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Coming Soon!

Before the next part of the world-wide shift occurs, you are being asked to re-examine what you would like your existence to look like.  Would you like to be around those that attempt to keep you exactly where you are for their purposes and reasons…or…do you prefer to be embraced by those of like vibrational level?  These may seem like very simple questions but, in reality, it is going to require some very deep thought.  Everything, absolutely everything, is beginning to move forward in quantum leaps and how you navigate these changes will be determined by you and those surrounding you.  Remember, the healing and developing has been, is and will affect your world.  Think passionately and choose wisely, dearest.  Your future is at hand! ~ Creator

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New Year Special

Are you ready for change? As the New Year approaches, it is time to begin thinking about what you want to co-create for yourself. You are invited to release triggers/negative thoughts and step forward into your new life!
Through December 31st, I’m offering 1 hour sessions for $60. Use the session now, purchase for use at a later date or give the gift of healing to family and friends.
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As you continue to enjoy your rest period, remember to indulge in things you find enjoyable to nurture your mind, body and soul.  It could be quietly reading a book, exploring nature or sharing your feelings and experiences with friends…these are all important steps to recharging your batteries or filling your cup so that, when the next wave arrives, you will be ready to embrace the changes with a light, happy and open heart.  There is a very strong difference between being child-like and childish.  Learn and know the difference so you can show others how to embrace that joy! ~ Creator

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Take a deep breath and release, dear one…that wave is over!  Now that you have a little time to rest, reassess and regroup, it is time to take stock of what needs to be let go next.

Look at your boundaries; do you view them as something flexible?  Do they change depending on which person you are around?

Listen to your self-talk; do you constantly berate yourself or do you build yourself up in ways that will benefit your whole being?

Take time to feel!  Do you stuff your emotions, or do you let them flow when they arrive knowing the release will bring you deep relief within?

Taking care of your being is and will become extremely meaningful as you move forward into the next shift.

As always, know that you are loved, supported, cherished and (sometimes) carried through it all. ~ Creator

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Riding The Waves

With the wave after wave of intense energy coming to your Earth plane, people coming to you for assistance may increase, feelings of being overwhelmed may grow and it could be challenging to keep your footing while this new energy rages around you.  It is important to find and maintain your center.  Moments like these are not sent to test your fortitude or tear you down. (Smiling) They are moments of intense learning, great strides forward and yet another sign that you are truly on your right path.  A simple switch in conscious thought makes all the difference between the light and dark.  Find your light, dear one and keep riding the wave toward it! ~ Creator

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Which Way?

This may be challenging to understand; even when you feel you are in the worst place you could ever be, there is learning in progress.  What you gain from the experience is completely up to you.  You can stay exactly where you are, deflect responsibility and bemoan the fact that nothing changes…or…you can set a goal, look at the situation and ask yourself, “How can I change this?”  You are in co-creation with The Universe, have the skills, knowledge and, yes, the right to move in whatever direction you choose.  Where do you want to go today? (Smiling) ~ Creator

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As your Earth plane starts to ‘level up’ yet again, it is best to stay as calm and peaceful as you can. You may feel as if you are being triggered left and right, however, that is The Universe saying to you, “See what is left over?  It is time to release them so you can move on to bigger and better things!”  You can sit with them for a bit longer or let the go in a way that works best for you.  As always, the choice is yours. ~ Creator

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Your Truth, My Truth

It is wonderful and perfect to stand in and voice your truth.  However, if you allow your truth to override the truth of another, you are ignoring one of the reasons you are here. (Smiling) I can hear you asking, “What is the difference?”  One has healthy boundaries, hears and understands those around them while the other is deaf to anything but themselves decrying all else as ‘wrong’.  As this monumental shift continues, please remember that even though another’s truth may not align with yours, is it no less valid that your own.  Keep an open mind and heart…when you truly embrace this, anything is possible! ~ Creator

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Finding Treasures

As you continue to learn, grow and change, you may feel as if there are gaping holes left behind.  You may feel that emptiness in the depths of your soul, making it hard to breath.  Do not despair, darling child!  Every time a hole is dug, the displaced Earth must go somewhere.  Instead of focusing on what is missing, look for the treasures that were uncovered.  Yes, you may have to get your hands dirty in the process, but what you find will always enrich your life experiences.  You can spend your time gazing into the deep darkness or ‘get to work’ and find the gifts left behind. ~ Creator

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Two Become One

During this ongoing shift, your honesty and integrity will be one of your biggest assets.  Those around you may not understand the significance of it…yet, but they will awaken to the fact very soon.  The Universe knows and recognizes the fact that existing in two worlds at once can be a challenging experience.  However, the time where two worlds becoming one is very close at hand.  It is important for you to maintain your boundaries and walk your path the best way you know how until that time arrives.  Your Earth plane needs your light and love now, more than ever.  Keep shining brightly, dear one, you are almost there! ~ Creator


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