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Love Is Changing Your World!

You have the honor to be witnessing someone that has never happened before.  There is a systematic dismantling of an entire system and you are a integral part of it.  Because it is an unknown, there is a great deal of fear being brought to the surface.  But there is also a huge amount of Unconditional Love being generated!  When fear is enveloped in love, it shifts and changes.  It may feel and seem very chaotic in this moment…give it time, darling one! (Smiling) The process may be slow, but it will eventually pick up speed until your entire Earth plane settles into an all-encompassing peace. ~ Creator

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Today marks the beginning of a new series of experiences on your Earth plane.  There is nothing special you need to do, just relax into the Unconditional Love from The Universe. (Smiling) Allow yourself to be guided to a more joyful, peaceful way of being in your current situation.  Extend your thoughts to encompass compassion and kindness for those not yet awake.  Embrace a new way of looking at and seeing your world as it morphs and changes before your very eyes.  Become what you wish your world to be and it will follow suit.  The Universe is with you every step of the way. ~ Creator

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Closely examine your ‘inner workings’ to decide what you do and do not need to keep. All the things you thought you needed for protection, comfort or love may not be important anymore. In your ever-expanding awareness, there will always be something more beautiful to come and take it’s place. The old ones had it right when they said, “Ask and you shall receive”. ~ Creator

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Stages Of Grief

Your Earth plane is moving into a new phase.  Many of you are re-thinking what your life is supposed to look like and making changes that best suit your needs.  Others are choosing to remain in anger and denial.  The Universe would like to remind you that these are all stages of grief.  As your old normal begins to fade, something new and unfamiliar is moving in to take its place.  This can be both unsettling and uncomfortable.  Now is the time to practice patience and compassion with yourself and others.  There is no need to push…all will be well in good time. ~ Creator

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Be Kind!

The Universe would like to remind you (yet again) that your world is changing in ways that both visible and imperceptible.  If you stop and listen for a moment, you will begin to understand. (Smiling) During this time of upheaval…be kind!  Remember how to respect yourself and others, embrace acceptance and practice tolerance.

Each path is unique so, if you have been asked to participate in another’s journey, do so with compassion and understanding.  You are sharing a once in a lifetime experience with those around you!  Support and love each other as The Universe loves you. ~ Creator

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What Is Your Motivation?

On occasion, humans may create/imagine a slight to remove themselves from a challenging or unwanted situation.  It may be much easier to become angry than admit to yourself (and others) that the ego has taken control.  For a bit of expended energy, you can become free…but at what cost?  If this is done on a regular basis, a habit may be formed and the mind will begin to crave the dissonance.

The Universe is asking you to take a deeper look into your motivations and reasons of using this ‘exit strategy’.  You are also being invited to be honest with yourself.  Your Earth plane is moving toward a more transparent and peaceful time with no room or time for dissonance.  Being true to all will be one of the most important things you will ever do with your time here. ~ Creator

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The Universe gives you the tools, have fun learning to use them. Like a child and their beloved imagination; color, paint with fingers and brushes, draw, sing, dance, jump, run… create the existence you want. Never mind what you appear to be to others in the process or how much talent you feel you have, just play for the joy of it all!

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Sometimes, it may feel like you have lost yourself somewhere along the way.  You may be in a space where you do not know who you are, where you are going or what you want…or the path you have been walking has suddenly disappeared.  Do not be dismayed, dearest one!

The Universe is inviting you to rest, reassess and regroup.  Use this as an opportunity to think about your next steps, what you would like to manifest and in which direction you would like to grow.  Once you have decided, your whole self will be ready to receive in ways you can only imagine! ~ Creator


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