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Just For You!

You hear time and again that The Universe is full of good things and that is the truth. So, what is getting in the way of you experiencing it? YOU, of course! If you would just release all of your preconceived notions of how and why your world is the way it is and step beyond, The Universe is fairly flowing with abundance, just for you! ~ Creator

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A Clearer Picture

Take a deep breath, get grounded and stay as centered as possible because more changes are on the way.  There may be growing pains as you move away from the time-established routines and habits of your current existence but, The Universe knows you are up to the challenge! (Smiling)

Think of it as a piece of art that looks quite messy when you are up close; taking a few steps back often helps the picture become clearer.  Do not be dismayed if you cannot see it right away…giving yourself a bit of time to adjust is sometimes all it takes. ~ Creator

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Great Power

Take a moment today and think about all the decisions you make daily.  It can be staggering! (Smiling) Now choose one decision and follow its path; think of the variables, choices, the impact and possible outcomes.  You may feel that one decision has one conclusion but, the infinite number of choices you are offered can lead to so many changes in your reality!  The Universe has gifted you free will so you may follow your own path and create a life that best suits your existence.  There is great power in this…use it wisely. ~ Creator

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Please understand that what affects one affects all.  You are woven into the very fabric of your Earth plane and connected by the Divine Spark in each of you.  The Universe is inviting you to make this a part of your conscious awareness.  Finding and feeling the interconnection will help you appreciate the beauty each of your brothers and sisters inherently possess.  Now is the time to realize that so much more can be accomplished together than apart! ~ Creator

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There will be times when things happen that will shake you to the very core of your existence and make you question the trust you so lovingly placed in The Universe’s hands. There may not be a single person on the face of the planet that can ‘make it better’ for you. Please remember this; you are loved and weathering a particular storm in your life will inevitably make you a stronger, more understanding, kinder and more loving person. Such are the experiences of being human. ~ Creator

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That Glorious Space

Dearest child…give yourself some breathing room.  Between the societal tensions and what was a life being lived is a place where peace exists.  You are being invited to find and focus on what is important to you in this moment.

What would you like to manifest?

What would you like to release?

What would you like to encourage to grow in your existence?

The Universe has been laying the groundwork for massive changes of your inner world.  Free yourself of the outside distractions and you will find that glorious space. ~ Creator

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From your first cry to the last breath of your extraordinary life; I am with you, in you, of you, experiencing what you experience. Each of your moments from start to finish is a miracle! When you finally realize this Ultimate Truth, a great thing will happen; you will see yourself as I see you……..perfect! ~ Creator


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