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A Call To Action

The changes being spoken of now are a push, a prompt, a call to action.  It is time to find your voice and use it!   There is magic at work in your world.  Discover it and become an agent of love and compassion!  There is joy and beauty to be had.  Find it!  You may feel as if you are ‘only one’ but, one carries much more power than you think.  Ask The Universe for assistance in embracing and changing your Earth plane for the good of all. ~ Creator

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The Creator Writings - June 18, 2018

Changes are coming!  This, of course, is nothing new to you.  What will be the surprise is the immensity of them. (Winking) Along with the inner moments you have been experiencing, there will be great movement in your physical world.  Please do not view these things with trepidation or fear, dear one…they are meant to bring more positive growth and joy to your life.  The only thing you will need to do is get out of your own way and let them happen!  Great explosions of beauty and positivity are inbound, take advantage of it as it arrives! ~ Creator

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Another One?!

By now you have probably figured out that the incoming energy is something you have never experienced before…ever!  The Universe has said it before and, in this particular moment, it may sound trite but, you need to breathe!!  You are in the middle of yet another roller-coaster ride and as individuals, you will experience this in different ways.  The best thing to keep in mind is that all rides eventually come to an end.  Until then, throw your hands in the air and do your best to enjoy the ride! ~ Creator

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Alone In A Crowd

During this most recent phase, you may find yourself feeling quite alone.  Yes, there may be millions of people around you, but that does not change the fact that you are experiencing something others may not understand.  When you find yourself in this space…look inward, find the cause and ask for assistance.  No request is too small.  Part of being on your particular path is knowing there will always be help available when you need it. ~ Creator

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Back On The Path…

During this time of intense energy, you may fall down, fall out of character, fall away from your path.  Guess what?  That will happen!  Do you know why?!  Because you are human! (Smiling) There is a very specific reason why you chose to be here now, in this time and space.  Yes, I am sure you would like to be perfect all the time, to follow the examples of The Universe to the letter and be wonderful.  That is a beautiful thing to strive for, however, it may not happen all the time.

The best thing you can do for yourself is realize when you have taken the detour, release whatever moved you away and bush-whack back to your selected path.  No harm, no foul.  This is not the time to ‘beat yourself up’, dear one.  This is the time to celebrate how far you have come.  The Universe is celebrating with you! ~ Creator

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Balance and Peace Needed

It is time to start breathing again, dear one!  With the new energy coming in this will be very important in maintaining your sense of balance and peace.  When you are balanced and peaceful, those feelings radiate to those around you and like a ripple in a pond, it keeps moving and touching everything in its path.  Please know that, even if you are feeling overwhelmed, you can handle it!  As always, The Universe is there to support and guide you on your journey. ~ Creator

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Embrace Your Light

Dearest One, you have crossed a line from which there is no return.  The changes you have made, the growth you have experienced and the things you have seen make it impossible.  Now is the time to stand up and be counted as one of the many who are on the forward path.  Yes, it may be frightening…”will they look at me like I have three heads?” (Smiling)  Do not worry my love, those that resonate with you will come forward, shining their light!  And, as your light joins with theirs, it will awaken the ‘sleepers’ around you.  Yes, the time is here.  Embrace it! ~ Creator

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The further along you move into this shift, you more you may notice how people are acting and reacting.  Some are calm, others are agitated and still others are being forceful.  As you interact with them on a daily basis, be sure to ‘check yo’self’.  Are you acting out of love and kindness or are you reacting from your past experiences?  The majority of those around you are going through (or will be going through) a pretty challenging time with their own fast and furious awakening; they may be confused, angry and out of sorts.  They may even attempt to bully you.  Please, dear one, do not let this phase you because this is where you get to practice your compassion!  Even if they are closed to your thoughts and insights; be the ear, the shoulder and the person they can lean on.  You went through this before as well.  Remember… ~ Creator

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Is It Mine?

One of the most important things you can do for yourself during this massive shift; remember what and what you are not responsible for.  Others may attempt to make your responsible for it but, please keep in mind; it is not your job!  You are responsible for your thoughts and feelings, your actions and reactions.  You are not responsible for theirs.  This does not mean you need to release the compassionate, loving caring person you have always been.  It does mean taking care of yourself.  Carrying things for others may be a heavy load; are you willing to accept it?  The choice, as always, is yours. ~ Creator

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Be Grateful

Some of the changes this newest phase of the shift may have come in so subtly and quietly you will not have noticed them.  When a situation presents itself, you first reaction may be to respond as you always have…then you realize the reaction does not fit the circumstance!  Shocked?  Amazed? (Smiling)

Today, take some time for self-reflection and examination.  Ask to be shown those changes that may have slipped in without your conscious knowledge and familiarize yourself with them.  Look at and learn to use them!  Then, when another experience arises, you will definitely know how to proceed.  The Universe is gifting you will skills every moment of every day.  Be grateful for and embrace them! ~ Creator


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