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Time To Upgrade

Along with the great changes you are experiencing now, it is also time to set new boundaries for yourself.  What you allowed before may have been okay for that moment…but now, it is important to remember that you have grown and learned many things.  An upgrade is in order. (Smiling) Allow yourself self-care time to explore what will (and will not) work for you now and adjust accordingly.  You are always worthy and deserving of preserving and enhancing your peace. ~ Creator

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Leave It

Leave it behind.  You have carried it for quite some time, child.

Leave it behind.  It used to keep you safe and gave you a sense of being protected.

Leave it behind.  It has grown so heavy and cumbersome, carrying it with you has begun to hurt.

Leave it behind.  You will always remember, but you no longer need it.

Leave it behind.  It will lighten your step and give you a buoyancy you have never known.

Leave it behind.  You have nothing to fear any longer…you are safe, loved and protected.

Leave it behind.  You do not need it anymore.

Leave it behind…

~ Creator

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With all the changes going on right now, you may feel yourself behaving like a deer in headlights; frozen, stock still, unable to move.  Please remember that this feeling of fear is only temporary.  Once the incoming information has been processed accordingly, you will be able to make decisions that will help in your forward safely and comfortably.  Please do not let these momentary glitches keep you where you are.  You are strong, you are beautiful and you do have the power to change. ~ Creator

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When conversing with and asking The Universe to bring certain things to your life, it is important to be very, very specific.  Broad statements regarding soul-mates/twin flames, new opportunities, being heard and understood will, indeed, be provided in abundance! However, without specifics, you will be provided with a wide range of experiences…some of which may catch you by surprise. (Smiling)

Imagine yourself the captain of a boat and The Universe as the wind that guides.  You choose which direction you will go (in full accordance of free will) but, you also have the power to determine the wind strength, direction and storms or fair skies.  Again, you determine, you choose and you direct.  And, most importantly, you are supported on your journey – choose wisely! ~ Creator

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The Hard Stuff…

Between now and the end of the year, many interesting things will be presented to you.  As your Earth plane continues changing in drastic ways…things you feel you know may be challenged and, quite frankly, may include some very painful lessons and realizations.  Your first reaction may be one of indignation, feeling wounded or being angry; these are perfectly acceptable.  You are being invited, in a very real way, to look at exactly what you are responsible for in these instances.  It can also be a very stark reminder that these particular moments are exactly what you have been asking for even though they have arrived in a very unexpected way. (Smiling)  The Universe is asking to you take the time to examine them so they can be safely released with Unconditional Love.  Use these experiences in a constructive way and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are making great strides forward. ~ Creator

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A Guiding Force

What is true to you?  Regardless of what takes place in the world around you, that will define how you move forward.  There will always be a ‘court of public opinion’.  Some will agree with you and others will not.  But…what is true to you?  Operating from a place of pure love, pure intent and pure truth brings into sharp focus any number of paths available to you.  During this great shift, remember to keep your sense of compassion and empathy intact, dear child.  It will be your great guiding force in the future. ~ Creator

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Into Something New

You have been walking with your ghosts for quite some time, dear child.  It is time to take a deep breath, thank and release them with love.  As you move forward into the new society being established now; truth, honesty and integrity will be your guides.  It may be uncomfortable at first but, it is time to step off the well-beaten path into something new and extraordinary.  The courage and  strength has always been there and it will come to your aid now.  Allow the changes…you are worth it! ~ Creator

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For Everyone

As your growth continues, you will begin to notice the behavior of others.  You will often look and ask yourself, “Why are they doing that?!”  My dearest, it is not for you to judge.  Whether you are further along the path or lagging, you will each deal with what comes your way differently.  That is one of the beauties of being human! (Smiling) You do not have to condone or support another’s choices and decisions, instead it is best to be respect their learning processes.  Remember that Unconditional Love is free…and each of you is worthy and deserving of receiving it. ~ Creator

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Magic Will Happen!

For those of you who feel as if they have been walking in a fog…do not despair!  Your Earth-plane is going through some very intense social changes that have been muddying the waters, so to speak.  With the completion of the season will come new clarity.  Those who are jumping from one side of the fence to the other, will be able to see things as they are, not as they are perceived.  Yes, opinions will still have as much weight as people give them, however, they will be tempered with a visceral understanding that not all is as it seems.  The Universe is (and has been) taking steps to bring balance back into the equation.  It may be challenging to wait while this happens, but when the veil is lifted, magic will happen. ~ Creator

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A Simple Act

A gentle reminder; there is joy in just existing.  Regardless of what you are doing, where you are or who you are with, the simple act of living is a wonderful experience!  Allow yourself to be enveloped in The Universe’s Unconditional Love and know you are respected and admired beyond your wildest imagination.  You have chosen an interesting time to be alive and that, alone, deserves the highest praise. ~ Creator


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