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A Helpful Hint…

It can be challenging to release and trust the awakening process.  There are so many questions and stepping into the unknown can be a scary thing.  Today, The Universe is asking you to trust in yourself, the world and to trust that all is going according to the Divine Plan.  It is also imperative to remember that you are only responsible for your own awakening. Pushing, coercing or forcing another as they walk their path will, indeed, have the opposite effect.  This also distracts you from your own task.  Be there to support and love your brothers and sisters but, make sure your own work is being done and all will be well. ~ Creator

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A New Course

The air is buzzing, is it not?  As the energy for this latest bit of the shift begins to build, please remember you are not alone!  For those of you walking the path, it may feel joyous and light.  The ‘sleepers’ around you may act more agitated or, dare I say it, angry.  Many of them are finally coming awake and it feels uncomfortable and unfamiliar.  Practice your compassion, powerful ones.  Do not take it personally.  You were awakened early to be the guiding lights and the beacons of hope.  This may be a good thing to remember when someone cuts you off in traffic! (Laughing) All teasing aside; continue to be gentle with yourself and those around you.  You are all plotting a new course and changing for the better. ~ Creator

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Today, there may be a somewhat solemn energy in the air.  This is not to ‘bring you down’, dear one…instead it is giving you the needed space to reflect one more time on what you would like to create in your life.  Once the newest wave of change arrives, there will little time for anything other than adjusting and integrating.  One of the most wonderful things about it is you no longer have to manifest chaos or challenges to know you are receiving.  The Universe has made it as easy and as comfortable for you as possible.  Please take this last little bit of quiet time, use it to your best advantage and enjoy! ~ Creator

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Let It Be You

As your Earth plane readies itself for another energy surge, it is wise to remember your boundaries and self-care.  This does not mean you need to sequester yourself away from others; instead soften your surroundings and do your best to make your personal space comfortable and safe.  Do not allow societal thoughts of ‘selfishness’ cloud this process.  You cannot love and care for those around you if you are unable to do this for yourself first.  Peace and calm during tumultuous times must come from somewhere…let it be you. ~ Creator

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Knock, Knock

Today and during this exquisite quiet time, you are being asked to ponder what you would like to create in your life.  The Universe does not have to tell you your manifesting abilities have increased tenfold.  You do not need to be reminded about the strength of your thoughts and words.  You do need to be reminded about the immense power of those thoughts and words!  You most certainly deserve a huge pat on the back for the work you have done so far, but there is still much to do.  Take this quiet time to see your life as it will be, how it will be changed for the better…as if it exists right now!  Co-creation is knocking on your door, asking to be invited in. (Smiling) Answer it! ~ Creator

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Re-gather, Re-center and Re-calibrate

For those of you experiencing the remnants of the ‘hard work’ from previous shifts, hang in there! Everyone releases in their own time and way.  There really is no ‘normal’ in the processes going on right now.  Instead of focusing on what is leaving, it is time to look ahead to what is coming.

The Universe has supplied a great deal of peaceful time, so you can re-gather, re-center and re-calibrate if necessary.  Use it to your best advantage!  Remember, not all of the clearing is going to be gut-wrenching.  Allow the soft and lovely energy coming in now to reassure you that, even though you have had challenging times in the recent past, all will be well!  You are worthy and deserving of it! ~ Creator

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It Was An Accident!

There is an interesting side effect to this most recent wave of the shift and you may have noticed it…’accidental manifestation’. (Smiling) Wonderful things you may have thought about years ago are suddenly coming to fruition in very unexpected ways.  You have finally worked on and cleared enough to leave room for these things to arrive in ways that surprise and amaze you!

This is also The Universe’s way of reminding you of your true power. (Winking) If ‘accidental’ manifestation can happen, imagine what will now occur if you truly set your intention on conscious manifestation?!  Dear ones, have some fun with this…give thanks for the gifts that are arriving now and look forward with a joyful heart to the ones that have yet to come. ~ Creator

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Dear ones, along with this current wave of receiving energy, clarity will also be coming your way.  This is the time to ask for whatever you have been needing to see more intricately.  Whether it be about relationships, work, personal issues or your place in the world…all you have to do is ask and you will receive whatever you need.  Oh, there it is again!  The receiving! (Smiling) Do not be dismayed at what may pass from your existence.  Sometimes, a releasing is needed for clarity and growth. ~ Creator

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Take a deep breath, dear ones, the next wave is on its way.  Unlike the others, there is nothing special you need to do, no effort involved and, hopefully, no rough-housing. (Smiling) This new arrival is about receiving; being capable of it, being comfortable with it and allowing The Universe to provide whatever you need.  Part of the reason you may have had a challenging time with it in the past is because there was always something to pay back, some expectation attached or thing you needed to do in return.  This is all about being thankful and grateful for the experience.  Are you ready? ~ Creator

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Your True Path

There will be times when your integrity and honesty may be called into question.  It can be very hurtful to be judged in this way, especially when you have put forth so much effort working on this particular area of your life.  If this happens, it is best to take a step back and breathe, allow The Universe to show you the infinite picture of what is really going on, then ask yourself these questions;

Are they truly judging me or are they expressing personal pain?

Is this a projection of their belief system?

Is this really something you need to take note of and change within yourself?

Has the person been on the receiving end of a projection before?

Be open to and willing to receive the answers and work on yourself if necessary.  An honest and blunt dialogue between yourself and The Universe as well as a willingness to learn will always keep you on your true path. ~ Creator


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