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In a world of ‘take’, it is time to find your greatest pleasure in giving.  Do not do it to make a point, to garner favor or keep score.  Do it because it is who you are and what you were designed to do.  For each moment you give another, the rewards come back ten-fold… not because you expect to receive, but because you are working toward having a joyous heart free of expectation.  Thank The Universe and those around you for being a part of your experience… The Universe thanks you for your open heart. ~ Creator

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Seeing Truth

As you begin to understand more of your world and what is happening to it, there comes yet another awareness; people you know may present themselves as something they are not.  Earlier, it was mentioned that transparency will be one of the keys to your growth and learning.  While you are making a concentrated and conscious effort to be transparent, others will not.  This does not mean that you must automatically distrust all you encounter.  It does mean that with your growth, you have gained a heightened awareness, an early warning system, guiding you to those who are of like mind and pointing you away from those who are not.  The Universe has and always will direct you in a way that works in your highest and best, for the highest and best.  Listen, watch and pay close attention to what your heart is saying.  It will never lead you astray. ~ Creator

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Time To Play

Lately, it has been all work, work, work.  Today, The Universe is asking you to engage in play!  Take some time and go outside, blow bubbles, swing, draw, paint or dance!  When you become too wrapped up in the ‘heavy lifting’ of this ongoing shift, it can be challenging to remember how to play but, I know you can do it. (Smiling) This does not mean you are ignoring or putting off the inevitable; it means that you are taking time to balance things out!  So, get out there and enjoy being human for a moment or two.  The rest will be there when you get back. ~ Creator

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Creating With You

Today, everything may feel a bit wobbly.  There is quite a bit of movement going on and the shift is beginning its new growth period.  Dear one, sitting on the fence will no longer do; it is time to decide where you will be standing.  Take time, think and feel what is happening within…this will be very important in the coming weeks.  Focus on what you want to accomplish, what you want to clear, and the result you like to see.  The Universe is in the process of creating with you. (Smiling)  Allow the assistance! ~ Creator

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Here is a thought for you to ponder today; some of the most beautiful art, music, architecture and writing were created by some of the most misunderstood humans on your planet.  The painters and poets, musicians and theologians were all misinterpreted and thought ‘crazy’ in their respective times.  So, in those moments when you feel that others do not understand you, take heart!  Those still sleeping or on the verge of awakening may not comprehend what you are saying and doing, but one day they will.  Until then, rest easy in the knowledge that you are loved and respected by The Universe. ~ Creator

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Be At Peace

One of the most important things you can do during this shift is be yourself!  There will always be others that may attempt to tear you down, judge your looks, your thoughts, your way of living.  They may take the time out of their day to tell you that you are ‘eating wrong’ or not clearing your stuff the proper way.

The Universe is here to tell you…you are doing everything right for you!  If you allow it, there will always be those who will project/counter-project onto you.  As always, you have a choice.  You can accept it or not.  The only person you must please and be at peace with is yourself.  You are loved! ~ Creator

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Listen With An Open Heart

As challenging as it may be, keep your heart open!  Many things will ‘come at you’, testing your strength and fortitude, but keep your heart open.  Some may betray the love you give but, please, keep your heart open!  It is the receiver of the voice of The Universe, your direct connection to The Divine.  When the heart is disconnected, there is no way to hear what is being relayed to you.  As you step boldly into your new world, listening to the guidance provided will assist in your growth and learning.  Are you listening? ~ Creator

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Stay In….

Dearest one…do not give up on hope, faith and Unconditional Love.  Do not give up on trust, belief and knowing there is a better tomorrow.  The current world you live in may have you believing that those things do not exist anymore, that they are in shreds floating in harsh breeze waiting for their last thread to break so they can float away from your grasping hands.

The Universe is here to tell you…those things are very much alive and well on your Earth plane!  Even though you may feel wounded, battered and bruised, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, one that will lead you home to yourself so you can continue on your great adventure there. ~ Creator

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You Matter

If it has not already, you will begin to understand your role and how you will affect the final outcome of this massive shift.  Each of you has your own particular set of gifts and skills that are moving your Earth plane to a much different level than what it is now.  Your conscious mind may be in turmoil, your body may be rebelling and your soul may be attempting an escape to a less taxing space in time.  Please, dearest child, stay where you are! (Smiling) You have so much to offer, your energy – even though you feel is does not matter – is, indeed, an integral part of what is going on now.  Allow yourself to embrace your power and know you are working toward good, peace and light. ~ Creator

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Stay Present!

It is certainly becoming interesting, it is not?!  Your human body, mind and spirit is undergoing such profound changes that it may not feel comfortable to be in your body at all.  You are being asked to stay as present as you possibly can during this shift.  Without the mind and spirit, the body may not be able to accept and accommodate what it needs.  Also, while you are going through this process, it would be wise and kind to refrain from judging others.  Each of you have your own way of ‘dealing’ and to assume that your way is right and theirs is wrong may be considered intrusive.  Remember, dear ones, you are all in this together and loving each other as unconditionally as you possibly can is the order of the day. ~ Creator


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