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Putting It To Rest…

It is finally time to put to rest the voices that have been telling you that you are less than perfect.  Those memories, looping tapes and feelings are not yours, dearest!  They belong to another time, another place or another person who was in denial about their own issues and chose to give them to you.  Does that make sense?  The Universe is always on-hand to help you see what is truly yours and that which was given to you when you felt it was the only way to be loved on your Earth plane.  It may take some work, however, it can be done.  You have the knowledge, wisdom and power to make it so! (Smiling) The last determining factor is how willing you are to finally release it to be transformed to light and love.  The choice has always, always been yours! ~ Creator

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Embracing Your Power

You make choices every day. Some mundane and others are life-changing. Here is a thought to ponder today; how often are the choices you make heart based? You have a multitude of experiences during your day that can make the world a brighter and more loving place. How often do you use your voice to project it to your world? It is time to release being fearful, stand up, to begin expressing that Unconditional Love to your Earth plane and be heard! You were born a powerful being; embrace that power, knowing that if it comes from pure love, pure truth and pure intent, it can never be corrupted. ~ Creator

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The whisperings of your past may come to call soon. Dear one, this is not something to be fearful of…it is a gift!  Some of them may bring up feelings of guilt, shame, sadness, anger or disappointment.  The Universe is reminding you that they have been sent, in this moment, for resolution and release.  These quiet echoes remind you of who you used to be, how you have changed and point you to what you will become.  Gratefully accept it as a new way of growing and learning about yourself.  Once that have completely passed from your life, a certain peace and calm will settle.  You have earned it, you deserve it and you are most certainly worth of it. ~ Creator

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A new dawn, a new day has arrived on your Earth plane.  The leveling up you are experiencing now is preparation for yet another change in progress.  Yes, The Universe could repeat the same things over and over…you know, “breathe, self-care, love, compassion, etc.”, however, it is time to put a bit of a twist in it. (Smiling)

You are being reminded to do your homework…this will be vital in the next few weeks.

Look at the infinite picture…focus on the who thing rather than micro-managing.  That way you will be able to see many more options.

Decipher what is truly yours…if you choose to continue to take on other people’s stuff, there is no time to focus on what you need during this time of change.  The mantra “you cannot pour from an empty cup” will be very useful.

Finally…allow yourself to realize that thing are changing, changing much faster than you know.  The Universe is here to tell you that yes, you can truly keep up.  The only thing holding you back from it is you. ~ Creator

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Radiating Love & Wisdom

Right now…yes, right now you are being given more knowledge than humanity has ever received before.  Mankind has spent eons raising the vibration of your Earth plane in preparation for this moment in time.  What does this mean to you?

It means you have access to an infinite amount of love and wisdom to make your world a better place.  Start from within, dear child; learn and understand as much as you can.  Then begin radiating that love and wisdom to those around you to the best of your ability.  Some of it may feel awkward and a little clunky at first but, once you get the hang of it, it will begin to flow easily and effortlessly.  Everything you have learned in this lifetime has been preparing you for this moment!  It is time to put it to good use! ~ Creator

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Getting Back To Work..

Dear one, your well-earned rest time is over.  There has been a definite up-tick in the incoming energy…your signal that new and expansive inner work is about to begin.  Please remember; you have the power to adjust how quickly the information comes to you.  You also control the volume, style and how it is delivered.  This wonderful gift has been yours from the beginning.  It is now time to put it to good use!  Also, remember the importance of practicing compassion, kindness and sending Unconditional Love to yourself and others.  Every bit of support you can receive/offer will be immeasurably useful. ~ Creator

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Transformation In Progress

Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, your transformation is in progress!  It may be slow and tedious at times or it can move so quickly that you barely catch sight of it.  Regardless of how the change happens, it is happening right now!  Even though knowledge can be very helpful, trusting your instincts and allowing the beauty of the new you to emerge naturally is often the best way to go.  Take time for your wings to dry…then fly! ~ Creator

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MORE Information!

After the frenzy of this past week, you may have noticed a calming and definite evening out of the incoming energy.  This has been done to give you an opportunity (if you choose) to assimilate the information you have received thus far.  With another wave on its way, The Universe has given you a chance to take a breather, to adjust and integrate.  Use the time wisely to nurture your body and soul, to practice kindness and compassion to yourself and others.  The more time you take, the more easily you will be able to handle the deluge that is approaching from now until the end of the year.  You are also being reminded that, as crazy as it may feel, there is a purpose to all of it and you are an integral part of this process. ~ Creator

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Incoming Information

There is so much information coming in now that you may not know where to start. The Universe would like to you consciously recognize that you do not have to know. All you need to do is allow and know it is for your highest and best…you will never be sent anything that will harm, hurt or wound you. You do, however, have a choice of accepting it or not. That is one of the beauties of being human…free will! ~ Creator

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Shine Your Light

Just for your information; the most current shift is more than just chaos and turmoil.  It may feel that way, however, if you sit quietly and listen…the abundance of information will come to you.

It is about love… it is about copious amounts of unconditional love – for self and others.

It is about self-care and healing – releasing the things that have been holding you back and taking care of the sacred vessel that is your body.

It is about learning to live a judgment free life – moving forward without being tethered by negative thoughts about yourself and from others.

It is about boundaries – finding out how to comfortably establish and maintain them.

Most of all, it is about embracing who and why you are here – knowing you have chosen this time to shine your light into a space where it will do the most good.

Everything you have learned this lifetime is being used to raise the vibrational level of your Earth plane right now, in this moment.  Do not let this amazing opportunity pass you by! ~ Creator


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