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It Is Just You…

Your journey is yours.  Slowly or quickly, you set the pace and rhythm. Some will take great pride in treating it like a race, pointing out every milestone and commenting on how much further along they seem to be.  If you are walking your path with honesty and integrity, you will know there is no ahead or behind.  It is just you, taking in all you can, learning, growing and enjoying the sights. ~ Creator

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Moving Forward

As you walk the path toward creating your perfect world, there will be those who may try to side-rail your work.  Most of the time, it is a subconscious reaction of their own safety protocol…a way to keep themselves safe and those around them in the same place they have chosen to be.  Rather than responding in a negative or combative way, this is your opportunity to practice all you have learned so far; Unconditional Love, compassion, kindness and joy.  Let these be your guiding lights as you continue your journey. ~ Creator

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Now Or Later

Every moment of every day, The Universe is teaching you something. It is perfectly okay for you to say, “I’m not in the mood to learn today”. However, do not put off your learning for too long. If it is a lesson you are truly meant to learn, The Universe will always find a way to get your attention. ~ Creator

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Think And Create

The human brain is one of the most complicated and beautiful things in The Universe.  With minimal input it can process a range of emotions, feelings and information it is being given.  It is so adept at this, even the most minuscule data can become reality to you.  With this knowledge, please remember; whatever you choose to focus on will come to be in your existence!

If you choose joy, more joy will follow.

If you choose fear, it will envelope you.

If you choose love, it will grow exponentially.

You have a choice, my darling one, you have always had a choice!  Let The Universe show you that it can and will be as rewarding as you want it to be. ~ Creator

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What You Believe

There will always be those who say, “Nothing ever works! I try and try, it’s always the same. Life is hard! Nothing ever changes!”

The Universe always says, “Everything works as it should, you do it every day, life is easy! You are constantly changing!”

What is the difference between what you and The Universe believes? You, of course! Today, you are invited to take a few moments and re-align/re-wire your brain. For every can’t there is a can, for every try there is always a do and for every single hard, there is an easy. It all depends on how much effort you are willing to put into changing. It is your existence and you are worthy receiving whatever you desire. (Smiling) ~ Creator

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After The Storm

In the middle of a storm, it feels as if it will go on forever. The crashing skies above and blowing winds around you can be disorienting and a little frightening. The Universe would like you to know storms, personal and otherwise, eventually die out…the quiet after is all-enveloping. Instead of focusing on the storm, look forward to the peace. It is always there, waiting. ~ Creator

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With all this preparation time, what will you do when it is done?  What will you create, bring into your life, release or embrace?  How will it come to be in your existence?  When? (Smiling) Yes, my darling one, it is time to begin thinking about and answering these questions.  The Universe knows you have had a rough go of it but, good things are headed your way.  Will you be ready? ~ Creator

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A Bumpy Path…For Now

Things in your life may seem a bit rough and bumpy; manifestations are not coming to pass as you feel they should, intentions are going sideways, and a general sense of well-being seems to be lacking in your every-day life.  The Universe is gently reminding you that all is well.  The colossal energy shifts going on now are preparing you for great change in the next few weeks and months.  It is important to remain as centered and peaceful as you possibly can, take nothing personally and mind your energy.  When things begin to smooth out, you will understand why this is happening now. ~ Creator

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Reclaim What Is Yours

As the newest wave arrives and raises you up, be sure to take your self-worth with you.  Traveling a truthful path can be isolating and The Universe recognizes that some have surrendered that vital of themselves to be part of a group or relationship.  If you surround yourself with those focused on Unconditional Love and truth, you will never be asked to give up a part of who you are.  It is time to reclaim what was left behind, dearest one!  You are worthy and deserving of being whole. ~ Creator

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In An Instant

One of the most truly beautiful things of your existence is change.  You have the power to change anything in your life in an instant…if you give yourself the permission to do so.  Rather than seeing a never-ending stream of challenges, give yourself the gift of creating new thoughts, feelings and actions that encourage and foster positive outcomes.  You are always worth it! ~ Creator


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