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Never Too Late…

Today, you are being invited to think back on all the people that changed your life for the better.  The ones that supported you when you were too weak to stand, who gave a part of themselves even though they did not have much to give, those that loved you when you thought you were unlovable.  The members of your soul family may have been with you the whole time, some were only in your life for a short while and some were complete strangers.  They showed up at the precise moment you needed them most and loved you even though you felt you did not deserve it.  You may not have known how to thank them while they were present and may not know where they are now but, remember, it is never too late to say thank you! (Smiling) Express your gratitude in a way that feels right to you and know The Universe will ‘deliver the message’. ~ Creator

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A Little Fun…

The surge has begun, and great many changes are starting to arrive!  Depending on where you are on your journey, you may feel a vague sense of overwhelm or enjoying a boost of physical energy.  Both are perfectly acceptable.  Regardless of how it arrives for you, take note of what you are feeling in your body and your heart.  There is a great deal of information coming in now and it is important to integrate as much as possible.  This is preparation for what will be arriving in the next few months.  Use this opportunity to add a sense of play into your learning.  Not all of what you receive from The Universe is ‘work’.  Have a little fun along the way! ~ Creator

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It is time again to stop, quiet yourself and listen!  The Universe is beginning to relay many things about the incoming changes to your world and how you will be effectively able to move through them with minimal fuss. (Smiling) If you set aside and allow yourself the time to hear what is being relayed to you, thing will become clear and concise.  Your Earth plane is heading into some very interesting times…take a moment and prepare.  Every single gift you have will be needed. ~ Creator

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Do Not Feed…

As the next wave prepares to arrive, The Universe is asking you to prepare as well.  It may feel as if chaos and fear are growing.  It is important to remember that when something is afraid or backed into a corner, it will do its best to appear larger and more fearsome than it really is.  What is your role in all of this?  Keep your thoughts/actions focused unconditional love and compassion.  Do not feed chaos with more chaos or fear.  Those of you that know your power are the ones that will bring your Earth plane out of what it is experiencing now. ~ Creator

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Your Life

What do you want from your life?  Where do you want to go?  What do you want to accomplish?  How are you going to get there?  They may seem challenging but, all these questions can be answered if you choose to converse with The Universe.  Your life is yours and you can do with it what you will.  You have a choice to sit in a corner, limit yourself and say things are impossible or you can find what truly inspires you, take action and move forward.  The only thing hold you back is you! ~ Creator

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Be Your Own…

You see it every day; people desperately reaching out for something, anything to fill a void within that only they can fill. They are constantly looking outside themselves for the perfect job, life, car, house or partner. What they do not realize is that everything exists within! (Smiling)

The Universe wants you to know that once you become your own best friend, true love and intimate counsel, the infinite possibilities of your life begin to show themselves to you! In the process of living the way you want and, in your truth, it allows those gifts to arrive in ways you always imagined! ~ Creator

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The Beacon…

It is time to keep your eyes wide open.  There may be people and situations being designed specifically to move you into ‘fear mode’.  Some may attempt to ‘sell you’ beliefs and ideas that do not resonate.  Many have chosen to stay asleep in the comfort of the mass consciousness, ignoring the mounting energy engulfing your world and choosing to remain blissfully unaware that things are changing at break-neck speed.  Free will dictates that you get to decide what works and does not work for you!

The Universe knows this may sound a bit disheartening and a little more than disappointing.  But, in keeping your eyes open, you will be able to see those around you that are ready for change, to step into their light and rise above the status quo.  This is where your bright light, radiating Unconditional Love and peace, comes into play.  Be the luminous beacon that helps light the way out of the darkness. ~ Creator

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Find Confidence

Think back to when you were a teenager; just about everything felt odd, out of place, embarrassing and just plain uncomfortable.  You would ask yourself, “Where is my confidence?!  I know it’s in here somewhere” and there were days when you just did not know how to feel or act.

As the next wave of the shift comes to your Earth plane, you may begin to feel something very similar.  You and those around you are working to find your place, your niche as a new society develops and it may be challenging on many different levels.  Stepping up and introducing yourself to this new energy can be awkward but, remember the well of determination within and know you are truly capable of this task! ~ Creator

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Relax & Allow

As you engage with the current wave of energy, do your best to relax!  There are plenty of distractions vying of your attention but, in the infinite picture, it does not matter much.  Like a two-year-old child acting out, the ‘old way’ is slowly fading and it will do anything to keep your focus on it and away from your goals.  It is up to you to maintain your peace, continue to send Unconditional Love to those around you and know that all is moving at the proper pace and direction.  The only thing left for you to do is allow! ~ Creator

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A Chance To See…

Another one of the things this amazing shift may bring to your consciousness is the need to really look at yourself.  Imagine standing in front of a full-length mirror and seeing everything.  The physical, emotional and mental.  Your current and higher self, the soul and the Divine Spark…all available to you and seen by the naked eye.  What would be your reaction?  Would your brain register shame, joy or guilt?  How about happiness, self-loathing or love?

You are being given the opportunity to witness all that has been, all that is and look to all that will be.  Will you be using these moments to release or continue to hold onto what no longer serves you?  Only you can make that choice for yourself.  Free will…you know the rest. (Winking) ~ Creator


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