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Beyond The Chaos

There is a greatness within you…an ability to shine brightly in the darkness with the knowledge to embrace (and show) empathy, kindness and compassion.  Through these tumultuous times, you can see the peaceful light beyond the chaos.  Have you had human moments?  Yes, indeed!  You are also consciously aware that those moments pass more and more quickly every time you have the experience.  In continuing to be who you are, you have become a guide for those just beginning their journeys.  You are beautiful and most beloved by The Universe! ~ Creator

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Understanding & Growth

You create and exist in a world of your own making.  You decorate it to your liking, inhabit it with the familiar, comfortable and safe, bringing in feelings and emotions that resonate with you.  Each person on your Earth-plane has done the same. (Smiling) When your worlds overlap, dissonance may occur.  Rather than looking at the situation as a learning, you may see it as an invasion.  The Universe is asking you to consciously realize that you do not have to make their world your own.  Understanding and growth can occur if you allow yourself to see things from a different perspective. ~ Creator

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Your Love Is Needed

It is time (again) to brace yourself, tie down anything you would like to keep and hang onto your hats.  You have been moving through this crucial time with as much ease as possible and you are to be commended for it.  The winds of change may continue to bring challenges your way but, you are up to the task at hand.  The Universe would also like to remind you to stay as focused and centered as possible.  The greatest gifts come out of the most tumultuous times.  Your light…and your love is needed now more than ever! ~ Creator

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Are You?

Are you an advanced soul?  Take a quick look at your past experiences; some may have been soul rending, others more challenging than you thought you would survive.  Did you ever feel alone, not quite right or like you did not belong?  Did you come out the other side of those experiences lighter and brighter than you ever thought possible?  Understanding where you came from helps guide you to where you will go.  Rather than bemoaning a difficult past, take some time to be thankful.  Without it you would not be where you are now! ~ Creator

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The Key

As stated before, you…the advanced soul, chose this time, this place, this moment and this situation.  You knew it would be beneficial to your growth and learning, leading you to a deeper understanding of the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of Infinity.  Even though it may not feel like it, your very presence is raising the vibrational level of your Earth-plane so that you may all move toward a peaceful and productive future.  Keep manifesting dearest one, it is the key! ~ Creator

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You are the dreamer, awakened early from your gentle slumber, opening your eyes to a new day. The endless possibilities surround you; infinite choices, infinite directions to travel. There is no need to choose just one, my love. If the one you have chosen is not for you, return to the beginning and start again. Learn, experience and grow in joy. ~ Creator

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Decisions, Decisions

Over the next few days and weeks, you will be making decisions on several manifested experiences.  Some of the will be easy and others a bit more challenging.  Regardless of what is presented to you, it will be particularly important to include your heart as well as your head in those choices.  As always, free will is yours and The Universe will support anything you choose for yourself. ~ Creator

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Stages Of Release

As you continue to move through the stages of release, please be gentle with yourself and others.  You will move at your own pace and in your own time, allowing peace to encompass all that you are.  There may be bumps in the road and it may feel as if nothing noteworthy is happening…it is all part of the process.  Allow yourself to just be.  The Universe will take care of the rest. ~ Creator


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