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More On Releasing…

Dearest one, why do you keep looking outside yourself for completion?  There is always something to distract, to avoid and to keep you occupied so you do not have to look at the ‘tough stuff’.  Can you see it?  Do you understand it only benefits those around you?

During this phase of the shift, you are once again being asked to bring up some of your deepest and darkest pains to be examined in the light.  Yes, it is uncomfortable…maybe even torturous to some but, it is being done for a reason!  Before you move on, you need to be as clear as you possibly can.  In a perfect scenario, you could do it all at once and be done with it, however, that is not how this works.  Like the layers of an onion, it can sometimes be slow and tedious work.  It may even produce a few tears.  But, when it is all said and done, the benefits will always far outweigh the effort you put into it.  You deserve to release!  You are worthy of it!  You can and will be a better person because of it and The Universe will always be there to assist you if needed. ~ Creator

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A Bumpy Ride

It is time to get ready for a bumpy ride.  Your relationships with others are moving through a deep and profound transformation.  If it has not already begun, they (and you) will begin to show your true colors to the world…so much so, that some of it may shock and/or disappoint you.  If you have chosen to embrace integrity and honesty as a part of your ‘operating system’, it will continue to grow and expand ways that will surprise you.  If you have decided on another path, The Universe is offering you a very unique and wonderful opportunity to change for the better.  Transparency is becoming more important every day, do not let this moment pass you by. ~ Creator

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Navigating the most current part of this shift will be a bit like crossing a stream with stepping stones.  You may feel a little wobbly and kind of scared.  There may be the fear of slipping and some of the spaces between may seem wider than you are capable of handling. (Smiling) Remember, it is all about balance and staying centered is key!  Some may move through it with a hop, skip and a jump.  Others will take their time, looking at their surroundings as they go.  How you choose to experience it is completely up to you.  Steady on, powerful one.  You can make it to the other side! ~ Creator

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A few steps forward and then a stall!  This current wave is certainly interesting, is it not?! (Laughing) Just when you thought you would be quantum leaping again, there you stand, hands in pockets…waiting.  Just about the time you begin to become frustrated with the process, think this thought; there are many, many others that are just coming out of a very deep sleep and wanting to move forward with you.  Do you remember when you could not wait to get moving?  They are the same way!  Be patient, dear ones…all in good time. ~ Creator

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Change is Good?!

When you ask for and receive changes from The Universe, initially you may not know how to react.  Your ‘old way’ of doing things was so familiar and comfortable, being presented with a new way of functioning may be terrifying!  The best thing you can do is allow yourself time to integrate.  There is always a learning curve with each new skill you gain, and this is no different.  Allow yourself time, dear one!  Yes, you may make mistakes and that is perfectly okay. (Smiling) Such is the way when learning anything new.  So, for today, view your changes and shifts with excitement rather than trepidation…know good things are on their way. ~ Creator

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Too Much Input

Over the next few days, you might find yourself feeling overly sensitive about everything.  Sights, sounds, emotions will all appear to be heightened and feel uncomfortable to you.  Situations may want to make you explode and others may be very irritating.  Remember, dear one, this is just a passing phase; a reminder that you may have chosen to take something with you on your journey that you do not necessarily need.  If you find that this is the case for you…take a time-out.  No, you are not a two-year-old but, when the input becomes too much, it is good to give yourself some quiet time, some space to process.  Find your peace so you can continue on in the best way you know how. ~ Creator

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It is time to move forward, powerful one.  Look around you; pick up what you would like to take with you and leave the rest behind.  Travel lightly, there are many miles to cover now.  Be aware of your surroundings, lend a hand to your brothers and sisters if they need it and always, always remember The Universe is walking the path right beside you! ~ Creator

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Time To Put It Down…

Dear one, it is time to set down and walk away from what is not yours.  You have been carrying it for quite some time and it has been weighing you down.  Those around you may become upset or angry about it and that is okay.  You have been their pack-horse for a very long time and they would prefer you carry their stuff…it is much easier for them.  However, it is not your ‘job’ anymore.  This is not a selfish thing…it is self-care.  In the coming weeks and months there will be much for you to do.  That work will be easier to accomplish when you take responsibility for your own things and allow others to be responsible for theirs.  Even if you do not feel supported in this endeavor by others, The Universe will always be there to support and love you through it. ~ Creator

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The Calling

Each of you has a calling, a deep pull in your heart to do something extraordinary.  It may have come from something you saw as a child or young adult.  It may have come from a dream or an experience you had when you were younger.  Your calling may have drawn you to the ‘muggle world’ as a nurse, police officer, soldier or the church (as you know and love it).  Others may have been called to the more esoteric side of things (Smiling).

There is one thing to remember…all callings are valid!  Each of you was placed or are being placed where your light is needed most…even if that situation/place seems very dark.  This does not mean you forfeit your right to question The Universe on the direction you are being pointed; all questions are welcome!  It does mean that even if you choose to disregard one calling, another will present itself.  Trust that The Universe will always guide you in the right direction. ~ Creator

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The Leading Edge

Many of you have forgotten that you are still on the very leading edge of the largest and most significant shift in human history.  It may be challenging to realize that just as one shift settles, the next will arrive with its own set of intricacies and areas to navigate.  The best thing you can do is take care of yourself in the best way you know how.  Eat nourishing foods, rest well and allow yourself some quiet time each day.  This will give you the opportunity to recover and prepare for the next wave.

Yes, there will be times when you are completely exhausted, fed up and ready to throw in the towel.  But, there are also many amazing things to be gained by the work you are doing now.  Know that The Universe is supporting and loving you through it all. ~ Creator


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