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Do Not Give Up

One of the greatest things you will ever do for yourself is to heal wounds from the past.  It does not make a difference how, just that it is done.  It may require you to get ‘down and dirty’, to shift your perceptions of the world or change some very basic principles of your life.  You are being reminded that you do not have to do on your own.  Create a support system (if you do not already have one in place), seek out like-minded individuals or engage in activities that soothe and comfort the soul.  There is no right or wrong way to do this.  You are like no other and, with that said, you have a right to choose what is best for you! (Smiling)  Rest assured that, as the ‘deep darks’ are released, you will be reacquainting yourself with a sense of freedom you once knew but forgot along the way.  Do not give up, dear one!  You are worthy and deserving of this gift! ~ Creator

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Something Extraordinary

A lot of you are asking, “Well, what now?  Where do I go?  How do I get there?  What can I expect?”  As you know, The Universe is always sending you signs as to whether you are going in the right direction.  It is just a matter of quieting yourself enough to hear/see/feel them. (Smiling)  You have been working hard on some very challenging aspects of yourself and you deserve praise (and a pat on the back) for it.  There is, however, more to come.  This is not meant to disappoint you or negate the work you have already put toward your goals but, to give you a helping hand when you need it.  Some aspects of being human can be a life-long process of upward mobility and others are learned and stored away for future reference.  Both are valuable in their own way.  Today, you are being asked  to remember that when you get discouraged or feel as if you cannot do one more thing, there is a hidden well of strength within to draw from if you so choose; it gives The Universe the opportunity to change the same old thing into something extraordinary just for you! ~ Creator

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Take Your Time

Infinite choices are before you.  Some you have expected, some you had an inkling were coming and still others have caught you totally by surprise.  Being faced with so many options may be overwhelming and it can be tempting to choose the easiest, most comfortably path but, The Universe is asking you to assess all of them before you step forward.  It may not always be simple, but some of the more challenging ones may bring growth you never knew you would experience.  Take your time, my love, there is always plenty of that (Smiling) and know you are fully support and loved for whatever you choose. ~ Creator

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Give A Little…

A gentle reminder; from now until the end of the year, kindness and compassion are going to be your most valuable assets.  Being able to demonstrate these traits to those around you will increase your ability to extend them to yourself.  This does not mean you are surrendering the right to defend yourself when needed but, The Universe is asking you to be understanding of those who are working (just as you are) toward becoming a better person.  Sometimes, it takes more than a little practice! (Smiling)  As you move through your daily existence, do you best to show your world what it will be like when you all give each other the respect that is so richly deserved. ~ Creator

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All Will Be Well

In recent days, at this energy continues, you may feel as if you are taking two steps back to each one forward.  It may make you feel frustrated and out of sorts.  There will always be times when you feel as if set-backs will last forever, you are going nowhere and may never get through this particular moment.  Rest assured, dear one, that it will come to an end and you will get through it!  Sometimes, it can be a very necessary part of growth. (Smiling)

The concept of linear time is as human as you can get.  If you choose, you can release this notion, step fully into the moment and be consciously aware that thing will change (and change quickly) in your highest and best.  The Universe is asking you to release your worry and know that all is well and all will be well. ~ Creator

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Moving Forward

It is time to stop, look around you and see what needs to go.  During this most recent time of change, The Universe is giving you a chance to do some deep housecleaning.  Again, there are many things you have carried with you that are no longer needed.  You have grown and learned more than you ever thought possible in your lifetime.  It is time to celebrate and release!  Give yourself the gift of clearing what no longer serves you.  It is time, dearest one, to move forward! ~ Creator

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Find Your Peace

In this moment, there are many sources telling you that going into fear is your best option.  The message being conveyed to you now is ‘beware, beware, beware’!  In this super-charged atmosphere it may be challenging to find your own way.

Here is a very basic truth – you have a choice.  You have always had a choice!  You can choose to listen to ‘the sky is falling’ side or you can choose to remain at peace.  The Universe realizes the massive changes going on right now make it very tempting to follow the path of the majority, however, it is also asking you to step back and see these things for what they really are.  Take time to quiet yourself and really listen.  The Universe has and always will speak of love.  In the midst of  chaos, find the love and, in doing so, you will also find your peace. ~ Creator

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During the next few weeks, everyone on your Earth-plane, regardless of where they are on their path, will be undergoing a metamorphosis.  It may be uncomfortable for some and joyous for others,  Regardless of how you feel during this time, know that your soul (and your whole being) will be moving from an immature state to a more adult form.  There is nothing to fear of this transformation.  In fact, as a collective, this is what you have been asking for all along. (Smiling)

It is imperative to do your best to remain as patient, non-judgmental and open-minded as you can because each human will be moving at their own comfortable speed.  Just like a butterfly, it is something that you know how to do instinctively…no special attention or work will be needed.  Change is happening, dear one, it is time to embrace it! ~ Creator

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Hold On To Your Hats

Hold onto your hats, you are in for yet another wild ride!  The incoming energy that has been bringing amazing changes will being to come in faster than ever before.  Some of you have been experiencing this on a very human level and others on a more spiritual side…both have their own merits.  This will also be a time when the gap between those just stepping onto their path will be quickly rising to meet those who have been traveling for some time.  It will, in turn, will bring more of you together to form an ever widening circle of light beings working toward a better world.  The days of feeling alone and ‘not quite right’ are coming to an end, dear one!  Stay grounded, maintain your boundaries and keep breathing…beautiful moments are on their way! ~ Creator

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The Right Decision?

How many times a day do you second-guess yourself?  During the next phase of the shift, information will be coming in hard and fast.  Although you have been told you always have plenty of time to make decisions (and this is true), some of them may feel as if they are being made ‘on the fly’.  Doubt may come into play as well.  “Did I make the right decision?  Am I staying true to my boundaries?  Am I interpreting this all correctly?”  You have always had the ability and power to hear/understand The Universe!  If it feels comfortable and true to your whole self, then you are know heading in the right direction.

A gentle reminder; a choice, when made with a balance of the heart and mind, will always be in your highest and best! ~ Creator


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