Your Way

Things will change, dearest child.  It may not seem like it now but, it will happen.  There is no shame in taking your time to process any not-so-good experiences…that is as it should be.  However, if you choose to build a dwelling there, that is where you will remain.  Trust The Universe and allow yourself the opportunity to grow and learn.  If all you can take are small steps, then take small steps.  The more you use your ‘new legs’, the more confidence you will gain; those small steps will become bigger and more purposeful.  Before you know it, you will be on your way to something you have only dreamed. ~ Creator

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Theory To Practice

It is time to hang on tight…one more time.  The wave coming to your Earth plane will, once again, bring many changes in thought, mood, emotion and action.  Your path may become bumpy where it was smooth and less challenging where it was rough.  The important thing is to keep walking.  The tenacity you have shown thus far is admirable, however, it may require a bit more. (Smiling) Keeping an open heart and mind while maintaining your boundaries during immense times of change is a feat in and of itself, but it can be done.  You chose this lifetime and The Universe chose you because of the power of change you possess.  It is time to move from theory to practice, dear one…it can be done! ~ Creator

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Time To Get Moving

Dear one, it is time to change your narrative.  During this next shift, you are being challenged with seeing yourself and others in a light much different than any other time in your life.  Words of effacement, derogatory phrases internally and to others as well as messages of pain and suppression are no longer needed on your Earth plane.  Instead of tearing down…now is the time to start building – time to begin building your future, what you want to manifest, how you choose to see your fellow human beings.

These things cannot be done with negative words and thoughts.  Please remember, this is not a call to eliminate any negative emotions and/or feelings (those come and go) but, to change the way you interact with each other.  Peace and love is attainable when you make the conscious effort to move along that path. ~ Creator

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At Your Own Pace

The further along you move in this shift, the more those interesting feelings may arise. They may run the gamut from boundless joy to immeasurable sadness and that is perfectly okay. You may look at the humans around you and say, “Oh my! If they only did ____, they would feel so much better!”

You have been on your path long enough to know that everyone moves at their own pace and in their own time. It is best to release judgement of yourself and others while this is happening. Instead, focus on what you would like to learn, what skills you will be gaining and how long you will choose to be where you are now. Dearest one, remember that it is all relative. (Winking) ~ Creator

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Never Forget…

Never forget where you came from. Even though the conditions of your arrival may not have been optimal, your early learning experiences challenging and your lessons trying to your soul, you wanted to go… were joyous and excited about your choice. And each day your strength, courage and faith is honored with the Divine Song that flows from The Universe to you! ~ Creator


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Just One

Another gentle reminder;

In your everyday efforts to change your world, it can be challenging to look around and noticed things do not seem to be changing.  You absolutely need to remember that it takes just one.  One act of compassion, one smile, one laugh, one moment of kindness to your fellow human.  It may not feel like much, but it does make a difference. (Smiling)  Now…imagine all of those ‘one moments’ combined.  You can see things a little bit differently now, yes?  All it takes is one…just one. ~ Creator

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What Do You Want To See?

Now that your manifestation abilities have grown, it is time to start creating something really amazing!  Your new year is quickly approaching and it is best to begin thinking on what you would like to see in your world.  You have reached a point in your development where you know you are worth and deserving…use the opportunity!  Give thanks in advance for all that is coming! ~ Creator

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Be The Person…

Moment will come and go…good one, not so good ones, amazing and dull, spirited and quiet.  The one unifying thing about every moment that will ever be?  You!  You make choices every day at what to create in your world, how you see people and what you do.  The Universe wants to remind you; be kind and compassionate, listen to understand rather than respond, practice empathy and do your best to be the kind of person you would want as a loved one or friend.  This is not an insurmountable task.  It happens just as easily as taking a breath. ~ Creator


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