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Another Perspective

There may be times when you try to pull out or kill off the very things that are meant to heal you in a natural, graceful and easy way. Before you do this; step back and look at the challenging situation from another perspective…..see what it is teaching you. You may be very surprised. ~ Creator

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Fear Or Faith

Fear and faith are unable to exist together.  The Universe wants you to know that it has not and never will punish you for the decisions and choices you have made.  That is a purely human concept.  If you spend your time living in fear there will be no room for faith…or love.  To fully embrace faith, you must release fear! ~ Creator

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You Are A Star!

Come on in and take a seat…the film is about to begin.  Others have joined you for this momentous occasion; your friends, family, acquaintances and loved ones.  They are as excited as you are!  As you settle in and the opening credits roll, you realize this film is all about you and how you can change anything while it is in progress.  Do you like the story line?  No?  GREAT, you can change it any time you would like!  Do the lead actors resonate with you and your personal experience?  No?   Wonderful, you have the power to bring in whomever you choose!  This is YOUR story, your journey and you can alter it in any way you see fit.  And the best part…I am with you every step of the way, my shining star! ~ Creator

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Waiting For You

Dearest child…like many others, you may find yourself at an odd in-between place.  Not asleep but, not 100% alert.  Not passive but not fully motivated to move forward on your chosen path.  Rest assured; all is well!  The Universe is always moving, planning, and anticipating so you can slow down and determine a different direction if you so choose.  Take a moment, decide what you genuinely want, and it will be waiting for you. ~ Creator

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It Is Okay

It is perfectly okay to be scared, angry, frustrated, sad, lonely or isolated. These things only become issues when you decide, within your own free will, to continue to hold onto and feed them. Treat each of these emotions as if you are a rock in the middle of a stream; let the water flow around you, knowing it will only touch you momentarily before continuing its journey. ~ Creator

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Being Real

What is being real? It is being your true, authentic self regardless of what others think.  It is embracing who you truly are, refusing to wear a mask to fit in or belittling yourself to make others feel better about themselves. Yes, you want to be accepted, however, if you are not showing the world who you truly are…you are denying yourself the experiences for which you came. Trust that The Universe will send people who understand you in the highest and best way. Remember; there is no one better than the real you you are right now. ~ Creator

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Releasing Fear

Some of you may have noticed that fear is showing itself more frequently than before.  Fear can present itself as a great motivator, pushing you to do things out of the ordinary.  It can test your faith in humankind and may be challenging to eradicate once it is established.

The Universe is here to remind you that it has never created, nor will it perpetuate feelings of fear!  If you find yourself moving to an uncomfortable space, ask for assistance in releasing it and know you can continue your journey in comfort and safety.  As always, you are loved unconditionally and supported by The Universe in everything you do. ~ Creator

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It has been said before and it bears repeating; during this time of immense change, you are being reminded to be very conscious of your thoughts and feelings.  Manifestations are happening more quickly than ever before.  If you choose to remain in a positive mindset, you will create positive experiences.  If you choose to exist in the mindset of lack, anger or fear, those may come to pass.  You have always been co-creator of your existence.  Use this gift wisely and remember you are loved and supported by The Universe. ~ Creator

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Free Flowing

On forgiveness…you may expect, ask for, count on, demand it or beg for it. However, if you are unwilling to forgive the person you are asking forgiveness from, the practice becomes futile. It is a free-flowing exercise in trusting The Universe that all will be taken care of in perfect timing and in the best way for your own healing and growth. ~ Creator


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