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In Trust

A very gentle reminder; trust is everywhere!  You may not experience it on a daily basis or you may feel as if you it has been betrayed a time or two, but it is still there.  It may be challenging to put your faith in something you cannot see, hear or feel, however, The Universe is asking you to believe in its existence.  There is amazing power in trust…allow it to create miracles in your life! ~ Creator

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Be The Light

The growth and learning process you are engaged in now is an amazing one.  Like a deaf child hearing their parent’s voices for the first time, some may be surprising and/or a little frightening, but the joy of the experience will far outweigh your initial reaction.  This is where practice comes into play.

For those of you that have been awake for some time, this is your opportunity to guide and assist those ‘suddenly aware’ of their gifts and talents.  Treat them with respect and patience.  Treat them as you would want to be treated.  It may be a very confusing time for them; judgement, ego and negative personal issues have no place.  Allow yourself to be the light for them you may not have had at your beginning.  ~ Creator

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Oh!  Where to begin?  You are on yet another roller-coaster ride and it may not feel pleasant at all.  Just when your stomach has finished dropping, the next wave comes and sends you spinning again.  This is where the grounding you have been practicing will come in handy (Winking) It may be challenging to think of an end-goal while all this is going on, but it is important to remain focused on the outcome.  I can hear you asking, “What outcome?  I can barely breathe here!”  Well, my love, that depends on you.  Remember, you determine what is coming from these changes…it is very important to stay present yet keep your eyes on the future.  There will be a time when all of this is done, and you will be standing exactly where you imagined you would.  Keep it positive, keep it light and know you are taken care of. ~ Creator

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You Choose

There are many voices of The Universe moving through your world today.  Some are light and funny, others are dense and fearful.  Some feel factual and others will make you scoff.  This is solely dependent on where you are in your journey.  If you read or hear something that does not resonate with you, move on.  No fault, no foul.  If something triggers you, go deep within and ask why!  And, if what you are reading or hearing helps bring a bit of peace and calm…then continue. (Smiling) Remember, you choose for you. ~ Creator

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The Next Phase

By now, you have noticed that your Earth plane is in the next phase of this wonderfully massive shift.  Many emotions have been coming up to be cleared and you may feel weary and worn out.  Take heart, dearest child; the work you are putting in now will have benefits for phases that have yet to arrive.  This information is known to you, but bears repeating both as a reminder and to make sure it is a part of your conscious awareness…

Genuinely express and practice compassion for yourself and others.  If there is no compassion, there can be no true understanding.

Breathe!  Overwhelmed seems to be the ‘order of the day’ with this shift.  It is best to be mindful of it, so you can stay centered in peace and calm.

Practice transparency.  The further along you move into the new ways of being, the more challenging it will be to hide behind untruths.  Untruths have become (and will continue to be) glaringly obvious in your daily life.  Astounding, is it not? (Smiling)

Be kind…to yourself and others.  Regardless of who or what you are dealing with daily, the need for kindness will be paramount!  This goes hand in hand with compassion.  Kindness shows that you are truly listening and understanding what is going on around you.

Remember to play!  There is quite a bit of ‘heavy lifting’ going on now and play is one of the keys to releasing stress and anxiety.  Color with crayons, dance, find a playground swing, sing, enjoy or create music.  You know how to… give yourself permission to be and enjoy being child-like again.

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A Pointer…

The Universe would like to point out…it is not your decision to determine what is right or wrong for another.  You can only determine what is right or wrong for yourself.  If you choose to put yourself in that place of judgement, you may be ignoring some very fundamental facts about your own inner processes.  If you find yourself being triggered by what you perceive as another’s ‘wrong’, it could exist within as well.  This is where your fun begins! (Smiling) Today, you are being invited to look at those triggers, acknowledge and release them.  Remember, nothing is gained from judging others.  You may, however, lose an opportunity for growth. ~ Creator

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The Slow Burn

As quiet as it may seem, there is much going on behind the scenes.  You may be compelled to move things along, to push through the ‘slow burn’ that is going on now because you are anxious for the next great leap forward.  The Universe would like to remind you…events will and are happening for a reason, at the perfect moment for the perfect outcome.  As challenging as it may be, allow Divine Timing to take the lead; the outcome will be exactly what is intended. ~ Creator

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The Ragged Edges

Upon introspection, you may feel that your past will hinder your growth during this important time.  The old stuff coming up is a harsh reminder of all your ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda” moments; the times when you had the chance to change and did not, the hurts knowingly inflicted and the bitter, ragged edges of you.

Once again, this is a gentle guiding push to come to terms with, acknowledge, honor and release your transgressions.  Without them, you would not know what you know now, and you would not have the wisdom or awareness necessary for the growth that is in process.  Be kind and gentle with yourself; this is the truest first step to learning and forward movement. ~ Creator

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When things become so heavy you say, “I cannot take another step”.

When situations become so chaotic you say, “I want to run away”.

When your human existence becomes ‘too difficult’ and you say, “I want to hide in a corner and not move ever again”

…know The Universe is right there with you!  Yes, things can be challenging, my beautiful one, but that does not mean it will last forever.  The Universe will wait with you until you are ready to move toward Unconditional Love again. ~ Creator

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Pay Attention

As you continue to move forward the chasm between truths will continue to grow and polarize.  Good, ‘bad’ or indifferent, it is imperative to pay attention to what your heart tells you.  There are many promises being made, many timelines be discussed, however, these are all human speculation.  Trust in yourself, trust in your connection to Unconditional Love and know you will be guided on the path that is best suited for you. ~ Creator


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