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A Part Of You

Within you exists a small piece of The Universe that, once activated, cannot be turned off. Would you want to? It contains everything you will ever need, all of the power and infinitely more love than you have experienced thus far. It moves within you, it asks to be recognized and can never be removed, it is a part of you. To use it…..just ask. ~ Creator

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It’s Up To You…

You may reach a point when you have to choose between love of self and love of another in spite of yourself. One reclaims your power, the other gives it away. What you choose is ultimately up to you and how you want to live the remainder of your existence on your Earth-plane; empowered or enslaved. ~ Creator

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Closing The Circle

How much energy are you willing to give a negative experience that is over and done with? In replaying the moment over and over, you are continuing to feed it the power you so richly deserve for yourself. Releasing the energetic charge and closing the circle of the will allow you to move forward into a new, more positive experience. ~ Creator

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Dearest child, The Universe knows the current energy and environment can be challenging…feeling as if you are fighting an uphill battle can be tiring and a little frustrating.  When you being to feel overwhelmed; stop, connected to The Universe and breathe!  Allowing yourself to take a few moments to remember who you are and why you are here effectively resets your physical being to a space of peace and calm.  There are many miles left to travel but, you are definitely up to the task! ~ Creator

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Riding The Wave

During this transition time, you may (and often will) be confronted with negative situations.  Even those who have been awakened for some time will find the new energy challenging, reacting in ways counter intuitive to their normal way of being.  Know that it is not personal, and you have the unconditional love and support of The Universe!  You are riding this immense wave the best way you can…and you are loved! ~ Creator

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Lovely And Amazing Things

Many of you may have noticed a definitive shift in the energy this past week and you, as well as those around you, may have had a challenging time adjusting to it.  As The Universe prepares you for the next wave, your manifesting abilities will be stronger than you have ever experienced before.  Dearest one, use this time continue creating lovely and amazing things!  Embrace your personal power with love, gratitude and kindness.  Maintain strong, healthy boundaries, practice self-care and remember your compassion.  Your Earth-plane needs it now more than ever! ~ Creator


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