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A Changeable Now

Existing in your past produces a static, unchanging series of circumstances. When you release your preconceived notions of how your world should be and move into the flow of The Universe, there will always be a mix of experiences.  Living in a changeable now allows you to let your heart be your guide. ~ Creator

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Continue Growing

Today, The Universe would like you to take some time to focus on your inner space.  Find where your love, tolerance, peace, compassion, kindness and empathy live.  If you find resistance during your search, ask yourself and The Universe, “Why?”  Every thought, feeling and idea is under your sole ownership and deserves equal attention.  If it is something you would rather release, thank it for its contribution to your life and let it go.  As a part of humanity, you owe it to yourself to continue growing in your light and you are loved and supported on your journey! ~ Creator

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That First Step

There will be a time, very soon, when things on your Earth plane will come into very sharp focus.  You will be able to see everything about yourself and those around you.  The ‘court of public opinion’ will no longer have any bearing on your day to day life because you will finally understand things from The Universe’s perspective.  Those who have been asleep may suddenly and abruptly come awake, shaking your society and your world to its very core.  This may be challenging or uncomfortable for you, dear one, but do not give up hope!

This great change and these moments of clarity are necessary for you and those around you to move toward an all-encompassing peace so many have been asking for.  Ground yourself, stay focused and take that first step forward…it is what you came here to do. ~ Creator

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Turn Around…

The ones truly meant to stand beside you are often waiting in the wings, watching silently. They’ve been there all along; smiling at your successes, cheering when you accomplish your goals, loving you when you feel unlovable and sending healing when you feel you have crashed. Turn around, look behind you and you’ll see them gazing at you with all the love in the world. ~ Creator

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Every Great Moment

Dearest One, you were provided a resting period, albeit a short one and unwanted by some, from the cacophony of your world.  Now, that noise seems to have doubled.  (Smiling) What you do from here on out may very well be the weight that brings it all back into balance.  Take a moment today and delve into your thoughts…in which direction are they focused?  You can continue to walk the path of divisiveness or you can choose to see your Earth plane and its inhabitants as peaceful and loving to each other.  Remember, every great moment in your Earth’s history began as a whispered prayer. ~ Creator

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Healing The Pain

My darling child; look around you…what do you see?  You are bearing witness to hundreds of years of suppressed pain and grief boiling over into everyday life.  The Universe knows you will think, feel and express in your own unique way – that is part of the gift of free will.  But my dearest one, it is time to stop ignoring the pain you see around you.  Yes, you have done your work and you are in a wonderful space!  You are now being guided to begin work on healing the deep wounds of the collective consciousness.  Whether it be through meditation, prayer, thought or action; it is well past time to begin the work of moving your world toward the healing it so desperately needs and deserves. ~ Creator

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All Will Be Well

It may be challenging to realize that you are in the right place, at the right time, doing what you are doing to affect change in your world.

It may be challenging to see it as anything other than destruction but, there is an extraordinary amount of growth happening right now.

Even if you have chosen to remain emotionally and physically neutral, your energy is still contributing to this substantial change.

It may be challenging to trust The Universe during this chaotic time but, you are being asked to look deep into your heart and know all will be well. ~ Creator

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Holding Space

There will be times when you have to release and trust the awakening process. It may not be an easy thing to do, especially when a connection exists. Let others know you are there, offer support when asked and hold space for them in a kind, loving manner. The rest is up to them and The Universe. ~ Creator


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