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Are you ready to go…again?  The incoming wave of energy may increase the divide between humans making it more challenging than you have experienced thus far.  As you are walking your chosen path, it may be frustrating to have others ‘tugging at you’ in an attempt to distract and lower your vibration.  Do not despair, dearest child, the healing of human kind has begun!

Now, more than ever, your light is needed to guide the way through the process.  This does not mean you have to change who you are…unless you choose. (Winking) On the contrary, just being the beautiful self you have become on your inner travels will be enough.  Hold your head high knowing that you are assisting in moving the world toward a better tomorrow. ~ Creator

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Your Turn!

You have changed.  The work has been done, the changes made yet, some things persist!  It can be frustrating, disappointing, infuriating even. (Smiling) You ask The Universe, “Why does this keep happening?!  I’ve cleared it, I’ve worked this into the ground!”  Well, dearest one, take a moment and think about it.  Is it really cleared?  Perhaps that one thing has kept you safe or from being bored for a very long time.  What would you do without it?!  It drives, it motivates, it makes you feel useful.  Why would you choose to release something that does so much for you?  Here is a little hint; the very moment you choose to let go of it, the moment you refuse to let it take up any more of your ‘brain space’ is the moment it is gone for good.  The Universe has already done its job of transforming it to love and light for you, now it is your turn to do the rest. ~ Creator

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What To Do?

During the course of your everyday life, you will encounter many wounded people.  These are the ones that have chosen to ignore their light, to judge or make fun of others, bully or believe that ‘the best defense is a good offense”.  Yes, you have a right to defend yourself but, remember, always remember, they have chosen that path for a reason; whether out of fear or lack, they cannot move past the pain in their lives.

Rather than placing yourself in a position to pity or lash out at them, send them Unconditional Love.  They may not know what it is or what it feels like but, they will receive it just the same.  You were gifted kindness and compassion for a reason…use them. ~ Creator

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Please be aware that many, many things that you have held down are coming up to be released.  It may not be pleasant or ‘easy’ and, to some, this may feel a bit like torture, but it needs to be released!  Simply put, a shaken bottle can only hold pressure for so long.  Allowing the process to follow its natural course will guide you to deeper areas of needed release.  It may feel as if it will go on forever but, there is a conclusion, dear one.  All the space left open will be filled with the Unconditional Love of The Universe and a new, lightness of being will become a part of you.  The one thing you have to do to achieve this?  Start! ~ Creator

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The Creator Writings - Jan 24th, 2019

My dearest one; you may have been slammed with disappointments and frustrations lately.  It can be challenging when it seems as if everything is going wrong.  You are being reminded, yet again, that this is when you need to keep your faith.  Continue to be steadfast in the knowledge that The Universe has always watched over you and has been by your side the entire time.  The releasing going on right now is making way for new beginnings.  Allow those changes to take place because everything is going according to plan. ~ Creator

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The Ebb & Flow

There are no hard and fast certainties in life.  The energy of life itself ebbs, flows and changes just as you change.  This will be a very important thing to keep in mind during the coming weeks and months.  During this shifting time, you may find yourself judging others without realizing it.  When it comes to your conscious awareness, send it to The Universe to be transformed to light and love.  Your journey is simply unlike any other and, as travel your own path, allow others to do the same for themselves. ~ Creator

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There will be times when you look back at your past and say, “What was I thinking?!”  You may be inclined to beat up on or shame yourself for behavior that was not a reflection of who you were and are.  The Universe is asking you to release those thoughts.  You have grown and learned so much since then and it would be a deep sadness to keep reliving those moments over and over in an attempt to change them.  Instead, begin by forgiving yourself!  Know you have retained the wisdom and knowledge from that time and be thankful you have become an even better you. ~ Creator

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The Source

Beauty is not determined by outside appearances.  It is determined by your thoughts, the song your heart sings, your actions toward others and your love of life.  If you feel yourself being pulled into a negative situation, remember the true source of beauty.  As a being of light, you have the power to move mass consciousness out of darkness and into positive, forward movement.  You are blessed with a Divine gift, use it for good to change your world! ~ Creator


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