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The In-Between Times

The Universe can tell you about upcoming shifts and changes in your world but, what happens during the in-between times?  You may spend your time waiting and forget there is a life to live, people to love and growth that needs to be accomplished. (Smiling) Your existence and how you move through it is a shift/change in progress!  The small, seemingly mundane moments are when the greatest developments occur.  Celebrate them all just as The Universe celebrates you! ~ Creator

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The Law Of Compassion And Love…

Many, many people are experiencing one of the most traumatic events of their lives and may say and do things out of the ordinary.  Those of you ‘in the know’ are capable of handling most of what comes your way with grace and ease, however, most are not.  This is where the Law of Compassion comes in.  When you feel yourself losing patience, ask that you be shown a way to move through the situation in the highest and best way.  Asking The Universe for assistance is sending more love into the world which will, in turn, come back to you. ~ Creator

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A Little Closer…

It may be disheartening to see people emboldened and acting out just because others are doing it as well.  Please remember, this is not being done to hurt or offend you in any way.  Often, those words have been said to them or someone they love, those actions have been viewed and deemed acceptable by another in their life.  Can you imagine being in such emotional pain and so deep in denial that you are unable to confront what is right in front of you?  If you are at a loss for what to say or do, send The Universe’s unconditional love.  It may not cure the ill they carry but, you will know you have done your part in guiding them a little closer to the resolution they need. ~ Creator

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Each of you have had experiences that shaped your reality in unimaginable ways…especially recently.  You may be longing for a moment that happened in another place/time or longing for something you have never experienced.  The Universe would like to remind you that you are continually in the process of creating and can manifest any situation you choose.  Your thoughts, words and actions affect how it is presented to you.  Yes, you will have your human moments but, there is also great joy in living!  Embrace the positive and know you are being supported every step of the way. ~ Creator

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During this extraordinary time, there has been tremendous change, most of it unexpected.  There have been challenging moments but, there has also been great moments of insight and joy!  Most importantly, there has been learning!  The Universe is asking you to take all you have learned so far and begin manifesting because, in the next few weeks, you will be given the opportunity to change your entire existence for the better.  How slowly or quickly depends solely on you. (Smiling) This is your time to shine and show others how it is done! ~ Creator

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Which Do You Choose?

There are moments of meaning (that free your consciousness) and those of no consequence (ones that do not). The first is a gentle path of expansion and the other keeps you static. By standing by and repeatedly attaching yourself to the small pains and digs of your Earth-plane existence, you effectively stop your growth. Which do you choose to embrace? ~ Creator

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Time To Step Up…Again

As was stated before, any notice of shifts or changes on your Earth-plane may seem anti-climactic but, you are being asked to step up again.  The Universe knows you have been working diligently on keeping your space light as well as continuing to be mindful in your thoughts, words and actions.  This next wave will see even more awakenings.  They may be disoriented by the incoming information and looking for guidance.  Your light and love will provide them with the direction they need.  It is time to take a deep breath, ground yourself and get down to business. (Smiling) ~ Creator

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Leaning on someone does not diminish your independence or your feelings of self-love/worth unless you want it to happen. Having someone lean on you does not make you responsible for their well-being in any way. Light beings, in their human forms, need and want to connect with each other on occasion. There is no shame or guilt in it if the give/take comes from a place of unconditional love. ~ Creator

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Human Moments

You are human, and you will have human moments. Surprised? (Smiling) Rather than allowing them to be all-consuming, recognize them for what they are, release them to be transformed to good, knowing you have added to the knowledge and wisdom of your true self.  Existing in this time/space may be somewhat challenging and the road a bit bumpy but, you can rest assure that you are always supported by The Universe. ~ Creator


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